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as the double stars have yielded to this style of these periods, however, the magistrates alone again. The way in which they meet that is questioning, and disclosed a series of relations of will have the power of enforcing the fulfil they say, Oh, but where twelve people are the most intelligible and interesting, description, ment of the contract, while the labourer will wanted, we put on twenty-four, so that twelve we may reasonably hope that the assiduous study be receiving a just reward. The power thus are always at rest ; and that is the fact in one of the nebulæ will

, ere long, lead to some clearer given to the labourer to select, at the end of way, because those women who are attending understanding of their intimate nature.”

each year, a new master, would create such a the mill are squirted all over with the cane We are sorry to take our leave of this de competition amongst employers, both in re- juice, and are wet through. lightful volume. We hope, however, that our spect of general treatment and payment of “Q. You are speaking of what yourself readers will not fail to acquaint themselves wages, as would be highly conducive to the knew ? with its contents, and we wish that they may comfort of those employed, and supply the “ A. Yes, and what I saw day after day, derive as much pleasure from its perusal as most powerful and permanent incentives to and night after night. we have done. industry."

“Q. If any witness should have stated that those who fed the mill are not wetted with the juice of the sugar cane that spurts out, that is


“ A. No, it is not; I defy any one to feed IMMEDIATE, AND SAFE ABOLITION OF SLÀ


the mill without being squirted all over with VERY THROUGHOUT THE BRITISH COLONIES.

juice. I have done it myself; I have growi By Joseph Phillips, late of Antigua. We have ever advocated a total and imme- canes as thick as my arm; that cane is put in London : J. and A. Arch. 1833.

diate abolition of this atrocious evil; and, in between two large rollers of sixteen to eightee i At a time when the ministerial measure of better than bring forward a few additional scarcely can see through it; the cane is, wit.

the last of

this periodical, we cannot do inches diameter; the roller is so close yo. emancipation is occupying so much attention, and exciting so much discussion, it will be statements calculated to impress the propriety a little impetus, thrust between the roller, an interesting to read the outline of a plan for tracted from a pamphlet just published,

con- when the cane is rank and in good order, it :

that catches hold of it, and draws it in; an spent a great part of his life in the West taining selections from the Report of the so full of juice, there is almost a little founta Indies. We have only space, however, to ex

Committee of the House of Commons, which playing on the people; they are perfectly w tract the essential parts of the plan in the is at once the most authentic source of inform- through, they have nothing on but their lit writers own words. It is as follows :

ation, and that which speaks most conclu- Osnaburgh frock, and their lower clothe sively, in favour of our cause.

then if they lie down in that state on the “1.—That, by an act of the imperial par

bed, which at low ground is raised very hig liament, FREEDOM shall be conferred on all “ William Taylor, Esq. (13 years a resident of course they are before a small fire, expos the slaves throughout his Majesty's dominions of Jamaica, in a Commercial capacity, and to so piercing a draft of cold, although I r on and after the first of July, 1834, and that as a Manager of Estates.)

self was clothed warmly as Europeans a the following regulations be enforced, as ne

“Q. Do you think that an essential im- and had a Scotch plaid, which I bound rou cessary and sufficient to secure the welfare of provement is consistent with a state of slavery? my face, I could not stand it. the slave, and the cultivation of the soil :

"A. I think no essential amelioration can “ Ist. Corporal punishments to be entirely consist with slavery.

“ Q. The crop time is generally in t',

coldest part of the year in that country ? abolished, and the liberated slave admitted to

" Q. Will you describe what you mean by

“ A. The mill is generally put about in an equal participation of all the civil and reliamelioration ?

bruary, and from February it varies, accord gious privileges enjoyed by the free-born sub

A. For instance, the absence of the whip. to the climate, for three, four, or six mont": ject of these realms.

I do not see that they can uphold slavery on some estates it is crop time nearly the y - 2nd. Such of the slaves as have been hi

without physical coercion-without corporeal round. therto engaged in agricultural labours to be punishment; some motive must be brought to

Q. Those who feed the mill through indented to their present masters for the term | bear on men's minds; where there is no mo- bruary and March are subject to suffer i? of one year, being previously duly registered, tive you must apply the whip; if you with tremely from cold? and provision made for the payment of ade- draw that an instant, relaxation takes place of

“ A. I consider that as one great reason quate remuneration. At the end of the first the whole system, and I do not think that, the destruction of life. The negro comes year, it shall be left to the free choice of the under any ameliorated slavery, they can be of the field, after working all day, unde labourer either to be indented to the same kept together. I think a certain degree of it tropical sun, and comes in to take the master, or choose another for a similar period. may be called cruel punishment. Corporeal spell

, gets wet through. in feeding the 1 " 3rd. That, to prevent idleness and vagran- punishment is necessary to keeping them and lies down on the mill floor to sleep tw. cy, the magistrates shall have the power to together, and to keep them in active operation. three hours under the cutting wind : I cocompel all persons found unemployed in towns I do not think that the work of the estate can der that to be one great reason for the dest or elsewhere (who have no obvious mode of be carried on without flogging, and flogging tion of life on sugar estates. living except by manual labour), to engage considerably sometimes.

“Q. Did the long spell exist on your esti themselves as agricultural labourers or other

“ A. On one out of the three. wise, or, on refusal to do so, to send them to

James Beckford Wildman, Esq. (a Planter, “Q. What may be gained in produce, i the public works.

and Proprietor of 640 slares.) your opinion lost in the life of the slave? “ 4th. That the hours of labour shall be

“ A. Over, and over again. from six in the morning to six in the evening,

Q. Did you work the boiling-house in one

“Q. What are the punishments in usi with an interval of three hours for meals. All or two spells on your estate ? agreements between employer and labourer " A. The system on one of my estates when the island of Jamaica now?

“ A. They are very cruel ones. for a specified term to be understood to have I went was a very dreadful one, as I consi

“Q. Will you state what they are ? relation to the above general regulation, and dered, and of which my attorney, although he

A. The general system of flogging is al labour beyond to be considered extra work, had been in the island all his life, was ignoand paid for accordingly."

rant; for when I told him the negroes worked give them a certain number of stripes wit).

what is called the long spell, that is, in fact, long whip, which inflicts a dreadful lacerati The particulars of this plan are defended by four-and-twenty hours, he denied it, and said or a dreadful contusion ; and then they foll a number of explanatory considerations, the it was not so ; and it was not until I called

up up that by a very serere flogging with ebe following of which appear to us to deserve at- the people, and asked thein the question, that switches, the ebony being a very strong tention :

he acknowledged it. “ To provide against the danger which “Q. Explain to the Committee what the under every leaf a sharp tough thorn; a might possibly arise to the agricultural inter-long spell is ?

then after that they rub them with brine." ests of the colony, by suddenly investing the "A. In the long spell, the negro goes on at slaves with the power of changing their mas- 12 o'clock in the day; he then continues the ters and places of residence, it is proposed that whole four-and-twenty hours in work; he is they should be indented to their present mas- then relieved, at shell-blow, for two hours, and Printed by J. Haddon and Co.; and Pu ters for the term of one year, the indenture to he works again from that time till dark, so that by J. CRISP, at No. 27, Ivy Lane, Pa'.1051 be renewable at the end of that period, either it is thirty hours labour with the intermission Row, where all Advertisements and Cema to the same or another employer. During of two hours; then, at day-light, he turns out cations for the Editor are to be addressed.

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