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h. P.

30 May 5 July

H. Brown, Ens. by purch. vice Dodd,


14 Aug. 1828 60 Ens. Hon. T. D. G. Dillon, from 6 F.

Capt. Mayne, 95 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hill, h. p. 2d Lt. by purch.

28 do.

Douglas, 98 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Clinton, 63

h. p.
Capt. Irwin, from h. p. Capt. vice
Myers, 22 F.

9 Sept.

Lieut. Cotter, 8 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Moles 67

worth, h. p.
M. Gen. Macdonald, Col. vice Sir W.
Keppel, 2 F.

25 Aug.

Lieut. Jones, 33 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Clarke, 71

h. p. 22 F.
F. s. Hutchinson, Ens. by purch. vice

Hon. H. B. Grey, 65 F. rec. diff. with
Dean, 3 F.

14 do. 78 - Fisher, Ens. vice Tytler, 4 F. 8 Sept.

Lieut. O'Connell, h. p. 71 F. 84

Ens. Costello, 96 F. rec. diff. with Ens. Anderson,
Lt. Plunkett, from Ceyl. Regt. Lt. vice
Westly, prom.

21 Aug. 85

H. Rowles, Ens. by purch. vice Hon.
C. S. Clements, prom.

9 Sept.

Resignations and Retirements. 87 Ens. Cole, from 54 F. 2d Lt. vice Urquhart, h. p. 61 F. 14 Aug.

Ens. Caldwell, from h. p. Ens. vice

Greene, 3 Dr. Gds.
Pearson, 13 F.

10 Sept.

Lynch, 25 F.
Lt. Ducat, Capt. vice Macbean, dead

Dumaresq, R. Staff Corps
4 Aug.
Christian, h. p. Unatt.

Ens. Ward, from 4 F. Lt. vice Wil-
liamson, ret.

8 Sept.

Fergusson, 7 F.
Brunker, Lt. vice Ducat 9 do,

Williamson, 91 F.
Thornhill, Lt. by purch. vice

Paton, 91 F.
Paton, ret.

10 do.

Leeke, Ceylon Regt.
W. M‘Inroy, Ens. by purch. vice

Archbold,'h. p. 43 F.

do, Whitfield, h. p. 21 F.
B. Campbell, Ens. vice Brunker 11 do.

Cornet and Ensign. 92 A. N. Campbell, Ens. vice Campbell,

Brian, 7 Dr. 13 Dr.

14 Aug

Everndern, 3F. 93

R. E. Campbell, Ens. by purch. vice
Campbell, prom.

21 do.

Appointment Cancelled.
Rifle Brig. E. U. Lloyd, 2d Lt. by purch, vice Capt Freeman, 2 W. I. R.
Fitz Gerald, prom.

9 Sept. 2 W. I. R. Capt. Suasso, from h. p. 99 F. Capt.

Deaths. vice Freeman, canc.

14 Aug: Ens. Spence, Lt. vice P. C. Codd, dead


28 do. Arabin, late of 2 Life Gas. W.H. Nicolls, Ens.


Ceyl. Regt. 2 Lt. Layard, 1st Lt. by purch. vice Forsteen, 12 F. London

11 Sept. 1828
Leeke, ret.
28 do. Sir A. Cathcart, Bt. h. p. 73 F.

13 Apr.
Thomas, 1st Lt. by purch. vice Preedy, h. p. 90 F.
Westmacott, prom.
9 Sept.

J. Ottey, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Bray- Parker, h. p. Nugent's Levy
brooke, prom.
21 Aug

C.T.Van Straubenzee, 2d Lt. by purch. H. F. Cane, 22 F. Chelsea
vice Layard
28 do. Enright, late 10 R. Vet. Bn.

7 do.
C. N. Tinley, 20 Lt. by purch. vice MacDonald, Barrack Master, Edinburgh Castle
9 Sept.

6 do.
R. Newf. Vet. Comp. Ens. O'Brien, from h. p. 7 Willis, R. Art. Drivers
Gn. Bn. Ens. vice Hamilton, 11 F. Fead, h. p. 25 F.

14 Jan. 14 do. Cox, h. p. R. York Rang.

2 July 1824 Garrisons.

Lieutenants. Maj. Gen. Ross, Lt. Gov. of Guernsey, vice Sir

Berwick, 13 Dr. Cuddalore, Madras 20 Mar. 1828

Cohen, 28 F. J. Colbourne, K.C. B.

14 Aug.

Hathorn, 29 F.
O'Beime, 82 F. Versailles

29 Aug.
Bateman, 87 F. London

27 do. Lt. Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor, Adj. Gen. to the For- Shea, h. p. 12 Dr.

