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of duty, and having an income only of gentry, officers of the district, Sunday. 201., 301.

school teachers, and children, together To the same individual a special grant with several societies, &c., and proceeded

voted in November, 1837, was confirm. along tbe beautiful vale of Holme, towards ed, 801.

the site of the intended edifice. The stone Towards purchasing a house of residence was laid by the Rev. Lewis Jones, vicar of

for the curate of East Downton, (grant Almondbury.--Leeds Intelligencer. confirmed,) 501.


Netheravon, Wilts, 501. Towards rebuilding the vicarage bouse of Ripon bas procured from this society the

PULOUS PLACES. — The Lord Bishop of Bradpole, Dorset, 501.

following grants for the diocese of To the superannuated clerk of Somerford

Ripon :

£ Keynes, Wilts-special grant confirmed,


80 31.

Holbeck To the superannuated clerk of Buckland


80 Newton, Dorset, 31.


70 To the superannuated clerk of Milston,


80 Wilts, 31.


80 To the superannuated clerk of Orcheston


80 St. George, Wilts, 5l.Salisbury Herald.




80 New CHURCH At Home BRDIGE, IN Do. Christ Churcb

70 ALMONDBURY. — Monday, May 28th, was Huddersfield, St. Paul's 80 the day fixed for the laying of the founda- Dacre

65 tion stone of St. David's church, in the above parish. Divine service commenced


995 at ball-past ten in Holmfirth church. The We hope that a society by which the Rev. Lewis Jones, vicar of Almondbury, parish of Leeds is so greatly benefited preached an appropriate sermon on the oc- will receive the support it deserves from casion, from Lev. xix. 30, “ Reverence the more wealthy inbabitants of the town, my sanctuary.” Immediately after the and that steps will be taken to make its service in the church, a very large proces- usefulness more generally known.- Leeds sion was formed, consisting of the clergy, Intelligencer.

[blocks in formation]

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The Editor must beg many correspondents of recent date to excuse his not noticing them this month, for, to say the honest truth, the necessity of having the Magazine finished four days before the usual time, in consequence of the Coronation, has taken him by surprise; and he trusts that the readers will be charitable to any instances of haste which they may discover in the present No. on the same grounds. He would take this opportunity, however, of making one general remark. He has in several cases lately received letters, begging that the “ very weak” letter on such or such a subject may be answered. Now it would really seem to him that it is of very little matter whether a very weak letter is answered or not. But he would beg to say distinctly, that the object of the Correspondence department has always been to facilitate communications and discussions among churchmen—not to elicit letters on which the managers of the Magazine may comment, or to which they may reply. Certainly, the letters which appear are of very different value and merit. Editor never rejects letters for which room can be found, (an exception, by the way, which has unluckily excluded some very valuable, but very long ones,) unless there is something obviously objectionable or inexpedient in them; and this course is pursued that readers may feel that if they wish to ask for information or promote discussion, a letter, though from want of time it may be hastily written, will still be sure to find admission.

Communications which come in good time for ordinary months were, for the reason mentioned above, too late for this; and those who sent them will consequently, it is hoped, pardon the seeming neglect of them. T. T., “ A Country Clergyman,"

,” An Englishman” (who may see that Mr. St. John bas already been more than once exposed in the Magazine,)“ Rev. R. Rawlins," Siwel," “ W. N.” on dancing, “T. S.," D. M.,' 0," dancing," "A "," are received with thanks.

Mr. Prebendary Smith's Collection of Psalms and Hymns, dedicated to his diocesan, the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, did not arrive in time for such notice this month as the editor doubts not that it deserves.

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AUGUST 1, 1838.



The controversies to which our own baptismal service has given rise, excite some curiosity respecting the form prescribed by the Lutheran reformers. The Lutheran controversy, which at present exists in Prussia, and which, as forming an important feature in the German ecclesiastical history of the nineteenth century, must soon be noticed in this Magazine, makes a knowledge of the old Lutheran baptismal and communion services absolutely necessary. It is therefore proposed, by way of preface to a notice of that controversy, to give a translation of both these services as they are found in the Nürnberg Liturgy-book of 1639, chap. iii., page 67 et sqq.

ORDER ACCORDING TO WHICH BAPTISM IS TO BE PERFORMED. In the first place the priest shall ask, Whose the child is, What is to be its name, and, Whether it has not been already hastily baptized.*

If the child has not been thus baptized, the minister shall speak the following exhortation, and by no means omit it out of carelessness, unless there be an urgent necessity, as if the child be in peril of death, for in such case there is no room for delay.


Beloved in God, I exhort and beseech you all, as many as are here present, out of Christian love and faith, that ye would take it to heart, and diligently consider this excellent work of God, and the great earnestness which exists and is exhibited therein. For, in the words employed in this work and most important act ye hear, and in the work itself ye see, how poor and miserable the Christian church brings this child hither, and how constantly and manifestly it con

• This Lutheran Prayer Book expressly acknowledges baptism administered in case of danger by laics, whether men or women, and has an office for receiving children thus baptized into the church. The administration of this sacrament by women is there justified by the plea of necessity, and also by a reference to Zipporah the wife of Moses, who hastily circumcised her son when the Lord sought to kill him.

