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obliged to the Duke of Florence wch seemed in the first to like the work for motion but at leinght excused himselfe. The Spaniard their bread. then grewe jealouse with Tyrone for his proffer made to His unsuc- the

said Duke seekinge to bringe neere their nose vnto plications to Ireland soe powerfull and so ambic'ous a man as the foreign Great Duke is indeede, after theise things being dead powers. [i.e. done] TYRONE obtayned from the Pope's Hollines He gets two the creac'on of two Archbps : thone FLORENCE CONNERY archbishops borne in ('Rourcke's countrey was consecrated Archbp: the nascent of Tuaim, and the other Doctor OWEN MC MAROWNA Romish es- borne in the North was created Archbp: of Dublin, The tablishment first he ymployed vnto Spaine and the last vnto Flanders in Ireland ; to sollicitt his suite, Whereas yet they effected nothing and em- but of late an increase of Tyrone is penc'on to 500 ploys them to beg aid

Crownes a moneth. The Primate and he being of late for him

reconsiled the one to the other as one that came from abroad. thence of late tould me, despayring of all other assisTheir suc- tances plotted to have foure Bps : more consecrated, and cess being yt they should goe from Bp: to Bp: throughout Italy small, the France, Hollanders and Spayne to see what they would consecration

contribute for the restoring of this land to the Romane others is Churche, but as yet these Bps: are not consecrated projected. only I understood yt the Primate is come to Madrid

and has obtayned lisence for Tyrone to come downe from Italy to courte. But there is notwithstanding noe hope of his suite.". (Why, Fitzgerald then proceeds to shew, his object being partly to prove that there was no danger of a new rebellion at that time.]

of Four

A little further on in the same paper commences the “ Relac'on of the Ecclesiasticall state in

common and in p'ticuller,as follows:Number &c. “Concearninge the Ecclesiasticall state wee are in of persons the kingdome manny sorts that the one dependeth not of


Four others resident abroad.

the other. Bernardins some eight or nyne verrie good of the va, schollers, Jesuits some two and twenty good schollers, rious Eccl. of our order of St. Frances some six score, and of them some twelve good schollars : ev'ry order gov'ned by his owne supperior and Chapter ; of priests aboute foure hundred, some ignorant and some learned ; In this land No Romish thereis noe Bp: of our religion, but DAVID KEARNEY, and at this Archbp: of Cashell, for the primate of Ardmagha time, save FLORENCE Archbp: of Tuaime Owen Archbp: of Dub- D. Kearney. lin CORNELIUS Bp of Killaloe doe live beyond the seas, They have in this kingdome theire vicare genrall, RICHARD CARRALD for Dublin MATHEW Cragh for Kil- Names of tiloloe, There are alsoe in other diocese Vicar generals tular “viappointed by the said archbishopps. In Corke Robr. cars gene. Meaga in Kerrie RICHARD CONNEL, in Limerike Rich- rious Irish ARD ARTHUR, in Ross JAMES KEARNIE, in Imoaly, John sees at the Fitz David, in Lissmore and Waterford Doctor WHITE same period. in Kilkenny LUKE ARCHER, in Laghlen Doctor MORIERTAGH, in Meath RICHARD BROWNE, in Elfine OWEN M'C BRIAN, in Clonfeart DERMOTT O'DOLEANE, in Killmacuo FARGUSIUS KEAGAN, in Fearns JAMES WALSHE, These David Kearbe gracious matie that joyning with the said Archbp: of ney and DaCasshell, David Rooth, the Pope's prothonotary and said to be Jesuits that gov'ne the people that receave fines out of the chief inEcclesiasticall living sand Abbyes, they that make spirit- stigators of uall lawes that have correspondency beyond the seas,

and schis that sends and receaves l'tres. They never admit us the matical mispoore friers to theire chapters, they never ymp'te [i. e. chief in the impart] vnto vs theire mynde they keepe us from the ad- kingdom. ministrac'on of the Sacramts and yf they could for shame from preaching the Gospell it is they that suspends the Juryes for p’senting of recusants. It is they that p’vented the ellection of protestants for the parlyamt. we the poore Franciscans have noe dealing in their gov'mnt; living poore upon almes though earnest in our religion and in preaching the same daiely prayeing for the Kings

Royall p'son progenie and Councell as we will dutiefullie for evermore. 24 June 1613.