20 Sept. ces, vice Maj. Gen. Sir H. Torrens, dead. Trimble, h. p. 11 F.

25 Aug.
Coleman, h. p. 60 F. Maidstone

13 do.
Bailie, h. p. 61 F.
Hospital Staff

Dowling, late 2 Vet. Bn.
W.J. Fagg, to be Hosp. As. to the Forces, vice

J. C. Grutteman, b. p. Brunsw. Inf. Brunswick Browne, 44 F. 14 Aug.

9 do.

Ensigns and ad Lieutenants. The undermentioned Cadets of the Honourable

Leech, 48 F. Paulsamoodrum, Madras 2 Mar. 1828 the East India Company's Service to have Tem

Woodford, Ceylon Regt. Aripo, Ceylon 17 Apr. porary Rank as Ensigns during the period of their being placed under the Command of Licu.

Lambton, late 1 Vet. Bn. Jaques Cartier, Quebec

23 June 1827 tenant-Colonel Pasley, of the Royal Engineers,

Skinner, late 8 Vet. Bn. Weimar 13 Aug. 1828 al Chatham, for Ficud Instruction in the Art of

Jenkins, h. p. Fish's Corps Sapping and Mining.

Gent. Cadet H. M. Durand

1 Aug.
Dawson, 2 Dr. Dublin

25 Sept. 1828
H. Duncan


J. Lungton

Sewell, Caernarvon Mil.

15 July 1828
W. Abercrombie


G. H. Dickinson

do. Tenant, h. p. R. Wag. Train 20 Aug. 1828
R. Money

Jackson, h. p. 3 Dr.

26 Oct. 1827
G. Deck


Johnstone, h. p. 18 Dr.
J. A. Mouat


Commissariat Department.

Assist. Com. Gen. Manvell, Waterford

18 July 1828
To be Captains of Infantry by purchase. Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Lovelidge, h. p. London
Lt. Jones, from 13 F.
9 Sept. 1828

15 Sept.

30 Aug.

18 Aug.

13 do.

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10 June - Westmacott, from Ceylon Regt.


Medical Department. To be Licutenants of Infantry by purchase. Surg. Ivory, 3 F. on Passage from N. So. Wales Ens. Hon. C.S. Clements, from 83 F. 9 Sept. to Bengal

5 Feb. 1828 9d Lt, Fitz Gerald, from Rifle Brig. do. Surg. Brady, Leitrim Mil.

Sept. To be Ensigns by purchase.

Marsh, h. p. 58 F. C. Anderson

Assist. Surg. Keoghe, h. p. 1 R. Vet. Bn. V. Caldwell


6 Aug.

5 Sept:

3 Aug.


Rycroft, h. p. 21 Nr. Lancashire Apr. 1828 Rudyerd, late R. Inv. Eng. Hammersmith Troliope, 82 F. Port Louis, Mauritius 6 May

18 Oct. 1828 Munro (Adj.) 90 F. Zante
Bull, R. Eng. Gibraltar

17 Sept. De Menard, h. p. R. For. Art. Falaise, France Gibb, late R. Sappers and Miners, Dunse, N. Brit. 16 Sept. 1828

4 Sept. Newton, h. p. 134 F.

do. Stephenson, late R. Sappers and Miners, Niagara, Major. Upper Canada

11 June Laing, h. p. R. Afr. Corps, Africa Sept. 1826


Roberts, late R. Art. Drivers, Marton, near GainsM'Donald, h. p. 76 F. Vallay, orth Uist


30 Sept. 1828 6 Aug. 1828

Medical Department. Pexton, h. p. 104 F.

16 Oct. Surg. Burton, 12 Lancers, London 24 Oct. 1898 Rist, h. p. Indep.

Oct. Surg. Heaviside, late H. Gren. Gds.

Staff Assist.-Surg. James Thomsun, Trinidad Johnson, 37 F. Tralee, Ireland 11 Sept. 1828

7 Aug. Alexander, 94 F. Gibraltar

Commissariat Department. Osborne, do. do.

26 do. Dep. Com. Gen. Spiller, Everton 17 Aug. 1828 Boys, h. p. 1 F.

5 Oct. Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Hamdly Bodmin 26 Sept. Gordon, do.

24 Sept.

Smith, Gibraltar 2 Oct. M•Diarmid, h. p. York Lt. Inf.

-- Clements, on passage from Cornets, 2d Lieutenants, and Ensigns.

N. So. Wales. Adlam, h. p. 19 Dr. Doncaster 20 Aug. 1828

5 Sept.

Alphabetical List of English BANKRUPTS, from 220 July, to 23d

October, 1828.

