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N.B.—THE Figures at the beginning of the line, correspond with the at the
foot of each Bill; and the Figures at the end of the line, refer to the MS. Paging
of the Volumes arranged for The House of Commons.

Accidents on Railways :

436. Bill to provide Medical Assistance in Cases of Accidents upon Railways -

p. 1

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Bill to amend the Law relating to Bankrupt Members of the House of Commons,

and to vacate the Seats of Bankrupt and Insolvent Members of the House of Commons, and to facilitate the Recovery of Debts from such Menibers

p. 173


Benefices in Plurality : 18. Bill to amend the Law relating to the holding of Benefices in Plurality 295. Same (as amended by the Committee] 549. Same (as amended by the Lords]


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Bills of Exchange : 535. Bill to continue the Act for exempting certain Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes from the Operation of the Usury Laws


Borough Bridges: 351. Bill to provide for more effectually maintaining, repairing, improving and re

building Bridges in Cities and Boroughs


Borough Courts of Record (Ireland): 343. Bill to alter and amend the Law relating to Proceedings by Process of Attachment of Goods in the Borough Courts of Record in Ireland

207 437. Same (as amended by the Committee]


Borough Gaols : 269. Bill to authorize Justices of any Borough having a separate Gaol to commit

Assize Prisoners to such Gaol, and to extend the Jurisdiction of Borough Justices to all Offences and Matters arising within the Borough for which they act


Brick Duties :

157. Bill to repeal the Duties and Drawbacks of Excise on Bricks


Burgess Lists: 241. Bill for repealing so much of an Act of the Fifth and Sixth Years of his late Majesty

as relates to the Revision of the Burgess Lists in Corporate Boroughs in England and Wales, and for making more effectual Provision for that Purpose 231

Canterbury Settlement Lands: 667. Bill intituled An Act empowering the Canterbury Association to dispose of certain Lands in New Zealand


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Charitable Trusts : 35. Bill for facilitating and better securing the due Administration of Charitable Trusts


504. Same (as amended in Committee and on Re-commitment]

- 267

Chief Justices Salaries:

130. Bill to regulate the Salaries of the Offices of Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench, and Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas


Church Building Acts Amendment: 702. Bill to amend the Church Building Acts


Churches and Chapels (Ireland): 327. Bill to amend the Laws relating to the Erection and Endowment of Churches and Chapels in Ireland


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