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law, and never justify the singer in any way that lhall reflect the least reproach upon it, as the rule of his moral government. And was this principle carried through all our reasonings upon this subject, it would effectually guard against some mistakes, which I apprehend to be of a dangerous nature, clear off every embarassment, and fix our eye at once upon him, who is the end of the law, for righteousness to every one that believeth. It were strange indeed, if the gospel should know no way of pardon and mercy, but at the expence of the law.

In transcribing these discourses for the press, I have taken the liberty to express myself a little more fully, than there was room for in the pulpit, upon one or two points, that have been the matter of much strife and angry debaté among us.

But I hope every thing of this nature has been attended to in that spirit which becomes the gospel; I am sure it has been without the least design of giving offence to any.



All I aimed at was, in as plain terms, and as short a compass as I could, to explain and establish what I take to be the true Scripture-doctrine of Justification, and of importance in it. 'I have likewise endeavoured to place in a proper light some particular passages of scripture, which are of frequent consideration in the present subject. And as this is the principle occasion of some marginal notes, which are added here and there, I hope I need make no apology for them ; though I am afraid it will want a great one, that these, with some other eolargements, which are wrought into the body of this work, have swelled it so much beyond what was at first designed. I have only to add, that whoever shall cast their eye over the following pages, will foon observe with what pleasure I sometimes take leave to trace the footsteps of that truly great man, the venerable Dr. Owen, who has treated this subject with that learning and judgment, which are peculiar to himself, and whose name, I hope


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will be ever dear in your Lecture : But where I am particularly indebted to hin or any other of our writers, I have taken care to own my obligations ; though it is possible I may sometimes have fallen into the same train of thoughts with others, who have gone before me in this arguinent, without being aware of it; and perhaps in a subject that has been so much laboured, it was hardly possible always to avoid it.

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Such as they are, I now submit the following discourses to your candour and acceptance : and as they are made thus public at the request of your committee, as far as they may be of use to form the spirit and obedience of the gospel, and establish them in that doctrine, which was the glory of the Reformation, and is the great toundation of our hopes, I trust my ends are answered. With this view I re. commend them, and you with them, to the favour and blessing of God: whilst at the same time I earnestly entreat your continu


ed prayers, that I may with faithfulness fulfil the ministry committed to me, and my self reap all the advantages of an interest in those precious and important truths, which I would recommend to the esteem and regard of others. I am,

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