Abraham, R. New Bond-street, picture-dealer. Cayme, R. Yeovil, stocking-manufacturer. Adains, J. T. P. Brighton, wine-merchant. Clively, E. Horsham, woollen-draper. Adamson, S. and G. Earnshaw, Thurston, York, Crofton, P. Cromer-street, upholsterer. corn-dealer.

Conolly, C. Piccadilly, jeweller. Allen, G. junior, Ridgefield, Manchester, calen- Checkley, T. Warwick, hosier. derer.

Cambridge, L. Bristol, and Prince Edward's Is Allen, J. Coal Hatch-farm, High Wycombe, land, merchant. builder.

Cambridge, L. and A. Bristol and Prince Edward's Allen, W. S. Kingston-upon-Hull, bookseller.

Island, merchants. Allday, T. Birmingham, butcher.

Crowther, R. and F. T. High-street, Southwark, Alexander, I. and A. Stodart, Upper Clapton, woollen-drapers. brickmakers and builders.

Clarke, R. Ware, linen-draper. Armand, P. le Comte de Fontaine Moreaw, South- Cullaway, C. Prospect-row, Walworth, carpenter

ampton-street, Fitzroy-square, and Church- Dunlap, T. Pontefract, grocer. court, Old Jewry, silk inerchant.

Day, T. Upton-upon-Severn, grocer. Aston, W. Toll-end and Cosley Iron Works, Sal. Dickinson, G. Liverpool, dealer. ford, iron-master.

Davis, T. Goswell-street, cheesemonger. Barlow, J. Gainsborough, grocer

Edwards, P. B. Tanyralt, Caernarvon, merchant. Barrow, T. Manchester, and G. Geddes, Stock. Edinunds, A. Worcester, timber-merchant. port, commission agents.

Emet, J. Downend, Mangotsfield, Gloucester, Beerge, J. and R. B. Ashburton, serge manufac- stone-quarıyman. turers.

Edgar, R. Hart-street, Crutched-friars, wineBrooke, W. Gainsborough, innkeeper.

merchant Brandon, J. I. Rickinansworth, merchant.

Evans, D. Mincing-lane, broker. Blake, J. G. Chelsea, shipowner.

Earl, J. T. Lewisham, plumber. Bonner, C. Spalding, scrivener.

Evetts, T. Birmingham, refiner of metals. Brearley, J. Milmow, Rochdale, shopkeeper. Fleming, M. Fulhain, spinster, schoolmistress. Boone, A. and J. Piccadilly, hatters.

Fenton, F. St Jamee's-street, hotel keeper. Braithwaite, T. Kegworth, Leicester, wine-mer- Fensham, J. Wartour-street, picture-dealer. chant.

Fortune, T. Highington, Durham, cattle-salesBrown, H. Old London-street, malt-factor. Beaman, E. Winnington, Cheshire, cheese-factor. Fox, W. B. Crawford-street, oil and colourman. Bowen, W. S. St Alban's, surgeon.

Foster, F. Oxford-street, tailor. Buttey, R. Norwich, merchant.

Fallows, S. Stainland, York, cotton manufacturer Briggs, J. Tintern-abbey, iron-master.

Fair, C. Liverpool, wine-merchant. Bowen, o. Crawford-street, Mary-le-bone, draper. Fowler, D. Euston-square and Camberwell, buildBenson, M. Liverpool, merchant. Baker, W. J. St John's, Clerkenwell, orange- Ford, G. Wells-street, jeweller. merchant.

Fox, R. Coningsby, Lincoln, grocer. Blyth, J. Bury St Edmunds, draper.

Gaisford, W. Bristol, victualler. Bradley, W. Legburn, Lincoln, draper.

Gosling, J. Bocking, spirit-merchant. Barnby, G. Spalding, grocer.

Gilbert, H. Bishopsgate-street Without, grocer. Bailey, J. Bath, shoemaker.

Gibbon, J. junior, Poplar, mast and block-maker Cook, J. J. Southwark-bridge-road, coachmaker. Geary, J. Brentwood, master-mariner. Crossland, J. Honley, Almondbury, York, scrib- Harris, J. Gracechurch-street, auctioneer. ling-mider.

Hopkinson, J. Loughborough, liquor-merchant. Clark, T. Calthwaite, Cumberland, cattle-dealer. Horrocks, G. and R. Martin, Ardwick, Manche. Cleworth, R. Westleigh, Lancashire, cotton-spin- ter, dyers. ner.

Humbert, D. J. Foley-street, coal-merchantCunningham, C. Bryanstone-street, money-scri- Herring, J. M. Aberystwith, victualler. vener.

Harris, J. Bletchingion, Oxford, tailor. Cox, C. St Martin's-lane, tailor.

