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Enis, H., Esq., his Original Letters qd., "England, the Church of," a misused

expression in Id., 919 seqq., 1415 se99.
Elnamirand, ancient name of Meath English, people, receive gratuitous board,
diocese, 997, 1000, 1154 n.

education, &c., for the children of their
Elphin, the see of, 995, &c. ; see 576, nobility and gentry from the Irish, in
1144, 1156, 1218, &c.

the 7th cent., 326 ; they ravage Id.
Elrington, Dr., (Reg. Profr. of Divi- with war, 486; their unnatural traffic

nity,) his exposure of certain martyr- in their own kindred, in the 12th cent.,
dom tales, 1368 ; vid. 675 n.

502 ; their marriage laws introduced
Elvanus and Medwinus, the story of into Id., 512; their Church made the
their mission to Rome, 111.

model for Irish Church reform in that
Ely, a bishop of, made pope's legate for age, 515, 518; their kings backed by
Id., 1050; see also 547.

the popes of Rome in their anti-Irish
Emerald ring, given by P. Adrian IV. proceedings before the Reformation,

to K. Henry II. as a symbol of investi- 488-492, 508, 528, 533-539, 549, 555,
ture to convey to him the sovereignty 602, 604, 624, 633–648, 661; their
of Id., 491, 528.

hostility towards the Irish for their
Emly, nominated an abpk. for the pro- opposition to papal supremacy, 527,

vince of Munster, 34; ravaged by the 529, 555-557; their tyrannical treat-
Danes, 385; anciently included the ment of the old Irish, 636 ; their in-
see of Cashel within its territory, 407; trusion into Irish sees and benefices,
was one of the sees in the Rathbreasail to the exclusion of the native inha-
enumeration, 452 n.; and represented bitants, 606, 647; assumption of power
at Kells, 484 n. Vid. q. 676, 651, over episcopal elections in Id., by their
1143, '58, 1215, &c.

princes, 620; marriage with the Irish,
Enaghdun, or Annadown, the see of, &c., forbidden by their laws, 658, 659;

995, 1155, 169; historical account of, their bishops and religious men
1170 seqq.; given to 8. Brendan of charged with encouraging the murder
Clonfert, 1172; notices of its first bps., of Irish people, 638 ; feuds between
ib.; extent of the diocese, 1173; made their clergy and the Irish do., 645, '6;
an English settlement, ib., 1181 ; an- their laws denied to the mere Ir., 627 ;
nexed to Tuam, 1174 ; attempts to re- the first beginnings of their influence
vive it as a separate see, ib., seqq. ; pa- in the Irish Ch. not relished in Id.,
rishes of, 1176 n.; separated from 432–434; calamitous occasion of its
Tuam, ib. ; attempts to reannex it, introduction, 485 seqq ; its effects de-
1177 seqq. ; their successful issue, trimental to the Irish Church, 677,
1182; a cathedral built in, 1183 ; sup- 914, 1188; notices of the intercourse
pression of the see, and substitution of between the Irish and the people of
a Collegiate Church in Galway, 1184 ; England before the Conquest, 1015
state of the place in the 16th century, seqq.; English authors partial against

the Welsh, in their histories, 1021;
Endowment of the clergy in Ireland by contempt of the English clergy for cer-

the English invaders, 551, 561 ; vid. tain Irish benefices, 1104; Act “for
564 seqq., and 612; the present en- the English order, habit, and lan.
dowments of the Ir. Church largely guage," under Henry VIII., 686 ; the
due to her own prelates, 1063.

liturgy in English' introduced into

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gor, 134.

use in Id., 722, 734, 747, 754; English Esdras, the 4th book of, how regarded by
influence promotes Romish agitation the old Irish, 365.

in Id. after the Reformation, 877, 882. Essex, the Earl of, sent over to conduct
English, or Anglo-Normans, their fawn- the war against H. O'Neill, 826; his

ing on Rome, 1133; their early papal ill success, ib., 838 ; his just view of
taxations of Id., 1145 segq.; hostility H. O'Neill's pretensions to a concern
between the settlers of their race in about religion, 833.

Id. and the native Ir., A.D. 1322, 1425. Etchen, bp., ordains s. Columba, 77,
English rites in Divine Service, distinct 1011.

from those of the Irish, before the Re- Ethelbert, king of Kent, converted, 128.
formation, 1170.

Ethelfrid, Saxon king of Northumber-
English masters to be appointed to the land, slaughters 1000 monks at Ban-
diocesan free schools of Id. under Q.
Elizabeth, 779.

