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Marine barracks, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (no change): One set double quarters for officers, $18,000; 1 set bachelor quarters for 8 officers, $35,000; administration building, $20,000; quartermaster's storehouse, $25,000; post exchange, gymnasium, $20,000; in all, $118,000.

Marine barracks, Isthmus of Panama (no change): Erection of barracks, quarters, and other buildings for accommodation of marines, $400,000.

Depot of supplies, Philadelphia, Pa. (no change): Additional building, including purchase of site, $175,000.

Radio stations: For the purchase of land as necessary for sites for radio shore stations, $50,000.

Note.-The amount of this appropriation is taken from the appropriation “Equipment of vessels." (See estimates.)

Total public works, navy yards, naval stations, naval proving grounds and magazines, Naval Academy, Naval Observatory, and Marine Corps, $5,576,445; and the amounts herein appropriated for public works, except for the Naval Observatory, shall be available until expended.


Medical Department, 1914: For surgeons' necessaries for vessels in commission, navy yards, naval stations, and Marine Corps, and for the pay of the civil establishment at the several naval hospitals, navy yards, naval medical supply depots, naval medical school, and Naval Academy; tolls and ferriages; care, transportation, and burial of the dead; books and stationery; binding medical records, unbound books, and pamphlets; printing; hygienic and sanitary investigation and illustration; sanitary and hygienic instruction; purchase and repairs of wagons, automobile ambulances, and harness; purchase of and feed for horses and cows; trees, plants, garden tools, and seeds; laundry service and incidental articles for the naval medical school, dispensaries, naval medical supply depots, Marine barracks, and ships; necessary repairs of naval medical supply depots and naval medical school and appendages; rent of rooms for naval dispensary, Washington, D. C., not to exceed $1,200; care, maintenance, and treatment of the insane of the Navy and Marine Corps on the Pacific coast; for dental outfits and dental material, not to exceed $38,000, and all necessary contingent expenses; in all, $652,000.

Explanation. This appropriation is a combination of the following appropriations: Medical Department..

$510,000 Contingent, medicine and surgery.

142, 000 Total.......

652,000 Bringing home the remains of officers, Navy Department (no change): To enable the Secretary of the Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transferred to their homes the remains of officers and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps who die or are killed in action ashore or afloat, and also to enable the Secretary of the Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transported to their homes the remains of civilian employees who die outside of the continental limits of the United States, $17,000: Provided, That the sum herein appropriated shall be available for payment for transportation of the remains of officers and men who have died while on duty at any time since April 21, 1898.


Provisions, Navy: For provisions and commuted rations for the seamen and marines, which commuted rations may be paid to caterers of messes, in case of death or desertion, upon orders oi the commanding officers, commuted rations for oflicers on sea duty (other than commissioned officers of the line, Medical and Pay Corps, chaplains, chief boatswains, chief gunners, chief machinists, chief carpenters, chief sailmakers) and midshipmen, and commuted rations stopped on account of sick in hospital and credited to the naval hospital fund; subsistence of oflicers and men unavoidably detained or absent from vessels to which attached under orders (during which subsistence rations to be stopped on board ship and no credit for commutation therefor to be given); and for sul sistence of female nurses, and Navy and Marine Corps general courts-martial prisoners undergoing imprisonment with sentences of dishonorable diseharge from the service at the expiration of such confinement: Prorided, That the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to commute rations for such general courts-martial prisoners in such amounts as seem to him proper, which may vary in accordance with the location of the naval prison, but which shall in no case exceed 30 cents per diem for each ration so commuted; for the purchase of United States Army emergency

rations, as required; and subsistence of civilian officers and crews of naval auxiliaries: Provided jurther. That hereafter, the proceeds of sale of all naval supply account stores or materials shall be credited to the naval supply account, general account of advances.

Erplanation. The amount of this appropriation is obtained in the following manner: Provisions. Navy, total......

