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by which I am spared, strengthen my hope and confidence in Thee, that by the assistance and comfort of thy Holy Spirit, I may so pass through things temporal, as finally to gain everlasting happiness, and to pass, by a holy and happy death, into the joy which Thou hast prepared for those that love Thee. Grant this, O Lord, for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jan. 23, 1759. The day on which my dear Nother was buried. ALMIGHTY Cod, merciful Father, in whose

hands are life and death, fanctify unto me the forrow which I now feel. Forgive me whatever I have done unkindly to my mother, and whatever I have omitted to do kindly. Make me to remember her good precepts and good example, and to reform my life according to thy holy word, that I may lose no more opportunities of good. I am sorrowful, O Lord; let not my sorrow be without fruit. Let it be followed by holy resolutions, and lasting amendment, that when I shall die like my mother, I may be re. ceived to everlasting life.

I commend, O Lord, so far as it may be lawful, into thy hands, the foul of my departed inother, befeeching Thee to grant her whatever is most beneficial to Ner in her present state.

O Lord, grant me thy Holy Spirit, and have mercy upon me for Jesus Christ's fake. Amen.

And, O Lord, grant unto me that am now about to return to the common comforts and business of the world, 'such moderation in all enjoyments, such dili


gence in honest labour, and such purity of mind, that, amidst the changes, miseries, or pleasures of life, I may keep my mind fixed upon Thee, and improve every day in grace, till I shall be received into thy kingdom of eternal happiness,


March 25, 1759.

ALMIGHTY God, heavenly Father, who hast

graciously prolonged my life to this time, and by the change of outward things which I am now to make, calleft me to a change of inward affections, and to a reformation of my thoughts, words, and practices ; vouchsafe, merciful Lord, that this call may not be in vain. Forgive me whatever has been amiss in the state which I am now leaving, idleness, and neglect of thy word and worship. Grant me the grace of thy Holy Spirit, that the course which I am now beginning may proceed according to thy laws, and end in the enjoyment of thy favour. Give mę, O Lord, pardon and peace, that I may serve Thee with humble confidence, and after this life, enjoy thy presence in eternal happiness.

And, O Lord, so far as it may be lawful for me, I commend to thy Fatherly goodness, my father, my brother, my wife, my mother. I beseech thee to look mercifully upon them, and grant them whatever may

most promote their present and eternal joy. O Lord, hear my prayers for Jesus Christ's fake, to whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, Three Persons and One God, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

O Lord,

O Lord, let the change, which I am now making in outward things, produce in me such a change of manners, as may fit me for the great change through which


wife has passed,

Jan. 1, primâ mane, 1770. ALMIGHTY God, by whose mercy I am permit

ted to behold the beginning of another year, fuccour with thy help, and bless with thy favour, the creature whom Thou youchsafest to preserye. Mitigate,

if it shall seem best unto Thee, the diseases of my body, and compose the disorders of my mind. Difpel my terrours ;' and grant, that the time which Thou shalt yet allow me, may not pass unprofitably away: Let not pleasure seduce me, idleness lull me, pr misery depreís me. Let me perform to thy glory, and the good of my fellow-creatures, the work which Thou shalt yet appoint mę; and grant, that as I draw nearer to my dissolution, I may, by the help of thy Holy Spirit, feel my knowledge of Thee encreased, my hope exalted, and my faith strengthened; that when the hour which is coming shall come, I

may pass by a holy death to everlasting happiness, for the fake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

January 1, 2 P. M. 1777. ALMIGHTY Lord, merciful Father, vouchsafe to

accept the thanks which I now presume to offer Thee, for the prolongation of my life. Grant, O Lord, that as my days are multiplied, my good reso



lutions may be strengthened, my power of resisting temptations encreased, and my struggles with snares and obstructions invigorated. Relieve the infirmities both of my mind and body. Grant me such-strength as my duties may require, and such diligence as may improve those opportunities of good that shall be offered

Deliver me from the intrusion of evil thoughts. Grant me true repentance of my past life ; and as I draw nearer and nearer to the grave, strengthen my faith, enliven my hope, extend my charity, and purify my desires ; and fo help me, by thy Holy Spirit, that when it shall be thy pleasure to call me hence, I may be received to everlasting happiness, for the fake of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Father


Sept. 18, 1779. LMIGHTY God, Creator of all things, in

whose hands are life and death, glory be to Thee for all thy mercies, and for the prolongation of my life to the common age of man. Pardon me, o gracious God, all the offences, which in the course of seventy years I have committed against thy holy laws, and all negligences of those duties which Thou hast required. Look with pity upon me, take not from me thy Holy Spirit, but enable me to pass the days which Thou shalt yet vouchsafe to grant me, in thy fear, and to thy glory; and accept, O Lord, the remains of a mispent life, that when thou shalt call me to another state, I may be received to everlast. ing happiness, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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June 22, 1781. LMIGHTY God, who art the giver of all good,

enable me to remember with due thankfulness, the comforts and advantages which I have enjoyed by the friendihip of Henry Thrale, for whom, so far as is lawful, I humbly implore thy mercy in his present state. O Lord, since thou hast been pleased to call him from this world, look with mercy on those whom he has left; continue to succour me by such means as are best for me, and repay to his relations the kindness which I have received from him ; protect them in this world from temptations and calamities, and grant them happiness in the world to come, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

On leaving Mr. Thrale's Family.

October 6, 1782.

mercy, me, by thy grace, that I may with humble and sincere thankfulness remember the comforts and conveniencies which I have enjoyed at this place, and that I may resign them with holy submission, equally trusting in thy protection when Thou givest and when Thou takest away. Have mercy upon me, O Lord, have mercy upon me.

To thy fatherly protection, O Lord, I commend this family. Bless, guide, and defend them, that they may so pass through this world, as finally to ena joy in thy presence everlasting happiness, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen,

Vol. XII.

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