Eucharist, anecdote of S. Columbkille,
Ephesus, General Council of, cited by P. connected with the, 987.
Walsh, 1403.

Eugenius III: See Pope.
Epiphanius, his testimony against the Eusebius, his testimony to the antiquity
adoration of saints, 48.

of Christianity in the British isles, 4;
Episcopal appointments, how regulated qd. in illustration of the expression,
among the ancient Irish, 421, 426, 429, "birthdays" of the saints, 50.
430, 433; the mode of arranging them Eustasius, abbot of Luxeu, sent to invite
altered by English and Romish influ- S. Columbanus back to Burgundy

ence, 547, 620, 1250, '51. See Election. after his exile, 272 ; his death, 333.
Episcopal discipline of the ancient Ir. Eutyches and Dioscorus, their heresy,

Church, 446 seqq., 449 n. ; estimation 950 ; supposed by S. Columbanus to
in which the episcopal office was held have been countenanced in the Fifth
by her members, 985 seqq:

General Council, ib., 309.
Epworth, Wm., excommunicated for ga- Eva, daughter of D. Mac Murrough,
thering English taxes in Id, 652.

married to Strongbow, 498, 1039.
Equalization of clerical property, unde-i Evangelists, the, Apostles, and Prophets,
sirable, 1083, '4.

the rule of faith and good works with
Equinox, the vernal, where placed in the ancient Irish, 205, 300.

the calendar of the ancient Church, 192. Everard, Sir J., leader of the recusant
Erasmus, qd. by Bp. Staples, 724.

opposition in K. James's first Irish par-
Erenachs, their office in connection with liament, 880; introduces the bill for

Ir. Church property, 461 n., 1061, '2. the attainder of O'Neill, &c., 884,
Ergal, or Uriel, district, (Clogher dio- 1438.
cese) 994, 1001.

Evesham, (in Worcestershire) John
Eric, or fine for homicide, the clergy to Comyn elected abp. of Dublin in, 604.

be excused from paying share of, 517. Exchequer, Little Black Book of the,
Eric of Auxerre, his Acts of S. Germa- qd., 533.
nas, qd., 398.

Exclusive dealing, a prop of Irish Ro-
Erigena. See Johannes.

manism in A.D. 1613, 872.
Ernan, ancient Ir. saint of 3rd class, 62. Excommunication, the mode of enforc-
Ernulf, or Arnulph, Montgomery. See ing, a mark of the unity prevalent

among the Irish saints of the 1st order,

60; two sorts of distinguished, 592, 3; Bruce and the Scots, 632 ; by the Ger-
abused for promoting private ends, &c., aldine commotions in Munster, 801,
in the Anglo-Romish period of Ir. 802; by H. O'Neill, &c., 1296 seqq.
history, ib., 626, &c. ; fulminated Fasting, of the early monks, 235 ; St.
against E. Bruce and his Irish rebel- Aidan's, 239, 240; its use as a penalty,
lion, 633; against English tax payers, 280 ; observations on the subject in
€52 ; against such as should violate the the rule of s. Columbanus, 283; in
statute of Kilkenny, 660, 661; against Lent, from flesh meat, not used by the
all friends of an abp. of Cashel, by his old Irish, 538 ; of the Irish clergy in
suffragan in Limerick, with bell, book, the 12th century, 610; of S. Kente-
and candle, 662 ; against the dean and gern's disciples, 1008 ; titular legisla-
chapter of Raphoe, by primate Prene, tion on, (A.D. 1614,) 893.
663; degraded to an engine of state “ Father of Spirits on earth," a title
policy, 665 ; denounced against Henry given to the pope, 836, 1283.
VIII. and his supporters, by P. Paul Fear leighion, (pronounced Far lea.
III. and Primate Cromer, 708, 694, yun) meaning of, &c., 501.
1201—3; against Q. Elizabeth by P. Fees, papal, of promotion to the primacy
Pius V., 695, 1258 seqq. ; (see also of Armagh, noticed, 1109.
835;) against all who should oppose Feilire, the, or Festilogium of Angus
Henry II. in his invasion of Id., 1087; Ceile De, 354.
against the abettors of L. Simnel's re- Fermanagh, disturbed by rebellion in
bellion, 1103, '4 ; against highway rob- 1594, 818; desolate condition of the
bers, &c., by primate Fitz Ralph, from country in 1607, 862 seqq. ; partly in-
which, however, they got absolution cluded in the plantation, 868.
from the friars, 1110; to be issued Ferns, (Co. Wexford) founded by St.
against all enemies of King Edward II. Aedan, 126; for a time an archiepisco-
in Id., 1179; used against Bp. Bedell pal see, 448; ravaged by the Danes,
by Romish titulars, 1240 ; see also 382, 383; see also 452 n., 576, 870;
1325, 1426, &c.

notion of the subjection of the see to
Exeter, invaded by an Irish force, 1015. Menevia, 994; the bpk. offered to Gir-
* Exhortation and Remission for the aldus Cambrensis, 1094.

