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Corporations dissolved.

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Southern Mills Company, Inc.
Spaulding Lunch Company
Springfield Loan Association
Springfield News Company, The
Springfield Wholesale Grocery Company (1909)
Springfield Wrecking and Lumber Company, The
Standard Auto Valve Company
Standard Concrete & Construction Company
Standard Credit Company
Standard Handle and Lumber Company
Standard House Repair Co.
Standard Scale & Equipment Co., Boston, Mass., The
Standard Specialty Company, The
Star Brand Shoe Company Inc.
Star Button Manufacturing Company
State Realty Company, The
Steinfeld Amusement Co., Inc.
Sterling Valve Company, The
Stoddard Ice Cream Company, The
Stone Veneering Company
Stop Thief Window Lock Company
Strout Bros. Construction Co.
Strout Brothers, Incorporated
Suffolk Manufacturing Company, The
Summa Carbon and Ribbon Company
Superior Accessories Company
Superior Overall Company
T. T. Connolly Co.
Tarbett Machine Company
Taunton Co-operative Grocery Co. Inc., The
Taxi Motor Cab Company of Boston
Taxicab Service Company
Taylor Roofing Co., Inc.
Tenney-Stoughton Shoe Company
Tenney Worcester Company
Thomas and John P. Cavanagh Company
Thompson Exerciser Company
Tickton's Pharmacy, Incorporated
Tilley Brown Company
Tolman Brothers Manufacturing Company
Tom Burke of New England, Inc.
Trackless Transportation Company
Travers-Smith Co.
Tremont Manufacturing Co.

Corporations dissolved.

Tremont Securities Company
Tritton & Jenner Company, Ltd.
Trixolo Company, The
Tucker Store, Inc., The
Tuttle & Bryant Co.
Twin Bowl Cream Separator Company
“Ultimate” Filter Corporation, The
Ultra Motor Car Company
Under-Cut Drill Company
Union Cutlery and Hardware Company
Union Drugs Stores Company
Union Raincoat Company
Union Tool Company
Unique Amusement Company
United Amusement Company
United Breeders, Inc.
United Chemical Company
United Feather Company
United Grocery Company, Inc.
United Hospitals Drug Co. (Inc.), The
United Motion Picture Corporation
United Motion Picture Theatre Corporation
United Paper Stock Company
United Service Auto. Co.
United Sewing Machinery Company
United Silver Plate Company
United States Asphalt Company, The
United States Lumber Corp.
United States Match Plate Co.
United States Shoe Company
United States Steel Hoop Company
United System Construction Company
Unity Investment Corporation
Unity Loan Company
Universal Appliance Company (1914)
Universal Gauge Company, (Limited)
Universal Machine Company
Universal Postal Machine Company, The
Universal Truck Co. of New England
Uswoco Mills
Uxbridge Hardware & Furniture Company, The
Van-Car Leather Company
Vapowax Chemical Company
Variety Booking Offices, Incorporated

Corporations dissolved.

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Vasil MacKay Company, The
Vendome Lunch Company
Victoria Aeroplane, Automobile and Amusement Co.
Vinal Motor Renting Company
W. E. Thayer Company
W. F. Corne Company
W. F. Gruttemeyer and Company, Incorporated
W. G. King Company
W. H. Brooke Company
W. H. Green Vaudeville Agency Inc.
W. J. Lally Clothing Company
W. K. Farrington Press
W. L. Hallett Theatrical Transfer Co.
W. L. Taylor Company, The
W. Pence Mitchell Hat Company
W. S. Lee Co.
Wachtel-Pickert Company
Wachusett Rest, Incorporated, The
Wade Press, Incorporated
Wallace and Stimpson Co., The
Waltham Electric Co.
Waltham Hardware Co.
Ware Machine & Loom Company
Warren Chambers Pharmacy Inc.
Warren Manufacturing and Construction Company,

Waverley Company
Waverly Specialty Company
Wellesley Inn Corporation
Wellington Company, The
Wentworth-Lister Company
West Varnish Co.
Westcott Motors Co.
Westerly Shirt Company
Western Oil Company
White Eagle Provision Company, (Inc.)
White Motor Car Company, The
White River Leather Company
White Star Laundry, Incorporated
Whitney, Barney Company
Whittier Machine Company
Wikstrom Company incorporated
Wilbert E. Welch Company, The
Wm. E. Doyle Co., Inc.

