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757; all tongues proper for use in di. Synod of Cashel, 515, 1085; and to the
vine worship, 966.

Council of Windsor, A.D. 1175, 545 ;
Langueval, M., his History of the brings over to Henry II. a son of

French Church referred to, 280 n., Rodk. O'Conor, as a hostage for the
285 n., 291 n., 313; his new view con- performance of the treaty therein
cerning S. Columbanus, 312.

made, 548 ; sends 140 clergymen to
Lanigan, Dr., his Ecclesiastical History Rome on a charge of incontinence,

of Ireland qd., passim; his vain effort 595, 1052 n. ; succeeded by J. Comyn,
to prove that s. Patrick invoked Elias,

45-48 ; his want of candour in quot- Laurentius, abp. of Cant., his accession
ing S. Columbanus noticed, 310, 953 to the see, 138 ; his letter to the Irish
n.; his testimony to the estimation of on their malpractices, ib., 935; its ill
the H. Scriptures among the old Irish, success, 139.
323; his unjust comments on the an- Laymen, permitted to take a part in the
cient English writers on Irish matters ancient eccl. councils of Id., 485; their
noticed, 505 n., 507 n., 510 n., 514 r., exclusion at Cashel, 531.
521n., 525 n., 545n.; his " apostolic free Laws of England, their benefits denied
dom" with the popes, 544 n., 595 n., to the mere Irish, 627, 1129.
610 n. ; his statement concerning the Lawyers, their first rise to political power
disregard of the Synod of Cashel by the in Id., 876 seqq.
Irish, 671 ; his notion of Irish chore- Lay patrons, acceptors of benefices from,
piscopi sifted, 1011, '13.

anathematized, (A.D. 1186) 612.
Laserianus, St., a forged prophecy fa- Leabhar Brear, the, qd., 1048.
thered on, 1204.

Lech, John, abp. of Dublin, his efforts
Lasrean, St., or Molaish, of Devenish, towards the erection of an Irish uni-
61, 82.

versity, 629; engaged in the cross-
Lasrcan, or Laserianus, of Leighlin, pro- bearing controversy. with Primate

motes the Roman Easter in Ireland, Jorse, 630.
171; the notion of his having been a Ledred, Rd., bp. of Ossory, 1141 ; his
pope's legate noticed, 172.

taxation of the diocese, 1157,
Lateran. See Council

Ledwich's foolish doubts about S. Pa-
Latimer, Bp., his burning by Q. Mary trick noticed, 14; his confidence in
alluded to, 843.

the English historians of the invasion,
Latin, of St. Patrick, very unclassical, not ill-founded, 514 n.

36; use of, in the monastic worship, Lee, abp. of York, imprisons John Bale,
&c., 286 ; prevalent in Britain in 731.
Bede's time, 370.

Lee, Captain Thos., his memorial in fa-
Land, Bp., a letter of Bp. Bramhall to, vour of H. O'Neill, 830-822.
on the Irish Church qd., 1362.

Legates of the Pope, unknown in Id. in
Laurence (St.) O'Toole his conduct on the primitive ages, 172; Gille, in the

the occasion of the siege of Dublin by 12th cent., the first for this island,
the English noticed, 499, attends the 435; Malachy of Armagh the second,
third General Council of Lateran, 500 ; 472 seqq. ; his activity in the office,
and offends Henry II. by his proceed- 475, '6; Christian of Lismore, the
ings in connection therewith, 549; ca. third, 482 ; placed, on the strength of
Donized by Rome, 500; a party to the their foreign dignity, above the suc-

cessors of St. Patrick, 483, '4, (see | Levelling, among clerks, deprecated,
also 451,) 1085; Paparo, as legate, 1083.
presides at Kells. 483; Laurence Leverous, Bp., intruded into the see of
O'Toole appointed to the office, 500 ; Kildare, and appointed to punish the
Theodinus and Albertus, their mission married bps. in Jd., 740; deprived
to Henry II., 511; C. Vivian visits again under Q. Elizabeth, 758, 1214,
Ireland, hungry for Irish gold, 603 ; 21; (vid. q. 1381, "7 ;) keeps a school
but is obliged to fast in that particu- afterwards, 760; some notes on the
lar, ib.; Č. Wolsey's legateship for circumstances of his case, 761.
id, its just appreciation by the na- Leuparius, bp. of Troyes, shews kindness
tives here, 673; a legatus natus for Id. to S. Columbanus, 265.
a nonentity, 1423. See 623.

