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under the administration of Sir William Fitzwile

liams, written in 1594, by Captain Thomas Lee

26 to 48

XIII. The anonymous letter, upon which the rebellion of

Tyrone and Tyrconnel was founded 48 to 49

XIV. A proclamation touching the Earls of Tyrone and


49 to 51

XV. A letter from several of the lords of the Pale to

King James I.

51 to 54

XVI. Remonstrance of divers lords of the Pale to the

king concerning the Irish parliament 54 to 56

XVII. The speech of James I. to the lords of the council

at Whitehall, on the 21st of September, 1633, in

the presence of the Irish agents 56 to 62

XVIII. The judgment of divers of the archbishops and

bishops of Ireland concerning the toleration of



XIX. Abstract of the report and return of commissioners

sent by the king to Ireland, to enquire into the

grievances and complaints of the Irish, in 1613

62 to 65

XX. The substance of the remonstrance of the commons

to the Lord Deputy Wentworth, in 1695 65 to 67

XXI. To the Right Honourable the Lord Deputy, the

humble and just remonstrance of the knights, and

citizens, and burgesses assembled 67 to 71

XXII. To the right honourable the justices and council;

the humble remonstrance of the gentry and com-

monalty of the county of Cavan, of their grievan-

ces, common with other parts of the kingdom of


71 to 72

XXIII. The protestation of the commons against the pre-

amble in favour of the Earl of Strafford 72 to 76

XXIV. His majesty's letter touching the graces


XXV. The orders of the lords and commons of the Eng-

lish parliament to the lords justices of Ireland

76 to 78

XXVI. T'he oath to be taken by the Irish


XXVII. Lord Clanricarde's letter to the king 79 to 81

XXVIII. The remonstrance of the Catholics of Ireland, de-

livered to his majesty's commissioners at Trym,

17th of March, 1642

81 to 95

XXIX. Declaration of the confederated Catholics 95 to 96

XXX. The king to the Marquess of Ormonde, sent by

Mr. Brent; and the king to the Marquess of Or-

monde, sent by Sir Brian O'Neil; and the king
to the Marquess of Ormonde, sent by the Earl

ment of Ireland, sitting at Dublin the 7th of May,

1689, and continued sitting till the 18th of July,

and then prorogued until the 12th of November.

King James' speech to both houses of parliament

in Ireland, published by his majesty's order,

May 10th 1689. The parliament of Ireland's

address to the king. The several bills that


sed both houses of parliament in the session be-

gun at Dublin, the 7th of May, 1689, to which

the late king assented. The preamble to the act

of repeal of the acts of settlement and explana-

tion, &c. as it passed the House of Commons

127 to 139

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