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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

Ben Jonson's Discoveries.

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C. Baldwin, Printer, w Bridge-street, London.


Advertisements extraordinary, 285.

tation of Goethe, 284, 527-review of

Advice to a Young Essayist, 501.

his Deformed Transformed, 315-elect-

Ægesta, remains of, 389.

ed member of the council of Misso-

Agriculture, 108, 220, 327, 440, 573, 684. longhi, 323

his poetry, sensual, 426-

Alasco, Mr. Shee's tragedy of, suppressed remarks on Beppo, 626— his death, 679,

by the Licenser, 313.


Analects from J. P. Richter, 117.

Callcott, Dr. memoir of, 306.

Andrea, John Valentine, 143_to be con- Character, National, Kant on, 381.

sidered the founder of the Rosicrucians, Characters : a cynic, 67-Laird Hause-


lock, 74—The Superior of the Convent

Anecdotes of Ghosts, 255, 256.

of St. S 359—Frank Hargrave,

Arab character, 385.

523_Henriette de P-618.

Architecture, French work on, 213—Ger. Chatterton, Richard, Letters to the Coun.
man ditto, 214

remains of Moorish, at try by, 64, 293.

Palermo, 390.

Chatterton, Thomas, 631.

Ariosto, Rose's Translation of, 623_his Children, young, death of, 117.

immorality, 624_compared with Dante Christmas holidays, 198.
and Tasso, ib.—his characteristic merits, Colman, Mr., refuses to license Shee's

difficulty of translating, 626. Alasco, 313.

Aristotelian logic, value of, 310.

Commerce, 109, 220, 328, 440, 574, 685

Arithmetic, mental, 509.

-Retrospective View of, 686.

Association, the Kildare Street, Dublin, Connubia Florum, on the author of that


Costé, work by, on Arabian Architecture,


Bacon, his error in rejecting Aristotelian

logic, 310_his New Atlantis, 652.

Crabbe, his poetical imitations, 282.

Baphomet, the Symbol of the Knights

’ Cromwell, his cruelty towards the Irish,

591_not the founder of Free-masonry,

Templars, 660.


Batavian Anthology, review of, 300.
Biography : Vauquelin, 26–Schiller, 37

-Steibelt, 99 — Viganoni, ditto — H. Dahlmann, Professor, his historical re-
Smart, ditto-C. Rosycross, 142—Ros- searches, 443.
sini, 189, 209–Dr. Callcott, 306_Ri. Dale, Commodore, 629-his account of
cardo, 309–Rev. T. Delafield, 397– Paul Jones's action with the Serapis, ib.
P. Gringore, 401–J. Brasbridge, 417 Death, 117.

Paul Jones, 492, 630 Richard Deaths : Bishop Cornwallis, Gandon (ar-
Tarlton, 517-Chatterton, 631, (see chitect), Ex-King of Sardinia, 224
also Deaths.)

Sir H. B. Dudley, Sir Brooke Boothby,
Bird in a darkened cage, complaint of, 117. Langlés, Sir T. Maitland, 336_Admi.
Bombet's Memoirs of Rossini, 189.

ral De Courcy, 447–Miss Lee, Eugene
Bowring's Batavian Anthology, 300.

Beauharnois, T. E. Bowdich, Camba-

Boys, plan for education of, in large num- ceres, Cardinal Gonsalvi, 448_Rev. T.

bers, 410.

Maurice, Duchess of Devonshire, 578

Brasbridge's Fruits of Experience, 417. R. Payne Knight, Bishop Buckner,

Bride of Modern Italy, 357.

Belzoni, Lord Byron, 694.

Buhle, his work on the Free Masons, 5. Delafield, Rev. Thos , 397, note.
Bullock's Mexican Museum, 521. Delavigne, French poet, his Ecole des
Byron, Lord, 276_remarks on his trans- Vieillards, 99~account of, 153-trans-
lation of the ballad of Alhama, 279, lations from, 154.
note-his poetical imitations, 283—imi. Democritus Junior, 239.

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Devil in Ireland, 453.

Featherstonhaugh, C. F., Memoirs of, 133.

Dialogues of Three Templars, on Political Female tongue, 119.

Economy, Introductory, 341-1. 347– Fleet-street Biography, 417.

II. 427—III. 547–1V. 550—V. 557 Flogging in the Navy, 139.

--VI. 561.

Fludd, Robt., the immediate Founder of

Dogs, Esquimaux, 482.

Free-masonry in England, 257.

Don Carlos, Schiller's, 46.

Forgiveness, 119.