$8,863, 441. 75 Less amount for labor in storehouse and handling stores transferred to "Operation, maintenance and repairs, Navy, 1914,".

1, 270,000.00

Then add amount of subsistence for naval auxiliaries....

7,593, 441. 75

215, 000.00

Jaking a grand total of.....

7, 808, 441.75 Coal and transportation: Coal and other fuel for steamers' and ships' use, including expenses of transportation, storage, and handling the same; water for all purposes on board naval vessels, including the expenses of transportation and storage of the same, $4,370,000: Provided, That $75,000 of said sum, or so inuch thereof as may be necessary, may be used for the survey and investigation by experimental tests of coal in Alaska for use on board ships of the United States Navy, and for report upon coal and coal fields available for the production of coal for the use of ships of the United States Navy or any vessel of the United States.

NOTE.—This appropriation is reduced by the amount transferred to "Operation, maintenance and repairs, Navy, 1914,” for the general maintenance of naval coaling depots and coaling plants, viz, $630,000.


Construction and repair of vessels (no change): Wrecking pontoons: For purchase of two testing and wrecking pontoons for submarines, to be available until expended, $600,000.


Engineering Experiment Station, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. (no change): Experimental and research work: For original investigation and extended experimentation of naval appliances; and for the purchase of such machines and auxiliaries considered applicable for test and use in the naval service, and for maintenance of buildings and grounds, $60,000.

Equipment of building (no change): For extension of steam, air, and water lines, and electric circuits; for foundations for machinery, etc.; for Diesel type alternatingcurrent generating set; for purchase and installation of additional condensing apparatus for steam turbine, $26,000.


Pay of professors and others, Naval Academy (no change): One professor as head of the department of physics, $3,600.

One professor of mathematics, one of mechanical drawing, one of English, one of French, and one of Spanish, at $3,000 each.

Three professors, namely, one of English, one of French, and one of Spanish, at $2,640 each.

Five instructors, at $2,400 each.
Four intructors, at $2,160 each.
Four instructors, at $1,800 each.

One swordmaster, $1,600; one assistant, $1,200; and two assistants, at $1,000 each; two instructors in physical training, at $1,500 each, and one assistant instructor in physical training, at $1,000; and one instructor in gymnastics, $1,200; one assistant librarian, $2,160; one cataloguer, $1,200; and two shelf assistants

, at $900 each; one secretary of the Naval Academy, $2,400; three clerks, $1,500 each; four clerks, at $1,200 each; four clerks, at $1,000 each; four clerks, at $900 each; three clerks, at $840 each; one draftsman, $1,500; one surveyor, $1,500; services of organist at chapel, $300; one captain of the watch, $924; one second captain of the watch, $828; twenty-two watchmen, at $732 each; three telephone switchboard operators, at $600 each. In all, pay of professors and others, Naval Academy, $114,296.

Department of Ordnance and Gunnery (no change): One mechanic, $960; and one at $750; one armorer, $660; one chief gunner's mate, $540; three quarter gunners, at $480 each; in all, $4,350.


Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics (no change): Two electrical machinists, at $1,000 each; one mechanic, $730, and one at $720; in all, $3,450.

Department of Seamanship (no change): One cockswain, $480; three seamen, $420 each; in all, $1,740.

Department of Marine Engineering and Naval Construction (no change): One master machinist, $1,800, and one assistant, $1,200; one pattern maker, $1,200; one boiler maker, one blacksmith, three machinists, one molder, and one coppersmith, at $1,080 each; one draftsman, $2,000; machinists and other employees, $6,768; in all, $20,528.

Commissary Department (no change): One chief cook, $1,200; four cooks, at $600 each, and eight assistants, at $300 each; one steward, $1,200, and one assistant, $600; one head waiter, $720, and two assistants, at $480 each; two pantrymen, at $420 each; one chief baker, $1,200; one baker, $600; two assistants, at $540 each, and one assistant, $420; necessary waiters, at $10 per month each, $13,440; one messenger to the superintendent, $600; twenty-seven attendants, at $300 each; in all, $35,760.

