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pursuance of this Act are or shall be placed under the Care or Management of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes; and wheresoever in any such Bonds or Securities as aforesaid, or in the Conditions thereof respectively, or in any Act or Acts now in force, Mention is made of the Commissioners of Stamps or of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, or of any Receiver or other Officer of the Duties or Revenues under the Care or Management of the said Commissioners respectively, the same, with reference to any Act, Matter, or Thing to be done or performed after the passing of this Act, shall be deemed and construed to apply to and to mean the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes, or the Receiver or other Officer of the Duties or Revenues under the Care or Management of such last-mentioned Commissioners, as the Case may be or require.

XII. · And whereas it would tend to reduce the Expence of Commissioners ' receiving and remitting the Public Revenue arising from the of the Treasury • Land and Assessed Taxes if the several Persons who act as the may appoint • Distributors of Stamps, or some of them, were also appointed to Stamps to be

receive the said Taxes, and it is therefore expedient to authorize also Receivers 'the Appointment of the said Distributors of Stamps to be also of the Land and

the Receivers of the said Taxes ;' be it therefore enacted, That Assessed Taxes. from and after the passing of this Act it shall be lawful for the Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for the Time being, or any Three or more of them, to nominate and appoint, from Time to Time, such of the Persons for the Time being appointed to .execute the Office of a Distributor of Stamps in England as the said Commissioners shall think proper to be Officers or Persons for the Receipt of the Land Tax and of Monies payable for the Sale and Redemption thereof, and the respective Rates and Duties of Assessed Taxes under the Management of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, within and for such Counties, Districts, and Circuits of Receipt as the said Commissioners of the Treasury shall from Time to Time authorize and direct; and it shall also be lawful for the said Commissioners of the Treasury to grant to the Distributors of Stamps appointed Receivers as aforesaid such additional Allowances by way of Remuneration for executing and performing the additional Duties imposed on them under this Act, and for the Expence of a Clerk, as the said Commissioners shall deem to be necessary.

XIII. And be it enacted, That every such Distributor appointed Receivers apa Receiver under the Authority of this Act shall, if required by pointed under the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes, under the Authority of this Act to give the said Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, give and enter Security. into a Bond or Bonds to His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, either with or without Sureties, as shall be directed by the said Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes under the Authority aforesaid, and in such Penalty and with such Condition as to the said last-mentioned Commissioners shall appear necessary, or shall enter into or give such other Security or Securities as may from Time to Time appear to such Commissioners right and proper for the due Protection of the Revenue; and all Bonds so to be taken to His Majesty under this Act from such Receivers respectively and their respective Sureties shall be of the same Force and Effect, and such Receivers and their Sureties shall be re


spectively accountable and answerable, in the same Manner as if such Bonds were taken from Receivers of Taxes under the

Authority of any former Act or Acts in force. Powers and Pro- XIV. And be it enacted, That all and every the Powers, Provisions of former visions, Rules, Regulations, and Directions, Penalties, Liabilities

, Acts to be ap

Matters, and Things contained in and imposed by any Act or plied to and executed by the

Acts now in force relating to the Land Tax and to the Sale and Receivers ap

Redemption thereof, and the Rates and Duties of Assessed pointed under Taxes, or to the Office of a Receiver General, Receiving Inthis Act.

spector, or other Receiver answerable in the Receipt of the Exchequer, or which by Law any Receiver General, Receiving Inspector, or other Receiver is authorized, empowered, or required to do, execute, follow, and perform, shall continue to be in full Force, and be observed, followed, practised, applied, and put in execution by and against the several Officers or Persons appointed for the Receipt of the said Taxes under this Act, to all Intents as if such Officers or Persons respectively were appointed Receivers General, Receiving Inspectors, or other Receivers under or in pursuance of any former Act or Acts relating to the said Duties, and as if the same Powers, Provisions, Matters, and Things

were severally repeated and re-enacted by this Act. Bonds, Com- XV. And be it enacted, That all Bonds, Bills, Securities, and missions, &c.

Receipts whatsoever to be entered into with or given by the under this Act to be free from

Receivers to be appointed under the Provisions of this Act, and Stamp Duty

their respective Sureties with relation to the said Duties of Land and Fees. and Assessed Taxes respectively, shall be free from all Stamp

Duty whatever, and no Distributor of Stamps appointed a Receiver under this Act as aforesaid shall in any Case be liable to or charged with any Stamp Duty, Fee, or Gratuity on his Commission, Warrant, or other Instrument to be obtained or had either on his first Appointment or any renewed or succeeding Appointment to be such Receiver as aforesaid under this Act, nor to any Fee or Gratuity for any Matter or Thing incident to the Execution of his Office, or for auditing or passing his Accounts, either in His Majesty's Treasury, the Office for Taxes, or any Office of the Court or Receipt of the Exchequer.