Harris, G. North-buildings, Fidsbury, bill-broker. Collins, T. Avebury-street, Hoxton, victualler. Hone, W. Ludgate-hill, bookseller. Clarke, S. Balborough, Derby, grocer.

Harley, J. junior, Northampton, plumber.



Henzell, E. W. College-wharf, Lambeth, coal- Passmore, C. Teignmouth, Ilnen-draper. merchant.

Pain, J. Luton, straw hat manufacturer. Hastings, T. Huddersfield, woollen-cloth-mer. Queen, C. Liverpool, wine-merchant. chant.

Quick. J. and F. I. Chown, Stonchouse. Devon. Hammar, C. Mark-lane, merchant.

Robertson, C., D. D. Milligan, and R. M. Dalzell, Hunton, J. Bishopsgate-strect and Ironmonger. Fenchurch-street, merchants. lane, linen-draper.

Rickman, H. N. Worcester-street, Southwark, Hardin, R. Cannock, maltster and butcher.

brush-maker. Hales, E. Birmingham, corn-dealer.

Roderick, D. St Martin's-court, victualler. Horwood, J. and w. Oliver, Maddox-street, Ramsey, W. J. Harp-lane, victualler. house-decorators.

Relfe, L. Cornhili, bookseller. Hall, J. Crown Public-house, Rupert-street, Routledge, J. London, goldsmith. Goodman's-fields, licensedi-victualler.

Robinson, J. Stanhope. Durham, shopkeeper. Hughes, G. Upper-street, Islington, and of Spring- Row, W, junior, Knott's-green, Essex, skin-brostreet, Shadwell, wine-merchant.

ker. Ind, E. B. Cambridge, linen-draper.

Rorke, E. Liverpool, merchant. Inns, S, Towcester, ironmonger.

Rippon, R. Leeds, joiner and builder. Jones, E. Reading, canvass-manufacturer.

Roper, P. H. Manchester-ftreet, dealer. Jones, B. Tipton, Stafford, cordwainer.

Rhodes, E. and W. H. Sheffield, cuti rs. Jenns, G. James-street, Oxford-street, coach-iron- Salmon, J. Stoke's-bottom, Somerset, victualler. monger.

Smith, S. Northleach, Gloucester, victualler. Jacques, J. B. Bristol, biscuit-baker.

Smith, B. Birmingham, steel-toy-maker. Jay, W. Cheltenham, architect.

Street, S. Liverpool, tailor. Jackson, J. Montague-street, Portman-square, Smale, W. Bedminster, victualler. tailor.

Stroud, E. Chatham, grocer. Jones, E. R. Welshpool, druggist.

Syer, T. Sprowston. cattle-salesman. Jones, C. T. Lower Brook-street, horse-dealer. Salmon, W. West Malling, auctioneer. Jenkins, S. Exmouth-street, ironmonger and Scott, D. Catherine Sluck, Northowram, York, hardwareman.

dealer and chapman. Kemp, J. A. Prittlewell, Essex, miller.

South, S. Horncas:le, brickmaker. Kendall, J. Stratford, Essex, cow-keeper.

Sanderson, T. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer. Leach, H. S. Wimbledon, baker.

Southee, W. Canterbury, grocer. Lilley, R. Mile-end-road, victuailer.

Sweetenham, T. Burslem, earthenware-manufac. Leek, C. S. Gray's-inn-lane, wine-merchant.

turer. Lockwood, W. East Barnet, bookseller, stationer, Spice, W. Chertsey, grocer. and schoolmaster.

Snelus, T. Oxford, carrier. Lister, H. North Audley-street, tailor.

Smallbones, G. Bath-place, New-road, St PanLittle, E. C. Old Kent-road, Camberwell, brewer. cras, glasscutter. Lane, J. N. St Mary-at-hill, wine-merchant. Shaw, J. Newsome, Almondbury, York, merLee, I. Bankside, Southwark, timber-merchant. chant. Luff, T. Long-lane, Bermondsey, victualler. Scholefield, J. Middleton, Lancashire, dealer in Lind, G. Brighton, merchant.

coals, Marshall, c. H. Cheltenham, merchant.

Thompson, J. New York, America, merchant. Maunder, W. and J. Morchard, Bishop Devon, Tuck, G. Great Yarmouth, shipwright. serge-manufacturers.

Tiffney, J. Huddersfield, woollen-cord manufac. Metcalf, R. Haddiscore, Norfolk, miller.

turer. Moore, T. Tipton, Stafford, grocer.

Tassimond, J. Leek, Stafford, silk-manufacturer. Moore, J. Macclesfield, silk-manufacturer.

Tindall, T. Hastings, linen-draper. Morris, L. Bristol, tobacconist.

Tress, C. Bishop's Stortford, grocer. Manwaring, W. Birmingham, surgeon.

