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The TWO NEW STORIES commencing in the TEMPLE BAR MAGAZINE this month are THE

DANVERS JEWELS,' and 'RED SPIDER,' by the Author of John Herring,'. Mehalah,' &c.

From MOZART to MARIO. By Louis

Now ready, ENGEL. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 218.

"DOCTOR CUPID." By Rhoda Broughton, "No such book of musical recollections has appeared in our time."

Author of Cometh up as a Flower.' To be obtained at all BookWorld.

sellers' and Libraries. Second Edition. In 3 vols. crown 8vo. "Mr. Engel's opinions concerning his art are sound, and are ex

“Oh, Doctor Cupid, thou for me reply."-Sir Philip Sidney. pressed with an entertaining frankuese, and the many anecdotes, novel and elderly, with which he enlivens bis pages are always briskly

Now ready, told, and are often well worth telling. Mr. Engel is not above history, and is able now and then to present us with an interesting fact.... His BALDINE, and other Stories. From the be , "

German of KARL EDLER, Edited by the EARL of LYTTON.

In 2 vols. crown 8vo. 218. ON the BOX SEAT. From London to

It is doubtful whether any other translator than Lord Lytton Land's End and Back. ith 16 finely engraved Full-Page Illus

would have so well preserved the grace of the original of Edler's trations on Wood by George Pearson, from designs by the Author, stories. The author of Glenaveril'is a master of style, and this has J.J. HISSEY. Derny 8vo. 168.

rarely been more apparent than in his poetical rendering of these "Mr. Hissey's enterprise consisted in driving a two-horse shay! exquisite tales."- Morning Post. from London to Land's End; such a book as On the Box Seat' should set many people imitating its author's example. Mr. Hissey

Now ready, bas arranged that the woodcuts shall illustrate little-known rather

To be obtained at all Libraries and Booksellers', than much-known localities. His book is, consequently, as informing as it is interesting."-Globe.


nicle. By JESSIE FOTHERGILL, Author of 'The First Violin.'

In 3 vols. crown 8vo. The MARCHIONESS of BRINVILLIERS.

Now ready,
By ALBERT SMITH. With 15 Etchings on Steel by John

Leech. Royal 8vo. 218.

A BACHELOR'S BLUNDER. By W. E. The ADVENTURES of Mr. LEDBURY and NORRIS, Author of 'Adrian Vidal,' 'Thirlby Hall,' &c. In

3 vols. crown 8vo. his FRIEND JACK JOHNSON. By ALBERT SMITH. With 21 Etchings on Steel hy John Leech. Royal 8vo. 218,

"An excellent novel, which shows the author of'Malle. de Mersac'

at his best."-Times. "To all lovers of Leech's work these books will be most welcome; to

Now ready, 1 certain order of book-collectors they will be indispensable."

St. James's Gazette.


W. WOOD, F.R.G.S., Author of Through Holland,' &c. In demy

PASTON CAREW, MILLIONAIRE and 8vo. with numerous Illustrations, 148.

MISER. By Mrs. E. LYNN LINTON, Author of Under which

Lord,' &c. in 3 vols. crown 8vo.
LOUIS the FOURTEENTH and the COURT "A very powerful and thoughtful novel."-Pall Mall Gazette.

PARDOE. A New Edition. In 3 vols. demy 8vo. 428.

The BROAD ARROW. A Tale of Old "Miss Pardoe's pictures of French history are as charming as a Tasmania. By OLINÉ KEESE. In 1 vol. crown 8vo. Dovel."--H, T. Tuckerman, OUR HOME by the ADRIATIC. By the

NEW EDITIONS. Hon. MARGARET COLLIER (Madame GALLEITI DI A GIRTON GIRL. CADILHAC). The Second Edition. In demy 8vo. 108. 6d.

By Mrs. Annie

EDWARDES, Author of Ought We to Visit Her?' In 1 vol. The HISTORY of GREECE. From the crown 8vo.

German of the late Professor MAX DUNCKER, by Dr. EVELYN THIRLBY HALL,
ABBOTT and S. F. ALLEYNE. The second Volume. In demy

By W. E. Norris, Bro. 158.

Author of 'Malle. de Mersac,' In 1 vol. crown 8vo.

London : RICHARD BENTLEY & SON, New Burlington-street,

Publishers in Ordinary to Her Majesty the Queen,

774 S. No. 53.



SHAKSPERE'S Works. Parchment Library Edition. 1882. Kegan Paul & Co. 12 vols. 8vo. Large Paper, 251, 4s.

Limited to 50 copies, of which this is No. 7.