Drama: Covent Garden, Vespers of Pan Foreign Literature, Sketch of, 99, 211,

lermo, 92-Miss F. H. Kelly, 94_the 329, 441.
King's Visits to the Theatres, ditto- Franco di Girolamo, a Jesuit, beatification
Grimaldi, 95—the Pantomimes, 197– of, 230-account of, 231--miracles per-
Covent Garden, Harlequin and Poor formed by, 233.
Robin, 198—Grimaldi ; Drury Lane, Free-masons and Rosicrucians, origin of, 5
Harlequin and the Flying Chest, 200- -internal characteristics, 7—who ex.
Philandering, Young's Sir Pertinax, cluded from, 8their pretensions to
Simpson and Co. 201—Surrey and Co. mysteries, 9-external characteristics,
burg Theatres, the Hertfordshire Tra.

and public profession of beneficence, 9-
gedy, 202 - Covent Garden, Native earliest historical traces of, 10_their
Land, 311-Misses Paton, Love, and origin in England, 256-Free-masonry,
Tree, 312-The Poachers, iboDrury Rosicrucianism adapted to England,
Lane, Merry Wives of Windsor, ib. ib.the first Lodge in England, 259
Mr. Colman, refusal to license Mr. the building of Bacon's Temple of So-
Shee's Alasco, 313—Mr. Young at Exe- lomon not their object, 652-nor the
ter, 314-Covent Garden, Pride shall restoration of Charles II. 653__not con.
have a fall, 429_English Opera House, nected with politics, 654—what is to be
Matthews, 430_the Easter Spectacles, understood by the “ Lost Word or Lo.
567-Covent Garden ; Henry IV.- gos,” 655_Cromwell not the founder,
Drury Lane, 671.

ib.-the " Scotch Degree,' 656__not

Dramatists, Postscript to Letters to, 60. derived from the Knights Templars, 657.

Dreaming, 120.

French, their taste with respect to the Fine

Dryden, his excellence, 628.

Arts, 381 French character, 382.
Dublin, bay of, 454--city, 457.

Poets, Early, F. Vauquelin, 26–

Dutch, poetry, 300 character, 384. Amadis Jamyn, 251–Pierre Gringoré,

Easter feast, at Naples, 124, 126.


Education, 410_Madras system, 410–

- Modern, C. Delavigne, 153.

character of the new system, 412_school Friends, quarrels of, 120.
government, 414, 503-grammar, 505 Funds, the, 691.

-mental arithmetic, 509_themes, 509

--rewards and punishments, 511–best Genius, character of, 290.
mode of acquiring languages, 512—elo-

German, character, 363.

cution, 513--penmanship, 513.

Epigrams, 237, 364, 599.

Elizabeth, wretched state of Ireland in her

Ghosts, on, 253.

reign, 588.

Ghost-player's Guide, 368-Observations

English character, 67, 383—physiology, Goethe, his dedication to his poems, 186

on it, 461.

- translation from, 285 another ver-
Epigrams, German, 237, 364.

sion of the same ballad, 527.

Equitable Loans, 621.

Esquimaux, 475— Iligliuk, an Esquimaux Good, Dr., on melancholy madness, 378.
lady, 479—general character, 482

Grammars, defects of those in use, 508.
dogs, ib. superstition, 483.

Grose, Capt , his collection of curious ad.
Essayist, young, advice to, 501.

vertisements, 285.
Etiquette, punctilious, of naval comman-

Hajji Baba, review of, 193.

ders, 629.

Euripides, supposed Drama of Richard the

Hamlet, the character of the Ghost, the
Third by, 603.

most difficult of any in Shakspeare, 368

-on the madness of Hamlet, 373—his
Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 663.

Soliloquy, 647.
Facetiæ Bibliographicæ, No. IV. Demo. Hargrove, Frank, a character, 523—his

critus Junior, 239—V. Rahere, 397- critique on Landor's Imaginary Conver-
VI. Tarlton, 517.

sations, 526.

False Distinctions, 642.

Heeren, Professor, his historical works, 443.

Fama Fraternitatis, account of that work, Heinsius, 308.


Hemans, Mrs., her tragedy of the Vespers

Fanaticism, 385.

of Palermo, 92.

Fancy, 121.

Henriette de P-,618.

Farren, Mr., on the Madness of Hamlet, Henry VI. verses by, 640.

373_0f Ophelia, 487 - on Hamlet's

VIII, ditto, 640.

Soliloquy, 647.

Herculaneum, 122.

ness, 645.

per se, 309.

Heroism, nameless, 119.

Literature, Italian, 214.
Hertford, account of the Trial of Thurtle

Russian, 444.
and Hunt at, 165.

Liver, diseased, the primary cause of mad-

Historical problems, 5.

works, French, 441-German, Logic, value of, 310.


Hooft, Dutch poet, 302.

Hunt, J., trial of, for murder of Mr. Weare, Madness, Hamlet's, 373-Ophelia's, 487


-remarks on Madness, 645.

