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LILLY & WAIT, AND CARTER & HENDEE, Boston; G. & c. & H. CAR-
Philadelphia; 3. LOCAS, JR. AND W. & J. NRALE, Baltimore; &
HALL, Norfolk; RICAARD D. SANXAY, Richmond; GALES & son,
AND TURNER & HUGHES, Raleigh; AND W. H. BERRET, Charleston



John C. Calhoun has resigned the office of Vice President of the UnitStates, and has been appointed a Senator from south Carolina, to bil in vacancy occasioned by the resignation of R. Y. Hayne.- page 33

Hugh L. White Senator from Tennessee, has been appointed President pro. tem. of the Senato. page 33

John Jay Langdon, has been appointed a Clerk in the Navy Departo ment in place of Richard H. Bradford.-page 135

An additional Land office has been established at Munroe, Michigan Territory, the appointments are

Levi S. Humphrey, Register, February 9, 1833
Dan. B. Miller, Receiver, February 9, 1833.

Note. The compensation of officers of the Customs, commencing Page 323, has been corrected for the last year, in a few instances only The statements exhibiting the actual amount received was not prepared, when it was necessary to publish this work.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1833, by Peter Force, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Columbia.

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332, 3354

President of the United States
13 Cost of the Public Lands

260 Vice President 14 Surveyors of Public Lands

261 Electors of President and Vice President 15 Registers of Land Offices

262 Votes for President and Vice Presi- Receivers of Public Muneys

262 de at. 1789-1833 18,19 Public Lead Mines

180 President's Message, Dec. 4, 1832 20-31

The CustomsThe Congress

31 Collectors of the Customs ; Surveyors; Senators

33 Naval Officers; Appraisers; with the R: presentatives from each State, with dates of their Commissions

318-323 the districts, where States are divided Table of Fees of officers of the Cusinto districts 34-40 toms

315-317 Comunittees of the Senate

41 Deputy Collectors, Inspectors, WeighConnittees of the House of Represen- ers, Gaugers, and Measurers, in each tatives 42 District of the several States

323 Others of the Senate

43 Light House Establishment-SuperintenOficers of the House of Representatives 43 dents and Keepers of Light Houses 264-268 Library of Congress 43-44 Floating Lights

268? Alphabetical list of Senators and Rep- Revenue Cutters - The station of each; resentatives

45,46 their officers, with the dates of their Pay of Members

45 commissions Table showing the commencement and

termination of each session, from the War Department-Secuetary's Office Re1st to the 22d Congress, inclusive; the quisiition, Pension, Indian, and Bounnumber of days in each session, with the ty Land Bureaus

114-115 Speakers, &c

47 General Staff of the Army-
Head Quarters

115 Department of State-Secretary's office 87 Adjutant General's Office

116 Patent Office 81 Engineer Department

117 Laws concerning patents 81, 82 Topographical Bureau

117 Con.nissioners for Claims on Denmark 82 Ordnance Department

117 Commissioners for Claims on France 82 Quartermaster's Department

118 Act for Adjustment of Claims on France 83 Purchasing Department

121 Connissioners for M-xican Boundary 84 Clothing Department

122 Acta:ad Treaty for fixing Mexican Boun- Pay Departinent

122 dary 84-86 Subsistence Department

123 Publishers of the Laws 87 Medical Department

124 Intercourse with Foreign Nations 149 Ministers, Consuls, and other Diplomatic

The ArmyAgents in Foreign countries 150–152 Origin of the Army of the Revolution 107 Privileges of Foreign Ministers in the Report of the Secretary of War 157-170 United States

152 Movements of the Army in 1832 170-174 Ministers, Consuls, Rec. of Foreigo Na- Recruiting

174 tions in the United States 153-155 Officers, &c. of Engineer Department, British Consular establishment 156 not in the Army List


Civil Engineers under Topographical Treasury Department83 Bureau

179 Report of Secretary, on the Finances 269–279 Operations of the Engineer DepartSecretary's Office


176-179 o.fices of the Ist and 2d Comptrol- Officers, &c. under the Quarter Master's ler

Department, not in Army list

175 offices of the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th Delaware Breakwater

173 Auditor

96-99 Militia, number in, and Apportionment Solicitor's Office

of Arms to, each State

180 Treasur:r's office

100 Register's office

101-103 Army List, containing a list of all the General Land office

103 Officers of the Army, with their Rank, Com nissioners for Private Land Claims and the dates of their Commissions, in Missouri


and the regiments to which attached. Act for adjustment of Land Claims in

Departments of the Army, Posts and Missouri

105 Arsenais with the names of permanent Corumissioners of Insolvency 106 Commanders and Sutlers

181-198 Act for the reliet of Insolvent debtors 105 Resignations, Deaths, &c., in 1832 193 Public Lands