VOL. XIV.- August, 1838.

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fesses that this infant is a child of wrath, of sin, and indignation, and therefore how heartily it prays for help and grace, that through baptism it may become a child of God. Consider also with diligence that it is no jest nor child's play* to perform this brave Christian work, which

opposes the devil, and not only drives him from the child, but also binds the child to fight against him as against a certain


all its life long. Therefore before all things it is highly needful, with a strong faith and a hearty trust in God, devoutly to pray, that God the Almighty would be pleased not only to deliver this infant from the power of the devil, but also so strengthen it that it may offer to the enemy a valiant resistance in life and in death, and be preserved. Therefore take heed diligently to yourselves, that ye stand here in a right faith to hear God's word, and devoutly to cry


to God. For we are here exhorted to pray, not lightly, but because of necessity, that God may acknowledge our earnestness, and a right trustful heart. Also that this most reverend sacrament may not through us be exposed to the scorn of the devil, nor God the Almighty be dishonoured, who therein pours out upon us such exceeding riches of his grace, that he calls baptism itself a new birth. So that we thereby are delivered from the manifold tyranny of the devil, as well as of sin, death, and hell, and become children of life, and heirs of all the good things of God, and joint heirs with Christ. Therefore let us, for God's sake, not treat such exceeding rich divine grace with contempt; but with all due thankfulness, particularly as this most worthy sacrament of baptism is our only comfort and entrance to all divine blessings, and the communion of all saints.

The form according to which the baptism is to be performed is this :Let the pastor or baptizer sayGet thee out, thou unclean spirit, and give room to the Holy Ghost. After which let him make the sign of the cross on the child's forehead and breast, and say :

Receive the sign of the holy cross both on the forehead and breast.

Let us pray:

O Almighty Eternal God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we cry to thee, on behalf of this person N., thy servant, wb asks the gift of thy baptism, and desires thy eternal grace through spiritual regeneration. Receive him [her] O Lord, and as thou hast said, “ Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you,'' so reach hither now thy goodness and grace to him [her] who now asks, and open the door to him [her] who now knocks, that he (she] may attain the eternal blessing of the heavenly laver, and receive the promised kingdom of thy gift through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let us pray:

Almighty Eternal God, who according to thy severe judgment

• Luther speaks in similar language in his larger catechism :-"Num enim putas rem fuisse jocularem, cum Christus semetipsum Johanni baptizandum offerret," &e.

didst by the deluge condemn the unbelieving world, and didst according to thy mercy preserve the faithful Noah, drown the hardened Pharaoh with all his host in the Red Sea, and lead thy people Israel through dry-shod, thereby prefiguring this laver of thy holy baptism; who didst also by the baptism of thy beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ consecrate and appoint the Jordan and all waters as a blessed deluge, and a rich washing away of sin; we beseech thee, through the same thy fathomless mercy, that thou wouldest graciously look upon this N., bless and strengthen him [her with right faith in the Spirit, that, by means of this saving deluge, may be drowned and perish, all that has been born with him [her] as an inheritance from Adam, and whatever he [she] may himself have added thereto, that, being separated from the number of the unbelievers, he may be preserved dry and safe in the holy ark of Christendom evermore to serve thy name, fervent in spirit and joyful in hope, that he (she) with all thy faithful people may be worthy to obtain the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

I adjure thee, thou unclean spirit, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, to get thee out and depart from this servant of Jesus Christ, N. Amen.

Let us hear the holy gospel, which the LORD Christ pronounced as a rich blessing upon children, and which the holy evangelist Mark relates in the tenth chapter, in the following words :

[Then follows Mark, x. 13-16.1

To obtain so rich a blessing for this child brought hither to holy baptism, namely, that the merciful God and Father in heaven, for his beloved Son Jesus Christ's sake, may receive and adopt this child as a child of eternal life, graciously forgive it its innate sin, and preserve it in continual good health : come, let us bring him this child in the name and by the command of his dear Son Jesus Christ, and with a true faith and Christian devotion pray together. Then let the priest lay his hands on the child's head, and pray the Lord's prayer. Our Father, &c. After which let the infant be carried to the font, and the priest say :

The Lord bless and preserve thee N. N. from all evil, the Lord preserve thy soul, the Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in from henceforth even for ever.

Now let the godfather for godmother) in the stead and for his [her] beloved godchild give ready speech and answer to these my questions following:

N., renouncest thou the devil ?
Ans. Yes, I renounce.
And all his works?
Ans. Yes, I renounce.
And everything belonging to him ?
Ans. Yes, I renounce.
After which let him ask-
N., believest thou on God the Father Almighty, &c.?
Ans. Yes, I believe.

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