(from the same MS.)

matters are

Some notice The MS. from which the matter of the preceding in which the Article is transcribed was anciently classed under following the lettering D. 1. 14, and afterwards as I. 59: to be found. it is now, however, bound up with other matter,

so as to form the second portion of the present E. 3. 15: which portion was originally numbered by folios from 1 to 33. The“ Declarac'on” of Thomas Fitzgerald given in the last article occupies from folio 24. l. med. to f. 28. 2, top. Peter Lombard's Commission to D. Rothe (No. 62, sup.) is on the last fol. (33.) The “Exhortation and Remission to the Catholiques of Ireland” commences on fol. 4, middle of page 1, and ends on fol. 5, middle of page 2. A good deal of the MS. is taken up with curious lists of the priests, friars, &c. of Rome, employed in Ireland at the period referred to in the last Article. Of these lists the most important portions are here subjoined, with notes indicating the portion of the original MS. which they occupy, and the places where they may be found respectively in that record.

On fol. 6, p. 1, med. or lower, commences the following:

“ No: 1613.

The names of Sundrie priests and friers w'thin some dioces and counties of Ireland.

“That you may see what numbers of priests were come over, and whether yt were not

tyme to looke to their seducinge of the subjects. “ In the countie of A note of the names of severall priests and kerrie. religious men that live in the province of Mounster.

“RICHARD CONNELL a philosopher and a di

vine Vicar generall of the diocese of Artfeart. (Then follows for the same county, a list of the names of_21 others, priests, Franciscans, &c.; among whom “ Friar Thomas FITZ EDMOND GERRALD, * preacher of the order of St. Francis.") “ In the county of “RICHARD ARTHURE vicar-generall of the Limerick. 5 diocese of Limerick.”

(followed by a list of 23 priests, friars, &c. including

" JOHN Fitz David "t of the order of St. Do

minic.] “ In the county of}

“ROBERT Magu vicar generall of the diocesse of Cluaine and Corck.

• Vid. pp. 1345 seqq. sup.

+ Vid. p. 1349, sup.



“JAMES KEARNY,* vicar generall of Ross."

[With 28 others, priests. &c.) “ In the county of “Doctor JamES WHITE vicar generall of Waterfard. Lismore and Waterford,”

[With 25 others, priests, jesuits, monks of S. Ber.

nard, 1 Augustin, Franciscans, &c.) “In the countie of 2 “Davo KEARNAIE, archbushoppe of CasTiperarie, sell.'

(With 22 others, jesuits, priests, " Doctor Keat

ing,"+ &c. ending thus : "and many other whose

names I forgott.") “In the county of “MAHON MACRACH vicar generall of the

$ diocese of Killalowe,

(And 13 others, 6 of them “franciscan simple

friers and verrie old," after whom immediate

ly follows in like order ;-) “A note of some priestes and religious men that

doe ordinarilie live in the province of Connaught. “In the county of “ FRANCES O'MOLLEAGHLIN vicar generall Galway, S of Tuame,"

(And 26 others, priests, Jesuits, Franciscans, Do

minicans, &c. including " Rowland Boorck pro.

vinciall of the order of St. Dominicke."] “In the county of “ HENRY BRANNAGH preacher," Playa,

(And 6 others.) “A note of such as dwell in severall counties of the province of Linster.

* Noticed at p. 1349 sup. ; and so of the others following.

+ This was the famous Dr. Geoffry Keating, author of Keating's History of Ireland, who was living and performing the offices of a parish priest, at the period here mentioned, on the confines of Tipperary and Limerick.

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