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among the spoils of principalities and powers.” “Then is there no sting now for the sinner that believes ?” “ No; none: death had but this one sting; and now there is none left.” Listen to that, sinner. If you were to put your hand in the hole of the asp, and were to receive its sting in your hand, you would find that it had no sting beside; others might now put their hand, there is no sting. That is how death is. Hence we say, “ O Death, where is thy sting ?” Where? It is among the spoils of the cross of Jesus; it is made a shew of openly. What a wonderful truth! “ But," I said, looking at His opened side, “ here is a pool of blood: may I not

, drink at it?" “ Yes,” said Justice; “ for except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye

have no life in you.'

You understand me, beloved; it is our life, this. As the emancipated debtor lives upon the paper securing his release, and knows he is a free man; so I live upon Christ; I draw my life from Calvary. God is satisfied, and I am satisfied. God is honoured, and I am saved. God is not a tyrant; He is my Father-my Father in heaven. I now bring Him “sweet spices." I love to take Jesus, to bring Him in my arms-my Saviour, my Lord, my Life—to have fellowship with a wounded, dying, risen, coming Christ. I can now bring my love to Him, for I know that He loved me first; and now, instead of God being made weary," He is well pleased, and He

says “ This is my child, sealed as mine -sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.” As owner, He marks his sheep, and says, “ They are mine." There is a seal-God's mark; that seal is the Holy Ghost who is in us; and my life must be spent, not in blotting out my sin—for that has been done-but in serving Him. Sin is still in me, trying to spoil His work; but I must mortify it. Never imagine that conversion makes you free from sin. Conversion is knowing that Jesus died for your sins—a belief of God's love to you in Christ.


of me,



Such as the poor prodigal had, who thought his Father would have made him a servant-made an example of him; but, to his wonder, saw how he gave him the best that he had, and called his friends to rejoice over him.

“ There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” Repentance is a change of mind towards God: to believe that He loves us, that Christ died for our sins, is to have a right mind towards God. This gives peace. Ah! sinner, it were well worth forty journeys, if God would reveal Himself to you.

6. God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” WHOSOEVER—WHOSOEVER—young or olddisbeliever or unbeliever-Atheist or infideldrunkard -devil incarnate-whosoever—whosoever what? Why, not worketh, more weereth, non prayeth, nor giveth,

, but BELIEVETHI You cannot help seeing salvation if you really see God. I cannot help knowing that I am free, when I see what Christ did for me. Who can make out to the contrary ?—who can make out that two and two do not make four?—who can say that faith in what Jesus did for me does not save? No: He is our rock

" Dear name! the rock on which I build,

My shield and hiding-place;
My never-failing treasury, fill'd

With boundless stores of grace." Boundless stores—aye, glorious stores of goodness, love, and grace! May the Lord bless you. May my God bless you. I have no greater desire than that you may be saved. I have never seen many of you before, but I have you in my heart. But, oh! I would see you again in the land where we shall meet eternally, amid the everlasting summer of heaven, where it is always laburnum time, where the autumn leaf never falls, and


where the friend never dies, and the knell never tolls the requiem of joys departed. Beloved, believe now, and be happy for ever.

It is all a lie of the devil, if he tells you you will not be happy. No man has any right to be happy in this life, till he sees his way peacefully out of it. You may die to-night. Ah! what a glorious thing, that when a man embraces Jesus as his Saviour, he gets the life that was with God-even eternal life. Christ is our life. The blood, the rent vail, the resurrection of Jesus, is your title. You are “ complete in Him." Then, die at any moment, and you are sure of heaven, as God is true.

Behold the rock on which you can stand—“ Complete in Him.” A full Christ is what God has given for empty sinners. You have nothing but unbeliefeverything that is bad in yourself; but Christ has all you need. Now, suppose a long sack hung across this place, one half being full, the other empty ; bring the fulness of the one end into the emptiness of the other, and you have a symbol of what you have in Christ. At this end you have nothing-you are all wanting; but there it is full-all fulness dwells in Him. I am without any title to heaven, but in Christ is title enough. The fulness of the Head is given to the members; and now we can say with Paul, “ Giving thanks unto the Father, who hath made us meet"_not who will make us meet when we come to die, or when we are a little better-when you have had more prayer–better living;

— -10; but hath made us meet” in Jesus; not in you or in me, but all in Him—all in your Head—everything

Hence, you may die in peace, notwithstanding that there is not an hour in which you do not feel that sin is in you; but you do not love the sinyou do not encourage it. Your sins are rebels—enemies—and will be always present until death; the root of them is in you, which you loathe and abominate, especially after some dread effort at growth ; but when we die, then we shall be free free for ever, and be with Christ, and like Him.

you want.

Jesus gives us our title. Our Princess was living in Denmark; she once had no title whatever to the crown; but now she is heiress to the crown, and all because of her union with the Prince, who is heir.

Thus the moment I believe, I am associated with Christ, and am a joint-heir with Him in all that He has, His Deity excepted. What He is, I am.

If I die to-night, I go to Him. My sins do not entitle me to

, heaven, but they do show me my need of salvation. It is my union with Christ which entitles me to heaven. This I see by faith. Oh, dear friends,

" There is life for a look at the Crucified One,

There is life at this moment for you." For seeing is believing. Look, then, and be saved. God is love, and loves to bless ; but if you die unsaved, your damnation will be just, and that not merely because of your sins, but because God so loved the world, that He gave His Son to take your place as a sinner; but whom, alas ! you would not acceptwould not believe:



“ He that is our God, is the God of salvation.”—Psalm lxviii. 20.

No words of mine, beloved friends, could exaggerate the importance of salvation; and I would have each one of you now ask, Have I the salvation of God, or am I among those who have neglected the “great salvation”? Am I here a saved or

an unsaved soul ?

Put yourself at the very outset this morning into immediate contact with the subject I am about to unfold to you. God only knows how momentous are the moments passing over you! How we should prize them as related to eternity! For in a short time you may be in the slender bed; before many more suns are set we may stand at your grave, and pronounce over you that which we have held to be hopeful, or otherwise, about you.

Ah, what is life, what is love, what is wealth, what are years, what is anything if your soul is unsaved ? What will it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul ?

I feel as if I were treading this morning amid scenes

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