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A.D. C. 432. Arrival in Ireland of St.

of Glendalough by St. Patrick.

Kevin. C. 444. Foundation of the see and c. 540. Foundation of an abbey at priory of Armagh by

Clones by St. Tigernach. St. Patrick.

Foundation of the abbey of C. 450. Foundation of the abbeys

Roscommon by St. Col. of Inniscathery, Downpatrick, Saul, Trim, Ar- C. 544. Foundation of the abbey of dagh, Duleek, Drum

the island of All Saints, shallon, and Louth, by

in Lough Rea, by St. St. Patrick

Kieran. C. 465. Death of St. Patrick. c. 546. Foundation of abbeys at C. 480. Foundation of an abbey at

Derry and Durrow by St. Antrim by Dartract, a

Columb. disciple of St. Patrick. C. 548. Foundation of the abbey of Foundation of an abbey at

Clonmacnoise. Clogher by St. Aid. c. 549. Foundation of the abbey of c. 484. Foundation of the nunnery

Clonard by St. Kieran. and abbey of Kildare by c. 550. Foundation of the abbey of St. Brigid.

Muckamore, Co. Antrim, c. 500. Foundation of a monastery

by St. Colman. at Swords by St. Co.

Foundation of the abbey of lomb.

Aghmacarte by O'DempFoundation of a priory at

sey. Castle Dermot by St. c. 555. Foundation of the abbey of Dermot.

Drumlane, Co. Cavan. Foundation of the abbey

Foundation of the abbey of of Lough Deary, Co.

Kells by St. Columb. Donegal (St. Patrick's

Foundation of the abbey of Purgatory), by St. Dabeoc.

Bangor by St. Comgall. c. 510. Foundation of the abbey of c. 563. St. Columbkill preaches Emly by St. Ailbe.

Christianity in the Westc. 530. Foundation of the abbey

ern Isles.
• Those events printed in italics are other than those occurring in Ireland.


849. Fresh incursions of North-

c. 850. Joannes Scotus Erigena

853. Arrival of Anlaf -

money is collected.
872. The Northmen invade Scot-

land from Ireland. 879. Peace of Wedmore between

King Alfred and the

Northmen. c. 900. Reign of Cormac McCu

linan, King of Leinster. 937. Aulaf with a contingent of

Northmen from Ireland defeated at Brunanburgh

by Athelstan. 948. Conversion of the North

men in Ireland, St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin,

founded by the North

c. 570. Foundation of a monastery

at Ardfert by St. Brendan. Foundation of the abbey of

Innissallen by St. Finian

the Leper.
Foundation of the abbey of

Aghaboe by St. Canice. c. 572. St. Columbanus. 590. Gregory the Great, Pope of

Foundation of a monastery

at Drumcliffe by St. Co

lumb. 600. St. Augustine converts Ethel

bert, King of Kent. c. 620. Foundation of a monastery

at Kilmacduagh, Co. Gal

way, by St. Colman. 627. Conversion of Edwin, king

of Northumbria by St.

Paulinus. 630. Foundation of the abbey

of Lismore by St. Mo

chuda. Foundation of the priory at

Fore, Westmeath, by St.

Fechin. 634. St. Aidan from Iona re

introduces Christianity at

c. 650. Irish missionaries on

660. Foundation of a monastery

at Cong, Co. Mayo, by

St. Fechan. 665. Foundation of a monastery




at Mayo by St. Colman. c. 745. Fcargal (Virgilius) flour

ished. 787. The Northmen invade Eng

land. 795. The Northmen invade Ire

800. Charles the Great, Emperor

of the West.
Foundation of the abbey of

Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny.
815. Arrival of Turges.
844. His death- Massacre of the

Northmen by the Irish.

968. Battle of Sulchoid.

Brian Boru succeeds to the

throne of Munster. 980. The Northmen defeated at

Tara by Malachy, King

of all Ireland. Foundation of the priory of Holmpatrick,

Co. Dublin, by Sitric. 983. Brian extends his rule over

Leinster. 997. Struggle between Brian and

Malachy. 1001. Seizure of the throne of Tara

by Brian. 1002. Massacre of Northmen in

England by the Saxons. 1003. Invasion of England by

Sweyne. 1013. Rebellion of Leinster in con

junction with the North1014. Battle of Clontarf- death of


Restoration of Malachy. 1016. Malachy defeats the North



1017. Canute, King of England.


1153. A


Limerick, founded by

O'Brien. 1151. Foundation of

a nunnery at Kilcleeheen, Co. Kil. kenny, by Dermot McMur

rough. Battle of Moinmor. Turlough O'Connor titular

king of all Ireland. 1152. Synod of Kells.

A Cistercian monastery founded at Athlone.

Cistercian monastery founded at Newry by

Abduction of O'Rourke's wife

by McMurrough. 1154. Henry II. of England succeeds.

Pope Adrian 4th grants
Ireland to Henry II. of

Conflict of Turlough O'Con.

with O'Lochlin of
Foundation of a monastery

at Odorney in Kerry. 1156. Death of Turlough O'Connor. 1159. Foundation of the monastery

of Inis Connagh, Tip

perary, by Donnell O'Brien. 1161. O’Lochlin, titular king of

all Ireland. Foundation of the abbey of

Boyle, Roscommon, by

Maurice O'Dubhay. 1166. Death of O'Lochlin.

Rory O'Connor, titular king

of all Ireland. Foundation

of the priory · All Saints, Dublin, by

Dermot McMurrough. 1168. Flight of Dermot McMur

rough. 1169. His bargain with Strongbow.

Arrival of Fitzstephen-


A.D. 1022. Death of Malachy. 1023. Teige and Donchad, sons of

Brian, joint rulers of Mun

Murder of Teige by Don-

1038. The priory of Christchurch,

Dublin, founded by Sitric,

Danish prince of Dublin.
Donchad marries a daughter

of Earl Godwin.
1051. Harold takes refuge with

Donchad after his rebellion
against Edward the Con-

1058. Donchad becomes titular king

of all Ireland. 1063. Donchad defeated by Tur

lough, son of Teige. 1064. Turlough, titular king of all

Ireland. 1066. Battle of Hastings. 1086. Death of Turlough-He is

succeeded by his son Mur

kertach. 1087. William II. of England suc

1088. Tigernach, abbot of Clon-

macnoise, writer of the
“ Annals of Tigernach,”

1100. Henry I. of England succeeds.
1106. Foundation of a monastery

at Lispool by McNoel Mc

ul. Synod of Rath Bresail.
1119. Death of Murkertach.
1121. Death of Donald O'Loghlin.
1132. Struggle between Connor

O'Brien of Munster and
Turlough O'Connor of

1135. Stephen of England succeeds.
1142. Abbey of Mellifont founded

by O'Carroll of Argiel. 1148. Abbey of Bective founded by

O'Malachlin of Meath.
Abbey of Baltinglass founded

by Dermot McMurrough.
Abbey of Monasternenagh,

Capture of Wexford.
Invasion of Ossory--Arrival

of Raymond Le Gros.
Capture of Waterford.
Arrival of Strongbow. His


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