Catholics of Id.," (A.D. 1605) 855, Ferrar, Nich., his devoutness noticed,

285 n.
Exorcists (ecclesiastical office) explained Festivals of the Church, superstitiously
for the Irish by Gilbert, 443.

abused in Anglo-Romish times, 592 ;
Extreme Unction, ordered to be perform- regulations of Abp. Dowdall concern-

ed without charge, at Kells, 1043; mis ing, in the Synod of Drogheda, 1112;

racle of S. Malachy in support of, 481. Romish canons about, in A.D. 1614.)
Ezekiel, S. Columbanus desires to have 1365.

P. Gregory's comment on, 292. Fethlimidh, or Feidhlimidh, (Phelimy,)
Faerie Queen, the, written in Id., 803. father of S. Columba, 75.
Fagan, Luke, ninth titular abp. of Dub- Fiadh Mac Ængusa, Synod of, 450.
lin, 1256.

Fiech, Bp. of Sletty, his Hymn, or Life
Faith, with heretics, not to be kept, 708, of S. Patrick, 9, 54.

Field, or O'Fihel, Thos., bp. of Leigh.
Famines, occasioned by wars in Id., by lin, (A.D. 1560,) 1215.

1202 seqq.


Fiesole, Italy, Donatus, bishop of, (A.D. | Fitz Gerald, Maurice, a principal one of
844,) 397.

the Anglo-Norman invaders, 497, 561.
Finan, St., of lona, appointed bp. of Lin. Fitz Gerald, Ld. Thos., the form of his

disfarne, 178; his missionary zeal and excommunication noticed, 1427, '8; his
extensive influence, 179; he erects a rebellion referred to, 1430.
cathedral in Lindisfarne, 210; ap- Fitz Gerald, Thos., Franciscan friar, his
points Cedd missionary for the E. An- account of the state of Irish Romanisin
gles, 988.

in A.D. 1613, 1346 seqq. ; vid. 135).
Fingals, the, their occupation of Dublin, Fitz Gibbon, Maurice R., murderous ti-

tular abp. of Cashel, 1215, 1372, '83;
Fingen, Irish abbot of Metz, patronised pensioned for his services by the King
by King Otho, 412.

of Spain, 1436.
Finian, st., two of the name, 61 ; life of Fitz Hamon, Robt., his acquisitions in

S. Finian of Clonard, 67 ; of S. Finian Wales, 1023, '6; Wm. do., knighted,
of Moville, 68 ; (see also, 76, 79, 80 ;) 1040.
scriptural knowledge, and school, of Fitz John, Dominick, mayor of Galway,
the former saint, 68, 323, 324 ; his chief founder of the college there, 1184.
visit to Britain, 122 ; note on the le- Fitz John, Wm., appointed Abp. of
gends of his life, 362.

Cashel, (A.D. 1315,) 648 n.
Fintan, St., of Clonenagh, 71.

Fitz Maurice, Jas., (or James Geraldine,
Fintan Munnu, or S. Munna, of Tagh- Fitzgerald) rises in rebellion
mon, 170.

against Q. Elizabeth's government,
First fruits, (ecclesiastical tax,) neglected 776; applies to Rome and Spain for

among the old Irish, 462; stoppage of aid, 777, '8; his ill success, ib. ; prac-
their payment to Rome in England, tices beyond seas, 787; O'Sullevan's
678, 1194 ; Irish Act assigning them to notice of his proceedings, ib.-789;
the King of England, 685.

picks up with Stukely, O'Melrian,
Fish, use of, by the old Irish monks, 272, &C., 788; through the influence of P.

Gregory XIII., gets a gang of high-
Fisher, bp, of Rochester, his stedfast waymen from Italy to come and fight

support of papal supremacy, 679; he for religion in Id., 789; arrives in
assists in consecrating G. Browne for Spain, 790; lands at Smerwick, ib.,
the see of Dublin, 682.