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CA P. LXI. An Act for the more effectually providing for the Erection of certain Bridges in Ireland.

[13th August 1834.] 36 G. 3. c. 55. VHEREAS according to the Laws now in force in Ireland, , 1 & 2 W. 4.c.33.6 where

any River is the Boundary between Two Counties, • the Expences of building, rebuilding, repairing, enlarging, or • altering any Bridge over such River are to be defrayed by such • Two Counties only, that is to say, a Moiety by each ; and no • Money can be paid by the Treasurer of either of such Counties

on account of any Presentment for any of the aforesaid Pur

poses unless an equal Sum shall have been presented to be • raised for the same Work upon the adjoining County: And • whereas Differences have been frequently found to exist between • the Grand Juries of such adjacent Counties with respect to the • Expediency of the building, rebuilding, altering, or improving

or repairing of Bridges so situated, by reason whereof the same • have been in many Instances suffered to fall into Decay, to the • great Inconvenience of the Public: And whereas the Objections • to making Presentments for such Bridges have been sometimes • founded upon the Supposition that the particular Counties which • alone would be thereby so charged would not derive from such • Bridge a Benefit commensurate with the Expence, whilst other • neighbouring Counties would gain a Portion of such Benefit ' without contributing in any Degree to the Burthen, and it is • expedient to remove any Foundation for such Objections ;' be it therefore enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That where at any Time after the Grand Juries Commencement of this Act it shall be deemed expedient by the may apply to

Lord Lieuten Grand Jury of any County or County of a City or Town in Ireland

ant for Powers that any Bridge over any River forming a Boundary between such under this Act County or County of a City or Town and any other County or to build or reCounty of a City or Town, or any Approach to such Bridge, shall pair Bridges be built, rebuilt , enlarged, altered, repaired, or in anywise im- between any

Two Counties. proved, it shall and may be lawful for such Grand Jury to present a Memorial to the Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors of Ireland, stating the Nature of the Work proposed, and the Reasons for which the same is considered to be useful or desirable, and praying that the Powers by this Act authorized to be exercised may be applied for the Purpose of prosecuting and completing such Work.

II. And be it enacted, That thereupon it shall be lawful for Lord Lieutensuch Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors of ant empowered Ireland, if he or they shall so think fit, to appoint any Number to appoint Perof Persons not exceeding Five to inquire into and report upon the

sons to inquire

into the ExCircumstances stated in such Memorial, and to investigate the pediency of Truth of the Matters therein contained, and the Propriety and complying with Expediency of complying with the Prayer of such Memorial'; and such Applicathat the Person or Persons so to be appointed shall have full. tion. Power to examine into the Merits of such Memorial and the Grounds thereof, and for that Purpose to receive such Evidence, whether oral or documentary, to make or cause to be made such Surveys and Plans, and to collect such Information as may be offered in support of or against the Prayer of such Memorial ; and in case such Person or Persons shall, upon a Consideration If such Persons of all the Facts submitted or proved to them or him, be of are satisfied they opinion that the Provisions of this Act shall be put into operation shall so report; with respect to the Subject Matter of such Inquiry, he or they Plan, Estimate, shall so report to the said Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Go- &c. of the Work. vernor or Governors; and such Report shall be accompanied by a proper Plan, Estimate, and Specification for the Execution of the intended Work, and also by a Statement of the Proportions in which the Expences thereof should be defrayed by the Two Counties between which the Bridge shall be, and by such neighbouring Counties, if any such, as ought to be contributory to such Expences.

III. And be it enacted, That the said Lord Lieutenant or other Copy of Re. Chief Governor or Governors shall cause a Copy of such Report, port, &c. to be


sent to the Se

cretary of the

Plan, Estimate, Specification, and Statement to be transmitted to Grand Jury of the Secretary of the Grand Jury of each and every County named every County

in such Statement as proper to be contributory to such Expences named therein, to be laid be

as aforesaid, to be by him laid before the Grand Jury at the next fore the Grand Assizes; and each such Grand Jury shall take the same into conJury for Con- sideration; and if any such Grand Jury shall determine that an sideration; and Appeal shall be made against such Report on account of such from which

County being made contributory to the Expences aforesaid, or on they may appeal.

