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27th December 1744. An additional Act to the Act entitled “An Act for preventing excessive gaming”

The whole Act.

5th July 1748..

An Act for the more effectually preventing of excessive and deceitful gaming.

The whole Act.

22nd July 1842.

An Act to provide a summary remedy against

the practice of gambling

The whole Act.


(Assented to 28th February 1891.) BARBADOS. An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts

of this Island relating to weights and




E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same as follows ;

Short Title. 1. This Act may be cited " The Weights and Measures Act, 1891

Inspector. 2. An Inspector of weights and measures who shall also be Clerk of the Market shall be so appointed and enter into such bond as is provided by “ The Market and Butchers Act, 1890.”

Standurds. 3. Whereas the standard as to weights and superficial measure is the same in this Island as in the United Kingdom, but the standard measure of capacity is less than the standard measure of capacity in the United Kingdom, the former being two hundred and thirty one cubic inches to the gallon, while the latter is two hundred and seventy-seven cubic inches and two hundred and seventy four one thousand parts of a cubic inch; The standard of weights and measures

Standard of as at present established in this Island shall weights and meacontinue to be used, and all articles sold by sures. weight shall be sold by Avoirdupois weight, except gold, silver, platina, diamonds and


other precious stones, wbich articles and

no others may be sold by Troy weight. Weights and mea- 4. The Inspector of weights and meabures to be kept at sures shall

, at the public expense, keep, in the Towns by the the public market in the City of Bridgetown, Inspector.

in Speights Town, in Hole Town and at every police station and supply every Inland Revenue Officer with one bushel, one half-bushel, one peck, one gallon, one halfgallon, one quart, one pint, one gill and one half-gill measure, according to the present standard, marking the same with the letter B, and taking care that the bushel and halfbushel be inade with two narrow strips or pieces of iron fixed on the top or brim of

hem crossing each other at right angles in the centre, and he shall also at the public expense keep in every one of the places aforesaid and furnish to every one of the offices aforesaid according to the standard aforesaid, and marked with the letter B, one cloth yard, and a set of weights, that is to say, a weight of fifty-six pounds, one of twenty-eight pounds, one of fourteen pounds one of seven pounds, one of four pounds, one of two pounds, and a weight of one pound, and one of half a pound, and one of a quarter of a pound, under a penalty of twenty pounds.

Marking of weights &c. Persons using

5. Every person using steel-yards scaleweights and mea. beams or balances, cloth-yards, weights and sures to cause them measures, shall cause the same to be viewed, to be marked by the examined, and marked by the Inspector, Inspector as herein who is hereby required to mark the same

with the letter B, taking care that the bush-
el and half-bushel measure are made in the
manner before mentioned, and that such

ures, &c.

steel yards, scale beams, or balances are perfect, and taking for marking each steel yard, cloth yard, scale beam, or balance, threepence, and for each weight and measure, threepence, and no more, to be by him paid to the Treasurer of the Island for the public uses; and if any person appointed Inspector shall mark or give allowance unto, Penalty on Inor knowingly and wilfully suffer to be used spector for breach of any bushel or half-bushel not made in the duty, in marking

weights and meamanner aforesaid, or any steel yard, scale beam, or balance, cloth yard, weight or dieasure, other than according to the said standard, or shall, upon reasonable request or warning, refuse to mark or give allowance unto such steel yard, scale beam, or balance, cloth yard, weight or measure, as are according to the said standard as aforesaid, or being paid such sum or sums for such allowance as aforesaid, or shall exact or receive more than the said sum or sums, then the said Inspector shall forfeit for

every such offence five pounds. And if any person shall sell any corn, grain Persons selling (except Guinea or Indian corn in the ear articles by other or stalk, or, peas, beans or other pulse in than standard the busk, which shall be sold by weight at weights and meathe rate of seventy four pounds to the ked vs herein, incur bushel,) or other articles usually sold by a penalty. the bushel, by any other bushel or halfbushel than that which is agreeable to the standard aforesaid, and made and marked as aforesaid, or shall keep, sell, or buy with any steel yard, scale beam, or balance, cloth yard, weight or measure, except it shall be equal to the above standard, and marked in manner aforesaid by the said Inspector, he shall forfeit the value of the goods sold by such steel yard, scale heam, or balance,

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cloth yard, weight, or measure, and likewise a sum not exceeding ten pounds nor

less than ten shillings. Lime to be sold 6. It shall not be lawful for any person by the bushel tuh to sell or offer for sale any wbite or building stamped.

lime, by any other measure than that of a bushel tub, bearing the stamp of the Clerk of the Market, which said Clerk of the Market is hereby authorized and required to stamp all such bushel tubs as may be produced to him by any person for that

purpose. Under a penalty 7. If any person shall sell, or offer for of 51.

sale, white or building lime in any other measure or vessel than a legally stamped bushel tub, such person shall, for every such offence, be liable to a penalty not exceeding

five pounds. Inspector, how to

8. The Inspector of weights and meaaccount with the Treasurer, and pen

sures shall, on the first Monday in every alty for neglect, &c month, or oftener if thereto required by

the Treasurer, give and render in upon oath, a true, exact, and perfect account in writing under his hand, of all the moneys which he shall to such time have received for the marking of the aforesaid weights and measures, under and by virtue of this Act, mentioning particularly in such account, the times when and the persons' names from whom the said moneys were received, and pay over to the Treasurer all moneys so received by him ; and in case of neglect or refusal so to do, on complaint made by the Treasurer to a Police Magistrate, such Inspector may be examined on oath touching such moneys, and may be fined by such Police Magistrate not exceeding fifty pounds, to be paid into the treasury for the public uses,

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