Lhecryd, battle of, 1025.
Legh Mogha, the province of, 992 n. Lhewelyn, Welsh prince, A.D. 1270, his
Leigh, monk of Christ Church, Dublin, death, 1020.
his imposture, 750, 'I.

Lhoyd's translation of Caradoc's Chro-
Leighlin, the diocese of, agitated by the cle, 1020.

Paschal controversy, 170; other no- Liber Niger Scaccarii, the, qd., 533 n.,
tices connected with, 452 n., 484 n., 1085.
576, 661 ; a bp. of, murdered by his Libraries, of Id. in the 7th cent., not in
archdeacon, 664 ; Travers, prelate of, stocked, nor unused, 170; Acca's col-
promotes the Refn, 719; Bp. Ram's lection of eccl. works, noticed, 211;
report of, (A.D. 1612,) noticed, 870-3; Dungal's, bequeathed to Bobio, 397;
the see offered to Giraldus Cambren- those of Ireland much injured by the
sis, 1094.

Danes, 381.
Leinster, anciently one of the five king- Lichfield, the see of, founded, 188; Fitz

doms of Id., 378; ravaged by the Ralph's preaching in, 654.
Danes, 382 ; disturbed state of, A.D. Lifford bridge, a Romish prophecy con-
1565, 769; the pope creates a Marquis nected with its building, 1344.
of, 791.

Limerick, seized on and enlarged by the
Leland's Hist. of Id. qd., 597, 687, 691 Danes, 389 ; left in their possession

n., 697 n., 704—7 nn., 743, et passim. after the battle of Clontarf, 420 ; its
Lent, fiesh meat used in, by the old bishop Gille the first pope's legate for
Irish, 538, 1088, 1297.

Id., 435; the see of, 452 n. ; repre-
I.eo. See Pope.

sented at the Synod of Kells, 484 n.;
Leoghaire, (Larry,) king of Id., in St. the king of, submits to K. Henry Il.

Patrick's time, 33, 1120; cotemporary at Waterford, 504; a ferocious bp. of,
with the first class of ancient Irish 662 ; the people of, rebelliously in-
saints, 60.

clined at the accession of Jas. I., 850;
Leonard, St., priory of, near Dundalk, are quieted by Ld. Mountjoy, 852.
569 ; his day, 508, 509.

See also for otì r notices of the place
Lerins, island of, 'St. Patrick said to

or see, 651, 719, 722, 771, 2, 802, 995
have studied in, 28.

seqq., 1158, &c.
Letters, the use of, known in Id. in the Limmat, river, Switzerland, S. Columba-

fourth cent., 6; supposed by Camden nus journeys on, 267.
to have been received from hence by Lincoln, Rd., eleventh titular abp. of
the Saxons, 35).

Dublin, 1256.


Lindisfarne, the island of, selected by St. ture of Romish performances, 732 ;

Aidan for his episcopal residence, 176 ; after disuse under Q. Mary, it is re-
deserted by S. Colman, &c., 184, '5; stored under Elizabeth, 747 ; (see Li-
the church of, erected by him, 210; tany, sup. ;) and enforced by her Act
beautified by Bp. Eadbert, ib. ; gene- of Uniformity, 754 ; represented by
ral character of the monks belonging Romish teachers "the devil's
to the place, according to Bede, 240; words," and no less criminal to parti-
their observance of the episcopal form cipate in the use of, than idolatry,
of Church discipline, 988.

1308, '43.
Linegar, John, tenth titular abp. of Llan, in Welsh names, meaning of, 121.
Dublin, 1256.

Llancarvan, Wales, Cadoc's religious es-
Lingard, Mr., a deficiency in historical tablishment there, 125.
candour noticed in, 539 n.

Llandaff, ancient church of, 121.
Lionel, Duke of Clarence, lord deputy Llanthony, two places of the name in
of Id., 658, 660.

Gt. Britain, have cells made subject to
Lisbon, Stukely's proceedings at, 789. them in Id., 575,
Lismore, ravaged by the Danes, 381, 408 ; Llantuit, Wales, origin of, 121.

the see of, 452 n., 460; a prelate of, Lloyd, Bp., gd. in connection with s.
besieged in his cathedral, 615. See Patrick's history, 16 ; his notion of the
for other notices of the place, 563, 625, ancient bps. of Id., 983.
651, 995 seqq. ; union of the see with Lockwood, Dean, of Christ Church, Dub
Waterford, 1140.

lin, opposes the use of the reformed
Litany, sung in English in Christ English ritual, 730.

