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following subjects :-Algebra, including the Theory of Equations; Analytical Geometry; the Differential and Integral Calculus; Theory of Probability ; Statics and Dynamics ; Hydrostatics; Hydraulics and Pneumatics; Heat; Electricity and Magnetism ; Optics; Plane Astronomy; Physical Astronomy.

The Examination in the third Branch shall be left to the discretion of the Examiners.


Examinations for Certificates of Proficiency shall be instituted in the following subjects :-Architecture; Civil Engineering; Chemistry; Botany; Geology and Mineralogy; Zoology; Geography, Political and Physical; Nasi. gation and Hydrography.

VOLUNTARY THEOLOGICAL EXAMINATION. The Examination shall take place once a year.

No Candidate shall be admitted to this Examination unless he have previously obtained the Degree of B.A. in this University.

The Examination shall be conducted entirely by means of Printed Papers. Each Examiner shall have the power of putting a Veto upon any question.

No question shall be put to any Candidate bearing upon any doctrinal point disputed between Christians and Christians, and no question shall be so put as to require an expression of religious belief on the part of the Candidate.

No answer or translation given by any Candidate shall be objected to on the

ground of its expressing any peculiarity of doctrinal views.

Candidates shall be examined in the following subjects:-1. The Hebrew Text of the Book of Genesis ; 2. The Gospel of St. Luke; 3. Paley's Evidences, Butler's Analogy; 4. Scripture History.

Candidates who shew a competent knowledge in any two out of the four subjects of Examination shall be approved by the Examiners.

The Examination shall take place on Tuesday and Wednesday in the week following the conclusion of the Examination for Honours in Classics; in the morning, from ten to one, and in the afternoon, from three to six.

In the course of the following week, the Examiners shall publish a list of the Candidates who have passed.

The Candidates shall be divided into three classes according to their proficiency, and alphabetically arranged in each class; and books to the value of five pounds shall be awarded to each of the first class.

A further Examination shall be instituted in the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament, the Greek Text of the New Testament, in the Evidences of the Christian Religion, and in Scripture History, for those who have passed this Examination at least two years previously.”

[It will be very interesting to see papers for a theological examination so drawn up as not even to bear upon any point disputed among Christians, or to require an expression of religious belief on the part of the candidate. One can hardly imagine how it can be contrived.—ED.]




Absolution, on the, xiv. 788
Altar and Sacrifice, xui. 40
Altar, the term, xiv. 545
Analecta Theologica, Mr. Trollope's, xiii.

279, 418
Ancient Authors, Dr. Wordsworth on their

publication, with English Notes, xiii. 244
Assessments, Parochial, xiv. 296
Assistance, an Offer of, xiv. 551
Athelstan, King, Copy of the

ospels in
Lambeth Library, xiv. 141
Austen, Mr., on Mr. Shaw Lefevre's Bill, xiv.

298, 521,654

Balaam, the Dwelling of, xii. 530, 653
Balls, Clerical Attendance at, xiii. 165, 536,

539; xiv. 26, 29, 30, 169, 283, 285, 309,

Baptism, xiii. 156
Baptismal and Communion Services, the Old

Lutheran, xiv. 125
Baptisms, Scotch, xiii. 646 ; xiv. 39, 541,545,

Barnabas, St., Remarks on the Epistle of, by

the Rev. W. Fitzgerald, xüi. 502
Benediction, Meaning of the, xii. 154, 416
Bibles, Popish, on Sir Charles Wolseley's Ac-

count of them, xiy. 762
Bishops, Suffragan, xiii. 48
Bread Monopoly, the, xiv. 136
Bull, Bishop, Extract from Nelson's Life of,

xiv. 171
Butler, Bishop, MSS. of, xiv. 768
Cathedral, the, xjïi. 654
Cathedral, St. David's, xiv. 304
Catholics, Controversy with Roman, xiv. 174
Catholics, Roman, in England, their inter-

course with the Eastern Church, xiv. 286
Chapels, on Marriages in, xiv. 772
Churches, Reverence to, xiii. 416
Church Fasting and Temperance Society, xiii.

