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Blessed be the name of the Lord! I have done as thou ha commanded me; O let me find the great benefits of this thy divine institution. Pour down thy graces upon me; direct my goings in thy ways, and enable me to persevere in the practice of a holy and religious life, even to the last moment of my days. Be thou my peace and refuge, and let my pleasure and safety depend on thee. Be thou my portion and greatest treasure, and let my eternal happiness be fixed in the enjoyment of thee.

Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto him that sitteth on the throne, and unto the Lamb that was slain, forever and ever.

I give thee most humble and hearty thanks, O Lord, that thou hast been pleased to permit me to renew my baptismal covenant with thee in this holy ordinance.

That thou hast been pleased to feed me with the spiritual nourishment of the body and blood of thy Son Jesus Christ, and this, not for any merits of my own, but for the sake of thy infinite goodness and mercy.

Unworthy though I am, yet thy bounty, O Lord, never fails; the love of my Saviour is not diminished, and the mercy of his propitiation is never exhausted.

Grant, therefore, I beseech thee that this holy rite, and all the means of grace thy mercy has granted me, may never turn to my judgment and condemnation :

But may be health and recovery under all my weaknesses and infirmities ;-safety and defence against all the attacks of my spiritual enemies ; —vigor and strength to all my holy purposes and resolutions ;-comfort and support under all the afflictions and calamities of life ;-assistance and direction under all difficulties and doubts ;-courage and constancy under all dangers and persecutions, especially in times of sickness and at the hour of death.

Finally, may my sincere, though imper

fect obedience, through the mediation and intercession of my now exalted Redeemer, procure for me pardon and forgiveness in this life, mercy and favor at the day of judgment, and a never fading crown of glory in thy heavenly kingdom.

Pardon, O God, all those imperfections that have accompanied me at this time, in my attendance at thy altar; forgive the deadness and dullness of my affections, the wanderings of my thoughts, and the distractions of my mind.

Let the sincerity of my holy purposes and resolutions be accepted, notwithstanding my weakness and frailty.

Oh! let this commemoration of my crucified Saviour, influence all my thoughts, words, and actions, that my conversation may be as becometh the gospel of Christ.

Reward me not according to my deserts, but according to my great necessities, and thy own rich mercy in Jesus Christ. Amen.


Consider, O my soul what thou hast now done, thought, felt on this day, and especially when at the table of the Lord.—What sins and frailties thou hast there, in the presence of the Omniscient God, renounced; for what duties and virtues thou hast made thyself responsible! Restrict not thy gratitude for the bounties of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ, whose memory thou hast celebrated, to these temporary devotions, but let thy whole life attest it.

Never forget how great things the Lord has done for thee.

Hast thou, on this day whilst commemorating the love of thy Saviour, and exciting thy own by the remembrance of his, resolved to lead a more exemplary, devout and useful life than thou hast hitherto done?-Content not thyself with bare promises, but set thy hand to the task without delay, and resolutely execute thy good resolves. Pay

thy vows unto the Highest. Perform to thy brethren that which thou hast here vowed to perform to them. Offer unto God, offer unto thy duty, offer unto thy conscience, the sacrifices which thou hast acknowledged to be necessary. Think always so as thou then thoughtest, and be and become still more in deed and in truth that which thou hast now professed. Beware of all inconsistency, and let the same temper and dispositions which have actuated thee at the table of the Lord, actuate and accompany thee likewise in the world, in thy business and pleasures.

But remember, for thy caution, the admonition of the apostle, Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall ; and consider also those words of the Saviour to his disciples, The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Like those disciples, thou art exposed to temptation, and, like them, mayest be overcome. Be careful then, as thy master has counselled thee, to

watch and pray.

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