Church, Dublin, for the first time, Loftus, Abp., consecrated primate of
749; a Romish miracle is vainly at- Armagh, 763, 1100, 1211, 1235; ex-
tempted in opposition to it, ib.-752. communicates Shane O'Neill, 771 ; op-
Literature and Superstitions of Eng. posed by R. Creagh, 773; resists the

land in the Middle Ages, by Mr. scheme for converting S. Patrick's Ca-
Wright, some passages in, criticised, thedral into a university, 811 ; pro-

pounds the plan for the foundation of
Liturgy, a uniformity in their, observed Trinity College, ib.

among the earliest Irish saints, 60, 61; Loftus MS., the, (in Marsh's Library,)
the Gallican introduced into Britain by qd., 650, 752 ., 760, 1211, 1271, 1309,
Germanus, 116; thence probably into 1383,
Id., compare 61, 116, 124 ; Gillebert's | Lollards, &c., order issued for persecut-
efforts to abolish Irish diversity in, ing the, in Id,, 742, '3.
441 ; the prayers chanted in Id. in S. Lombard, Peter, third titular primate of
Columbkille's time, 458 n.; act of the Id., (of the present series,) his notiong
Synod of Cashel connected with, 520 of Trinity College, its object, &c., 812,
n.; the English liturgy ordered for 813; his appointment as titular of Ar-
use in the Irish churches under Ed. magh, 889, 890, 902; (see also 892,
VI., 719; Dowdall's opposition to, 720 ; 910, 1349, '54, 78 ;) sanctions the qua-
its introduction into Christ Church Ca- si-synod of Drogheda, convened for
thedral, Dublin, 722; conference re- the construction of a new Church for
lative to it in St. Mary's Abbey, 724 Id., &c., 892 ; his estimate of the me
seqq. ; its corruption by an intermix- rits of his titular brethren for id.,

1439 seqq.

908, 9; his Commentarius de Regno nicknames by the Irish people, ib.
Hiberniæ, 909 n., 1238 ; some account Vid. 1096, 07.
of his life, including a notice of his Louth, the town, &c., of, ravaged by the
temporary conversion to Protestant- Danes, 382, 3; chapter of Canons re-
ism, 1237; his works, and King gular, and relic exhibition at, 586;
James's notice of him, 1238 ; his ori- the see of, 993 seqq.
gin partly derived from England, 1254 Louvain University, 772, 1360 ; Irish
n.; communicates to P. Clement colleges founded in, 1253, 1373 ; judg.
VIII. intelligence of the progress of ment of, on the Protestation of Alle-
H. O'Neill's rebellion, 1289, (i.e. be- giance, 1328 se99
fore his elevation to the titular pri- Lucius. See Pope.
macy :) appointed agent at Rome of Lucius, British king, converted to Chris-
the said chief, 1291 ; his Commission, tianity, 110; his application to Rome for
appointing D. Rothe to be his Vicar- Christian teachers for his people. Ill.
General for Id., 1321. Vid. q. 1353, Lugnia, or Achonry, the see of, 484 sh.
4. '9.

Luireach Phadruig. See Armour.
London, first foundation of a church in, Lupus, bp. of Troyes, said to have as-

sisted in instructing St Patrick, 30;
" Lord God," applied as a title to desig- his services against the Pelagians, &c.,
nate the pope, 1402.

in Britain, 115, 121.
“Lords of Ireland," a name commonly Lure, (Besancon) St. Dichuill's monas-
made use of by the kings of England

tery at, 334.
before Henry VIII., 703 ; abolished, Lusca, or Lusk, ancient episcopal see,
and why, ib., 704.

996. Vid. q. 382.
Lord's Day, its observance among the Luxeu, (Franche Comte,) chosen by S.

ancient inhabitants of Great Britain Columbanus as the site of his monas-
and Id., 371; never called a Sabbath tery, 255 ; his expulsion from the
in the first centuries of Christianity, place, 262. '4; Clotaire II patronises
90, 91; its desecration in Anglo-Ro- the establishment there, 272 ; its ab
mish times, 592.

bacy offered to St. Gallus, 333.
Lord's Prayer in English, circulated by Lynch, Aw., titular bp. of Kilfenora,

Abp. Browne, 700, and also set up in (A.D. 1666.) 1385, 1410.
the churches, 716.

Lynch, John, bp. of Elphin, his delin-
Lord's Supper, Bp. Bale's notice of the quencies and apostacy, 1223, '4.

superstitions mixed up with its admi- Lynch, P., his Life of St. Patrick, &c.,
nistration, in his diocese, 732. See

1226 n.
Communion, Transubstantiation, &c. Lynch's Cambrensis Eversus, in error
Lorrah, 70 ; ravaged by the Danes, 383. on Adrian's bull, 1047.
Vid. q. 563.

