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Substance of certain CLAUSES in the WILL of the REV. J. HULSE, M. A. dated July 21, 1777.

He founds a LECTURESHIP in the University of Cambridge.


The Lecturer is to be a "Clergyman in the University of Cambridge, of the degree of Master of Arts, and under the age of forty years." He is to be elected annually, on Christmas-day, or within seven days after, by the Vice-Chancellor for the time being, and by the Master of Trinity College, and the Master of Saint John's College, or any two of them." In case the Master of Trinity, or the Master of Saint John's be the Vice-Chancellor, the Greek Professor is to be the third Trustee.

The duty of the said Lecturer is "to preach twenty Sermons in the whole year, that is to say, ten Sermons during the months of April, and May, and the two first weeks in June; and likewise ten Sermons during the months of September, and October, and during the two first weeks in November."

The place of preaching, is to be "Saint Mary's Great Church in Cambridge:" and the time, "either on the Friday morning, or else on Sunday afternoon."

The subject of the said Discourses is to be, "the Evidence for Revealed Religion; the truth and excellence of Christianity; Prophecies and Miracles; direct or collateral proofs of the Christian religion, especially the collateral arguments; the more difficult texts or obscure parts of the Holy Scriptures;" or any one or more of these topics, at the discretion of the Preacher. The subject of the said Discourses is not to be "any particular sects or controversies amongst Christians themselves; except some


new and dangerous error, either of superstition, or enthusiasm, as of Popery or Methodism, or the like, either in opinion or practice, shall prevail. And in all the said twenty Sermons, such practical observations shall be made, and such useful conclusions added, as may best instruct and edify mankind."

"The said twenty Sermons are to be every year printed," at the Preacher's expence, "and a new Preacher elected, (except in the case of the extraordinary merit of the Preacher, when it may sometimes be thought proper to continue the same person for five or, at the most, for six years together, but for no longer term) nor shall he ever afterwards be again elected to the same duty."

"AN ABSTRACT of the heads or material parts" of the WILL of the Rev. JOHN HULSE, relative to the two Scholarships, founded by him in St. John's College, and by him directed to be added to the conclusion of the foregoing clauses, "so that such Clergyman, or persons, whom the same may concern, may know that there are such endowments, of which they may claim and take the benefit, under the regulations, and with the qualifications, therein mentioned."

The Scholars are to be "Undergraduates of St. John's College, who shall be born in the county palatine of Chester." "Such Scholar is to be elected by the Master and a majority of the senior Fellows of the said College on Christmas-day, or in the first seven days after," and candidates are to have the preference, in the order, and with the limitations specified in the following extracts.

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