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Rewards given for Bonnets of British Mate- | Miss A. Millot, Sloque-street, for a chalk. . rials in Imitation of Leghorn,' . drawing of an historical subject --- large

Mr. James Cobbin, Bury St. Edmonds silver medal. . fourteen guineas.

Miss M. Smith, Norfolk-street, Strand, for Mrs. Syrett, Bury St. Edmonds - ten a chalk-drawing of a head-silver palette. pounds..

Miss L. H. Fox, Hackney, for a crayonMrs. Venn, Hadleigh, Suffolk-nine gs. Il drawing of figures large silver medal. Anne Venn, ditto-three guineas.

Mr. J. Bizot, Down-street, Piccadilly, for Mr. James Long, Barham House of Indus- ||

m House of Indus- || a chalk-drawing of a head-silver palette. try-silver Ceres medal.

Mr. F. R. Ridgard, Euston-square, for a The Children of the School at Adbury, || chalk-drawing of a figure-silver palette. Berks-five guineas.

Drawings from Busts. Lucy Hollowell, Banbury-five guineas. Miss D. Lawrance, Oxford-street, for a Mary Marshall, Bandon, near Cork-two | finished drawing in chalk from a bust-large guineas.

silver inedal. The Children of the School at Bandon ||

Miss H. Salmon, Piccadilly, for a finished three guineas.

drawing in chalk from a bust-silver Isis Sophia Dyer, West Meon, near Alton medal. two guineas.

Copies in Water- Colours. Anve Dyer, ditto-two guineas.

Miss J. S. Guy, Bartlett's-place, Holborn, Maria Pain, Boxted, near Bury St. Ed

for a landscape-large silver medal. monds-two guineas.

Miss Waters, Clapton-square, for a parMrs. Morrice, Great Brickhill, Bucks

trait in miniature-silver Isis medal. silver Ceres medal.

Miss H. H. Morton, Camden-Town, for a Mrs. Laurey, Exeter-silver Ceres medal.

group of flowers-large silver medal.

Miss Clark, Charter-House-square, for a IN COLONIES AND TRADE.

group of flowers-silver Isis medal. J. Mackay, Esq. Picton, Nova Scotia, for Miss E. Hargrave, Greenwich, for a group an instrument for uprooting trees - gold | of flowers-silver palette. Ceres medal.

Original in Water-Colours. Messrs. Petchey and Wood, Van Diemen's i Mrs. Carbonnier, George-street, PortmanLand, New South Wales, for making and || square, for a portrait in miniature-large importing five tops of extract of Mimosa silver medal. bark for the use of tamers - gold Ceres

1 Miss A. A. Bond, Kentish-Town, for a medal.

group of flowers--large silver medal. M. Le Cadre, Trinidad, for bis plantations

Il Mr. W. Downer, Woolwich, for a group of clove-trees jo the colony of Trinidad

ll of flowers-silver Isis medal. fity gaineas.

Copy in Oil,

Miss E. Evans, Kentish-Town, for a landIN POLITE ARTS.

scape-silser Isis medal. HONORARY Class.

Original in Oil. Copies in Chalk, Pencil, or Indian Ink.

Mr. J. P. Andrè, jun, York-place, CityMiss Cockburn, St. John's Wood, Regent's road. for a groun of flowers - silver Isis Park, for a pencil-drawing of an historical | medal. subject-large silver medal.

Miss Manning, the Priory, near LeatherMr. J. B. Sedgwick, Fleet-street, for a || bead, for a portrait of a lady-large silver pencil-drawing of a landscape-silver Isis | medal. medal.

Miss E. Ainslie, Kentish-Town, for a comMr. T. Wilkinson, James-street, Adelphi, | position in still life-gold Isis medal. for a pencil-drawing of a landscape-silver Mr. G. Hilditch, Ludgate-street, for a palette,

composition of fish from nature- large silver Miss Anne Hoare, Great Cumberland- medal. street, for a chalk-drawing of a head-silver

ARTISTS' Class. Isis medal.

Copies in Chalk, Pencil, or Indian Ink. Miss Sarah Fiela, Lower Tooting, for alMr. D. Pasmore, Salisbury-square, for an chalk-drawing of a figure-silver palette. ll historical drawing in pencil - silver Isis

Miss Sale, Westminster-Bridge-road, for medal. a chalk-drawing of a bead--silver palette. Mr. T. Percy, Cleveland-street, for a

Miss Henrietta Tufnell, Bath, for a pencil- ll drawing in Indian ink of a landscape-silver drawing of a landscape-silver palette. . palette.

