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6. The Lords Cobham, Gray, and Sir W. Rawly in-
dicted of Treason. The miserable Death of the first.

7. Sir W. Rawly's History of the World. His Gui-
ana Voyage. His Triall, Condemnation, Execution,
and Character.

8. Truce made between Spain and the Dutch ; the
Inconveniencies thereof to that Republick. K. James
Writings and Employment.

9. His Entry and Exit attended with great Plagues.

10. This ill Condition the Papists lay in-may seem
to have brought forth that Monster, the Powder Plot.

11. Conjectures what its Effects might have been.

12. Miracles related of Garnet-His Execution; with
the Rest of the Conspirators.

13. The Discovery, reported as occasion’d by the
Lord Morley (Cecil's Artifice.)

14. - Came from the French King. The Spanish
flattering Congratulation. K. James's Pusilanimity and
ill Practices; their Effects. Rome's Despaire of regain-
ing England.

15. The Causes of the French King's Assassination.

16. The Papists indulg'd, and Puritans (unadvisedly)
prosecuted. The Conference at Hampton-Court. Its
Inconveniencies. By what Steps the Puritans got up;
and the old Clergy degenerated.

17. The English impoverished by Exactions to in-
rich the Scots. K. James, his Hunting Character. His
Demeanour towards Q. Anne. Her Picture.

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18. An Apology for an Historian's taking Notice of
minute and low Circumstantials.

19. The King's Obligations to the E. of Northumber-
land requited with the Star-Chamber. That Court de-

20. The Pauls-Walking. Newes-Mongers--report
Northumberland (who brought in K. James) too (fatal-
ly) intimate with P. Henry. Fortescue's Rewards, first
for opposing the King's Admission, (without Caution,)
and after for entertaining bim.

21. The Puritans denied a Second Conference.
22. A Libel on the Scots.--Explained.

23. A Character of Philip E. of Montgomery. How
patiently he took his Switching by Ramsey at Croya
don, (which otherwise had produced a nationall Quar-
rell.) How the King repaired Philip's lost Honour.
(An Animadversion upon Masques.)

24. His gallant Mother the Countesse of Pembrok's
Resentment. Her Picture and Epitaph.

25. The King's Fears make him banish Ramsey.
His Debauching the English. Pembrok's Wives De-

26. Sackvill the only Englishman at Croydon that
went on the Scots Side, and why.

27. Maxwell-luggs Hawly; which had like to have
engaged the Greys Inne Gentlemen in a Quarrel-ta-
ken up by Bacon. They entertaine the King with a
Masque, and he them with a Banquet. Their Rude-



28. Murray kils a Sergeant; and the Lord Zankor,
the Fencer Turner. Their Sentence.

29. Treasurer Cecil's Artifice to stop the King's Pro-
fusenesse. His Enmity to the E. of Essex, and En-
closure of Hatfield Chase, &c. Contract him the Peo-
ples Hatred; which vented in Libels after his Death.
The Manner of it. His Character. Baronets his Pro-
ject., Crown-Timber (wastfully) sold.

30. The Mischiefs wrought to this Nation by some of
the worst of the Scotish Lords, as Roxborow, Fenton,
Carlisle, Dunbar, Kelly, Somerset. The Rise of the
foure last.

31. The King's Designe for the Union eagerly car-
ried on-Proved abortive in the Parliament.

32. —Attempted againe in the Star-Chamber by the
Lawyers upon the Account of Prerogative-Unsuccess-

33. Objections made in Parliament against ite
34. Knighthood made cheap.
95. -The Occasion of Baronels

to the Ruine of

many Families.

36. Other Honours sold-Partially.

37. The English doat on P. Henry-How justly, ex-

38. His Virtues draw Love from the People, and that
raises (fatal) Jealousy in the King. The unhappy Con-
dition of Princes. His Death.

39. King James ill-attended, and why. Carlisle's Ex-

cesse ; Ante-Suppers His Invention. The King's Fa-
vorites censured.

40. How the E. of Holland lost that Place.

41. Gowry's Conspiracy, and the Mock-Holy-Day
for it.

42. Treasurer Buckhurst's remarkable Death. His

43. The L. Elizabeth's Marriage with the Palsgrave-
Generall liked. Why the K. consented to so poore a
Match. Her Virtues and Misfortunes.

44. Conjectures about the Palsgrave's Affaires.
45. Prince Henry's encouraging his Attempts.
46. The Battaile of Prague lost through his Covetous.


47. Weston farthers the Elector and his Lady's Es-
cape to the Hague.

48. Many Papists true to their Trust. Of Count
Mansfield. The Close of the First Part.

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