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Date of Act

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6th July 1859

7th December 1878

An Act to place the chapels of the Holy Trinity

and St. Martin in the parish of Saint Philip,
in this Işland, under the control of the vestry,
of the said parish

The whole Act.
An Act to repeal the Act of the 7th day of Sep-

tember, 1825, entitled, "An Act for building
"an additional place of Public Worship in
“Bridgetown, in the parish of St. Michael"
aná to make St. Mary's Chapel subject to the
provisions of the Acts of this Island relating
to the management and government of parish
churches and chapels, and other places of Di-
vine Worship within this Island, and to the
regulation of seats and sittings therein..... The whole Act


(Assented to 16th April 1891.)
An Act to consolidate the Acts relating to

The Bridgetown Tramways Company
E it enacted, by the Governor, Council,

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the authority of the same as follows;

Preliminary. Short title.

1. This Act may be cited for all purposes as "The Bridgetown Tramways Company, Limited, Act, 1891."

2. For the purposes of this Act the terms Interpretation of bereinafter mentioned shall have the meanwords and terms. ings hereinafter assigned to them ; that is

to say,

the term “ Road” shall mean any (ar

riage way being a public highway and the carriage way of any bridge forming part of or leading to the

same; the term “Commissioners of Roads" shall

mean the local or other authority in whom a road as defined by this Act is vested, or who have the power to

maintain or repair such roads ; the word “District” in relation to Com

missioners of Roads as defined by this Act shall mean the area within the jurisdiction of such Commission

ers of Roads ; the term “ Police Magistrates” shall

mean any Police Magistrate acting

the police court for the district ; the term “the Company” sball mean

“ The Bridgetown Tramways Compa-
ny Limited" registered under the pro-
visions of "Tbe Joint Stock Compa-
nies Act, 1866."

PART I. Construction of tramway. 3. The Company shall have authori. Authority to conty to construct tramways in and about any struct tramways in portion of the City of Bridgetown and its the city subject to

certain provisions. neighbourhood subject to the following provisions ; (1.) The Company shall furnish the Gover

nor in Executive Committee with plans
and sections of such new tramway in
triplicate showing the exact course
which every such new tramway will
take, and the roads over which it
will pass, which plans and sections are

to be dealt with as follows ;
(2) The Governor in Executive Committee

shall as soon as possible cause one copy
of the said plan and section to be laid
before the Legislative Council, one
other copy thereof before the House
of Assembly, and the third copy thereof
to be deposited at the Colonial Secre-
tary's Office of this Island, and such
last mentioned copy shall be open to

the public for reference.
Provided always that such tramway shall
not be proceeded with unless and until the
plan and section laid before the Legislative
Council and the House of Assembly shall
have received the sanction of both houses.

4. Every tramway which is authorised by Gaugo of tram. this Act to be laid in the future shall be way. constructed of a gauge not exceeding three feet six inches, and shall not be open for

public traffic until the same has been inspected and certified to be fit for such traffic by some person to be appointed by the Governor-such inspection to be at the cost of the Company; provided always that if the carriages used on any tramway either already laid or hereafter to be laid shall extend beyond the outer edge of the wheels thereof less than eighteen inches on each side, the width of the gauge of such tramway may be increased, provided the width of thegauge and the distances over which such carriages so extend shall not when taken toge

ther in any case exceed six feet six inches. Uppermost sur- 5. Every tramway either already laid or face of rail to be

hereafter to be laid shall be maintained in level with road ex- such manner that the uppermust surface of cept as within.

the rail shall be on a level with the surface of the road except on curves of less than fifty feet mean radius where the outer rail may be laid at the

proper elevation. Company to 6. The Company shall at their own maintain and keep pense at all times maintain and keep in road whereon tram.

good condition and repair with such materials and in such manner as the Commission. ers of Roads shall direct and to their satis. faction, so much of any road whereon any tramway belonging to them is already or shall hereafter be laid as shall lie between the rails of the tramway and, (where two tramways are laid by the Company in any road at a distance of not more than four feet from each other), the portion of the road between the tramways, and in every case so much of the road as extends eighteeu inches beyond the rails of and on each side of any

such tramway. Power to break 7. The Company from time to time for


way lies.

the purpose of making, forming, laying down, up roads subject to
maintaining, and renewing any tramway regulations.
either already laid or hereafter to be laid or
any part or parts thereof respectively, may
open and break up any road subject to the
following regulations ;
(1.) they shall give to the Commission Regulations.

ers of Roads notice of their intention
specifying the time at which they will
begin to do so, and the portion of
road proposed to be opened or broken
up, such notice to be given seven
days at least before the commence-

inent of the work.
(2.) they shall not open, or break up, or

alter the level of any road except un-
der the superintendence and in a
manner reasonably satisfactory to the
Commissioners of Roads unless such
Commissioners of Roads refuse or
neglect to give such superintendence
at the time specified in the notice
or discontinue the same during the

(3.) they shall pay all reasonable expenses

to which the Commissioners of Roads
are put on account of such superin-

(4.) they shall

not without the consent of the Commissioners of Roads open or break up at any one time a greater length than one hundred yards of any road which does not exceed a quarter of a mile in length and in the case of any road exceeding a quarter of a mile in length, the Company shall leave an interval of at least a quarter of a mile between any two places at which they may

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