account of its being charged in an undue Proportion for the said Expences, or on account of any Objection to the Plan, Specification, Estimate, or Statement aforesaid, it shall be lawful for such Grand Jury to direct that such Appeal shall be made to the said Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors in Council, in the Name of such Grand Jury, on behalf of such County; and the Grounds of such Appeal shall be stated in Writing, and signed by the Foreman of such Grand Jury, and transmitted by him to the Clerk of the Privy Council; and Notice of every such Appeal shall be inserted by or on behalf of such Grand Jury in the Dublin Gazette once in Two successive Weeks next after such Appeal shall have been lodged with the Clerk of the Council as aforesaid; and it shall be lawful for such Lord Lieutenant or ether Chief Governor or Governors, by and with the Advice and Consent of His Majesty's Privy Council in Ireland, to hear and determine such Appeal, and to make such Order, disallowing or confirming such Report, or for the varying, altering, or modifying such Report, Plan, Estimate, Specification,

or Statement, as shall seem meet. Lord Lieuten- IV. And be it enacted, That upon such Report if not appealed ant upon such against, or in the Case of any such Appeal then upon such Report, Report may

if the same shall be confirmed, or, if varied, altered, or modified, direct that the

then Bridge shall be upon the same as so varied, altered, or modified upon such built or repair. Appeal, it shall be lawful for the said Lord Lieutenant or other ed, and how the Chief Governor or Governors, if he or they shall so think fit, Expence thereof by Order to be signified through his or their Chief or Under shall be raised. Secretary, to direct that the Bridge in such Report mentioned

shall be built or rebuilt, or that the same or any of the Approaches thereto shall be repaired, enlarged, widened, altered, or improved in the Manner and according to the Plan in such Report approved of, or according to such other Plan as may be approved of upon such Appeal as aforesaid, and that the Expences of any such Work, or in case any Grant shall be made in aid of such Work as herein-after mentioned, then the Residue of such Expences, shall be raised off and from the several Counties which may be specified for that Purpose in such Report or amended Report, according to the Shares and Proportions thereby recom

mended or determined. Grand Jury V. And be it enacted, That, in order to provide for any Exmaking such

pences which may become necessary by the Appointment of any Application to

Person or Persons for the Purpose of examining into the Subject present a Sum for defraying

Matter of any Memorial to be presented under this Act, the Expences of Grand Jury presenting or authorizing any such Memorial shall Commission; be and are hereby empowered and required to present to be but if Report be levied off their own County such Sum not being less than Two favourable, the hundred Pounds as they may think fit, which Sum shall be


deposited with the Treasurer of such County as a Fund or Expences shall Security for the Discharge of such Expences as aforesaid, and be defrayed out be by him, or such Proportion thereof, paid over to such Person of the Monies

raised for the or Persons as shall be directed by the said Lord Lieutenant or

Work. other Chief Governor or Governors to receive the same, in case a Report shall be made that such Memorial ought not to be complied with, but in case a Compliance with the same shall be recommended and granted, then the Money so deposited shall remain in the Hands of such Treasurer to the Credit of the County, and the Expences attending the Investigation of the Matter of such Memorial shall be deemed Part of the Charges for the Work recommended, and shall be borne by the several Counties liable thereto under the Provisions of this Act in the several Proportions hereby directed.

VI. And be it enacted, That when any such Report as afore- If Report be said shall have been received and approved of by the said Lord approved by Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors, or if the same Lord Lieutenshall be appealed against then upon the Determination of such ant, the Order

made thereon to Appeal, the Order made upon the same shall be transmitted

be laid before to the Secretaries of the Grand Juries of the respective Counties the Grand thereby directed to be liable to the Charges of the said Work, Juries. and shall be by them at the next Assizes laid before such Grand Juries respectively, who shall thereupon present to be levied off their respective Counties the Sums appearing by such Order to be respectively chargeable thereon.

VII. And be it enacted, That such Presentments may and Presentments shall be made without any previous Application or Approval to be made by any Special Sessions under the Provisions of an Act passed without any in the Third and fourth Years of His present Majesty's Reign, Application to intituled An Act to amend the Laws relating to Grand Juries in Ireland, or any other Act or Acts.

VIII. And be it enacted, That the building, rebuilding, repair. The building, ing, widening, enlarging, or improving of any Bridge under the &c. of such Provisions of this Act, or of any of the Approaches thereto, and Bridges to be the Execution of all Works relating to the same, shall be carried placed under

the Manageon, conducted, and managed by and under the Controul and

ment of the Direction of the Commissioners for the Time being; and that all Commissioners the Provisions of the said last-mentioned Act shall and may be of Public Works. applied and extended to the several Works hereby authorized to be executed, so far as the same may be necessary, and may not be repugnant to or inconsistent with this Act: And provided Not to prevent further, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to

the Commission

ers making any restrain or prevent the said last-mentioned Commissioners from

Grants in aid of making any Grant in aid of the Erection of any Bridge which Work. may be proposed to be erected under the Provisions of this Act, in like Manner and to such Extent as they may be authorized by the said last-recited Act to make Grants on the Application of any Grand Jury; and such Commissioners are hereby authorized, upon Consideration of the Report, with the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates, to be prepared as herein-before provided, at their Discretion, subject nevertheless to the Consent and Approbation of the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for the Time being, to make such Grant in aid of the Erection of Bridges in respect whereof the Provisions of this Act may be 4 & 5 GUL. IV. Q


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