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). 1, page 1.-Statement of Rear Admiral T.J. Cowie, Chief Bureau of Sup-

plies and Accounts,

). 2, page 73.–Statement of Dr. Charles F. Stokes, Surgeon General, United

States Navy.

). 3, page 89.-Statement of Rear Admiral H. R. Stanford, Chief Bureau of

Yards and Docks.

). 4, page 279.-Statement of Rear Admiral Philip Andrews, Chief of the

Bureau of Navigation, United States Navy.

No. 5, page 331.-Statement of Rear Admiral Richard Morgan Watt, Chief

Bureau of Construction and Repair.

No. 6, page 363.-Statement of Rear Admiral N. C. Twining, Chief Bureau of


No. 7, page 389.-Statement of Rear Admiral H. I. Cone, Chief Bureau of Steam


No. 8, page 437.--Statement of Capt. J. H. Gibbons, Superintendent of the

United States Naval Academy, accompanied by Commander W. C. Cole,

United States Navy.

No. 9, page 485.-Statements of Maj. Gen. William P. Biddle, commandant;

Lieut. Col. Charles L. McCawley, assistant quartermaster in charge of

Quartermaster's Department; and Col. George Richards, paymaster in

charge of the Paymaster's Department, United States Marine Corps.

No. 10, page 543.-Statement of Capt. W. Irving Chambers, of the Bureau of


No. 11, page 577.-Statement of Capt. George F. Cooper, hydrographer, United

States Navy.

No. 12, page 595.-Statement of Hon. George v. L. Meyer, Secretary of the


No. 13, page 677.-Statement of Col. George W. Goethals, chairman and engi-

neer in chief Isthmian Canal Commission.

No. 14, page 699.--Statement of Donald A. McKenzie.
No. 15, page 729.-Statement of Capt. A. G. Winterhalter, United States Navy.
No. 16, page 759.-Reimbursement for containers, etc.
No. 17, page 761.-Stanley Mitchell.
No. 18, page 763.-Loren Walden Greeno.
No. 19, page 765.-George R. Gray.
No. 20, page 767.-Civilian professors at the Naval Academy.
No. 21, page 769.-Harriet Hamilton Pratt.
No. 22, page 771.-John W. Morse.
No. 23, page 773.-Labrador Current and Gulf Stream Commission.
No. 24, page 775.-Pay of enlisted men to start irom date of qualification.
No. 25, page 777.-Minor Meriwether.
No. 26, page 779.-To amend section 4756, Revised Statutes.
No. 27, page 781.- Joseph Sedlack.
No. 28, page 783.-John W. Morse.
No. 29, page 787.--Frederick H. Lemly.
No. 30, page 789.-Maurice Edgar Rose.
No. 31, page 791.-Professors at Naval Academy.
No. 32, page 793.-Elwin Charlton Taylor.

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