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Through the busy week-day hours

Toil for Christ your Lord, Lay aside your work on Sunday

Gladly at His word.

Take His easy yoke upon you,

And with willing feet, Labour for Him night and morning,

So shall rest be sweet.

He is watching those who serve Him

Thus on earth below,
And upon each faithful servant

Will a crown bestow.




Text: ROM. II. 15. * Their conscience also bearing witness, and their

thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another.

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PERHAPS, as you read this text the thought strikes you, "What is conscience ?' Let us try and think.

When at any time you have been tempted to do what was wrong, did you never hear as it were an inward voice saying to you, 'Do not do this thing, for it is sinful; do not say these words, for they are wicked ; do not think these thoughts, for they are hurtful; do not go to this place, for it is a dangerous place for you to go to?'

Or, again, when you were in doubt as to whether you should, or should not, do something that was right, did you never heas the same voice telling you that it was your duty, and bidding you to do it? Well, that inward voice which we all hear at times, was the voice of your conscience. It told you when you were doing right, and when you were doing wrong. We need in

. truth to thank God for this help to us in our Christian life, for it is the Holy Spirit which speaks to us through our conscience, and leads us, if we will obey Him, in the right way.


listen to this voice within

if you obey it at all times, it will speak to you more and more plainly and clearly-warning you from evil, teaching you to do what is right. If you refuse to listen to it and drown its voice, it will speak less and less often to you, till at last it will be almost silent, and you will fall into sin without even knowing of your danger. God's Holy Spirit will not always strive with you, and it may be, if you thus quench His Holy Spirit, God will say of you as once



He said of Pharaoh, “Let him alone.' For those whom God forsakes, all hope is lost. Pray then that He will keep you from such a terrible end; pray that He will guide you by His Spirit through the voice of conscience, and that you may have grace not only to know, but to do His will.


Grant, O Lord, that Thy holy law may be written in my heart, and that my conscience may ever bear me witness, accusing or else excusing my thoughts, words, and deeds. Grant that I may ever listen to its voice and obey it; that I may not only

I be a hearer, but a doer of Thy law. May I watch against the first beginnings of sin, and pray

grace to resist it. May I never refuse to follow Thy blessed guidance, or do despite unto the Spirit of grace, for

, Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.


for grace


Listen, for an inward voice is speaking,

Hark! it whispers low. Satan tempts you, but, O Christian soldier,

Dare to answer No.'

Fight against your enemy the Devil,

Heed the voice within,
For it warns you in temptation's hour,


back from sin. Listen to the voice of conscience speaking,

Listen and obey; Lest you quench the Holy Spirit, pleading With your

soul to-day.

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