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A dog will bark and run.
A horse will draw the cart.
A hen will lay eggs.
A cow will give milk.
A cat will get mice.
A bird will sing in the tree.
A bee will fly in the air.
An ox will eat hay.
A fox will eat hens.
A rat will eat all it can get.

Tue TEACHER should see that the spelling lessons are thoroughly and patiently studied, until the learner can spell correctly.

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TEACHERS are aware, that many words of two syllables, are more simple than some monosyllables of three, four, and five letters.



get six

you what


why lie got you

die bed mix when pie

now where fie Get up Lu-cy. Do not lie in bed now. It is day, and the sun is up. Ma-ry got up at six, and is out now. Up, up, Lu-cy, why do you lie in bed? Get up, Lu-cy, and go out to Ma-ry.



new the

came has Ann this same box was

that fame said then tame

you said

Ma-ry has a new box, a big box.
Let us go and see it. The box is red.
Ma-ry said it was for her:
So, Ann, it can not be for you.
It has M on the cov-er: M for MA-RY.

[blocks in formation]

Here is Tom with his new kite.
Tom said to lit-tle Ned, See my kite!
When it is in the air you may hold it.
Ned went with Tom, and held the kite.
Tom ran, and the kite rose.
Then Tom gave the line to Ned.


[blocks in formation]

See the boy. It is lit-tle Ned.
Ned has a new cap.
He is at the pen to see his pig.
I saw it fed at one. It is now on-ly two.
The pig can not get out of its pen.



sun see west

down gone why kill-ed

came soon set-ting May I get my cap? Ned, we can go and see the sun set. See! how red it is. Why is the set-ting sun so red? It will soon be down. The sun will soon set in the west.



A dog saw a rat.
A cat saw the rat.
The dog ran for it.

But the cat got it.
How did the cat get the rat?
Ah! the cat was hid.
The rat had gone in-to a box.
But it came out of it too soon.
The cat put her paw on it, and kill-ed it.

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