QUAKER TRACTS : Salutation to the Seed of God. By

The Christian Year. By KEBLE. Kegan Paul & Co. James NAYLOR. 1655. + Love to the Lost, and a Hand held 1882. Large Paper. Uncut. 21. 58. forth to the Helpless to lead out of the Dark. By J. Naylor.

Only 50 copies printed, of which this is No. 6. 1656. + How Sin is Strengthened and how it is Overcome. + The Lamb's Warre against the Manne of Sinne. +Milk for Babes Poems by Alfred TENNYSON. Kegan Paul & Co. 1883. and Meat for Strong Men. By J. Naylor. 1661.+ Discovery Large Paper. 2 vols. 41. 4s. of the First Wisdom from Beneath, and the Second Wisdom

Impression limited to 50 copies, of which this is No. 7.
from Above. By J. Nayler. 1656. + To all the People of the
Lord Gathered or Scattered. By J. Nailor.+Concerning
Jesus Christ and the Old and New Testament. By J. Naylor. Paul & Co. 1881. Large Paper. Uncut. 21. 28.

English Odes. Selected by Edmund W. GOSSE. Kegan +Light of Christ and the Word of Life. By J. Nayler. 1656. +Power and Glory of God shining out of the North. By J.

Only 50 copies printed, of which this is No. 17. Nayler. 1656. +The Old Serpent's Voice; or, Antichrist discovered opposing Christ in his Kingdome. By J. Nayler.+ with Illustrations by Walter Crane. Large paper. Cloth,

Household Stories from the Collection of the Bros. GRIMM, This is only to Goe amongst Friends. By Francis Howgill.+

uncut. 21. 28. To the Camp of the Lord in England. By Edward Burrough. 1656.+A Trumpet of the Lord, sounded out of Sion. By E.

THACKERAY, W. M. Works. · Édition de Luxe." Burrough. 1656. +Inheritance of Jacob discovered after his Return out of Ægypt. By F. Howgill. 1656. + Visitation of

26 vols. imperial 8vo. Containing 248 steel engravings,

The the Rebellious Nation of Ireland. By F. H. and E. B. 1656. 1,473 wood engravings, and 88 coloured illustrations.

1,000 +General Epistle to all the Saints. By E. B.

steel and wood engravings printed on China paper.

1660. +Declaration to all the World of our Faith. By A. Parker. 1659. copies printed, each set numbered. 261. +One Warning more unto England. By F. H. 1660. The This set contains the two supplementary volumes, and is complete. Mouth of the Pit Stopped. By Francis Howgil. 1659. + To

DICKENS, Charles. Works. Édition de Laxe." 30 vols. the Beloved and Chosen of God in the Seed Elected. By E. B. 1660.+Declaration from the People called Quakers. 1659. + imp. 8vo. Illustrated by upwards of 700 Engravings on steel, The Day Spring fronı on High visiting the World. By William

copper, and wood, from original drawings by Cruikshank, Smith. 1659. +Tender Visitation of the Father's Love. By Seymour,“ Phiz" (H. K. Browne), Tenniel, Doyle, Maclise, William Smith, 1660.+An Holy Kiss of Peace. By W. 8.

and John Leech, &c. 181. 188. 1660 +A Right Dividing; or, a True Discerning. By W. S.

Edition limited to 1,000 copies. 1659. +Sweet Oyle poured forth through the Horn of Salvation. By W. Smith. 1660.+A Wren in the Burning Bush. 1660. +

SHAKESPEARE. Édition de Luxe.” Edited by Howard J. P., the Follower of the Lamb to the Shepherd's Flock Staunton, with 800 Ilustrations by Sir John Gilbert, R.A. Salutation. 1660. +John, To all God's Imprisoned People for

15 vols. Imperial 8vo. 61. 68. His Name's-sake. 1660. +John, The Prisoner, to the Risen

Edition limited to 1,000 copies
Seed of Immortal Love. 1660. + To the Whole Flock of God
Everywhere. By Ambrose Rigge. 1660.+A Word to all those

FIELDING, Henry. Works. “Édition de Luxe," with a who have bin convinced of the Truth. By T. Zachary.+The Biographical Essay by Leslie Stephen, and Illustrated by Discovery of Man's Return to his First Estate. By Wm. Dews

Wm. Small. 10 vols. Royal 8vo. 41. 148. bury. 1656. + The Lamb's Defence against Lyes, and Testi

Edition limited to 1,000 copies. mony of the Death of James Parnell. 1656.+A Visitation of Heavenly Love unto the Seed of Jacob yet in Captivity. By

Romola. By George ELIOT. * Édition de Luxe." With D. W. 1660. + A Lamentation unto this Nation. By D. W.

Illustrations by Sir Frederick Leighton. 2 vols. Imp. 8vo. 1660. + An Epistle to all the People on Earth. By G. F.