. 'Mr. E G. Papworth, Caroline-street, Bed. ||

Originals in Oil. ford-square, for a drawing in pevcil of api. Mr. E. Williams, Charlotte-street, Bloomsmals-silver Isis medal.

bury, for an historical composition-large • Miss Alderson, Pimlico, for a drawing in

gold medal. chalk of a head-silver palette.

Mr. A. R. Venables, Charlotte - street, • Miss M. E. Friend, Clark's-terrace, Can

Bloomsbury, for a portrait of himself-silpon-street-road, for a drawing in pencil of ver Isis medal. animals-silver palette.

Mr. R. E. Holst, Howland-street, for a porMiss Liddle, White Lion street, Goodman's trait of a lady-silver palette. Fields, for a drawing in chalk of a head

Mr. Ed. Fancourt, Hoxton-square, for a silver Isis medal.

portrait of himself-large silver medal. Original in Chalk, Pencil, or Indian Ink. Miss Kearsley, Rathbone-place, for a por. Mr. S. Lines, jun. Birmingham, for a draw trait of a lady-silver palette. ing in pencil of a landscape-large silver

Mr. J. St. John Long, York-street, Portmedal.

man square, for a landscape compositionMr. E. W. Webb, Tamworth, for a pencil

large silver medal. drawing of animals--silver Isis medal.

Mr. R. A. Clark, Clarendon-square, for a Miss C. E. Walker, Blyth-Hall, Bawtry,

landscape composition-silver Isis medal. for a pencil-drawing of a landscape-largei Mr. H. H. Lines, Birminghain, for a land. silver medal.

scape from nature-silver Isis medal. Druwings and Paintings from Statues and


Mr. T. Hughes, Long-Acre, for a copy of Mr. H. T. Wright, Great Titchfield-strect,

a bust from the antique-large silver medal. for an outline of an entire figure-large sil

Mr. C. Pauormo, Dean-street, Sobo, for a ver medal.

copy in the round of an entire figure-large Mr. R. W. Warren, Woolwich, for a finish

silver medal. ed drawing of an entire figure-large silver

Mr. E. G. Physick, Park-terrace, Regent's medal.

Park, for an original model of a group Mr. L. B. Adams, Basinghall-street, for a

gold Isis medal. finished drawing of an entire figure-silver

Miss S. Bullock, Sloane-square, for a bust palette.

from the life - large silver medal. Mr. B. R Green, Argyll-street, for an out

Architecture. line of an anatomical figure-large silver

Mr. S. Burchell, Red Lion-square, for a medal. Mr. W. Christie, Brompton, for a drawing

drawing in perspective from a Corinthian in chalk from a bust-silver Isis medal,

capital-silver Isis medal. Mr. S. Smith, Margaret-street, Bagnigge

| Mr. Samuel Loat, Kensington, for an oriWells, for a painting in oil from a bust-sil.

ginal design in Greek architecture, compris. yer Isis medal.

ing seven dwelling-houses -- large silver Copies in Water-Colours..

medal. . Mr. J. Kennedy, for a drawing of an his

Mr. D. Mocátta, Russell-square, for an torical subject-large silver medal. ..

ll original design for a church in Doric archi• Mr. G. Bruwn, Argyll-street, for a drav

tecture-silver Isis medal.

Mr. H. Bassett, Norfolk-street, Strand, for ing of an historical subject--silver Isis medal. .

an original design for a church in Doric arMr. C. R. Bone, Charlotte-street, Portland- || chitecture-gold medallion.' place, for a portrait in miniature-large sil

' . Lithography. ver medal.

Mr. J. Baker, Sydenham Common, for a Miss L. J. Green, Argyll-street, for a por- | drawing of a Gothic screen to a churchtrait in miniature-silver Isis medal. large silver medal. · Originals in Water-Colours.

Mr G. Tytler, Villiers-street, Strand, for Miss E. Fearnley, Mecklenburgh-square,

a drawing of the interior of King's College for a group of Aowers-silver Isis medal.