Church Homage, the Term, xiv. 545
Church Matters, xiji. 77, 204, 337, 450, 567,

689; xiv. 99, 213, 347, 462,567, 707 ; Ad-
ditional Curates' Fund, xiii, 221 ; Additional
Curates, Society for the Employment of,
310; Bath Church-of-England Lay As-
sociation, 222; Birch, Dr., Petition of, xiv.
99; Braintree Case, Church Rates, xiij.
700 ; Brighton Herald, the, and the Stand-
ard, xiv. 318; British Critie, the, xiv. 219;
Brougham's, Lord, Education Bill, xiii. 90;
Chichester, Cathedral of, xiv. 219; Church
Commissioners, xiii. 337; Church, Condi-
tion of the, 204; Church of England, in
North America, 701; Church Rates-
Quakers, xiv. 580; Devon and Exeter

Schools, 462 ; Edinburgh Review_Church
Rates, xiii. 164, 213; Education, xiv, 217,
573; Education, National, xii. 234, 341,
450, 567 ; xiv. 466, 567, 707, 764 ; Cen-
tral Society of, and the Chapter of Canter-
bury, 575; Schemes, England, xii. 450,
567, 689; xiv. 567; Ireland, 461; Ember
Days, xiii. 212; Fraser's Magazine and the
Record, xiv. 460; General Private Prayer
Union, 220, 300, India, Idolatry in, 347;
Metropolitan University and Dr. Pye Smith,
xiii. 210; M‘Hale, Dr., 580; Mill, Dr., and
Bishop's College, 83; Address to, 84 ; Re-
ply to, 86; National System of Education,
Rev. J. Booker on, Letter III., 214; No-
vember 5th, Service for, 77; Alpha's Let-
ter, 81; Dr. Elrington's Letter on, 163;
Alpha's Reply to ditto, 270; Alpha on, 283;
Prisoners, Practs for, 579; Quakers—
Church Rates, xiv. 580; Rating Bill, Mr.
Shaw Lefevre's, 215; Registration and
Marriage Bills, xii. 223; Russell, Lord
John, Letter and Queries, xiv. 578, 688;
Services, Occasional, 100, 159 ; Society for
Promoting Christian Knowledge, 713; St.
Paul's,' throwing open of, xiii. 223; Wakes
and Festivals, xiv. 213
Church Preferment, Disposal of Higher, xii.

30, 139, 390, 512, 619; xiv. 12, 269, 383,

Church Rates, Mr. Perceval on, xiii. 521; Mr.

Goode's Reply to ditto, 636 ; Mr. Perceval's
Answer to Mr. Goode, xiv. 38 ; Mr. Goode's
Reply to Mr. Perceval's Answer, 153; Mr.
Perceval in Reply to Mr. Goode, 287 ; Mr.
Goode in Reply to Mr. Perceval, 400; Mr.

Swan on, 655
Churchwardens, on Dissenting, xiv. 792
Coddington, Mr., on Oxford Deacons, xiii.

Cologne, Conduct of the Archbishop of, xiv.

249, 378
Common Law, on the Meaning of the Term,

xiv, 761
Communion, Administration of, xii. 47;

Variations in the Order for the Adminis-
tration of, xiv. 774 ; Communion, Frequent,
xiii. 43; Service, Rubric of the, xiv. 778;

Presbyterian Mode of Administering, 779
Confirmation, Appendix to the Paper on, xiii.

654; xiv. 801
Conversion of John Thauler, a Dominican

Monk, xiii, 26, 129, 603 ; xiv. 5

Darenth, Waldenses in, xiv. 387
Dark Ages, Scripture Readers in, xiii, 133
David's, St., See of, in the Twelfth Century,

xiv. 422
Davison, Mr., MSS. of, xiv. 768

Davies, Mr., Answer to Questions, xii. 426,

Deacons, Office of, xii. 45 ; xiv. 786
Divinity, on Reprinting Standard Works on,

xiv, 796
Dominus Deus Noster Papa, xüi. 652 ; xiv.