Lyndwode qd., 520 n.
Lotharius L., Emperor, his patronage of Lyons, Council II. of. See Council.
Dungal, 395.

Lyttleton. Ld., his History of Henry II,
Lough Garmon, Wexford harbour, 1038

qd., 600 n.
Loundres, H. de, abp. of Dublin, 613; Maban, musical professor, teaches the

quarrels about his dues, and lays Dub- Gregorian chanting in England, 211.
lin under an interdict, 621; appointed Mabillon, his reasonable censure of the
pope's legate, 623; honoured with parties engaged in the Paschal Con-

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troversy, 199; his AA. SS. O, S. B. tion that Adrian's bull was a forgery,
qd., ib., 179, &c.

Mac an Earlas, anecdote of the, at Ath- Mac Gillapatrick, Ir. prince, his igno.
enry, 785, '6 n.

rance, 865 n.
Mac da, (i.e. Mac Hugh,) Malachy, Mac Gillivider, Eugene, first primate of

abp. of Tuam, craftily obtains the an- Id. of papal appointment, 581, 1108 ;
nexation of the see of Enaghdun to his elevation procured in part by a
his abpk., 1177 seqq. ; his scheming in bribe, 619.
the matter complained of to the pope Mac Hale, J., titular abp. of Tuam, his
by the English kings, 1178, '81.

consecn., 1385.
Mac Caghwell, James, abp. of Cashel, Mac Mahon, Bryan, tenth titular pri-

A.D. 1567, attacked and wounded by a mate of the present series in Id., and
titular opponent in the see, 1215, 1383, Ross Mac Mahon, eleventh do., no-
7. See 1435, '6.

tices of, 1246.
Mac Caghwell, Hugh, fourth titular pri- Mac Mahon, Dr. Hugh, ninth titr. pri-

mate of Ireland, of the present series, mate of the present line in Id., 1245 ;

his life and writings, noticed, 1238. his Jus Prim. Armac. noticed, ib.,
Mac Carthy's, the, pronounce against 1246 ; his erroneous statement rela-

papal supremacy, A.D. 1542, 705, 1206. tive to Dowdall's successor, corrected,
Mac Carthy, or Cartie, Donogh, his let- 1228.

ter to the K. of Spain, 1288, '9. See Mac Mahon, Owen, (or Eugene Mat-
also Cormac.

thews,) second titr. abp. of Dublin,
Mac Carwill, David, abp. of Cashel, 890 ; his provisional synod for pro-

charged with horrible atrocities, 625, moting the construction of the new
'6. (See also 646, '7.)

Romish establishment in Id., 898, '9;
Mac Cuillenan. See Cormac ; and also his activity in propagating schism, 902,
1108 and 1120 n.

905; notices of his life, titular ap-
Mac Dunlevy, Irish prince, wars unsuc- pointment, &c., 1253, 1348, 9, '54;
"cessfully with John de Courcy, 600, 'l. further account of his Kilkenny synod,
Mac Eggan, Owen, (or Eugene,) - vicar 1363-'6.

apostolic," his military exploits and Mac Mahon, Patrick, titr. vicar general
profane cruelty, 835, 1294 ; his rich of Derry, (A.D. 1622,) 905.
livings, 1295, '6.

Mac Maurice, Jas., 793 n. See Fitz-
Mac Flin, (or Flynn,) Florence, abp. of maurice.

Tuam, his successfnl aggression on Mac Molissa, Nichs., abp. of Armagh,
the independence of the see of Enagh- 1109; account of his extraordinary cle-
dun, 1174.

rical confederation, 627, '8, 1114 seqq.
Mac Gauvran, or Magauran, Edmd., se- Mac Morogh, Dermot, king of Leinster,

cond of the present series of titular his impious character, 493 seqq. ; his
primates in Id., his diligence in pro- unprincipled invitation of the English
moting the Romish rebellion against into Id., 495 seqq. ; his death, 503;

A.D. 1594, 819, 1236 ; abbeys founded by him, 566 ; his flight
• his death, ib., 889 and 1237 n. See to Normandy noticed in the Chronicle
also 1371, '8.

of Wales, 1038 ; his connection with
Mac Geoghegan's Histoire d' Irlande qd., the English not creditable to them,

634 n., 692 n., 706 n., 1273; his no 1440-44.

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