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Letters Addressed by the Rev. H. J. Prince, to his Christian Brethren,

at St David's College, Lampeter.


The Works of William Jay, collected and revised by himself. Vols. I. and II. 260

The Hope of Israel; an Exposition in a Course of Advent Sermons. By

the Rev. H. Gudlestone.


Statement of the Scriptural Argument against Patronage. By William

Wilson, Minister of Carmylie.


Essays for Sabbath Reading. By J. Greaves.


The Exclusive Claims of Puseyite Episcopalians to the Christian Minis-

try Indefensible: with an Inquiry into the Divine Right of Episcopacy,

and the Apostolic Succession; and a Series of Letters to the Rev. Dr

Pusey. By John Brown, D.D., Minister of Langton, Berwickshire. ib.

A Body of Divinity treated according to the Order

of the Dispensations.

By the Very Reverend Daniel Dewar, D.D., LL.D.


Additional Remarks on the proposed alteration of the Scottish Poor Laws,

and of the administration thereof. By David Monypenny, Esq. of Pit-

milly, formerly one of the Senators of the College of Justice.


African Light thrown on a Selection of Scripture Texts. By the Rev.

John Campbell, late Minister of Kingsland Chapel, London; Author

of Travels in Africa, &c. Second edition, with a Biographical Sketch

of the Author.


The Church in the House.


Remembering Zion, to Scotchmen in London.


The Practice of Piety, directing a Christian how to walk that he may

please God. By Lewis Bayley, D.D. New edition, with biographical

preface by the Editor, Grace Webster.


The Oriental Christian Spectator. Vols. I. and II. Second series. ib.

Ebenezer; a Narrative of the Lord's Dealings with one of his Ancient

People. By J. G. Lazarus, Superintendent of the Liverpool Institution

for Inquiring and Converted Jews.






Part II.-CRITICAL Notices.


Part 1.-REVIEWS.

Art. I.—The Rise of the Old Dissent Exemplified in the Life of

Oliver Heywood, one of the Founders of the Presbyterian

Congregation in the County of York. By the Rev. Joseph

Hunter, F.S.A.


Art. II.—Manual of Presbytery; comprising, 1. Presbyterianism

the truly Primitive and Apostolic Constitution of the Church

of Christ; or, a View of the History, Doctrine, Government,

and Worship of the Presbyterian Church. By Samuel Miller,

D.D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Govern-

ment in the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Princeton,

New Jersey. 2. The Character and Advantages of Presbyte-

rianism, ascertained by Facts; with an Appendix. By the

Rev. J. G. Lorimer, Glasgow.


Art. III.-Ministerial Self-Examination.-A Full and Candid Ac-

knowledgment of Sin, very proper to assist Students and Mi-

nisters of the Gospel in searching and trying their hearts and

ways before the Lord; drawn up by the Commission of the

General Assembly in the year 1651; appropriate in the present

circumstances of the Church, on the occasion of the Convoca-

tion of Ministers, November 17, 1842.


Art. IV.-The Modern Judea, Ammon, Moab, and Edom, com-

pared with Ancient Prophecy; with Notes and Engravings,

illustrative of Biblical subjeets. By Rev. James Aitken Wyl-

lie, Dollar.


Art. v.-Y Dyddiadur Methodistiaidd, am 1843. (Welsh Me-

thodist Diary for 1843.)


Art. VI.-1. The Great Commission. By Rev. John Harris, D.D.

2. Missions, their Authority, Scope, and Encouragement. By

Rev. R. W. Hamilton. 3. The Jubilee of the World. By

Rev. John Macfarlane. 4. Christian Missions. By Rev. Bap-

tist W. Noel, M.A.


ART. VII.-1. Sermon preached before the Convocation of Minis-

ters, in St George's Church, Edinburgh, on Thursday, the 17th

of November 1842. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. 2. Memo-

rial submitted to Sir Robert Peel, and the other Members of

her Majesty's Government, adopted by a Meeting of Minis-

ters of the Church of Scotland, assembled at Edinburgh on the

17th to the 24th November 1842. 3. An Address to the

People of Scotland, issued by appointment of the Convocation

of Ministers held at Edinburgh, November 1842.



A Sober Inquiry; or, Christ's reign with his saints a thousand years

modestly asserted from Scripture; together with the answer of most of

those ordinary objections which are usually urged to the contrary.

First printed in 1660; now reprinted, with an advertisement by the

Rev. E. Bickersteth.


The Scottish Ecclesiastical Register and National Almanac for the year



The Watchword. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4.


The Christian Mother; or, Maternal Duties Exemplified in the Narra-

tives of the Old and New Testaments. By Mary Milner, Author of

“ The Life of Dean Milner."


Christian Theology. By G. C. Knapp, D.D.

Childhood's Duties; or, Precepts for Little Emma. By M. A. S. Barber. 600

A Family Record; or, Memoirs of the late Rev. Basil Wood, M.A., and

of several Deceased Members of his family.


Infant Baptism Scriptural and Reasonable; and Baptism by Sprinkling or

Affusion, the most Suitable and Edifying Mode. By Samuel Miller,

D.D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government in

the Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey.


A Vindication of the Right of Infants to the Ordinance of Baptism. By

David Bostwick, A.M., New York.


Practical Thoughts. By the Rev. W. Nevins, D.D., late of Baltimore;

with an Introduction by the Rev. E. Bickersteth.

Memoir of Miss Grane, late of Heathcote Street, Mecklenburgh Square;

illustrative of the Nature and Effects of Christian Principles, compiled

chiefly from her own papers.


Two Remarkable Signs of the Times, viewed in Connection with Pro-

phecy. By Matthew Habershon.


Short Practical Hints on the Means of Inducing, Combining, and Direct-

ing Missionary Efforts in Churches and Congregations. Respectfully

inscribed to the Presbyterian Church in England.


Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews from the Church of Scot-

land in 1839.


Witvesses for the Truth in the Church of Scotland.


Death-Bed Scenes. By the Rev. Alexander Moody Stuart, A.M., mivis.

ter of St Luke's.


1. The Charge of the Bishop of London Examined, and its unscriptural

tendency set forth. By one of the Laity.

2. A Respectful Address to the Lord Bishop of London concerning some

prevailing notions apparently countenanced by his Lords hip's late

Charge. By the Rev. C. J. Yorke, M.A.

3. Danger and Duty; or, a Few Words on the present State of the Times

and in behalf of Truth and Righteousness and Peace. By the Rev. R.



The Duty and Privilege of Keeping the Sabbath. By the Rev. John

Bruce, St Andrew's Parish.


The Covenant; or, the Conflict of the Church, with other Poems, chielly

connected with the Ecclesiastical History of Scotland.


The Gift-Book of Poetry.


Letters to the Friends of the Established Church on the First Principles

of the Church Controversy. By Patrick M Farlan, D.D.

My Church Politics, in Letters to my People. By the Rev. N. Morren. 605

A Brief Commentary on the First Epistle of John. By the Rev. A. S.

Paterson, Hutchesontown Church, Glasgow.


Records of Female Piety; comprising Sketches of the Lives, and Extracts

from the Writings of women eminent for religious experience. By

James A. Huie.






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