37, 173, 425

Ecclesiastical Canons, Royal Prerogative in

making, xiii. 283
Ecclesiastical Historians, a Brief Account of,

xiii. 1, 113, 374
Ecclesiastical History, Sources of, xiii. 603;

xiv. 1, 131
Edinburgh Review, Church Rates, xiii. 164,

213; Mr. Goode's Reply to, 363, 492
Education, Central Society of, xiv. 685
Education, National, on, xix. 764
Egypt, Wilkinson's, xiv. 797
Ember Seasons, Observance of, xüi. 49; xiv.

32, 34
England, Waldenses in, xiv. 531
Episcopacy, Primitive, xiv. 782
Eucharist, Officiating Minister's Reception of,

xiji. 155
Exorcism, Puritan, xiv. 489, 743
Extreme Unction, Query relating to, xiv. 300,


Fathers, the, Rev. J. Medley's Remarks on

Mr. Cunningham's Speech, xiii. 645
Fifteenth Century, Devotional Writings of,

xiv. 257
Footpaths in Churchyards, on Stopping up,

xiy, 530
Fox, the Martyrologist, his Conduct in the

Frankfort Troubles, xii. 412
Frampton, Life of Bishop, xiv. 427
Froude, Remains of the late Rev. R. H., xiv.


Logic, Mr. F. W. Newman's Treatise on, xii.

Luke xxi: 32, True Interpretation of, sif.

Lutheran Baptismal and Communion Ser-

vices, the Old, xiv. 125
Lydd, Extract from Parish Register, xiv. 388
Magic, Egyptian, xiii. 37
Matthew xxiv. 34, Remarks on, xiv.
Maitland, Rev. S. R., Remarks on Fox's Acts

and Monuments, xiii. 12, 122, 254, 383,

Marriage, Bans of, Forbidden for Scandalous

Conduct, xiii. 533, 648 ; xiv. 45, 166 ;

Prohibition of, xiv.312
Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Fidelity of, xi.

Metcalfe, Mr., in Reply to Mr. Austen, xir.

Milton, Mr. St. John's edition of, xiv. 171
" Mother of God," on the title of, xiv. 678
Municipal Bill, Sale of church property under

the, xiv. 419
Music Meeting, Gloucester, xiv. S02
Nonjurors, intercourse with the Eastern

Churches, xiv. 415
Nuremburg, Diet of, xiv. 41
Occasional Services, xiv. 100, 159
Ordination, Presbyterian, Rev. J. C. Cros-

thwaite on Mr. Faber's views of, xiv. 398;
Mr. Faber's reply to, 532; Mr. Crosthwaite's

reply to Mr. Faber, 633; Primitive, 782
Ornaments of Ministers, xiv. 784.
Paris, Episcopal Church in, xiv. 416, 676
Parish-clerks, xüi. 424
Parsonage-bouses, Loans for, xiv. 39
Paulicians, the Rev. J. G. Dowling on Mr.

Faber's account of, xiv. 393; Mr. Faber's
reply, 532; Mr. Faber's Postscript, 642;

Mr. Dowling's reply to Mr. Faber, 645
Peter, St. 1 Epistle, ü. 19, Remarks on,

Pharisaism and Lay Teaching, xiii. 280
Pietas Londinensis, xiii. 263
Placards, Charity-Sermon, xiv. 426
Pope Julius III., Advice of the Bishops to, xiv.

Pope, Rev. Joseph Mendham on the Titles of,

xiv. 37
Popery and the Scriptures, xiv. 175
Popish Bibles, on Sir C. Wolseley's Account

of them, xiv. 762
Postage, High, Moral Effect on the Poor, xir.

Prayer, Bidding, xiv, 797; Daily, xüü, 43,

398; Extempore, xiv. 524; for Church Mili-

tant, omission of, xiv. 418, 769, 770
Prayers and Lectures, Week-day, xiv. 545
Private-Prayer Union, General, xiv. 220, 300
Prologues, Early Specimens of, xiv. 389
Protestant Dissenters' Catechism, Remarks on,

xiii. 20

Genesis, on Chapters x. xi., xiv. 528, 792
revea, Meaning of the Word, xiv. 790
Georgius Hamartolus, xiv. 176
Geraldine, a Tale of Conscience, xiii. 278
Gloucester Music Meeting, xiv. 303
Gospel, Doxology at the, xiii. 54
Gowns, on Preaching in, xiv. 785
Grassington in Craven, xiv. 424

Hebrew Typography, xiii. 651
Heresy, Tendency of some Modern Views to,

xiv. 794

Illegitimate Children, Churching after, xiv.