Chapel, Cambridge-silver Isis medal. . Miss E. Tomkins, New Bond-street, for a || Medal Die and Gem Engraving. composition of Powers-large silver medal. Mr. W. Woodhouse, pupil to Mr.Halliday, Copy in Oil.

| Birmingham, for two medal dies, copies, the Mr. W.A. Hastings, Alfred-place, Bedford one a head, the other an entire figure-silver square, for a painting of shipping-silver | Isis medal. Isiš medal,

Mr. T. Warner, Tottenham Court-roal,

for a head in intaglio, a copy-large silver bridge, for his successful application of M. inedal.

|| Appert's process to the preservation of limeMr. R. Clint, Rolls Buildings, for an ori- || juice. gival in taglio of a head-gold Isis medal. The same gentleman, and to his brother,

Captain M. E. Bagnold, of Bombay, for an Mr. J. Wood, Surrey-street, Strand, for account of the process employed at Bombay an original design fir the Society's vignette for making twisted gun-barrels and sword- large silver medal.

blades, in imitation of those made at Da. - Miss A, Miller, Dublin, for carvings in ivo- || mascus. ry of beads and figures - gold Isis medal. Mr. C A. Deane, Charles-street, Deptford,

Mr. W. Savage, Cowley-street, Westmio- | for his improved key for bouse-doors. ster, for block.printing in colours in iinita- | Mr. Jas, Clement, Prospect-place, Newtion of drawings-large silver medal and ington-Butts, for his stand for drawingfifteen guineas.

boards of large area, · Mr. Hen. Attenburrow, student in str. Mr. C. Varley, Thornhaugh-street, for his gery, New Burlington-street, for an original mode of copying screws. coloured anatomical drawing -- silver Isis | Mr. Turrell, Clarendon-square, for his im

proved etching-grounri for engrarers. Mr. J. R Alcock, student in surgery, New Burlington-street, for an original anatomi

The Thanks of the Society have also been cal model in coloured wax-gold Isis medel.

voted to The Thanks of the Society have been voted to Mr. M. Moreau, Soho-sq'iare, for his ta. ..the follorcing Gentlemen, and their Commie- || bular view of British commerce.

nications have been directed to be inserted in • Mr: J. H. Abraham, Sheffield, for his magthe nert Volumes of the Society's Transac net for extracting particles of iron and steel tions.

from the eyes of workers in that metal. Captain T. M, Bagnold, High-row, Knights- li


MUSICAL REVIEW. The Beauties of Hummel, Maitredation in these variations, some being

de Chapelle to the Duke of Saxe- | in a lively style, others exhibiting a Weimar, for the Piano - forte. vein of steady tranquillity, and some Book IV. Pr.As. Book. V. Pr.3s. being uncommonly serious. Of the

(Cocks and Co. Prince's-street, latter class are var. 1. and above Hanover-square.)

all var. 6. in C minor. This latter THREE numbers of this valuable reminds us of Beethoven's manner collection have already been brought of writing : it is remarkable for its under the notice of our readers. scientific and sometimes bold contra. The fourth, now before us, con puntal treatment, and its tenor is tains seven or eight variations upon sombre to a degree of absolute mourna favourite march in Rossini's opera fulness. As studies, these variations La Cenerentola ; and if we add, that appear to us peculiarly valuable. .these variations are “as good as can | Book V. presents us with two be made," little further perhaps need | “Rondolettos in the form of waltzes." be said. There is abundance of The subjects of both can scarcely be work, not only for the hand, but also | deemed original. They are neither for the head; for Mr. H. has not more nor less than Vienna “ Laendbeen sparing in original combina- lers," of very usual occurrence, to be tions, melodic as well as harmonic. heard from the windows of every A striking diversity of character forms public-house in the suburbs of that a conspicuous feature of recommen- 1 tuneful capital op a Sunday after

noon. But they are pretty for all word for word what we have stated that, and the superstructure to which in the case of Hummel's variations the themes have given rise is quite on the march from Cenerentola. We captivating. Nobody will be tempt- | would not wish for better, if our wishes ed to indulge in melancholy impres- for variations were more sanguine sions or somnolency (as in the case of than they happen to be. The bassvar. 6. above adverted to), while lis- | passages of var. 2. the deeply chrotening to these most pleasant and matic character of var 3.-too much exhilarating rondolets, the execution trenching upon the solemn style of of which, moreover, may be accom-church music-the equally serious plished without much practical effort. treatment of 'var. 6. and the extenA Dirertimento, in which is introduc- | sive digressions in var. 7. amounting

ed Mozart's favourite Air, The to a whole in the shape of a fantasia, manly Heart;" composed for the constitute the most remarkable points Piano-forte, with an Accompani- || in this publication, which is classic ment for the Flute (ad lib.) by || in its kind. Camille Pleyel. Pr. 35.-(Cocks A Selection of original Irish Airs, and Co.)

