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Mackenzie, Esq., of Montagu street, Port- the Rev. C. Thornycroft, of Tbornycroftman-square ; Rev. T. P. Holmes, minister hall, Cheshire ; Rev. W. c. R. Ray, of of the Chapel of Ease, Wisbeach to Miss Eastwood, to Elizabeth, d. of the late Rev. Kingston, d. of C. Kingston, Esq. ; Rev. T. Mills, v. of Bumpstead Helion, Essex ; W. Hartley, of Balderstone, Lancashire, to Rev. H. Atkinson, M.A., of Middleton Anne, only child of Mr. J. Hothersall, Tyas, Yorkshire, to Mary, d. of Mr. J. Kidspape; Rev. H. B. Carr, M.A., of Dresser, of Leeds ; Rev. J. S. LitchDunston-bill, Durbam, to Eliza, d. of J. field, M.A., of Trinity College, to Julia Ridley, Esq., of Park-end, Northumber Augusta, eldest d. of 'Q. H. Stroud, Esq., land ; Rev. G. B. Clare, p. c. of St. of Lansdowne-crescent, Bath ; Rev. E. George's, Wolverhampton, and of Sbares. P. Butler, to Jane, only d. of Mr. Holman, hill, Staffordshire, to Mary Jane, youngest of Sudbury; Rev. T. Burrows, of Jamaica, d. of the late J. Brearley, Esq., formerly to Elizabeth, d. of the Rev. W. Coultas; of New Inn Hall, Handsworth; Rev. S. R. Rev.C. W. Hudson, r. of Saundby, Notts, Waller, incumbent of Ettingsball, Staf- and of North Wheatley, in the same county, fordsbire, to Lucy, eldest d. of the Rev. to the Hon. Julia, third d. of the late C. R. Cameron, incumbent of Wombridge, Godfrey Bosville, Lord Macdonald ; Rev. Salop, and r. of Swaby, Lincolnshire ; Rev. W. Armitstead, p. c. of Garstang, LancaR. P. Hull, to Harriet, tbe elder d. of L. shire, to Agnes, d. of the late T. Bell, Esq., Slater, Esq., Peplow.ball; Rev. J. Mar. of Garstang ; Rev. J. Edwards, of Stoke shall, of St. Peter's, to Catherine, widow Gabriel, Devon, to Amelia Hamilton, of James Henderson, Esq., of Calcutta ; second d. of Mrs. Whitebead, of BabbiRev. H. Arkwright, tbird son of P. Ark combe ; Rev. T. Scavill, of Newton-cotwright, Esq, of Brock House, near Mat- tage, Gower, Glamorgan, to Miss Maria lock, Derbyshire, to Henrietta, eldest d. of Worsley, of Orange-grove, Bath.


N.B. The Events are made up to the 22nd of each Month.

TESTIMONIALS OF RESPECT TO CLERGY, Rev. J. R. Page, A.M., m. of Carlisle -Rev. H. Bloyds, vice-chairman of the Chapel, Lambeth, a handsome gown and Board of Guardians of the Martley Union, cassock, by the ladies of his congregation. Worcester, a handsome piece of plate, pre- Rev. W. D. Veitch, of Sopley, Hants, sented by the guardians.

a bandsome piece of plate, and two prayerRev. J. V. Field, late assistant c. of books, presented by his parishioners. Taunton, a superb tea-service, presented

BEDFORDSHIRE. by the parishioners.

Rev. J. Davies, r. of St. Clement's, BEDFORD, - A bazaar for the benefit of Worcester, a bandsome service of plate, the new church to be erected in St. Paul's presented by his parishioners.

parish took place on the end and 3rd of Rev. J. H. Burrows, of Ambersley, October. The sum of 8801. was received Worcestershire, a splendid silver tea-ser- at the stalls, which sum, deducting a few vice, presented by his parisbioners. pounds for incidental expenses, will be

Rev. G. W. White, minister of Netber- paid to the New Church Fund. The public ton, near Dudley, an elegantly bound is, we understand, indebted chiefly to Bible.

Mrs. Mesbam for the admirable arrangeRev. J. P. M Ghie, c. of Portsmouth, ments by which the stalls were disposed. a silver tea-service, presented by the Lady Tavistock, Lady Cbarles Russell, congregation.