Questions, xiï.301, 542

Rabbinic Jewess, Social and Religious Condi-

Interference, Legislative, xiv. 47
Irish Language, Service in, xiii. 528

Jesuits, the, xiv. 681

Knox, John, xiii. 270

Lands and Tithes, Rating of, xiii. 403 ; xiv.

40, 294, 297, 298, 521, 647, 654
Leeds, Rev. Dr. Hook on Occurrences at,

xiv. 23
Legends, Popish, xiv. 369, 503
Letters on the Church of the Fathers, No.

XXI., xii. 148

tion of the, xiii. 483


Record Newspaper, the, xiii. 159, 406
Registers, Diocesan, xii. 424
Registration Bill, xiii. 635
Responses in Church, xiij. 424; xiv, 163, 164
Rome, Church of, appropriate Appellation of

its Members, xiii. 52
Rome, Church of, Church-of-England View

of, xiv. 550
Rome, Church of, Inquiry respecting, xiii. 535

A November Scene, xiii. 33; Christian Re-
serve, 34 ; Translations from Bunsen -
Christmas Hymn, 35; New Year's Hymn,
36; The Death of the Faithful Servant, 37 ;
Increase of Enemies of the Church, 145;
Pastoral Disappointment, ib.; Ministerial
Patience, 146; Psalm cxxiii., ib. ; The
Rising of the Floods, 147; Advent Hymn,
ib.; The Pastor's Helpmate, 267; Hope,
ib. ; Hymn from Bunsen's Gesang-und-
gebet-buch, 269; Heavenly Signs, 398;

The Voyage of Life, 400; The Watchman
of the City, ib.; An Image, ib. ; Hymn
from Bunsen for Lent, 401; Ideal Anticipa-
tions, 518; To a Robin, 520; A Church-
man's Private Meditations, 623; Passion-
week Hymn, 625 ; Easter Hymn, ib.; The
Country Pastor- The Return, xiv. 16;
Death of the Infant, 17; To a Lost Child,
ib.; Bereavement, ib.; Consolation, 18; A
Churchman's Private Meditations--A Walk
to the Sea, 18; A Waking Thought, 19;
The Aged Parishioner, ib.; Holy Martyrs,
21; Hymn from Bunsen's Collection, 21;
The Country Pastor- The September Noon,
147; The October Night, 148; A Novem-
ber Storm, ib.; A December Night, ib.; A
Thought from Mr. James Bonnel, 149; An
Evening after a Snow Storm, ib.; Reflec-
tion on the same, ib.; A Christmas Hymn,
150; Ode to the Church Catholic, 151 ; The
“Blessed Reformatian" of 1644, 279; Pri-
mitive Discipline, 280; The Solitary Wor-
shipper, 281; The Return of Prayers, 281;
The Watchman, 282; The Will of the
People, 283; The Voice of Waters, 390 ;
Hymn from the Latin, 391 ; Lines to a
Lady on Miles Coverdale, 392; Futurity,
ib.; An Antheme or Prayer for the Preserua-
tion of the Church, the Queene's Maiestie,

and the Realme, 393; A Song of Reioysing
for the Prosperous Reigne of our Most Gra-
tious Soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth,
394; The Patience and the Faith of the Saints,
511; Psalın xlii., ib.; Via Pacis,” 512;
Sonnet en Petra, ib.; Translation of Latin
Hymns —“Pulsum supernis Sedibus,” 513;
"Quod lex adumbravit vetus," ib.; “Unus
bonorum fons, Deus, omnium,” ib.; Jour-
ney of the Israelites, 630; Railway Sonnets,

632; “Let there be Light," ib.
Services, the Special, xiii. 418
Smith, Dr. Pye, and the Examinatiou in the