21. 158.

Edition limited to 1,000 copies, 1657. + To all the People under the Heavens. By G. F. 1660. +An Evident Demonstration to God's Elect. By Margaret

The Book Hunter, &c. By John Hill BURTON. With a Fell. 1660. + A Declaration from the Quakers to the King and Houses of Parliament. By M. F. 1660. + The Breathings of

Memoir of the Author, and new Illustrations. 1882. Large True Love from the Immortal Seed By Geo. Fox. 1660. +

Paper. Small 4to. 21.
Epistle to the Flock of Christ. By Geo. Fox. 1660. +To the
Called of God who believes in the Lighte of the Lambe. By

ARABJAN NIGHTS. The Book of the Thousand Nights G. F. 1660. + The Words of Everlasting and True Light. By

and One Night, now first completely done into English Prose G. Fox. 1659.+A Word to the People of the World who hates

and Verse from the original Arabic. By John Payne, author

of Villon's Poems, &c. 9 vols. 8vo. +TALES from the the Light By G. Fox. 1659. + To all the Friends to Truth in

Arabic. 3 vols. = 12 vols. Printed for the Villon Society. the Nations. By F. S.+ England's Sad Estate and Condition Lamented. By G. Fox. 1061. + A Dealing with Episcopal

24 guineas.

Edition limited to 500 copies. Men and Presbyterians. By G. F. 1660. + Loving Invitation to all People. By Martin Mason. 1660.+To Both Bouses of

Arrows of the Chase; being a collection of scattered Letters, Parliament. By M. Mason. 1660. +Innocency Cleared. 1660. published chiefly in the daily Newspapers. By John RUSKIN. + Declaration from the Quakers. +-Unto those People who are 1810-1880. Now edited by an Oxford Pupil, with Preface by called Baptists. By Thomas Wight. 1659. + Charles, King of

the author. Large Paper. 2 vols. 4to. 41. 4s. England. By Martin Mason. 1660. + The Pearle found in England. By G. F. 1058 +Wm. Caton's Salutation and Moxon's British Poets. Edited by W. Michael ROSSETTI, Advises unto God's Elect. +Voyce of the Dread of God's with numerous fine steel plates by Col. Thos. Seccombe, Ford Mighty Power. By A. 8. 1658.+ Hidden Things made mani- Madox Brown, Oliver Madox Brown, Henry Dell, John Moyr fest by the Light By Humphrey Smith, 1658.=In 1 vol.

Smith, W. Lawson, and the Society of Decorative Art. Large 4to, calf. 121. 128,

Paper. Moxon. V.D. 12 vols. Crown 8vo. half-morocco, A very remarkable collection of the earlier Quaker tracts. uncut, top edges gilt. Bound by Mansell. (All out of print.)

71. 4s, Architectural History of the University of Cambridge, and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton. By the late Robert

Syntax's Tours in Search of the Picturesque, of Consolation,

and of a Wife, in Hudibrastic verse. By Combe. The three WILLIS. Edited by John Willis Clark. With Illustrations, Maps, and Plans. 4 vols. Large Paper. Imperial 4to. cloth, 3 vols. Royal 8vo. blue calf extra, gilt edges

. 61. 6s.

series complete, with 80 coloured plates by ROWLANDSON. gilt tops. 25 guineas.

Early copy, in perfect condition,
The Poetical Works of John KEATS. Edited by W. T.
Arnold. Kegan Paul, 1884. Portrait. Large Paper. Imperial
8vo, uncut. 31.

Only 50 copies printed, of which this is No. 46.


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Armstrong of Garry. Wm. Bigoe Armstrong's

death is twice recorded as occurring before his

second marriage !


Atkinson of Morland. For “ Wm. Clarke of

NOTES :- Burke's 'Landed Gentry,' 1-Lockhart of Lee, 3-

Inns of Chancery-Mrs. Siddons's Descendants, 4-French Belford ” read Clark.

Leave, 5—"A sleeveless errand"-Nautical Epitaph-Cole- Bagshawe of Ford Hall. "See Milnes of Fris.

ridge's Lectures, 6–“Eat one's hat,” 7.

ton." No such pedigree has appeared in Burke's

QUERIES :- Highland Families-John of Cyprus-Calvert- ' Landed Gentry for many editions.