Lady Ongley, Lady Sophia Tower, Lady Rev.J. Wilding, a bandsome present of Jane Pyin, the Misses Inglis, Mrs. plate, presented by the inbabitants of Edwards, of Henlow, Miss Golburn, Cheam, Surrey:

Mrs. Mesbam, and Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Rev. C. Hudson, late c. of Trowell and with Miss Brereton, presided at the Cossall, a bandsome silver tankard and stalls. The sum of 181. was received salver, presented by the inhabitants. at a fruit-stall, wbich was kindly kept for


the two entire days by Mrs. Dines, Mrs. the consecration at the boly altar. A very Freshwater, and Mrs. Lovelidge.- North. interesting and appropriate sermon was ampton Herald.

preached by the bisbop, and a collection BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

(wbich amounted to upwards of 801.) was

afterwards made, for the purpose of build. In the course of confirmations lately held

ing a Sunday-school, to be attached to the by the Bishop of Lincoln, in Buckingbam.

church. sbire, Hertfordshire, and Leicestershire,

CORNWALL. 11,571 persons have been confirmed by

Roche.—The Rev. C. Lyne, ebe Forbim, being a considerable increase, compared with the number upon any former

thy rector of this parish, lately entertained

the cbildren of bis parishioners, amountoccasion.-Bucks Herald.

ing nearly to two bundred, all of whom CHESHIRE,

attended his Sunday and week-day scbool, CONSECRATION OF Christ ChurCII,

with a plentiful dinner, consisting of good Eccleston.-(Prom a Correspondent.)

old English fare-beef, mutton, and pud. On the 10th of October, the Lord Bishop

ding. A sheep was slaughtered for the of the diocese consecrated a new church at

occasion. After the repast, the reverend Eccleston, in the parish of Prescot, built

gentleman awarded to each pupil an approin great part, and wholly endowed, at the priate prize. The day-school is condacted expense of Samuel Taylor, Esq., of Eccles

under bis constant inspection, and at bis ton Hall. The cburch is a neat Gothic

sole expense.-Western Luminary. edifice, adapted for the accommodation of

At a late vestry of the parishes of St. 600 persons, and is fitted up in the interior Anne, St. Agnes, and St. John Zachary, in a manner much superior to the great

a rate of 2s. 6d. in the pound was promajority of modern churches, and in a style posed and cheerfully assented to, in order which reminds us of the pious care be

meet the expense of repairing the slowed by our forefathers on the decora.

church.-Ibid. tion of God's house. The ceiling is en

DERBYSHIRE. tirely of oak, in panel work, and the prin- The anti.churcb-rate party in Chestercipal timbers, which are left open to the

field have been utterly defeated in their sigbt, are enriched with carvings and pen.

endeavour to evade the usual churcb-rate dants. The front of the gallery, the en- for that town. The following is the result closure of the altar, and the holy table of the polling :-For the rate, 566; against itself, as well as the panels of the doors, it, 380; majority, 186.—Derby Mercury. are all of ancient carved oak, descriptive of sacred subjects. The pulpit and read

DEVONSHIRE. ing desk are also of carved oak, the former, The Rev. J. Hatcbard is engaged in a very ancient one, removed from St Sa

taking active measures for building a new viour's, Southwark, during the recent al. cburch in the parish of St. Andrew, Plyterations. We understand that Mr. Taylor mouth. The towns of Plymouth, Devonhas been his own architect; and every port, and Stonebouse, comprise a populaportion of the building seemed to indicate, tion of 80,000 persons, whilst in the not only a correct acquaintance with the churches there is not accommodation for principles of the noble art, but a most ju- more than 12,500 persons, leaving 67,500 dicious application of them to the devout persons wholly unprovided for. Of this purpose for which the building is designed. number, the parish of St. Andrew, with a In the window of the chancel are three population of 20,000, has sittings for only paintings in stained glass representing 4300, and of these 800 are in the Mariners' Faith, Hope, and Charity, copied from the church and the Hoe chapel, which being originals by Sir Joshua Reynolds, in the only licensed rooms, may at any time be window of New College, Oxford; and an closed. Her majesty's commissioners for excellent London-built organ, to play with building churches have made a grant of barrels or keys, as occasion may require. 10001. The Incorporated Society for A great number of clergy were present on Church Building contributes 5001., and the occasion (those of the parish in sur

the Diocesan Society at Exeter, 500l.; plices), and the church was crowded with a the two members of the southern division most attentive congregation. We were

of the county of Devon-Sir J. B. Y. much struck, in one part of the service, Buller, 1001., and M. E. N. Parker, Esq., with the effect produced by the clergy 251. Several of the inhabitants of kneeling, in their ecclesiastical babits, on town and neighbourhood have also put the pavement of the cbancel, encircling down their names for various amounts.the bishop, who was saying the prayer of Plymouth Herald.