In all, civil establishments, $180,124.

Maintenance and repairs, Naval Academy: For labor, material, and incidental expenses for the maintenance and upkeep of the United States Naval Academy and for necessary repairs of public buildings, wharves and walls inclosing the grounds of the Naval Academy; for books, periodicals, maps, models, and drawings; apparatus and material for instruction in physical training and athletics; expenses of lectures; chemicals; philosophical apparatus and instruments, stores, machinery, tools, fittings, apparatus, and materials for instruction purposes; purchase, binding, and repair of books for the library (to be purchased in the open market on the written order of the superintendent); purchase and repair of fire apparatus and plants; machinery; purchase and maintenance of all horses and vehicles for use at the academy; seeds and plants; tools and repairs of same; stationery; furniture for Government buildings and offices; coal and other fuel; candles, oil and gas; attendance on fires, lights, fire apparatus, light and power plants, telephones and telegraph and clock system; clearing up station and care of buildings; advertising; water tax; postage; telephones and telegrams; tolls and ferriage; flags and awnings; fuel for heating and lighting bandsmen's quarters; pay of inspectors and draftsmen; music; musical and astronomical instruments; pay of employees on leave; rent of buildings; commutation of rent for bandsmen, at $8 per month; improvements, repairs, furniture and fixtures; expenses of Board of Visitors of the Naval Academy, being mileage and $5 per diem for each member for expenses during actual attendance at the academy, and for clerk hire, carriages, and other incidental and necessary expenses of the board, $3,000; for contingencies for the Superintendent of the Naval Academy, to be expended in his discretion, $2,000; in all, $415,116: Provided, That section 3648 of the Revised Statutes shall not apply to subscriptions for foreign and domestic periodicals to be paid from this appropriation.

Explanation.-At present three appropriations are made for expenditures on more or less similar objects. By combining these three appropriations, accounting will be greatly simplified. This appropriation is made up of the following appropriations: ent and miscellaneous expenses, val Academy.

$46,000 Maintenance, Naval Academy.

229, 116 Repairs, Naval Academy...



415, 116


Pay, Marine Corps (no change): For pay and allowances prescribed by law of officers on the active list, including clerks for assistant paymasters, 5 in all, and for the following additional officers hereby authorized: 1 colonel, 1 major, 5 captains, 1 captain assistant quartermaster, 6 first lieutenants, and 4 second lieutenants: Provided, 'That the increased compensation as now fixed by law for the Marine Corps for foreign shore service shall hereafter be paid to the officers and enlisted men of that corps while on sea duty, in the same manner and under the same conditions as is provided by the act approved May 13, 1908, for officers of the Navy, $1,014,058.

For pay of officers prescribed by law, on the retired list: For 2 major generals, 6 brigadier generals, 6 colonels, 7 lieutenant colonels, 10 majors, 16 captains, 12 first lieutenants, 4 second lieutenants, and 1 paymaster's clerk, and for officers who may be placed thereon during the year, including such increased pay as is now or may hereafter be provided for retired officers regularly assigned to active duty, $181,677.50.

Pay of enlisted men, active list: Pay of noncommissioned officers, musicians, and privates, as prescribed by law, and for the following additional enlisted men hereby authorized: 1 sergeant major, 4 first sergeants, 4 quartermaster sergeants, 4 gunnery pants, 20 sergeants, 40 corporals, 327 privates; and the number of enlisted men shall be exclusive of these undergoing imprisonment with sentence of dishonorable discharge from the service at expiration of such confinement, and for the expenses of derks of the United States Marine Corps traveling under orders, and including additional compensation for enlisted men of the Marine Corps regularly detailed as gun Captains, gun pointers, mess sergeants, cooks, messmen, signalmen, or holding goodconduct medals, pins, or bars, including interest on deposits by enlisted men, postexchange debts of deserters, under such rules as the Secretary of the Navy may precribe, and the authorized travel allowance of discharged enlisted men and for prizes for excellence in gunnery exercise and target practice, both afloat and ashore.