Corporations dissolved.

William Gilligan Company
William K. Pierce Company
Willis C. Bates Company
Winton Clothing Company
Witch City Auto Co., Inc.
Witch City Tanning Company
Wood, Clarke Press (Inc.), The
Worcester Broken Stone Company
Worcester County Automobile Owners Association, Inc.
Worcester Foresters of America Building Association

in the City of Worcester
Worcester News Company, The
Worcester Record Company, The
Worcester Slipper Company
Worcester Terrazzo Tile Works, Inc.
Worcester Unit Brick & Tile Company, The
Worcester Window Cleaning Co., The
Woven Cane Fabric Company, The
Wyco Products Company
Young and Follett Company, The
Young Lobster Company, The
Zedren and Clapp Company
Zetterman Machinery Company

SECTION 2. Nothing in this act shall be construed to Pending suits affect any suit now pending by or against any corporation etc.

not affected, mentioned in the first section hereof, nor any suit now pending or hereafter brought for any liability now existing against the stockholders or officers of any such corporation, nor to revive any charter previously annulled or corporation previously dissolved, nor to make valid any defective organization of any of the supposed corporations mentioned in said first section.

SECTION 3. Suits upon choses in actions arising out of Proceeding in contracts sold or assigned by any corporation dissolved by choses in action. this act may be brought or prosecuted in the name of the purchaser or assignee. The fact of sale or assignment and of purchase by the plaintiff shall be set forth in the writ or other process; and the defendant may avail himself of any matter of defence of which he might have availed himself in a suit upon the claim by such corporation, had it not been dissolved by this act. SECTION 4. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

Approved April 16, 1915.

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agent in

(1884, 309; 1887, 360; 1889, 231; 1890, 205; 1891, 72, 130; 1893, 361; 1909, 224, 231; 1913, 49;

1914, 516.)

Be it enacted, etc., as follows:
Office of SECTION 1. The city of Waltham may, by ordinance,

establish the office of purchasing agent in that city, and fix
established. the term of the office and the salary attached thereto, and

may transfer to said office such powers and duties now
vested in other city boards, departments or offices as the
city council, with the approval of the mayor, may designate.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon its acceptance
mitted to
city council,

by the city council of said city, with the approval of the

Approved April 16, 1915.

To be sub




state forester.

Be it enacted, etc., as follows: Appropriation

SECTION 1. A sum not exceeding fifty thousand dollars is for the employment of

hereby appropriated, to be paid out of the treasury of the
certain needy
persons by the commonwealth from the ordinary revenue, to be expended

under the direction of the state forester in the employment
of certain needy persons, as authorized by chapter twenty-
three of the resolves of the present year, the same to be in
addition to any amount heretofore appropriated for the
SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

Approved April 16, 1915.

(1836, 128; 1838, 181; 1841, 120; 1845, 203; 1846, 35; 1847, 82; 1849, 182; 1851, 320; 1852, 261;

1856, 207; 1861, 182; 1868, 83; 1870, 148; 1874, 245; 1875, 173; 1879, 138; 1881, 99; 1889,
235, 445; 1891, 337; 1892, 323; 1893, 429, 467; 1894, 190; 1895, 187, 261, 466; 1896, 283,
415; 1897, 95; 1898, 173; 1900, 255; 1904, 188; 1905, 337; 1906, 229; 1907, 242; 1908,

148; 1911, 645.)


Be it enacted, etc., as follows:
Appointment SECTION 1. The powers and duties now exercised and
commissioners. performed by the commissioner of public property and

licenses of the city of Lowell shall hereafter be vested in a
board of five cemetery commissioners, to be appointed by
the mayor. Of the said five commissioners not less than

of cemetery

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