Greek Testament, xiii. 526
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,

Essex Memorials to, xiii. 271, 627
Sodor and Man, See of, xiii. 53
Sponsors, Offices of, xiii. 157
Sunday Wake, Exposition of, xiv. 690
Sunday Wakes and Feasts, xiii. 50
Taylor, Bishop, Genuineness of his Contem-

plations on the State of Man, xiv. 302, 416
Tewkesbury Church, xiv. 622
Thauler, John, a Dominican Monk, Conversion

of, xiii. 26, 129, 608 ; xiv. 5
Thoulouse, Mr. Maitland on the Council of, by

Mr. Evans, xiii. 291 ; Mr. Maitland's reply

to ditto, 298; Canon of, 415, 531
Times, Talk of the, xiv. 9, 737
Timothy, 1, vi. 13, Remarks on, xiv. 689, 737
Tithe Property, Archdeacon Wollaston on its

Assessment to the Poor-rate, xii. 246
Tithes, xiv. 419; Commutation of, xii. 253,

524; Rating of, xiii. 403, xiv. 40, 294, 297,

298, 521, 647, 654, 758, 760
Tracts, Importance and Mode of Circulating,

xiv. 799
Tradition, xiv. 514, 670
Typography, Hebrew, xiii, 651
Vestments, Ecclesiastical, xiv. 784
Voltaire, xiv. 266, 498, 617
Waldenses, History of, xiv. 538; in England,

xiv. 531, 753
Week-day Prayers and Lectures, xiv. 548
Wills, New Form of, xiii. 54
Wilson, Bishop, Memoranda, xiv. 680
Wycliffe M. S. in Trinity College, Dublin, xiv.


[blocks in formation]

Bennett, Rev. J.E: Sermons on Miscellaneous

Subjects, xiv. 58
Bevan, Dr. : The Honey Bee, xiv. 190
Bible Quadrupeds, xiii. 321
Bickersteth, Rev. E.; Christian Fathers of

the First and Second Centuries, xiii, 542;
Christian Truth, xiv. 700; Letters of the
Martyrs, xiii. 67; True Strength of Mis-
sions, xiv. 565
Bickersteth, Rev. J.: Guide to the Church-

man, xii. 314
Billroth, Dr. G. : Commentary on the Epistle

to the Corinthians, xii. 311
Blessington, Countess of, Heath's Book of

Beauty, 1838, xii. 59

Bacon, T.: The Oriental Annual, 1839, xiv.

Bauer, Professor : The Theology of the Old

Testament, xiv. 189
Bell, T. : History of British Reptiles, xiii. 439

Facts, &c. in Geology, xiv. 809
Fallow, Rev. T. M,: The Order of Baptism,

xiv. 696
Finden's Ports and Harbours, xii. 68
Fletcher, Rev. J.: Christian Theology, xiv.

Font, A Voice from the, xiv. 809
Foster, Rev. C. : Apostolical Authority of the

Epistle to the Hebrews, xiv. 811
Freer, Rev. R. L.: Devotional Hymns, xiii. 56
Friendly Counsel to a Dissenting Parishioner,

xiii. 439
Fulford, Rev. F.: Course of Plain Sermons,

xii. 56; Interpretation of Law and the Rule
of Faith, xiv. 429

Golightly, Rev. C. P.: Look at Home, xüi.

Goodhugh, W.: Motives to the Study of Bi.

blical Literature, xiv. 813
Grant, Rev. J.: The Lord's Prayer in s

Poetical Version, xiii. 429
Gresley, Rev. W.: Portrait of an English

Churchman, xiv. 812
Gretton, F. E.; Introduction to the Transis-

tion of English Poetry into Elegiacs, &c.,

xiv. 813
Griesbach's New Testament, with the Various

Readings of Mill and Schotz, viii. 179
Hale, Rev. Mr.: Taylor's Holy Living and

Dying, xüi. 324
Hall, Bishop : The Peace of Rome, xiv. 698
Hampden, "Rev. Dr.: Correspondence with

Dr. Howley, xiii. 671
Hand-Book for Travellers in Switzerland, &c.,

ducive to the Prosperity of the State, xiii.