In all, $3,165,936.

For pay and allowances prescribed by law of enlisted men on the retired list: For 3 sergeants major, 1 drum major, 26 gunnery sergeants, 27 quartermaster sergeants, 26 first sergeants, 63 sergeants, 18 corporals, 20 first-class musicians, 1 drummer, 1 trumpeter, 1 filer, and 26 privates, and for those who may be retired during the fiscal year, $150,759.

Indrawn clothing: For payment to discharged soldiers for clothing undrawn, $125.475.

Mileage: For mileage to officers traveling under orders without troops, $58,500.

For commutation of quarters of officers on duty without troops where there are no publie quarters, $14,500.

Pay of civil force (no change): In the office of the major general commandant: Chiei clerk, at $2,000; clerk, at $1,500; one messenger, at $971.28.

In the office of the paymaster: Chief clerk, at $2,000; clerk, at $1,500; one clerk, at $1,200.

In the office of the adjutant and inspector: Chief clerk, at $2,000; two clerks, at $1,500 each; one clerk, at $1,400; one clerk, $1,200.

In the office of the quartermaster: Chief clerk, at $2,000; two clerks, at $1,500 each; one clerk, $1,400; two clerks, at $1,200 each; one draftsman, at $1,800.

In the office of the assistant quartermaster, San Francisco, ('al.: One clerk, at $1,800.

In the office of the assistant quartermaster, Philadelphia, Pa.: Chief clerk, at $1,800; one messenger, at $840; in the Quartermaster's Department, for duty where their services are required, five clerks, at $1,625 each.

In all, for pay of civil force, $39,936.28; and the money herein specifically appropriated for pay of the Marine Corps shall be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with existing law as pay of the Marine Corps, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund.

In all, pay, Marine Corps, $4,780,841.78.

Maintenance, Quartermaster's Department, Marine Corps-Provisions (no change); For noncommissioned officers, musicians, and privates serving ashore; subsistence and lodging of enlisted men when traveling on duty, or cash in lieu thereof; commutation oi rations to enlisted men regularly detailed as clerks and messengers; payment of board and lodging of applicants for enlistment while held under observation, recruits, and recruiting parties; transportation of provisions, and the employment of necessary labor connected therewith; ice for offices and preservation of rations, $923,000; and no law shall be construed to entitle marines on shore duty to any rations, or commutation thereof, other than such as now are on may hereafter be allowed to enlisted men in the Army.

Clothing (no change): For noncommissioned officers, musicians, and privates authorized by law, $737,000.

Fuel (no change): For heat and light for the authorized allowance of quarters for officers and enlisted men, and other buildings and grounds pertaining to the Marine Corps; fuel, electricity, and oil for cooking, power, and other purposes; and sales to officers, $169,000. But in purchasing such articles preference shall be given to those produced in the United States but which can be procured at the same price and quality.

Military stores (no change): Pay of chief armorer, at $4 per diem; one mechanic, at $3 per diem; two mechanics, at $2.50 each per diem; one chief electrician, at $4 per diein; and one assistant electrician, at $3.50 per diem; per diem of enlisted men employed on constant labor for periods of not less than ten days; purchase of military equipments, such as rifles, revolvers, cartridge boxes, bayonet scabbards, haversacks, blanket bags, canteens, rifle slings, swords, drums, trumpets, flags, waistbelts, waistplates, cartridge belts, spare parts for repairing rifles, machetes, purchase and repair of tents, field cots, field ovens, and stoves for tents: purchase and repair of instruments for bands; purchase of music and musical accessories; purchase and marking of prizes for

excellence in gunnery and rifle practice; good-conduct badges; medals awarded to officers and enlisted men by the Government for conspicuous, gallant, and special service; incidental expense of schools of application; construction, equipment, and maintenance of school, library, and amusement rooms and gymnasiums for enlisted men, and the purchase and repair of all articles of field sports for enlisted men; purchase and repair of signal equipment and stores; .establishment and maintenance of targets and ranges, renting ranges, construction of buildings for temporary shelter and preservation of stores, and entrance fees in competitions; procuring, preserving, and handling ammunition and other necessary military supplies; in all, $332,737.

