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Sec. 5. The Legislature may at any time alter, amend or repeal this act.

Approved February 3, 1848.

Ibid, for roads.

No. 32.
AN ACT appropriating certain internal improvement lands for the

benefit of the Holland Colony, and other immigrants, now settling

in the counties of Ottawa and Allegan. Lands ap;

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representapropriated for wharf or lives of the State of Michigan, That four thousand acres of internal pier.

improvement lands be, and they are hereby appropriated for the purpose of constructing a suitable and substantial wharf or pier upon the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the north Black River, in the county of Ottawa, to induce and facilitate the landing from steamboats and other vessels, of all emigrants.

Sec. 2. In addition to the above, three thousand acres are hereby appropriated from the internal improvement lands, for the purpose of laying out, opening and improving certain roads in the counties of Allegan, Kent and Ottawa ; said roads to be severally laid out upon the most eligible routes from the villages of Allegan, in the county of Allegan ; Granville, in the county of Kent, and Grand Haven, in the county of Ottawa, respectively, and to be terminated at such point or points, within the limits of the present settlement of the Holland Colony, as shall be deemed most conducive to the best interests of said Colony : Provided, That one-third of the said lands, or the avails thereof, shall be laid out and expended upon each of said roads respec

tively. Appointm't Sec. 3. For the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of of special

this act, the Governor of the State is hereby authorized to appoint a selection of special commissioner to make a selection of the lands hereinbefore lands.

appropriated, and to report such selection to the commissioner of the State land office, who shall thereupon reserve the same from sale, issuing no certificate for any tract or parcel thereof, except upon the order of said special commissioner: Provided, That the said special commissioner, previous to entering upon any of the duties of this act, shall take and subscribe to the constitutional oath, and file good and sufficient bonds for the faithful fulfillment of the duties of said office, to be approved by the Auditor General.

commissioner and

Powers wat duties of

Sec. 4. The said special commissioner shall, in virtue of his appointment, have the control and management of the several ments in this act specified, and shall have power to let out by contract the erection of said wharf or pier, and the opening and working said, roads, to the lowest bidder, who shall execute and deliver to said commissioner a good and sufficient bond, with sureties to be approved by him, and conditioned for the due and faithful performance of the work stipulated in the contract : Provided, That before such letting, the said commissioner shall advertise for proposals for constructing said wharf or pier, and roads, or either of them ; such advertisement to be published for three successive weeks, in a newspaper published in the counties of Kent and Allegan respectively. Sec. 5. Whenever any contractor, under the preceding section of Contractors,

how paid. this act, shall have finished his job, according to the terms and specifications of his contract, and the same shall have been accepted by said special commissioner, or any service shall have been rendered by any person, under the provisions of this act, it shall be the dnty of such special commissioner to pay such contractor, or for such other servi. ces, by his order drawn on the commissioner of the State land office, which orders shall be received at the land office, in payment for any land selected and reserved from sale by the third section of this act : Provided, That nothing herein contained shall authorize the commissioner of the State land office to sell any of said land at a less price than that now established by law, for the sale of internal improve. ment lands.

Sec. 6. For the purpose of laying out, opening and improving said several roads, the said commissioner shall possess the power now con-commis'r ferred by law upon the highway commissioners of the several town- out high ships through which said roads, or either of them, shall be laid, and for settling and adjusting all claims for damages, by persons interested in the lands through which said roads, or either of them, shall be laid, he may apply to a justice of the peace of the proper township, or an adjoining one, for the appointment of three appraisers, and the same proceedings shall be thereupon had in all respects, as are now provi. ded by law for the settlement of like cases by highway commissioners. Sec. 7. The said commissioners shall cause an accurate profile,

Profile and map and field notes of the survey of said several roads, or so much maps to be thereof as may be within the limits of each township, and not run upon the line of an established road, to be filed in the office of the proper

Power of

ways, &.


township clerk, who shall record the same in the manner now provided

by law for public highways. Compensa. Sec. 8. Said commissioner shall proceed in the outlay of the approtion of special com priations made by this act, with all the diligence and despatch commissioner,

patible with proper economy and the best interests of the State and the Holland Colony, and shall receive for his services a sum not ex. ceeding three dollars per day for the time necessarily employed by him in discharging the duties devolved upon him by the provisions of this act, payable pro rata from the aforesaid appropriations, when verified by his oath.

Sec. 9. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 3, 1848.

No. 33.

AN ACT to authorize Joel Rathbone to sell certain lands.