Madras system of Education, 410.

Jamyn, Amadis, French poet, 25). Maier, Mich. writer on the Rosicrucian So.

Ideographia, 514.

ciety, 148.

Idols, Mexican, 522.

Malthus, Mr., his objections against Ri-
Jesters, court, 397.

cardo, 343_his doctrine of value, 551

Jesuits, re-establishment of, at Naples, -objections to Ricardo's theory of va-


lue, 557_errors of his table illustrating

Imaginary Conversations, Landor's, 523.

the invariable value of labour, 562.
Imagination, 118—not possessed by women

Man, a misanthrope by nature, 67.
in a greater degree than by men, 642— Martyrdom, 121.

not by savages and oriental nations in a Maynard's “ Twelve Wonders,” extracts

superior degree, 643.

from, 620.

Imitations and plagiarisms, recent, poetical, Memoir of C. F. Featherstonhaugh, 133.

277—Scott, 277-Southey, 278—Mont. Memoirs of Rossini, review of, 189—of

gomery, 281--Crabbe, Graham, Milman,

Captain Rock, ditto, 583.

Moore, 282-Byron, 283.

Mexican Museum, Bullock's, 521.

Intellect, superior, an object of admiration, Midshipman, miseries of one, 136.

Milman, Mr., his poetical imitations, 282.
Jones, Paul, sketches of, 492_his action Milton, Latin manuscript of, discovered,
with the Serapis, 630.

Ireland, the Devil in, 453—the Kildare. Miracles, by Franco di Girolamo, 233.

street association, 459—Captain Rock, Misanthrope, man one by nature, 67.
563 - wretched state of Ireland under

Miseries of a midshipman, 136.

Elizabeth, 588—James I. 589—despotic Monastery at La Cava, 125.

government of Strafford, under Charles Montague, E. Wortley, matrimonial ad-

I. 591-Cromwell, ib.-James II. 592 vertisement of, 287.

---administration under Townshend, Montgomery, poetical imitations by, 281.
Harcourt, &c. 595.- the Church Esta- Moon and Stars, a fable, 202.
blishment, 680. (See Public Events.)

Moore, poetical imitations by, 282.
Italy, recollections of, 21—walk to Pæs. Mummy caves at Palermo, 391,
tum, &c. 122-number of ruins of the

Music : Provincial Concerts, Manchester,

middle ages, in, 128.

&c. Warminster, 96- Italian Opera at

Jurisprudence, foreign publications on, 330. Bath, Sir G. Smart's Concerts at ditto,
Kant, in what degree obscure, 544-on

Norwich Musical Festival, King's The-

National character in relation to the sense

atre, Performers, Rossini's Zelmira, 97

for the sublime and beautiful, 381---

-Mr. Sinclair at Covent Garden, Stei.

Swedenborgianism, 489.

belt's death, Viganoni's, H. Smart's,

Kildare-street association, 459.

98- New Music, 99—King's Theatre,
Kings have succeeded in many arts, but

Rossini, his Zelinira, 208—his appear-

ance at the opera, 209_Garcia, Signora
not in poetry, 639—and why, ib.

Colbran Rossini, Concerts, 210--New

Labour, the quantity of, the ground of va- Music, 211-Madame Catalani, 304-

lue, 347.

Miss D. Travis, the Bristol Harmonic

Lacy, J., his reply to Terentius Secundus, Institution, Mr. Cummins' Lectures on

Music, Oratorio at Drury-lane, 305-

Lancasterian system of education, Mr. Cole- Dr. Callcott's Glees, and memoir of that

ridge's censure of, 511.

composer, 306--New Music, 307–

Landor's Imaginary Conversations, 523. Royal Academy, 405- Remarks on the
Languages, how to be taught, 505, 508. expensiveness of Concerts, Oratorios,
Letter from one of the Dramatisis of the 406_Stadler's Oratorio of Jerusalem

Day to J. Lacy, 272_reply to, 469. Delivered, Concerts at the Opera-house,
Letters to the Country, by R. Chatterton, 407-Catalani, - Il Fanatico per la mu-

No. I., 64-No. II. on the intellectual sica,'408— New Music, 409_Oratorios,

characteristics of the two sexes, 293. the Star of Bethlehem, the Prophecy,
Lion's Head, 3, 115, 227, 339, 451, 581. General success of the season, the Misses
Literary Life, its disadvantages, 37.

Cawes, 542-Defects of Braham and
Literature, Danish, 101, 444.

Sinclair, King's Theatre, Clementi,

French, 99, 211, 329, 441. 543_-decline of Catalani's fame, Miss

German, 101, 214, 331, 443. Love, Madame Pasta, Master Aspull,

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