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LUCILLA had triumphed, and did he does not know anything in the triumph, over all the obstacles that world about art,” said Miss Marjopresented themselves in her way; ribanks, thoughtfully, with a new and such was her power, that after a combination rising in her mind. while she even succeeded in convinc- “Thank you, Lucilla,” said Rose, ing little Rose Lake of the perfect “but I shall not come back again. reasonableness, and indeed neces- I am much obliged to you. It does sity, of sacrificing herself to the pub- not do for people who have work lic interests of the community. “As to do. My time is all I have, and for enjoying it,” Miss Marjoribanks I cannot afford to waste it, espesaid, " that is quite a different mat- ciallyter. Now and then perhaps for a “My dear child,” said Miss Marminute one enjoys it; but that is joribanks,“ how are you ever to be not what I am thinking of. One an artist if you do not know life? owes something to one's fellow. That is just the very reason why creatures, you know; and if it made you ought to go out into the world; the evening go off well, I should and I don't see, for my part, that not mind in the least to be hustled it matters whether it is pleasant or up in a eorner and contradicted. not. To practise scales all day To be sure, I don't remember that long is anything but pleasant, but it ever happened to me; but then I then one has to do it, you know. have such luck—and you are such I don't blame you," said Lucilla, a tiny little soul, you dear little with tender condescension. “You Rose. Not that I should like you are a dear little thing, and you to be any bigger,” Lucilla added, don't know any better; but I went contemplating that little specimen through Political Economy, and of her raw material with a certain learnt all about that ;—you don't complacency. “I like contrast, for think I choose it for the pleasure ? my part; and I am sure I give you But you all know what is the obfull leave to box the Archdeacon's ject of my life, and I hope I am ears next Thursday; or to tell him not one to shrink from my duty,"



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