APPLEDORF, --The chaste and band- the chapelry, now the parish of St. Mary's, somely-erected chapel of ease at Apple- Great Ilford, who reside in the northern dore, called St. Mary's chapel, was on districts on the borders of the forest, and September 25tb consecrated by the Bi- who were obliged to attend divine service shop of Exeter. His lordship preacbed at so far as Ilford chapel, or St. Mary's new Bideford church on Sunday, confirmed church, in the Romford road, but wbo will about 470 young persons there on Mon. now be spared that inconvenience. day, and returned to Moreton, from whence be arrived at Appledore about

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. eleven o'clock on Tuesday, accompanied by

The inhabitants of Cheltenbam have, in bis lady, bis chaplains, the Rev. Messrs. the most delicate manner, taken advantage Bartholomew and Philpott (his lordship’s of the absence of the Rev. Mr. Close, their son), Ralph Sanders, Esq., the bishop's vicar, to buy for him, by subscription, the registrar, &c. The service of the day new bouse he had lately selected for bis was read by the Rev. T. H. V. Mill,

residence, and they intend, on bis return, vicar of Northam, and the bishop preached to present him with the title-deeds. Among an excellent and appropriate sermon from

the subscribers are a great many dissenters, 2 Chron. vi. 18. The subscriptions at the

with whom he is deservedly popular.. door exceeded 1001. A numerous body

Cheltenham Chronicle. of the clergy attended.-- Western Times.


with much pleasure that the excellent and DURHAM.

munificent Dr. Warneford, Rector of On the 25th of September the Lord Bishop Bourton-on-the-Hill, bas expressed his deof Durbam consecrated the new church at termination to give 5001. to each of the Sockburn. Mr. Blackett, being desirous five following churches, the building of to consult the convenience of bis tenantry which has been undertaken by the Glougenerally, has erected a neat church, to cester and Bristol Diocesan Church Buildserve instead of the ancient pile close to bis Association ; viz., White's Hill, in Stroud ; bouse, which was with difficulty accessible Longford and Twigworth, near Gloucester; to the parishioners, especially in the winter Leckhampton, near Cheltenham; Hillesley, season.-Durham Advertiser.

in Hawkesbury; and Cinderford, in the The Rev.J. W. Minton, the minister of Forest of Dean ; upon condition that the Darlington, and his brother, bave given appointment of tho several ministers of the very handsome sum of 20001. towards these churches shall be in the hands of the the endowment of the new church at that bishop of the diocese. place.- Esser Herald.

At the Petty Sessions held at North
Shields on the end of October, the Rev.

The foundation stone of a new chapel Henry Warkman, at the instance of Mr. T. bas been laid at Anfield, in the parish H. Pyle, registrar of births and deaths for of Hursley, Hants, on wbicb occasion the parish of Earsdon, was bound over to an appropriate service was performed appear at the next general quarter ses

by the Rev. John Keble. The building sions of tbe peace, to be held at Alnwick,

will be erected at the expense of Sir W. to answer such bill of indictment as shall Heathcote, Bart., M.P., on a piece of be preferred against hiin for a misdemea- ground munificently presented to the nor in refusing to comply with the act parisb by the worthy baronet. Wbite, for the registration of births and deaths. Esq., of Anfield, bas liberally contributed - Newcastle Journal.

to its endowment.–Salisbury Herald. ESSEX.

HEREFORDSHIRE. THE BISHOP or London's Visitation. HEREFORD.-The Rev. Edmund Hol-- On the 15th of October the Lord Bishop land, in addition to a former liberal donaof London beld a visitation of the clergy tion of 501., bas forwarded the sum of of the district at Chelmsford church. The 100l. towards the expense of the late improceedings commenced at half-past 11, provements in St. Peter's church ; tbere prayers being read by tbe Rev. C. A. St. is still a debt of 2501, due for the alter. John Mildmay; and a very appropriate ations.—Hereford Journal and impressive sermon was preached by A meeting of the committee and friends the Rev. J. Bramston, vicar of Baddow. of the Society for the Suppression of

