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act, shall, nevertheless, be beld responsible for the holding of the inquest.

Inquest, where held. 3. The Coroner within whose jurisdiction Inquest to be held there shall be lying any dead body, upon where body lies

dead. which an inquest ought to be holden, shall hold the inquest notwithstanding that the cause of death did not arise within the jurisdiction of such Coroner. And in the case of any dead body found, or of any person dying at sea, or in cases of death occurring

Provision in cases on board any ship or vessel in Carlisle Bay, of death at sea or in or in any other of the shipping ports of this Carlisle Bay. Island, under circumstances which make an inquest necessary, such inquest shall be holden by the Coroner having jurisdiction in the place where the body shall be first brought to la:żd. Proceedings in cases of murder or

slaughter 4. (1) Every Coroner upon inquisition Duty of Coroners before him taken, whereby any person shall be indicted for manslaughter or murder, oras an accessory to murder before the fact shall put in writing the evidence given to the jury before him, or as much thereof as shall be material, and shall have authority to bind by recognizance all such persons as know or declare any thing material touching the said manslaughter, or murder, or the said offence of being accessory to murder to appear at the next Court ofGrand Sessions at wbich the trial is to be, then and there to charged, and shall certify and subscribe

give evidence against the party zances, and also the inquisition before him


prosecute or

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taken, and skall deliver the same to the Clerk of the Crown ten days (at the least) before the openiug of the Court.

(2.) In any case in which a Coroner's In cases of manslaughter bail

jury shall have found a verdict of manbe taken.

slaughter against any person, it shall be lawful for the Coroner, before whom the inquest was taken, to accept bail, if he shall think fit, with good and sufficient sureties for the appearance of the person so charged with the offence of manslaughter, at the next Court of Grand Sessions, to be holden in this Island ; and thereupon such person if in custody of any officer, under a warrant of commitment issued by such Coroner, shall

be discharged therefrom. Form of recogni. (3.) In every case in which any Coroner zances when bail so shall admit any person to bail, he shall cause taken.

recognizances to be taken in the Form given
in schedule A to this Act, and shall give a
notice thereof to every person so bound, and
shall return such recognizances to the next
ensuing Court of Grand Sessions.
Medical evidence and post mortem cxami-


Coroner empower

5. (1) Whenever upon the summoning or ed to summon holding of any Coroner's inquest in this Ismedical witness and land, it shall appear, to the Coroner and the direct post mortem

greater number of jurymen sitting at the examination.

inquest, necessary or expedient that medical testimony should be given regarding the death of the deceased, it shall be lawful for the Coroner to issue his order or summons for the attendance of the medical practi. tioner who attended the deceased person, during his or her last illness, or any other duly qualified medical practitioner as to the

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Coroner shall seem meet, as a witness at such inquest ; and it shall be lawful for the Coroner either in his order or summons for the attendance of the medical practitioner, or at any time between the issuing of such order or summons and the termination of the inquest, to direct the performance of a postmortem examination by such medical witness

(2.) Whenever any post-mortem exami- Coroner or majornation shall have been made in pursuance of ity of jurymen may this Act, and it shall appear expedient to request an analysis the Coroner and the greater number of jurymen sitting on the inquest, that an analysis of the contents of the stomach or intestines should be made, it shall be lawful for the Coroner to issue his order requiring the medical practitioner who made the post-mortem examination, or some other duly qualified person to make an analysis of the contents of the stomach or intestines of the deceased, and to give evidence concerning the same.

(3.) Nothing in this Act shall necessitate Nothing in this the summoning of or attendance of any medical

Act to necessitate

evidence medical man, for or at any Coroner's inquest when unnecessary. where the Coroner and jury are both satisfied that the cause of death is sufficiently accounted for without having recourse to medical testimony

Fee for medical (4.) Àny medical practitioner attending a

witness. Coroner's Inquest, for any of the purposes aforesaid, in obedience to any order or summons as aforesaid, of the Coroner, or any medical practitioner, or other person who, in obedience to any order of a Coroner, shall have made an analysis as aforesaid, and shall have given evidencé concerning the same, shall be entitled to receive such remuneration or fee as is mentioned in schedule B,

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to this Actaunexed, such remuneration or fee to be paid from the public treasury by warrant of the Governor-in-Executive Committce upon a certificate of the Coroner holding the inquest ; Provided always and be it enacted that whenever an inquest shall be bolden on the dead body of any person who has died in any public hospital or infirmary, or in any building or place belonging thereto, or used for the reception of patients thercof, or in any prison, house of correction, lunatic asylum, or other publie institution having a medical officer attached thereto, then and in such case nothing herein contained shall be construed to entitle the medical officer whose duty it may have been to attend the deceased person as a medical officer of such institution as aforesaid, to the fees or remuneration herein provided, save and except such medical officer shall have been called upon to make, and shall have made an analysis of the contents of the stomach or intestines of the deceased, when he shall receive such fee or remuneration, as he may be entitled to under this Act, for making such analysis and giving evidence thereon.

Jurors and witnesses, Penalty for not 6. If any person duly summoned as obeying Coroner's juror or witness to give evidence upon any summons or failing Coroner's inquest, or duly warned to appear to attend.

at any adjournment thereof, shall not, after being openly called three times, appear and swear or solemnly affirm, when by law an affirmation in lieu of oath is allowed as such juror, or appear and give evidence on such inquest, every such Coroner shall be empowered to impose such fine upon every per

son so making default as he shall think fit, not exceeding fifty shillings. And every such Coroner "sball, with all convenient speed, make out and sign a certificate containing the name and surname, the residence and trade or calling of every such person so making default, together with the amount of the fire imposed, and the cause of such fine, and shall cause a copy of such certificate to be served



person so fined, by leaving it at his residence twenty-four Duty of Coroner hours before proceeding as hereinafter men- in cases of default. tioned. And such Coroner shall, unless the party in the meantime offer some sufficient excuse for his absence, transmit such certificate to the police magistrate for the district in which such defaulter shall reside; and the police magistrate, upon proof of the service of the copy of such certiticate as Police Magistrate aforesaid, shali immediately issue iti execu

to receive certificate

of default. tion under his band, and the same shall be levied, and sball be paid to Her Majesty: her heirs and successors for the use of the Island. Provided always that nothing bere

Proviso. in contained shall be construed to affect any power now by law vested in the Coroner, for compelling any person to appear and give evidence before him on any inquest or other proceeding, or for punishing any person for contempt of Court in not so appearing and giving evidence, or otherwise.

Contempt of Court. 7. If when an inquest is being holden any Contempt of Court. person shall wilfully insult the Joroner holding the same, or shall commit any other contempt of Court, it shall be lawful for such Coroner either to direct such person to be removed from the Court or place in which

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