257 Cadets attached to Army Register 193 Sales of Public Lands in 1831

257 Report of Buard of Visiters, Military Sales of Pubic Lands, and quantity and Acadeiny

195-199 value of, in each State in 1832 258, 269 Act organizing Ordnance Department 114 Donations of Public Lands 269 Act authorizing Mounted Rangers


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zvy Department

Gold and Silver imported and exported 256 Origin of the Navy, 1775

125 Gold and silver coined, 1821-1831 256 Secretary's Office

138 Secretary's Report

200-203 Receipts and ExpendituresBoard of Navy Commissioners • 136 Duties on Merchandise, imported in 1831 280 Ships in Cominission in 1832

208 Explanatory Statements in relation to Dry Docks .

Specific Dutjes

281-284 Vessels on the Stocks 212 Sales of the Public Lands 1831

257 Vessels in Ordinary

- 211 Receipts into the Treasury, in 1831 from Navy Stores, on hand

208) sources other than the Customs and Live Oak Frames

- 208
Public Lands

- 285 Pay of Marine Corps

214 Expenditures in 1831. Government of the Navy

• 214 Civil, Miscellaneous, and Foreign InOficers, Naval and Civil, employed in


• 286 Navy Yards 214-215 Military Establishment

287 Resignations, &c. in 1832 216 Naval Establishment

- 290 avy Register, containing a list of all the Publie Debt

292 Ofticers of the Navy; the dates of their Statement of the Nett Revenue in 1831 292 commissions and where stationed 217-228 Statement of the Public Debt Jan. 1, 1833 293 21, &c. of the Navy

225 Statsment of the Receipts and ExpendiMarine Corps 227 tures, and Appropriations

- 294 V. ssels of the Navy

- 228

Gommerce and NavigationGeneral Post Office.

Commerce of the United States, in 1831 295 Post Master General and Clerks 137, 138 Navigation of the United States, in 1831 295 Rates of Postage - 139 Commerce of each State, in 1831

• 296 Franking

140 Navigation of each State, 1830, 1831 298 Post Master General's Report - 244 Valne of all Imports into the United Pist Roads

248 States, in each year, from 1821 to 1831, Transportation of the Mail

245 inciusive, and whence imported, 298, 209 Rivenue of the Post Office

247 Value of all Exports from the United Postage Received, 1827-1832 2491 States, in each year, from 1821 to 1831,

inclusive, distinguishing Domestic The Judieiary

141 from Foreign Produce, and where exupreme Court 143 ported

300-303 District Courts

144 Quantity of American and Foreign TonCircuit Courts


nage, employed in the Foreign Trade Places and times of holding Courts 147 of the United States, in each year, Courts in the Territories

148 from 1821 to 1831, inclusive, distinCourts in the District of Columbia

148 guishing the Tonnage of each Country

304-305 Pensions

Value of the principal articles of ForAct regulating Navy and Privateer eign Produce and Manufacture, ImPension Funds

135 ported and Exported, in each year, Stocks of Navy Pension Fund 229 from 1821 to 1831, inclusive

306-307 Navy Pensioners

229 Quantity and Value of every description Privateer Pension Fund

229 of Goods, Warts, an Merchandise, Revolutionary claims

230 of the Growth, Pioduce, and ManufacRevolutionary Pensions

232 ture of the United States, Exported Revolutionary apd Invalid Pensioners 234 in each year from 1821 to 1831, inclu


308-312 The Indians

Quantity of the Principal Articles of FurIndian Affairs

235 eign and Colonial Merchandise imporIndiau Agents

235 ted into Great Britain, in 1828, distinSub-Agents

236 guishing the Quantity of each article Interpreters, &c.

236 Imported from the United States 3131 Negotiations with Indians,

237 Quantity and declared value of British Commissioners for treating with Indians 238 Produce and Manufactures, Exported Indian Civilization Fund

238 in 1828, distinguishing the quantity Indian S heols

239-242 and Value of Articles Exported to the Indian Annuities 243 Unit d States


PopulationThe Mint

Census of 1790

49 O cers of the Mint


50,51 Operations of the Mint


52,53 Rt ative value of Gold and Silver 251

54,55 Arican Coin exported


56,60 God and Silver in Bullion and Specie Total Population of each State, 1790,

48 mported in each year, from 1821 to 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830 1831, inclusive

252, 253 Census of 1836, showing the total PopuGud and Silver, Foreign, in Bullion ation, the Siaves, the Free Persons,

and Specie, exported in each year, and the Representative numbers of from 1821 to 1831, inclusive 254,255) each county in each state



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