set for the Flute, by Charles Saust. Not a novel theme, certainly. As Pr.3s.6d.- (Cocks and Co. Prince'sto its treatment, we are free to say, I street, Hanover-square.) the name of the author had rais- | A Selection of original Scotch Airs ed expectations which were not re- for Duets, by ditto. Pr. 3s. 60.alized. Not that we could point (Cocks and Co.) out any thing objectionable in this Second Edition of the admired Airs divertimento, or even dispute its call from Der Freyschütz, for ditto, pability of affording some minutes by ditto. Pr. 35.-(Cocks and Co.) of entertaining practice; but the tex- The Beauties of Weber's Preciosa, ture is of a much lighter calibre than for ditto, by ditto. Pr. 2s. 60.we anticipated in a production from (Cocks and Co.) the son of Ignace Pleyel, and we cer- | Pacini's short Elementary Instructainly have seen many compositions | tions for the Violin, with ten useof Mr. C. Pleyel's which warranted | ful Exercises, and sixteen popular such anticipation. The adherence Airs, the whole translated from to the character of the theme, which the original, and cårefully fingeris successively introduced in divers ed by an eminent Professor. Pr. kindred tonics, and the modulations 2s. 60.-(Cocks and Co.) in p. 4, may be mentioned as com- || A Selection of twenty-four Scotch mendable features.

and Irish Airs, set for the VioO Pescator dell'onda," Venetian loncello, by W. H. Hagart. Pr. · Air, varied for the Piano-forte 25.-(Cocks and Co.)

by Charles Czerny. Pr.3s.--(Cocks The several little volumes above · and Co.)

enumerated present an abundant store The subject itself, so beautifully of practice and instruction to the simple, is here propounded with an young student on the flute, violin, harmonic colouring of peculiar effec- or violoncello. They recommend tiveness and elegance; and as to the themselves by their typographical variations, we might almost repeat neatness, their portable form, and the satisfactory nature of their contents. Among the airs which have preIn the latter respect, Mr. Saust's ferably excited our attention, No. 8. extracts from the Freyschütz and “ Home of Youth,” stands conspieuthe Preciosa particularly deserve the ous; it is a German composition (by attention of the flute-pupil. The Hurka we believe), replete with sweetelementary instructions in the violin- ness and deep feeling. The Portubook are as much to the purpose as guese air, No.7. also possesses decided their brevity would probably admit pretensions to the amateur's favour. of, and the selection of the airs is Nos. 3. and 4. ingratiate themselves judicious and tasteful.

by their tasteful melodies; and the Foreign Melodies, the Words by tune, No. 6. (the Spanish Tragala)

Harry Stoe Van Dyk; the Sym is already a universal favourite: it phonies and Accompaniments by might, however, have been harmoT. A. Rawlings. Pr. 158.--(Gould- nized somewhat more effectively. . ing and Co.)

With regard to the symphonies This work, like many others of and the merits of the harmonic ara similar description published by rangement of Mr. Rawlings, we have, Messrs. G. and Co.presents an exte- | upon the whole, every reason to be rior of typographical elegance, which, satisfied with that gentleman's lalike neat attire, seldom fails to pro- bour. Several of the introductions duce a favourable impression; but as are eminently graceful, and the acour province is more particularly di companiments in general tasteful and rected towards intrinsic merit, we effective. Some exceptions, how: must proceed to the contents, which ever, have here and there met our are as follow:

eye: such as page 14, bar 5, which No. ). “ The bee's wing.”-French. presents a very objectionable accom2.“ A maiden of Tyrol.”-Tyrolese.

paniment; page 28, bar 12, and page 3. “ Zephyrs of eve.- Portuguese. 4. “ I am twining.”-German.

| 29, bar 10, also present instances of 5. “ Strike the guitar."--Merican.

awkward harmonic support. In page 6. " Hither, love, hither."-Spanish. 45, bar 2, the G in the bass, although 7. “ There were hopes."'- Portuguese.

but a passing note, is scarcely ad8. “ Home of youth.”German. 9. " Thou canst not now awaken.”

missible; the modulation into G mis Portuguese.

nor, page 41, bars 11 and 12, may 10. “ The nightingale to the rose." perhaps be authorized by the oriItalian.

ginal Portuguese, but it is objection11. “ o'twas sad.” --Portuguese. 12. « Through foemen surrounding."

able at so early a stage of the song. Spanish.

La Primavera,Divertimento for Of the above airs three or four the Piano-forte, with an Accomare also arranged as glees.

paniment for the Flute (ad lib:) The choice of the airs generally introducing two favourite Airs, speaking is satisfactory, although a composed, and dedicated to Miss considerable number will be recog Harriet Leigh, by T. A. Rawnised by most persons familiar with lings. Pr. 35.--(Goulding and Co.) foreign musical productions, and not Three movements; the first of a few have ere now issued in some which recommends itself by the proshape or other from the press of this priety and regularity of its melodic country. - . ...

conduct and general keeping. The

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