Transportation and recruiting (no change): For transportation of troops, and of applicants for enlistment between recruiting stations and recruit depots or posts, including ferriage and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof; toilet kits for issue to recruits upon their first enlistment and the expense of the recruiting service, $352,000: Provided, That authority is hereby granted to employ hereafter the services of an advertising agency in advertising for recruits under such terms and conditions as are most advantageous to the Government.

Repairs of barracks (no change): Repairs and improvements to barracks, quarters, and other public buildings at posts and stations; for the renting, leasing, improvement, and erection of buildings in the District of Columbia, and at such other places as the public exigencies require; and for per diem to enlisted men employed under the direction of the Quartermaster's Department on the repair of barracks, quarters, and other public buildings on constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, $160,000.

Forage (no change): For forage in kind and stabling for public animals of the Quartermaster's Department and the authorized number of officers' horses, $26,200.

Commutation of quarters (no change): Commutation of quarters for officers serving with troops where there are no public quarters belonging to the Government, and where there are not sufficient quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate them; commutation of quarters for enlisted men employed as clerks and messengers in the offices of the commandant, adjutant, and inspector, paymaster, and quartermaster, and the offices of the assistant adjutant and inspectors, assistant pay. masters, assistant quartermasters, at $21 each per month, and for enlisted men employed as messengers in said offices, at $10 each per month, $86,000.

Contingent (no change): For freight, expressage, tolls, cartage, advertising, washing of bed sacks, mattress covers, pillowcases, towels, and sheets, funeral expenses of officers and marines, including the transportation of bodies and their arms and wearing apparel from the place of demise to the homes of the deceased in the United States; stationery and other paper, printing and binding; telegraphing, rent of telephones; purchase, repair, and exchange of typewriters; apprehension of stragglers and deserters; per diem of enlisted men employed on constant labor for periods of not less than 10 days; employment of civilian labor; purchase, repair, and installation and maintenance of gas, electric, sewer, and water pipes and fixtures; office and barracks furniture, camp and garrison equipage and implements; mess utensils for enlisted men; packing boxes, wrapping paper, oilcloth, crash, rope, twine, quarantine fees, camphor and carbolized paper, carpenters' tools, tools for police purposes, safes; purchase, repair, and maintenance of such harness, wagons, motor wagons, carts, drays, and other vehicles as are required for the transportation of troops and supplies and for official military and garrison purposes; purchase of public horses and mules; services of veterinary surgeons, and medicines for public animals, and the authorized number of officers' horses; purchase of mounts and horse equipment for all officers below the grade of major required to be mounted; shoeing for public animals and the authorized number of officers' horses; purchase and repair of hose, fire extinguishers, hand grenades, carts, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers; purchase, installation, and repair of cooking and heating stoves and furnaces; purchase of towels, soap, combs, and brushes for offices; postage stamps for foreign and registered postage; books, newspapers, and periodicals; improving parade grounds; repair of pumps and wharves; water; straw for bedd: 3, mattresses, mattress covers, pillows, sheets; furniture for Government quarters and repair of same; packing and crating officers' allowance of baggage on change of station; and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home and abroad, but impossible to anticipate or classify, $190,000.

In all, for the maintenance of Quartermaster's Department, Marine Corps, $3,275,937; and the money herein specifically appropriated for the maintenance of the Quartermaster's Department, Marine Corps, shall be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with existing law as maintenance, Quartermaster's Department, Marine Corps, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund, $3,275,937.

Total, Marine Corps, exclusive of public works, $8,056,778.78.

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