The Marquis of Salisbury has subscribed Sunday Wakes was held at St. Peter's 501. towards the expense of building a new Reading-room, in Hereford, on the 10th church at Barking side, near the May- September. Several subscriptions from pole, for the use of those inhabitants of the laity and clergy were announced, and

tracts of a suitable character were sub- ing a knowledge of the gospel to tbe ends mitted for the approval of the committee, of the world. He had long felt that it was and will soon be in course of publication. a great reproach to the government of this A statistical account also of Sunday wakes country, that it had been guilty of a derein the diocese of Hereford will be pre- liction of its duty to its God, and be pared at the expense of the society.- feared that the consequence would fall Hereford Journal.

heavily on the nation if it any longer KENT.

neglected the spiritual destitution of those

who cried out for relief from every portion CANTERBURY. —Sept. 20th being the

of its extensive dominions. anniversary of the foundation of the King's

The archbisbop, in reply to a vote of College, the archbishop attended service

thanks for his taking the chair, concluded in the cathedral, when the Rev. Dr. Hos

by saying, that if they gloried in the name kin preached before bim. The rev. gen. of Christians, they were under the strongest tleman, in exhibiting the advantages de

obligations-nay, under the injunctions of rived to the community from the establish.

their blessed Master--to diffuse the ad. ment of such schools as that of the King's vantages of Christianity to their less forCollege, contrasted the pious and prudent

tunate brethren scattered through the disconduct of our ancestors with that of those

tant portions of the world. The meeting who are anxious to establish a system of

then separated. national education. After the service was

CHURCH-RATES AT MAIDSTONE. - A concluded, the archbishop, clergy, and cburch-rate for ibis parish was made, oa pupils, proceeded to the school-room, wbere the latter declaimed, and had the ception to complete unanimity, and un

26th Sept., with the slightest possible ex. prizes awarded to them.-Times.

accompanied by those beart-burning conSOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE

tentions by which this proceeding has on Gospel.–At Canterbury, on 21st Sept., a several occasions been distinguished.public meeting in behalf of this society

Maidstone Journal. was held at Barnes' rooms. His Grace

On 25th Sept., the new church which the Archbishop in the chair. The attend.

has recently been erected at Milkhouse, ance was numerous and respectable. The

near Cranbrook, was consecrated by his Rev. James Hamilton, one of the secreta.

Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. A ries, read the report of the society.

meeting was afterwards beld at Taylor's J. P. Plumptre, Esq., M.P., moved a

new room, at which bis Grace presided, ia resolution to the effect, That no boon

aid of the Society for Propagating the could be conferred by any nation on its

Gospel in Foreign Parts.--Kentisk Obcolonists of greater value than a knowledge of the gospel, and that this society there.

RAMSGATE.-A church-rate has been fore deserved their support, as it bad carried at Ramsgate, against a strong oplaboured for the last century and a half to

position, by a majority of 34. promote the Cbristian religion through the dependencies of the empire.

LANCASHIRE. The Rev. Dr. Russell said, that in Upper Lord Stanley, M.P., laid the first stone Canada, wbich was inhabited by about of a new church at Brayon, on the Srd of 500,000 persons, and which was equal in October. extent to England and Wales, there were Thos. Cooke, Esq., of Pendlebury, bas only sixty clergymen, while in England, offered to give two acres of land in that where there was every facility for travel- neighbourbood, and 2001. in money, for the ling, there are 15,000. The East and erection of a church, school, and clergyWest Indies also claimed their attention. man's bouse. Another munificent indiThey bad only one-fourth of a sufficiency of vidual, Robert Gardner, Esq., has also funds, and bad pledged themselves to an promised 2001. ; and several other gentleexpense of 40,0001., wbile their available men have most liberally offered to come income was only 13,0001.

forward in aid of the same cause. — Black. Lord Winchelsea moved tbe fourth re. burn Standard. solution,-That it must be a reproach to a MANCHESTER Free GRAMMAR SCHOOL, country so favoured by the Almigbty as - The first annual examination of this anBritain, to suffer the beneficent designs of cient institution took place on the 27th such a society as tbis to be crippled for and 28th of September. In addition to the want of means, and of general sympathy old classical scbool, the Free Grammar and exertion. He had long felt that the Scbool now comprehends two schools of highest privilege England could enjoy was English literature, as well as distinct the power which she possessed of extend schools for instruction in mathematics,


French, &c., each under a proper master.