Town, J. Croydon, innkeeper. Miller, R. senior, and R. junior, Bermondsey, Tomlinson, J. Salisbury-street, Strand, milliner. glue-manufacturers.

Tanner, P. Manchester, publican and iron-founMusgrave, W. P. Bread-strett, auctioneer.

der. Mason, G. Fiskerton, joioer.

Thurtell, J. Great Yarmouth, commission-agent. Meyrick, W. junior, Bristol, carpenter.

Waldener, J. 0. Air-street, victualler. Moscrop, s. Stockport, draper.

Webb, J. Little Warner.street, cheesemonger. Martin, J. Preston, corn-merchant.

White, J. Shetfield, table-knife-manufacturer, Marsden, W. Clitheroe, Lancaster, common-car- White, T. Manchester, hotel-keeper. rier and butter-merchant.

Wetherall, W. Mansfield, horse-dealer. Morgan, W. S. Brown's Coffee-house, Mitre. Wadsworth, C. Salford, spirit-dealer.

court, Fleet-street, commission-merchant. Winder, J. Leicester, draper. Neilson, A. Ashford, Kent.

Watkins, H. D. Limehouse-hole, mast-maher. Nelson, W. Broad-street, Golden-square, oilman. Wilshere, M. Woolwich, currier. Newman, W. Luton, straw hat manufacturer. Williams, W. G. Throgmorton-street, auctioneer, Oliver, R. Willow-walk, Bermondsey, glue-ma- Wilkinson, H. R. of the ship York, late of the

nufacturer, and Oxendon street, ilaymarket, ship Larkins, master-mariner, engraver.

Worley, I. Fish-street-hill, hotel keeper. Orchard, J. Wilmington-square, London, money. Wilson, C. C. Furnival's-inn, scrivener. scrivener.

Winfield, W. Stoke-ferry, Norfolk, corn-merPalmer, J. Wells, innholder.

chant. Parkinson, J. Louth, grocer.

Wilmot, T. Sloane-square, broker. Potter, T. H. and W. Gardner, Manchester, en- White, W. H. Leominster, brazier. gravers and calico-printers.

Woolhouse, W. H. Darnall, Attercliffe-cum-DarPerryman, W. Windsor, stationer.

nal, Sheffield, cutler and victualler, Peploe, G. Marsh-place, Lambeth, coachmaker. Youngman, G. J. Bury St Edmund's, grocer.

Alphabetical List or Scottish BANKRUPTS, from 1st July to 31st

October, 1828. Allen, John and Co., piano-forte-makers, Glas- Gillespie, Colin, and Co. manufacturers and mer. gow.

chants, Woodside and Glasgow. Baird, John, senior, mason and builder in Glas- Gordon, George, baker, Canongate, Edinburgh. gow.

Greig, Andrew, innkeeper Trinity Chain-pier, Christie, Margaret, merchant, Longride, Aber. Newhaven, county of Mid-Lothian. deenshire.

Guthrie, David, merchant in Kilmarnock. Galbraith, John Murray, music-seller in Edin- Hall, William, merchant, 12, Windsor-street, burgh.

Edinburgh, Vol. XXI.


Mackay, John, and Co. silk-mercers, Edinburgh. M‘Kenzie, Alexander, hat-manufacturer, Canon.
Mackie, George, buildcr, 19, St Patrick Square, gate.

Martin, Robert, merchant and dyer in Kilmar.
Haldan, John, solicitor and banker, Edinburgh. nock.
Hay, James, merchant, Aberdeen.

Orbiston Foundry Company, Orbiston, Lanark. Houston, John, iron-monger, Glasgow.

shire. Latta, Robert, and Carstairs, David, oil-contrac- Paterson, James Henry, merchant and haber tors in the county of Edinburgh.

dasher in Glasgow. Lyall and Cargill, wine-merchants and stock- Renfrew, Alexander, junior, manufacturer at brokers, Edinburgh.

Thorn, near Paisley. M Bam, William, distiller in Aberdeen.

Stuart, James, Esq. of Dunearn, writer to the M'Dougald, John, provision-merchant in Glas- signet, and banker, lately residing in Moray gow.

Place, Edinburgh. M.Lachlan, James, grocer and merchant, No. 1, Tait, Crawfurd, writer to the signet, parish of St Princes-street, Edinburgh.

Cuthbert's, county of Mid-Lothian, coal-leaks M.Leod, Norman and John, merchants and ship- and lime-burner. owners in Stornoway.

Watson and Lennox, merchants, Glasgox,


Frb. 2. At the Residency, Nagpore, the la ly of
Dr Wylie, phy-jcian to the einbassy at the court
of his lishnes the Rajalı of Naypore, of a 011.

