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reference to public works and buildings are strictly complied with : and he shall, in all matters and things relating to public works and buildings render all necessary advice and assistance to the departments in charge thereof, and he shall attend to all such in

structions and directions as shall from time and

to time be given to him by the Governor, and the said several departments in reference to the inspection of public works and buildings, and shall report annually to the legis

lature on the condition of the same. in respect to works 4. In the execution of works and buildundertaken by local ings for local purposes undertaken by paro authorities.

chial or other local authority, the Governor may should it appear to him necessary and expedient, require the superintendent to aid the parties engaged therein with his advice, assistance, and generally to extend to them

the benefit of his professional services. Plans, specifica

5. All plans, specifications, and estimates tions, &c. to be pub- and all documents and papers of what kind lic property. soever which shall be furnished by the su

perintendent of public works in the discharge of his duties as such superintendent shall be considered public property, and together with all books, plans, specifications and estimates, and documents, and papers of whatever kind, and all tools and instruments committed to such superintendent for safe custody, shall, on the vacation of office by such superintendent, be delivered to such person as the Governor by his orders shall

empower to receive them. Clerk

6. The Governor is hereby authorised as often as may be necessary to appoint a clerk to the superintendent of public works at a salary of one hundred pounds per annum, to be paid monthly on the warrant of the Governor in-Executive Committee.

Repeal. 7. The several Acts mentioned in the schedule to this Act are hereby repealed, to the extent meationed provided that

(1) Any officer appointed underany enactment hereby repealed shall continue and be deemed to have been duly appointed under this Act; and

(2.) Any enactment or document referring to any Act or enactment hereby repealed shall be construed to refer to this Act or to the corresponding enactment in this Act.

(3.) This repeal shall not affect
(a) The past operation of any enactment

hereby repealed nor any thing duly
done or suffered under any enact-

ment hereby repealed ; or (b) any right, privilege, obligation, or lia

bility acquired, (accrued or incurred under any enactment hereby repeal

ed; or (c) any penalty, forfeiture, or punish

ment incurred in respect of any offence committed against any enact

ment hereby repealed; or (d) any investigation, legal proceeding

or remedy in respect of any such right privilege, obligation, liability, penalty forfeiture, or punishment as aforesaid ; and any such investigation, legal proceeding and remedy may be carried on as if this Act had not

passed ; or (e) any act in which the enactments bere

Extent of Repeal.

except section six. 6th April 1876... An Act to make permanent the


Date of Act.

Title of Act.

11th June 1875... An Act to consolidate and amend

the several acts of this Is-
land for the appointment of
a Superintendent of Public The whole Act

Act entitled " An Act to con-
solidate and amend the sev-
eral acts of this Island for
the appointment of a Super-
intendent of Public Works."| The whole Act.

this Act.
not in force or existing at the passing of
ment, right, office, privilege, matter or thing
(4.) This repeal shall not revive any enact-

corporated or referred to.
by repealed have been applied, in-


(Assented to 3rd April 1891.)
An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts

of this Island relating to the registration
of births, baptisms, marriages, and buri-
E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same as follows ;

Short title.
1. This Act may be cited as “ The Regis-
tration (Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and
Burials) Act, 1891.

Division of Act.
2. This Act is divided into three Parts.
Part I. Registration of Births,
Part II. Registration of Baptisms, Mar-

riages and Burials. Part III. Miscellaneous.


Interpretation of 3. In this part of the Act unless the con- terme. text otherwise requires, “ Registrar ” shall mean in the case of District "A" the Chief Clerk or other officer appointed by the Inspector General of Police for the purposes of this Act and in the case of the other districts shall mean the sergeant in charge of the Police Station of the District, or any officer deputed by the Inspector General to per

form the duties required of such sergeant under this Act, in case of his death, illness or unavoidable absence.

"Occupier,” shall for the purposes of the notification of births for registration in. clude the governor, keeper, master, superintendent or other chief resident officer of every prison and of every school, reformatory, almshouso, hospital, lunatic asylum, or other public or charitable institution, and where any house is let in separate apartments or lodgings shall include the person under whom such lodgings or separate apartments are immediately held and any agent or servant of such person residing in such house.

Registration Districts. Island divided 4. For the purposes of Registration under into six districts

this part of the Act the Island shall be for the purposes of divided into the following districts that is registration : their limits, &c.

to say ;
District “A” which shall comprise the

parish of Saint Michael.
District “B” which shall comprise the

parishes of Saint George and

Christ Church.
District “C” which shall comprise the

parishes of Saint Philip and Saint

District “D” which shall comprise the

parishes of Saint Thomas and

Saint James.
District "E" which shall comprise the

parishes of Saint Peter and Saint

District "F" which shall comprise the

parishes of Saint Andrew and
Saint Joseph.

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