792 ; aided by a papal bull, 791; starts
Fitz Aldelm, Anglo-Norman adventurer, on an expedition into the country

504; appointed to treat between Hen- from Smerwick, 793; and is killed,
ry Il. and Rodk. O'Conor, 509 ; sent 794; (see also 1252 ;) Gregory's bull
over to Waterford with Adrian's bull, in his favour, 1262—'4; Card. Galli's
527 ; appointed by Henry II. a joint letter to, on the eccl. affairs of Id.,
governor of Id. with others, 548, 600; 1265, 6; Camden's account of his re-
style of the writ appointing him to bellion, 1270 ; some additional reflec-
that office, 560; founds the abbey of tions on the character of his interest
St. Thomas, Dublin, 567.

for the faith, 1369-71; he tue first
Fitz Bernard, Robt., Anglo-Norman ad- who brought an European league to
venturer in Id., 504.

bear upon Id., and with what motive,
Fitz Gerald, family, their origin, 1017, 1435.
&c. See Desmond.

Fitz Maurice, James, bp. of Ardfert, his

military sons give aid to Q. Elizabeth's Flanders, a deluge in, occasions the set.
forces, and meet with their end in tling of some of its inhabitants in
consequence, 1216.

Wales, 1031, '33, '36.
Fitzpatrick's Life of S. Patrick qd., 1226. Flax included in the Dublin tithe law
Fitz Ralph, Richard, Abp. of Armagh, of 1186, 612.
called also St. Richard of Dundalk, Fleming's Collectanea Sacra qd., 250 n.,
and Ricardus Armacanus, his Defen- 256 n., 279 2., 307 n., &c.
sorium Curatorum qd., 589, 655, 110, Fleming, Patrick, erroneously named a
account of the author, 653; his quar- titular primate of Id., 1238.
rel with the friars, 654, '5.

Fleming, T., third titr, abp. of Dublin,
Fitz Richard, Robt, founds an Austin 1253; patronises E. O'Reilly, 1241;
nunnery at Timolin, 571.

obtains a licence from P. Urban VIII.
Fitz Robert, Geoffrey, founds an estab- to have priests ordained for the Ro-

lishment for Austin canons at Kells, mish schism in Id. on the title of the
(Co. Kilkenny,) 571; and brings over “mission in Id.," 1254, 1392-'5.
inmates thereto from England, 575. Flesh meat, abstinence of the old monks
Fitz Simon, W., abp. of Dublin, 1098 ; from, 284; use of, in Lent, by the an-

joins Simnel's rebellion, 1101; per- cient Irish, 538, 1088 ; supposed enor-
mitted to collate Irish clerks, for a mity of the practice, ib., 1297.

stated time, to Irish benefices, 1104. Fleury's Church History referred to,
Fitz Simon, Patk., twelfth titular Abp. 273 n., 304, &c.
of Dublin, 1256.

Focluth, a district in the west of Id., S.
Fitz Stephen, Robt., invader of Id., 497, Patrick's labours in, 23, 34.
1038 ; involved in the charge of sacri- Fontaines, S. Columbanus's monastery
lege by Giraldus, 573 n.; appointed a at, 256.
governor of Id., 600.

Food of the old monks, advice of S. Co-
Fitz Symonds, his Britannomachia qd., lumbanus about the, 283.

773; its tale about the consecration of Forannan, primate, banished from Ar-
Parker, (abp. of Cant.,) confuted, 1236. magh by the Danes, 385.
Fitz Thomas, John, “ Earl of Adar," his Fordun, J., his Scotichronicon qd., 633
murderous doings, 1128.

n., 1119 seqq.
Fitz Thomas, James, made by H. O'Neill Foreign influence, the means of intro-

titular (or Sugan) Earl of Desmond, ducing the pope's authority into Id.,
836; his letter to the King of Spain, 419 se99., passim; its help to establish

1275–8; Oviedo's letter to, 1288 a schism in favour of Rome in the 17th
Fitz Walter, Theobald, his monastic cent., 900.

foundations at Nenagh and Abingdon, | Forgiveness of enemies, inculcated by
571 ; his superstitious views in such example, by S. Columbanus, 270.
erections, 584.

Fort de l'Or, or Golden Fort, (Kerry)
Fitz William, Ld. Deputy of Id., (A.D. notice of the circumstances of J. Fitz-

1594,) his evil character, &c., 818. maurice's rebellion, &c., connected
Flaherty, warlike abbot of Inniscattery, with the place, 792, 3 n., '8, '9 n

ill effects of his turbulence, 408. Fosterage customs of the Welsh alluded
Flan Mac Eogan, old book of, qd., 1045. to, 1030. See Gossipred,
Plan Sionna, King of Id., (A.D. 902,) Fothadius, abbot, obtains for the Irish

clergy liberty of absence from atten-

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