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(Assented to 19th February 1891.) BARBADOS. An Act for further promoting the revision of

the Statute Law by repealing certain enactments which have ceased to be in force or become unnecessary. HEREAS with a view to the revision

of the Statute Law, it is expedient that certain enactments (mentioned in the schedule to this Act) wbich may be regarded as spent, or have ceased to be in force otherwise than by express and specific repeal by the Legislature, or have, by lapse of time or otherwise, become unneccessary, should be expressly and specifically repeal. ed; Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly of this Island and, by the authority of the same as follows ;

1. This Act may be cited as 'The Statute Short title.

Law Revision Act, (No. I.) 1891."

2. The enactments described in the sche. Repeal and sav. ings.

dule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent in such schedule mentioned, and subject to the exceptions and qualifications in the schedule mentioned ; Provided that where any enactment not comprised in the schedule has been repealed, confirmed, revived, or perpetuated by any enactment hereby repealed, such repeal, confirmation, revivor or perpetuation shall not be affected by the repeal effected by this Act; and the repeal by this Act of any enactment or schedule shall not affect any enactment in which such enactment or schedule has been applied, incorporated or referred to ; nor shall such repeal of any enactment affect any right to

any hereditary revenues of tho Crown, or affect any charges thereupon, or prevent any such enactment from being put in force for the collection of any such revenues, or otherwise in relation thereto; and this Act sball not affect the validity, invalidity, effect, or consequences of anything already done or suffered, or any existing status or capacity, or any right, title, obligation, or liability already acquired, accrued, or incurred, or any remedy or proceeding in respect thereof, or any release or discharge of or from any debt, penalty, obligation, liability, claim, or demand, or any indemnity, or the proof of any past act or thing ; nor shall this Act affect any principle or rule of law or equity, or established jurisdiction, form or course of pleading, practice or procedure, or existing usage, franchise, liberty, custom, privilege, restriction, exemption, office, appointment, payment, allowance, emolument or benefit, notwithstanding that the same respectively may have been in any manner affirmed, recognized, or derived by, in, or from any enactment hereby repealed ;nor shall this Act revive or restore any jurisdiction, office, duty, drawback, fee, pay. ment, franchise, liberty, custom, right, title, privilege, restriction, exemption, usage, practice, procedure or other matter or thing not now existing or in force.


A description or citation of a portion of an Act is inclusive of the words, section, or other part first or last mentioned, or otherwise referred to as forming the beginning or as forming the end of the portion comprised in the description or citation.

Date of Act.

Title of Act.

Extent of Repeal

22nd March 1666... An Act for the better ascertaining the laws of

this Island.

[blocks in formation]

13th March 1648..... An Act for officers putting in security
13th March 1648...... An Act appointing security to be given by the

Clerks &c., of the several Courts within this

The wbole Act.

10th January 1652.. An Act to prevent frequenting of taverns and

alehouses by seamen..

The whole Act.

26th April 1708....

An Act appointing a Committee for settling

the public accounts of this Island ; and ap- The wbole Act pointing the officers' salaries of the Trea- except the proviso sury, and excise on strong liquors

to section seven.

Extent of Redeal.

An Act for the encouragement of such as shall

entertain the Gentlemen of the Committee of the public accounts of this Isiand..

The whole Act.

An Act to ascertain and fix the bounds of the

The whole Act,

19th September 1745 An Act to quiet the inhabitants of this Island

in the peaceable possession of their estates,
and for removing the causes of expensive

and vexatious suits in relation thereto. The whole Act.
20th December 1798. An Act for establishing the proof of rum The whole Act,
8th March 1808...... An Act for constituting a Corporation for bet-

ter ordering and managing the Literary So.
ciety established in the Island of Barbados.. The whole Act.

An Act to reduce and render more effective the

SCHEDULE —continued

Date of Act.

Title of Act.

11th May 1708.

21st June 1720

several parishes in this Island..

8th May 1811.

fortifications of this Island.

The whole Act.

[blocks in formation]

4th November 1817. An Act to authorize the Committee bereinafter

appointed to exchange certain land attached to Pilgrim House, for the same quantity of land belonging to the Plantation called the Pine, the property of Joseph Waith, Esq. The whole Act.

6th May 1818.

An Act to authorize the purchase of a certain

piece or parcel of land for the use of the public of this Island...

The whole Act.

10th April 1821.

An Act for establishing the assize of household

bread made for sale, and for regulating the conduct of bakers in making and vending such bread..

The whole Act.

4th January 1826... An Act for vesting the Glebe land at presert

belonging to the Rectory of the parish of
St. James in this Island in trustees, to be
sold for the uses and purposes hereinafter

The whole Act.

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