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August 21, 1871.

(No. 9.] A kesolution in relation to the establishment in the District of

Columbia of the American Printing House of the Blind, and the Ameri

can University of the Blind. Whereas the Central Board of Trustees of the American

Printing Ilouse for the Blind and the American University for the Blind has been incorporated and organized in the District of Columbia under the name of the “ Board of Regents of the American Printing House for the Blind and the American University for the Blind ;” and whereas the objects of said institution are “to provide for the blind facilities of instruction not heretofore enjoyed or attainable by them, that is to say, a series of text-books, works of general literature, and illustrative apparatus, addressed to the sense of touch, with all other methods conducive to the acquisition of thorough and liberal education;" and whereas the respective State Board of Trustees of said Printing House or of said University are entitled to representation in said Board of Regents; and whereas it is for the benefit of the blind of the nation, in which the people of the District of Columbia are equally interested and are to be the recipients of said facilities of education ; and whereas there is a bill now pending in Congress to make appropriation for said Printing House and said University for the Blind; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the District of

Columbia, That our Delegate in Congress be respectfully reDelegate in Confake action in favor quested to take such action as will best secure the attaintions for the benefit ment of the humane object herein set forth, and his excel

lency, the Governor, be requested to forward to our Delegate in Congress a copy of this preamble and resolution.

Approved August 21, 1871.


of the blind.

August 23, 1871.

corner of Tenth and
B streets West
be sold.

(No. 10.) A Resolution authoriziny the Gorernor to sell at arution a frame

building corner of Tenth anul B streets vest.

Be it resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the District of Frame building Columbia, That the Governor be, and he is hereby, au

to thorized to sell at public or private auction, to the highest

bidder, for cashı, the frame building belonging to the corporation of Washington, situated at the corner of Tenth

and B streets west, (formerly used by Messrs. Walker & Disposition of pro- Brothers, lumber merchants,) and deposit the proceeds

thereof to the credit of the Washington fund.

Approved August 23, 1871.


August 23, 1871.

ton Market Com

To procure certain alterations in plan

(No. 11.). A Resolution in relation to the Washington Market Company.

Be it resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the District of Columbia, That the Governor be authorized and required Governor to act as to act as one of the commissioners of the Washington sioners of WashingMarket Company, under the resolution of Congress ap- pany. proved December twenty, eighteen hundred and seventy ; and that he be requested to procure such alterations in the plan of the buildings to be erected by said company of market-house. as shall transfer the proposed hall from the Ninth-street wing to the main building on Pennsylvania avenue, and also to secure a reduction from twenty-five thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars of the annual rental re- tal assessed

stall-holders. quired to be paid by said company, and which is now assessed by the company upon the stall-holders.

Approved August 23, 1871.

And secure a re. duction in the ren


August 23, 1871.

[No. 12.) A Resolution to change the division between the Third and Fourth

school districts of the county of Washington.

Change of boundary between Third

Be it resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the District of Columbia, That the location of the division between the Third and Fourth school districts of the county of Wash- aistricourth school ington, D. C., be, and it is hereby, changed from Seventh street road to Tenth street west, and in a line therewith, continuing north to the northern boundary of the District of Columbia.

Approved August 23, 1871.




Page. Accounts against school trustees and fire commissioners......

157 Acknowledgment of deeds--Before foreign notaries

16 Defective, act to cure

119 Fee for taking..

125 Agreements, certain, must be in writing.

120 Alarm of fire, false, how punished.........

15 Alexandria and Washington railroad, act relating to...

105 Alley, Union, changed to School street....

15 Alleys Board of Public Works to open and condemn...

109 American Printing House of the Blind, resolution relating to ......

168 American University of the Blind, resolution relating to

168 Animals, act for the prevention of cruelty to......

135 Apothecaries, duties and compensation of.........

158 Appropriation for-Board of Public Works

111, 112 Certain turnpikes.....

24 Contingent expenses of Council and House of Delegates.. Corporation of Washington ....

13 Detraying expenses of Board of Health

110 Employés of the public schools........

8, 34 Erection of clrinking fountains. station-houses and expenses thereof....

35, 67 Expenses of last registration and election .........

73 Improvements and repairs in the District of Columbia.

10, 35 Improvements of Georgetown harbor..........

115 Interest on corporation bonds ......

13, 115 “ Market Stock” bonds..

118 other bonds..

18, 48, 55 Layiny water-mains ..................................... 9, 20, 39, 41, 67, 101, 112, 116 Market-houses......

41, 119 Medicines for the poor ........

15, 115, 45, 112, 113 Ordinary and contingent expenses of the several departments.....

138 Members and employés of Legislative Assembly.

14, 120 Reliet of Frank B. Winters...

45 Harvey Fowler.....

78 John O'Connor......

116 J. R. Cassin ...... J. T. Wormley..

44 K. C. Liveweaver

112 R. B. Ferguson ......

113 St. Ann's Infant Orphan Asylum ....

112 William Beckett ..... William II. Moore, administrator.

119, 120 Repair of Chain bridge.

34 District Armory

113 Salaries of officers of District of Columbia

13, 125 Salaries of officers and employés of the public schools.

8, 34 Settlement of account of collector of Washington city

162 Sewer on Eighth street

114 Soldiers of war of 1812.

36 Sweeping streets and avenues............

111 West and P street bridge......

117 Whitewashing station-houses...





Aqueduct street, Georgetown, to be improved ........

Armory, District, appropriation for repair of...

Assessments, provisions concerning .......

25, 31, 102, 154
Assessors of taxes, appointment, duties, and compensation of ......

25, 155
to make lists of persons subject to military duty.

Associated Soldiers of War of 1812, appropriation for ........

Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, authority given ...... 136, 137, 138
Attachment, writs of, when justices of the peace may issue...

Attorney for District of Columbia, duties and compensation of.......

assistant, duties and compensation of.......

authorized to administer oaths......

collect certain fees from James R. O'Bierne.

Auditor, duties and compensation of .........

deputy, duties and compensation of ......

to appoint two clerks .....



Baltimore and Ohio railroad, act relating to ........

Baltimore and Potomac railroad, act relating to ...............

Beckett, William, act for the relief of.............

Bill-posting .....

Births, to be reported to Board of Health.....

Board of Appeals, duties and compensation of......

29, 155
Board of Commissioners of Fire Department, accounts against

Board of Fire Commissioners, duties and compensatiou of..

Board of Health
Appointments by, to be approved by Governor

Births to be reported to ......

Expenses of, appropriation for detraying.....

To regulate draining into sewers......

Board of Public Works-
Authority of Water Board transferred to

Authorized to build market-houses......

11, 118
condemn and open alley's.

certain roads and streets

control erection of lamps..
designate lack-stands......

direct repairing of Armory.

draw money from treasury by warrant

erect drinking fountains.....

station-house in Uniontown.
fix certain grades .....

106, 167
have railroad tracks made tlush with streets.

lay water-mains .......

101. 112, 115
make certain improvements

open and sewer Eighth street .....

Duties of, in relation to special assessments ......

Water registrar to be under direction of'.

119, 150
With Governor to lease certain whuf sites..

Board of registration, appointment, duties, and compensation of.

Board of trustees of public schools, accounts against...

Governor authorized to issuie......

11, 17, 47, 50, 118
“ Market Stock," issue of authorized

Of certain officers, where to be filed.......

. 10), 162
notaries public, where filed...

Payment of interest on certain, provided for... 13, 48, 55, 114, 115, 118
Boundaries of certain school districts changed .....

Council districts .........
electioil districts
squares and lots, subdivision, alteration or change of...

Bridge, West and P street, appropriation for.........




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