"The Orders of Friars,' 7- Craftsman'- Richardype-Arms Baillie of Docbfour. “ General Charles Baillie
of De Worde-Voltaire's Editors---Harvard, Louvre Gallery Evan, of Aberiachan.” Nonsense.
-"Averse to" - Stonor : Shirley, 8-'Adventures of a
French Bog'-Georgian Palaces — Ancient Burial-place-

“Hagmerle." Query Haymerle.
Sheldon and Mun-O'Donovan Pedigree-Bas-relief-Sect of

Baillie of Redcastle. For “Col. D. J. Baillie

Israelites-Coloured Designs-Shovell - Gabriel Fiessinger-

Jubilee Snuff-Box, 9- Shelley's 'Prometheus'- Garnet- Anne Burnaby” read Anna Glentworth

Authors Wanted, 10.


REPLIES :-“Woman or "Lady," 10-Altar Linen, 12–

Barker of Fairford. For " Harriet Ives Barker

Byron - Elephant - Bell of Flax - French Equivalent to m. Rev. F. Rice” read fifth Baron Dynevor.
"Queen Anne is dead,"14-McWilliam-Registers of Births Baskervile of Clyro.
- Date of Engraving-Original of French Ballad-Date of

Meliora, b. 1731, m.
Birth of Richard, Duke of York, 15–Paraguayan Tea-

Lawyer and Warrior, 16 — Congers — “Experto crede". Basset of Tebidy.

“ Francis Basset m. (1)

Parish Registers – Customs connected with the Plague-

Suicide of Animals, 17–Imp of Lincoln-Morton and Knox Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Spencer and widow

- Beaver – New Monthly Magazine'-Jokes on Death, 18 of Sir Samuel Garrard, Bart.” This is opposed

- Social Position of the Clergy, 19.

to and unconfirmed by the pedigrees of Spencer

NOTES ON BOOKS :-Ebsworth's · Cavalier Lyrics'-Rye's of Yarnton and Garrard of Lamer in Burke's

Norris's Three Norfolk Armories '- Ingram’s Poe' Extinct Baronetage.'
Pankhurst's Wisdom of Burke' Allbut's 'London

Bassett of Bonvilstone. “Rev. Charles Rumsey,


Knight, of,” &c.!

Notices to Correspondents, &c.

Bateman of Bartoley. “James Erdington.".

Eddington in the pedigree of Fitzmaurice of



Bedingfield of Ditchingham. Philip Bedingfield

died 1791, but his son was born 1793 !

Bernard of Castle Bernard. For “ widow of


Richard Humphreys ” read Mathew Humfrey.

Having already on a former occasion (6th S. vi. Beynon of Trewern. (Arms) a word omitted.

424) expressed my opinion as to the merits and Birch of Wretham. “Sir Wadsworth Bush."

demerits of recent editions of this work, it is Query Busk ?
enough to say that this, the latest edition, is Blair Imrie of Lunan. For “Vaurenen " read
neitber better nor worse than its predecessors. Vanrenen.
Subjoined is a list of emendations in the text of

Col. Arthur, “Resident at Baroda," an

the fifth and sixth editions which have been office he never held.

brought to the notice of Sir Bernard Burke, but Blencowe of Marston, St. Lawrence. Samuel

which unfortunately have not been made use of in Wm. Blencowe, b. 1714. His elder brother b. 1780.

the seventh edition. Regard to space induces me Bond of Creech Grange (footnote). Was the

to state these emendations in the briefest possible baronetcy extinct in 1676 ? Cf. Burke's 'Extinct



Abbey of Measham. For“ Rev. Tho. Burnaby” Boultbee of Springfield. For “ Charlotte A.
read Rev. Tho. Beaumont Burnaby.

Boultbee m. Lieut.-Col. Dundas " read Lieut.-Col.
Adams of Bowdon. “Sir G. P. Adams m. Thomas Dundas, of Carron Hall.
Elizabeth, dau, and coh, of Sir Wm. Elford, Bt.,"

Rev. J. W. Bree.” Elsewhere given
but the Elford baronetcy (Burke's 'Extinct as J. H. Bree.
Baronetage,' p. 601) shows no such dau. and coh. Brewster of Greenstead. W. T. G. Thurlow,

Adams of Clifton. “M. June 3, 1787.” If this great-grandson of Lord Chancellor Thurlow, but

date refers to Mary Tufnell's marriage it is clearly the Lord Chancellor died unmarried.

wroog; if to Mary Anne Davis's marriage, it is out Brinkley of Knockmaroon. For“ G. A. Rother-

of place.

ham" read Rotheram.

Ancketill of Ancketill Grove. Rev. John R. Brockman of Beachborough. For "Rev. K. C.

Banbury succeeded to the baronetcy in 1851. Bayley, rector of Chopford,” read Copford.

Archbold of Davidstone. James Archbold m. Brooke of Dromovana.

For Rev. John

Mary Power, but in the pedigree of Power of Brooke” read Rev. John Michael Brooke.
Faithlegg her name is Catherine Georgina. Browne of Bronwylfa. General Sir Thomas H.

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