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cow, calf, or other living chattels, died or was injured by the wilful act or neglect of the person impounding the same.

(4.) All sums awarded as compensation for damage, and all penalties under this Recovery of com. Act may be recovered in a summary man- pensation and penner before a Police Magistrate, on the com

alties. plaint of the person aggrieved and such compensation shall be paid to the party aggrieved, and such penalties into the pub. lic treasury for public uses.

Wanton, annoying, or malicious trespass.

3. (1) If any person shall unlawfully Description of of. enter in a wanton or insulting or threaten- fence. ing manner upon any lands or premises in the possession cf any other person or persons, or shall unlawfully enter upon such lands or premises after having been forbidden to do so, or shall unlawfully enter and remain thereon after having been required to depart, or if any person having lawfully entered upon such lands or premises shall misconduct himself by behaving in an insulting, annoying, or threatening manner, or shall remain on such lands or premises after having been requested to depart, the person so offending shall be liable Penalty not to to a penalty not exceeding forty shillings exceed 40/ cr in de. to be recovered before a Police Magistrate fault of payment on the complaint of the owner or occupier

imprisonment for of such lands or premises and paid into ceeding one month,

any term not ex. any the treasury for public uses, or in default with or without of payment, to be imprisoned for any term hard labor. not exceeding one month with or without hard labour : Provided always that if on the hearing of any complaint for an offence under this section, the police magistrate sball be of opinion that a bona fide question of

title is raised between the parties, he shall, dismiss such complaint, and may make such ordec in respect of the cost thereof, as he shall think fit.

(2.) This section shall not interfere with or be construed to affect the rights of any person or persons to pass or repass in an

orderly and quiet manner through and along Saving of rights the customary path leading from the Public over Customary

highways to the villages or cottages adjapaths.

cent. Provided nevertheless that nothing contained in this Act shall be deemed to affect the title or freehold of any person ur persons in any such paths.

(3.) A conviction under any complaint brought in pursuance of the provisions of this section shall be a bar without being specially

pleaded, to any other proceedings in respect Conviction under of the same subject matter, brought in any this section a bar Petty Debt Court or other Court, against to other proceed- the same person. ings.

Repeal. 4. The several Acts mentioned in the schedule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent mentioned provided that

(1.) Any enactment or document referr. ing to any act or enactment hereby repealed shall be construed to refer to this Act or to the corresponding enactment in this Act.

(2.) This repeal shall not affect
(a.) The past operation of any enactment

hereby repealed nor anything duly
done or suffered under any enact-

ment hereby repealed ; or (6.) any right, privilege obligation, or lia

bility acquired, accrued, or incurred under any enactment hereby repeal(c.) any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment

ed ; or


incurred in respect of any offence committed against any enactments

hereby repealed ; or (d.) any investigation legal proceeding or

remedy in respect of any such right, privilege, obligation, liability, penalty forfeiture, or punishment, as aforesaid; and any such investigation, legal proceeding and remedy may be carried

on as if this Act had not passed ; or (e.) any act in which the enactments here

by repealed have been applied, in

corporated or referred to. (3) This repeal shall not revive any enactment, right, office, privilege, matter or thing not in force or existing at the passing of this Act.

Extent of Repeal.

An Act to authorise the killing or impound

ing of sheep, goats, hogs, and feathered stock, when found trespassing on lands of any plantation or place..

The whole Act.

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16th October 1841... An Act to amend an Act of this Island, entitled

An Act for more speedy remedy in
“ distresses taken damage feasant and
“ trespasses done by horses, cattle, and
“other living chattels.

The whole Act.


Date of Act.

Title of Act.

19th March 1836...

20th June 1878.

AnAct for the prevention of petty trespasses

to lands and premises..

The whole Act.


(Assented to 28th March 1891.
An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts

of this Island relating to the superinten-
dent of public works.
E it enacted by the Governor, Council

and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same, as follows :

Short title. 1. This Act may be cited as “The Superintendent of Public Works Act, 1891."

2. It shall be lawful for the Governor, as Appointment of often as may be necessary, to appoint a fit Superintendent of and proper person to be superintendent of public works. public works, the person so appointed shali be paid a salary at the rate of six hundredi pounds per annum, and such person so appointed shall not hold any other office or situation, or engage in any other business or calling wbatsoever.

3. The services of the superintendent shall be at the disposal of every department of the colony, entrusted with the erection of public works and buildings, without any additional charges in excess of his salary ; and he shall prepare for such departments. Duties of Superplans, specifications, and estimates for new intendent with reworks and buildings to be undertaken, and gard to Public

Works for alterations and improvements and repairs to existing public works and buildings, and he shall superintend and inspect all such public works and buildings, and see that the erection, alteration, improvements and repairs of the same are faithfully carried out; and he shall see that all contracts entered into in

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