March 1X. At Calcutta, the lady of Duncan
M•Naugit Liddell, Esq. of a daughter.

April 6. At the Residency, Nagpore, the lady of Capt. A. Gordon, of a daughter.

21.' At -alem, the lady of M. D. Cockburn, Esq. of a daughter.

21. At Boliurun, the lady of Captain C. St Jolm Grant, commanding 5d regiment Nizam's infantry, of a son.

26. At Buenos Ayres, the laily of Woodbine Parish, E:q. his Britannic Majesty's Consul-General, of a daughter."

28. At Poitsinouth, the lady of the Hon. Capt. Elliot, R. N. of a daughter.

July 16. At Port Henderson. Jamaica, the lady of John Pierry Henderson, Esq. of Foswellbank, Perthshire, of a daughter. 26. Mrs Campbell, of Bowfield, of a son.

Auc. 3. At Mexville Street, the Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth Thackeray, of a daughter.

-'At No. 1, Hermitage Place, Mis Matheson, of a daughter.

5. At Claremont Cottage, Leith Links, Mrs Hartower, of a son.

7. At Inverness, Mrs Fraser, of Balpain, of a daughter.

8. At No. 5, St Andrew Square, Mrs M.Kean, of a son.

-- At Greenhill, near Ediyburgh, the lady of George Forbes, Esq. of a son.

- At No. 6, Howe Street, Mrs Thomas C. Sıníth, of a son.

- At Boghall, Ayrshire, the lady of Major Baird, of a son.

10. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir C. Maedo. nald Lochhart, Bart. of a daughter.

- At St John's, New Brunswick, Mrs Dr George Burns, of a daughter.

15. At Fetteresso Castle, Mrs Thomas Abor. cromby Duff, of a son.

15. At London, the lady of Commodore Patrick Campbell, C.B. R.N. of a son and leir.

19. At Dunavourd House, Atholl, the lady of Dr Forbes, surgeon, R.N. of a son.

21. At Stobo Castle, the lady of Sir James Montgomery, Bart. M.Pof a son.

23. At Feniscuwles, Lancashire, the lady of James Hozier, Est. younger of Newlands, of a daughter.

21. At No. 21, Maitland Street, the lady of Dr Mackenzie, of a son.

25. At No. 1, Charlotte Square, Mrs Watson, of a son.

26. At €3, Northumberland Street, Mrs Robt. Christison, of a st).

- At London, the lady of Wm. T. Thornton, E q. of a daughter.

29. At No. 32, Royal Circus, Mis Cathcart, of a son.

34. It Dysort, Lady Loughborough, of a daughter, still-born.

5). At Righouse, Mri Fullarton of fullarton,

Sept. 1. At Lathallan, the lady of James Lums. daine, Esq. of a son.

5. At Copse Hill, Surrey, the seat of Lord Durham, Lady Durham, of a son.

8. At No. 7. Abercromby Place, the Lady of Charles G. Stuart Menteith, Esq. jun. of a mon,

9. At Moray Place, Edinburgh, the lady of Car. tain Wemyss of Wemysshall, of a son and heir.

At Great Wellington Street, Leith, Mr George Bell, of a daughter.

10. In Moray Place, the lady of Major Mac. kenzie Fraser, of a daughter.

11. At Campsall Park, Yorkshire, the lady of Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart. of a daughter.

- At Kincarrathy House, near Perth, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel M', herson, Bengal arna, of a daughter.

12. Mrs Peddie, 10, Nelson Street, of a son. - Mrs Richard Mackenzie, of a son.

14. At 48, Northumberland Street, Mrs Dalziel, of a daughter.

- At 19, Northumberland Street, Mrs Charles H. Terrot, of a daughter.

15. At Picardy Place, Mrs J. H. Davidson, of a daughter.

16. At Leith, the lady of the Rev. James Gradt, of a daughter.

- At No. 25, York Place, Mrs J. F. Macfarlar, of a daughter.

- At Pau, France, the lady of Major James Adair, late of the Sith reginent of foot, ot a daughter.

17. At the Barracks of Belfast, the lady of M2 jor Clerke, 77th regiment, of a son.

- At Kelso, Mrs Hunter, Bowman Street, of a daughter.

19. At No. 3, Gayfield Square, Mrs Gibson, or & son.

20). At No. 51, Great King Street, Mrs Stirlin, Edmonstone of Canbuswallace, of a son.

*. At Shieldhill, Mrs Chancellor, of a son.

23. At Orchardhead, by Falkirli, Mrs Walker, of a daughter.

- Al No. 26, Abercromby Place, the lady of Lorraine M. Kerr, Esq. of a daughter.