New CHURCH At Bury – The cere. The whole number of pupils amounts, it is mony of laying the first stone of the new believed, to upwards of 400 ; and to as- church, now in the course of erection at certain their proficiency in their several the eastern extremity of the town of Bury, studies, the following gentlemen, who took place in the afternoon of the 3rd of are resident and actively engaged in October upon land given for the purpose tuition at the universities, bad been se- by the Earl of Derby. It is dedicated to lected as examiners: - tbe Rev. J. F. the Apostle Paul. The stone was laid by Isaacson, B.D., Fellow and Tutor of St. the Right Hon. Edward Geoffrey Lord Jobn's College, Cambridge ; the Rev. R. Stanley. The church will be capable of Greswell, B.D., Tutor and late Fellow of holding from 1200 to 1500 persons; and a Worcester College, and Public Examiner similar edifice will be erected at the southin the University of Oxford; and the Rev. ern extremity of the town of Bury, the J. Walker, M.A., Fellow and Mathema. excavations for which will be commenced tical Lecturer of Brazennose College. in the course of a few weeks. It will also After a long and searching examination, be built and endowed by subscription.the following were selected as most de. Bolton Chronicle. serving :- Mr. Simpson (son of Mr. C.

LEICESTERSHIRE. Simpson) and Messrs. Pedder and Mayor.

A meeting was held on the 5th of Oct. These exhibitions are of the value of 601.

at the County Rooms in this town, conper annum, tenable with any other scholarship, for four years, at any of the colleges Leicester, and who ably presided, for the

vened by the Venerable the Archdeacon of of Oxford or Cambridge ; and the present is the first occasion on which they have

purpose of forming a district society, in

aid of the incorporated Society for Probeen made objects of competition.

moting the Enlargement, Building, and SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE Repairing of Churches and Chapels. The Gospel in FOREIGN Parts.-On the 4th meeting was numerously attended. --Leiceof October, a meeting of the friends of ster Herald. this venerable society was held in the His Grace the Duke of Rutland and Town Hall, Manchester. The Rev. C. D. Earl Howe have respectively subscribed Wray, Fellow of Christ College, was in 1001. towards establishing a · District the chair. Amongst the company present Church Building Society” in Leicesterwere the following clergymen and laymen: shire, the society to be supported by volun. the Rev. G. Sergeant, Fellow of Christ tary contributions.—Leicester Journul. College ; Rev. R. Parkinson, Fellow of KEGWORTH.—The conflict in this parish Christ College ; Rev. H. W. M.Grath, for a church-rate had bitherto been avoided Rev. W. Huntington, Rev. N. W. Gibson, by a vestry meeting of the chief rateRev. H. Fielding, Rev. Joshua Lingard, payers only, the majority of wbom voted Rev. James White, Rev. G. Dugard, Rev. for the rate, and a poll, though called for, T. Corser, Rev. H. Stowell, "Rev. W. was not persevered in; but this year great Hutchinson, Rev. J. Cubitt, Rev. R. C. preparation was made for an opposition. Clifton, Rev. T. Hutchinson, Rev. R. The proceedings of one vestry baving been Wood, Rev. E, D, Jackson, J. F. Foster, set aside for informality, another was called Esq., R. Brandt, Esq., H. H. Birley, for Thursday, the 20tb of September, when Esq., &c. &c.

a sharp contest commenced. Before going Sr. John the Evangelist, Brough. to the poll, Mr. Dawson, late M.P. for the TON.—This church, having been painted county, addressed the meeting, and was and beautified, was re-opened for divine followed by the rector. A poll was ultiservice on the 30th of September, when mately demanded. The numbers were at sermons were preached, in the morning by the close of the poll on Thursday nightthe Rev. R. Parkinson, B.D., F.C.C., for the rate, 119; against it, 62 ; majority from Psalm v. 7; and in the afternoon by for the rate, 57. Of the spirit with which the Rev. Richard Wood, M.A., incum- the contest is conducted on one side, a bent, from 1 Chronicles, xxix. 13, 14; notion may be formed from the following after which the sum of 751. 10s. was col. atrocious note which was thrown into the lected in aid of the fund for defraying the premises of a respectable rate-payer; we expenses that have been necessarily in- give it literatim :-“ Mr. Morley as a friend curred, as well as to forward the com- I wish you not to powl for the church-rate pletion of the enclosure of the churchyard. for if you do you may expect your premises The congregation bad previously sub- to be set on fire Depend on it you will not scribed 13501. for the same objects. be safe in bed if you do.” At the close of Manchester Courier.

the second day's poll ( Friday) the numbers

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