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WASHINGTON, D. C., November 1, 1872. This volume contains the Act of Congress organizing the District of Columbia into a Government, approved February 21, 1871; the Acts of Congress affecting the District of Columbia, passed subsequently to the Organic Act and until the present date, and all the Acts of the Legislative Assembly of the District of Columbia passed up to the present time. In its preparation copies of the Acts of Congress, furnished and certified by the Department of State, have been used; and as to the Acts of the Legislative Assembly, the edition has been carefully collated and compared with the original rolls in the archives of the District. The volume contains four parts, as indicated on the title page. Each part is accompanied by a separate index, and a general index is at the end of the volume. Owing to the use, (for purposes of economy,) of sheets originally prepared for pamphlet editions of the Acts of the Legislative Assembly, it has not been practicable to number in one consecutive series the pages herein contained.

EDWIN L. STANTON, Secretary of the District of Columbia.

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