Dalton, Rev. W.: Plain Reasons for Attach.

ment to the Church of England, xiii. 171
Davenport, R. A.: History of the Bastile, xin.

Dick, Dr. T.: Celestial Scenery, xii. 309
Dowling, Rev. J. G.: Introduction to the

Critical Study of Ecclesiastical History, xiv,

Eagles, T.: Brendallah, a Poem, v. 550

S. : The Variations of Popery, xiv. 177
Ellis, Rev. W. W.: Sermons preached in St.

George's, Albemarle Street, xiv, 43
Elrington, Rev. Dr. : Letter to the Provost of

Trinity College on Education in Ireland,

xiv. 185
Esau, Mysterious and Prophetic History of,

xiii. 311
Essay on the Neo-Druidic Heresy in Britannia,

xiv. 812

Book of Botany, xiv. 62
Boyd, Rev. A. : Sermons on the Church, xiv.

Bread Monopoly, xiv. 429
Browne, J. B., Esq. : Thoughts of the Times,

xiii. 548
Browne, Rev. R. W.: The Daily Service, xüi.

Burgess, Rev. G. : Commentary on the Tithe

Commutation Act, xiii. 439
Burgess, Rev. R. : What may this National

Education be? xiii. 318
Burnett, C. M., Esq.: The Power, Wisdom,

and Goodness of God, as displayed in the

Animal Creation, xiv. 431
Burr, F.: Elements of Practical Geology, xiv.

Busby, S., Esq. : Lectures on English Poetry,

X111. 170
Butler, Rev. W. J. : Testimony of History to

the Scriptures, xiv. 303
Butt, Rev. T.: Sermons in the Parish Church

of Trentham, xiv. 433
Cameron, Rev. C. R. : Twenty-seven Paro-

chial Sermons, xiv. 810
Campbell, T. H., Esq.: Scenic Annual, 1838,

xili. 59
Capes, Rev. J. M. : Inquiry into the Use of

Church Authority, &c., xiv. 322
Carlile, Rev. W.: The True Church, xiv. 606
Caunter and Daniell's Oriental Annual, xiv.

Chalmers, Dr. T.: Lectures on the Establish-

ment and Extension of National Churches,

xiv. 563
Charlotte Elizabeth: Letters from Ireland, xiv.

703; The English Martyrology, xiii. 316
Clergyman, A : Practical Evils of Dissent, xiii.

Clissold, Rev. A.: Practical Nature of the

Writings of Swedenborg, xiv. 695
Cole, Rev. H. : Luther's Pope Confounded,

xiii. 434
Collection of Private Devotions on the Practice

of the Ancient Church, xüi. 660
Colquhoun, J. C., Esq.: The System of Na-

tional Education in Ireland, xiii. 178
Coinpanion to the Book of Common Prayer,

xiv. 695
Condensed Discourses, or Pulpit Helps, xiv.

Conversations on Nature and Art, xii. 430
Conversations on the Points of Difference be-

tween the Churches of England and Rome,

xiii. 318
Country Clergyman: Letters to the Rev. Syd-

ney Smith, xü. 551
Crauford, Rey. C. H.: The Law of the Mind

and the Law of the Members, a Sermon, xii.

Craufurd, G. W.: Examination Questions on

Butler's Analogy, &c., xiv. 810
Crosthwaite, Rev. J. C.: Archbishop Pot-

ter's Discourse of Church Government,
695; Order and Mission, a Sermon, xüi.

Crichton, Dr.: Scandinavia, Ancient and Mo-

dern, xiü. 546

xiv, 812
Hankinson, Rev. T. E. : The Communion of

Believers, xiv. 706
Harcourt, Rev. L.V.: Doctrine of the Deluge,

xiv. 698
Harness, Rev. W.: Parochial Sermons, siv.

Hart, Rev. R. : Purgatory, xiv. 694
Haverfield, Rev. T. T.: Sermons on Doctrine

and Practice, xiv. 435
Head, Sir G. : Home Tour through Various

Parts of the l'nited Kingdom, xï. 66

Dale, Rev. Thomas : National Religion Con-

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