Guardian authorized to sell.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa. tives of the State of Michigan, That Joel Rathbone, of the city of Albany, in the State of New York, guardian of Henry Reed Rathbone and Jared L. Rathbone, infant heirs of Jared L. Rathbone, deceased, be, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to convey by deed, on the behalf of said infant heirs, all the right, title and interest, which said heirs had to any land in this State, the legal title to which was on the thirteenth day of May, A. D. eighteen hundred and fortyfive vested in said Jared L. Rathbone, now deceased, and Lyman Chapin, as tenants in common.

Sec. 2. The said guardian shall account to the said infant heirs for their shares of the proceeds of any land conveyed under the provis. ions of this act, in the same manner and to the same extent as he is liable to account for other property of said infants, which may have come into his hands.

Sec. 3. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.
Approved February 5, 1848.

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No. 34.

AN ACT to extend the time for the collection of taxes in the town

ship of Pontiac, in the county of Oakland.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- Time extentires of the State of Michigan, That the time for the collection of taxes in the township of Pontiac, in the county of Oakland, for the year eighteen hundred and forty-seven, is hereby extended until the first Monday of April next.

Sec. 2. The Treasurer of the said township of Pontiac is hereby Duty of authorized and empowered to proceed and collect said taxes as fully


Treasurer. as he could do during the life time of his warrant, and make his return at any time on or before the first Monday of April next, and his said warrant is hereby continued in force for the purposes aforesaid until the first Monday of April next.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer aforesaid before he Ibid. shall be entitled to the benefits of this act, to pay over all moneys collected in the life time of his warrant, as now provided by law, and to renew his official bond to the satisfaction of the Treasurer of the county of Oakland.

Sec. 4. A transcript of all unpaid taxes returned to the County Unpaid tasTreasurer, in pursuance of the foregoing provisions, shall be returned es. to the Auditor General as soon as practicable, and with the same effect, and such unpaid taxes so returned shall be collected in the same manner, and with interest computed from the same time as the annual taxes, for the year eighteen hundred and forty-seven, duly returned to the Auditor General for non-payment.

Sec. 5. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 7, 1848.

No. 35.
AN ACT to amend and add to the act approved January 25, A. D.

1848, entitled an act to amend an act entitled an act relative to ward
elections, in the city of Detroit, and for other purposes, approved
March 27, 1839.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa. Certain protires of the State of Michigan, That the proceedings of the Common ceedings le

Quorum de fined.

Council of the city of Detroit, had by the Mayor, Recorder and six Aldermen, on the 25th of January, A. D. 1848, are hereby declared to be, and shall be held as valid and legal as if the act to which this is amendatory and additional had not become a law.

Sec. 2. Until the Mayor and Aldermen to be elected at the next charter election are elected and qualified, the Mayor, or Recorder, and five Aldermen shall constitute a sufficient and legal quorum of the

Common Council of said city. Charter amended.

Sec. 3. That the word “six,” in the second line of section four of the act entitled “an act to amend the Charter of the City of Detroit,” approved February 23, 1846, be stricken out, and the word "seven" be, and hereby is inserted instead thereof, so that said section as amended shall read as follows :

“ Sec. 4. There shall be chosen by the electors of the city of Detroit, at each charter election hereafter to be held, seven collectors, one from each ward, who shall hold their office for one year, whose duty it shall be to collect the city and school taxes, and the State and county taxes, in their respective wards. They shall be required to give bonds in such manner, and be entitled to such compensation as is or may be prescribed by law for township officers doing the like duties: Provided, That for collecting city and school taxes, such collectors shall be entitled to take and receive only such compensation as may be provided and allowed therefor, by the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the city of Detroit."

Sec. 4. There shall be elected in the seventh ward of the city of be elected. Detroit, at the next charter election, and annually thereafter, a consta

ble, who shall have the same authority and privileges, and perform the same duties as the other constables of said city.

Sec. 5. The first election in said seventh ward shall be held at the be held, &c. house of John Reno, in said seventh ward, on the first Monday of

March next, and the electors of said ward shall, at nine o'clock on the morning of the election day, at the house of said John Reno, in said seventh ward, elect two of their number to act as inspectors of election, who, with the assessor of said ward, shall be the inspectors of said election, and shall be duly sworn to a faithful discharge of their duties, and said inspectors may appoint a proper person of said ward to act as constable at and about the polls in said ward for that day.

Sec. 6. The Common Council of said city may appoint a discreet appoint al. person from the electors of said seventh ward as assessor of said ward,

who shall take the same oath as is required of township assessors, and

Constable to


First elec. tion, how to

Council to

sessor of 7th ward.

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