21. At Rotterdam, the lady of James Mac pherson, Esq. of a daughter,

- At Manchester, Alis Barbour, of a daughter.

- At Cambo House, the lady of Sir Duvat Erskine of Cambo, Bart, of a son.

26. At Doonholm, Mrs Alexander Hunter, of 3 29. At No. 4, Hamilton Place, Mrs Andrew Bremner, of a son. - At 73, Pilrig Street, Mrs Balfou, of a son.

30. At Rosefield Cottage, Portobello, Mr Gricie, of a daughter.

Oct. 3. At Samuelston, East Lothiau, Mrs Deus, of a son.

- in George Street, Lady Eliz-beth Ilope Vere, of 1 son.

1. At 6, Moray Place, Mis John Learmonth, a son.

- At No. 16, Buccleuch place, the lady ou Captain H. Ross, Bengal Army, of a daughter.

-- At Broonhall, the Countess of Elgin and Kincardinc, of a daughter, still-born.


of a son.

5. At Crawfordsdyke, Greenock, Mrs John cond daughter of Chas. Paterson, Esq. of the Crawford, of a son.

Hon. East India Company's civil service. 6. At No. 123, Princes Street, Mrs William July 29. At St Anne's Church, Belfast, Geo. Cullen, of a daughter.

Ferguson Ledlie, Esq. of Antrim, to Frances, 8. At Xerez de la Frontera, in Spain, Mrs Cran- eldest daughter of James Waller Hewett, Esq. stoun, of a son.

late of the 1st, or Royal Regiment. At Mellerstain, the lady of George Baillie, Aug. 4. At Old Greenlaw, the Rev. Michael Esq. jun. of Jerriswoode, of a son.

Anderson, Academy, Dunfermline, to Jane, eldAt Perth, Mrs Ballandene, of a daughter. est daughter of the late Mr William Hogg, Old 11. At Lisbon, Mrs Robert Monro, of a daughter. Greenlaw, Berwickshire.

— At Ruchlaw House, the lady of John Buchan - At Calder House, William Ramsay Ramsay Sydserff, Esq. of Ruchlaw, of a daughter.

of Barnton, Esq. to the Hon. Mary Sandilands, 12. At No. 13, Moray Place, Mrs Hunt, of Pit- only daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Torphitencrieff, of a son.

chen. 13. At No. 13, Hailes Street, Mrs Aitken, of a 6. At Smith's Place, Claud Muirhead, Esq. Hedaughter.

riot Row, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late - At Kindeace House, Ross-shire, the lady of George Watson, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh. Charles Robertson, Esq. jun. of Kindeace, of a 7: At Bathgate, Mr James Taylor, Academy, daughter.

Bathgate, to Agnes, second daughter of Henry 11. At Stornoway, the lady of Lieutenant

Reid, Esq. James Robertson, R.N. of a daughter.

- At Minto Place, James Hutton, Esq. of Gif- At No. 11, Pitt Street, Mrs Dalrymple, of a fordvale, to Isabella, darıghter of the late George daughter.

Murray, E q. Newington. -- At Possil, Mrs Colin Campbell, of a son. 8. At Mineral Street, Mr Robt. Harvie, mer16. At Great Russell Street, London, the lady chant, to Mary Kerr, only daughter of the late of William Kayes, Esq. of a daughter.

Robert Sanderson, Esq. solicitor, London. 17. Mrs Hotchkis, of a son.

10. At North Queensferry, George Phillips, 19. At No. 57, George Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Esq. of Aberdeen, to Eliza, only daughter of CapJohn B. Gracie, of a son.

tain Johnston, North Queensferry: At New Posso, Lady Nasmyth, of a son. 11. At Dumfries, Mr George Henderson, of

At Edinburgh, Mrs R. H. Barber, of twin the British Linen Company, to Grace, second daughters.

daughter of Mr Hugh Woodmass. - No. 80, George Street, Mrs William Thom. 12. At CaulJhame, James Morrison, Esq. maltson, of a son.

ster, Alloa, to Christian, second daughter of the 23. At No. 10, Atholl Crescent, the lady of late Alex. Monteith, Esq. of Cauldhame. Thomas Kinnear, Esq. of a son.

- At Summerfield, the Rev. John Morrison, 1. At Southdean Manse, Mrs Richmond, of a to Mrs Grant, wilow of Captain Charles Grant daughter.

of Pittencree. 26. At Theiltrock, the lady of Alexander Cruick- - At the parish church of Hurley, the Rev. shank, Esq. of Theiltrock, of a daughter.

