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sions, the reformed churches, against the bloody persecutions of the church of Rome. It is GREAT BRITAIN that has made the firmest and noblest stand against the poisonous inundations of French atheism ; and, in a good degree, under the merciful providence of God, stopped the rapidity of its progress over the world. And, moreover, there is reason to hope, upon a comparison with the state of other nations, that, in GREAT BRITAIN, “ the commandments of God” are better “ kept,” and “ the testimony of Jesus” better observed, than in any other country whatever. The dragon, then, being the type of FRANCE, and “ the remnant of the seed of the church, Great Britain, how completely do the facts, of which we have been, as it were, spectators, verify the prophecy? We have seen France declaring war against all the powers in Europe, within her reach. She has attacked GREAT BRITAIN, and carried destruction and conquest into the Netherlands, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, over the Alps into the heart of Italy, and, over the Pyrennees into Spain and Portugal; subjugating a great part of them to her power, or granting to them peace, on terms inconsistent with their interests, their safety, and their honor ; that she may, at her pleasure, hereafter, reduce them, with her amazing acquisition of strength, to her absolute tyranny. And this, it is evident, she has artfully done, that she might bend her whole

force against GREAT BRITAIN alone. This she has also done, according to the text, “ in great wrath,” if we may give credit to the evidence of her own declarations and actions. In her great rage and fury she has denounced vengeance and utter destruction to GREAT Britain, for the virtuous and powerful opposition made to her atheistical blasphemy and anarchy, and their all-destructive consequences.

Her raving and wrathful denunciations have been in the language of the Romans, when resolved upon the annihilation of Carthage, her rival in power : “ Delenda est Carthago" was their language, and it has often been repeated in her supreme councils; meaning, that Great Britain shall fall, and the name of it be erased from the map of the world

In direct pursuance of these menaces, and to insure that success, which would gratify her unprovoked malice and ambition, she had no sooner made peace with Germany, than, by her secret intrigues, she drew into her plan that powerful madman Paul, the emperor of Russia, and the kings of Sweden, Denmark, and Prussia, all meditating the destruction of this happy Island : and she is, at this moment, while I am relating the fact, drawing her armies to the sea-coast, determined to execute her wicked design. But, merciful God, “ who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty*,” the wisdom of this world is foolishness with thee : thou takest the

for ever.

* Rey. i. 8.


wise in their own craftiness*; and by one small stroke of thy omnipotence, in the death of the Emperor of Russia," thou hast turned their councils into foolishness," compelled them to recede from the powerful confederacy and to leave the dragon alone to go “to war with the remnant of the seed of thy church.” Thou hast hitherto supported that remnant in this great contest, for the preservation of thy holy word, from apostate and atheistical dark

Thou hast often delivered them when they thought there was none to deliver; in many

instances hast enabled them to defeat the wicked designs, and to triumph over this wrathful enemy: and hast now, through the wisdom of their councils, prepared them to meet him without fear or dismay. O, forsake them not; but continue to direct their councils by thy wisdom, to give strength to their arms by thy power, to lead them in the day of battle, that they may ascribe the victory to thee ALONE, and GIVE TO THEE ALL THE GLORY. And, above all, may they be deeply impressed with a sense of thy infinite power, goodness, and mercy, sincerely repent of their sins,“ keep thy holy commandments, and hold fast the testimony of Jesus” in spirit and in truth; for in that case, thou hast promised that thou wilt “ abundantly pardon," wilt “ never leave them, nor forsake them;” and thy word is “ yea, and amen, for evert."

Job, v. 13.
+ This was written before the preliminaries of peace.


On the Beast of the Earth,or the particular History of the Beast of the bottomless Pit."


And I stood upon the sand' unto him to continue forty of the sea, and saw a beast and two months. rise up out of the sea, having 6 And he opened his seven heads and ten horns, mouth in blasphemy against and upon his horns ten God, to blaspheme his name crowns, and upon his heads and his tabernacle, and the name of blasphemy. them that dwell in heaven. 2 And the beast which I

7 And it was given unto saw was like unto a Leopard,

him to make war with the and his feet were as the

saints, and to feet of a bear, and his mouth

them : and power was given as the mouth of a lion : and

him over all kindreds, and the dragon gave him his

tongues, and nations. power and his seat and great

8 And all that dwell upon authority. 3 And I saw one of his

the earth shall worship him,

whose names are not writheads as it were wounded to

ten in the book of life of death; and his deadly wound

the Lamb slain from the was healed : and all the world wondered after the

foundation of the world. beast.

9 If any man have an ear, 4 And they worshipped

let him hear. the dragon which gave powe

10 He that leadeth into er unto the beast : and they captivity shall go into capworshipped the beast, say- tivity : he that killeth with ing, Who is like unto the the sword, must be killed beast, who is able to make with the sword. Here is the war with him?

patience and the faith of 5 And there was given

the saints. unto him a mouth, speaking il And I beheld another great things and blasphe- beast coming up out of the mies; and power was given earth, and he had two horns

* like a lamb, and he spake ás“ give life unto the image of a dragon.

the beast, that the image of 12 And he exerciseth all the beast should both speak, the power of the first beast and cause that as many as before him, and causeth the would not worship the imearth and them which dwell age of the beast should be therein to worship the first killed. beast, whose deadly wound 16 And he csused all, was healed.

both small and great, rich 13 And he doeth great and poor, free and bond, to wonders, so that he maketh receive a mark in their right fire come down from heaven hand, or in their foreheads : on the earth in the sight of 17 And that no name men ;

might buy or sell, save he 14 And deceiveth them that had the mark or the that dwell on the earth by name of the beast, or the the means of those miracles' number of his name. which he had power to do 18 Here is wisdom. Let in the sight of the beast, say- him that hath understanding ing to them that dwell on count the number of the the earth, that they should beast: for it is the number make an image of the beast, of a man; and his number which had the wound by a is six hundred threescore and sword, and did live.

sir, 15 And he had power to

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WE have seen that the prophet, in the two last chapters, has only traced out the great lines of the history of the western part of the church, and of its two great enemies, the Pope and the revolutionary republic of France, and briefly introduced their characters into its

gen: eral history. He had not descended to a particular detail of their actions and conduct, nor to the particular measures by which the former was to "tread the holy city under foot


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