William Douglas Veitch, second son of Henry At Ainslie Place, the lady of Dr M Whirter, Veitch, Esq. of Eliock, to Eleanor Julia Am, seof a son.

cond daughter of Lieut. Colonel Raitt, Deputy 27. At Buccleuch Placc, Mrs Andrew Muir, of Adjutant-General to the Forces in the Mediters daughter.

ranean. 28. At No. 9, Castle Street, Mrs Dr Pitcairn, of - At Comely Bank, the Rev. John Wilson,

missionary to Bombay, to Margaret, daughter of - At No. 14, Gayfield Square, Mrs Young, of the late Rev. K. Bayne, Greenuck.

13. At Dunbar, Simon Sawers, Esq. late of his 29. At Arthurstone, Perthshire, the lady of J. Majesty's civil service in Ceylon, to Mary, relict, M. Macnabb, Esq. of the Hon. Company's civil of Dr James Kellie, of the Hon. East India Comservice, Bengal, of a daughter.

pany's service, on the Madras establishment. 30. At Northcliffi, Mrs M'Konochie, of a son. - At No. 11, York Place, Richard James - At Duncan Street, Drumunon 1 Place, Mrs Andrew, Esq. of Belize, Honduras, to Elizabeth, William Maxwell Little, of a daughter.

third daughter of Andrew Millar, Esq. writer to 31. At the Manse of Norih Berwick, Mrs Balfour Graham, of a daughter.

14. At the Cathedral, Londonderry, John Lately, At Chester, the lady of the Hon. C. George Smyly, Esq. to Eliza J. youngest daughter Napier, of a son.

of the late Sir A. Ferguson, Bart. - At No. 9, Howe Street, Mrs Paul, of a daugh- 15. Mr William Tod, merchant, Edinburgh, to ter.

Isabella Kerr, daughter of Mr John Pyper, Brae - In Portman Street, London, the lady of Jas. House, Johnshaven. Henry Crawford, Esq. of a son.

16. At No. 19, Northumberland Street, Edin- At Cheltenham, the lady of H. B. Maxwell, burgh, the Rev. James Crawford, ricar of St Esq. of a son.

Mary's, Drogheda, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter - At No. 7, Howard Place, Mrs Dr Cookson, of Anthony Brabazon, Est. of a daughter.

18. At London, the Earl of Chichester, to Lady - In Grosvenor Street, West, London, Mrs Mary Brudenell, fourth daughter of the Earl of Henry Dundas Scott, of a daughter.

Cardigan. - At Connaught Street, London, the lady of At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Wynne, A.M. llenry Lindsay Bethune, Esq. of Kileonquhar, of Oxon, Tewyn, Herts, to Janei, second daughter a daughter.

of William Boyd, Es. writer to the signet. - At Springfield, Jama'ca, the lady of Alex. 19. At Gja-gow, Mr James Frew, merchant, to ander Murchison, Esq. of a daughter.

Jane, second daughter of Mr Archibald Fullerton.

At Newark, Robert, third son of Richard MARRIAGES.

Burton, Esq. of Sackett's Hill House, kent, to March 1. At Trichinopoly, Mr Assist. Surgeon Mary, youngest daughter of the late Rev. W. Gugg, of the 28th regiment native infantry, to Rastall, M. A. of the Friary, Newark, Notts. Miss Jane, daughter of Lieut.-Col. Dalrymple, his 2). At Hyndford Bridge', John Lamb, Esq. Majesty's 30th reginent.

writer, Lanark, to Mrs Jane Bridges Cangh or 6. At Bombay, Thomas George Gardiner, Esq. Russel, relict of Thomas Russel, Esq. S. S.C. of the civil list, to Mary Frances, youngest daugh- Edinburgh. ter of Sir John P. rant of Rothiemurchus.

25. At No. 33, Albany Street, Mr Finlay Dun, 20. At Bombay, Lieut. G. G. Laing, of his High- to Juliet, youngest daughter of the late John ness the Nizam's service, to Elizabeth Charlotte White, Esq. forinerly of Eskmills. Diana, daughter of the late Colonel William East, 24. At Craigends, John Lennox Kincaid, Esq. of the Bombay establishment.

younger of kincaid, to Frances Maxwell, third - At Poonah, Robert Keith Arbuthnot, Esq. daughter of the late John Cunninghame, Esq. vf of the civil service, eldest son of Sir Willian Ar. Craigends. buthnot, Bart. to Anne, second daughter of Col. 28. Charles Parker, Esq. of Parknook, ('un. Fitzgerald, of his Majesty's 20th regiment. berland, to Jessy, daughter of the latc John Lear.

April 7. It Calcutta, Captain James Tennant, month, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. Assist. Adjt.-Gen. of Artillery, to Elizabeth, ses - At Kailzic, John Elliot, minister of Peebles,

a son.

a son.

the siguet.

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