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THE UNIFORM ROTATION OF THE ways dividing between them the surface of the ILL-POLICY OF SLAVE LABOUR.

earth; and the day as incessantly rousing into
activity that half of the inhabitants over whom is the following notice of Jamaica :

In a recent number of the Antigua Register, The earth which we inhabit is not precisely a spherical body, but a spheroid flattened at its millions of human beings are incessantly perthe light of the sun is passing. Thus many

“ Twenty-five years ago, this fine colony poles, similar in shape to an orange. shortest diameter is about 7940 miles, its long-forming some mechanical action or other; and produced from 130,000 to 150,000 casks of est about 7966 miles ; their difference being of machines of different kinds, are as inces- | average produce has not amounted to 100,000.”

thousand of animals, and many thousand sugar annually; in the last seven years its about 26 miles.

This body passes through its orbit, which is santly performing mechanical operations under nearly a circle of 190 millions of miles in di- their superintendence; and this with an incon- produce of the soil is thus illustrated in the ceivable variety of effort, of direction, and of

* Working Man's Companion.” ameter, in a solar year; it also revolves uniplace, over the entire habitable surface of the slave went forward to the complete enjoyment of

“It was by a very slow process that the English formly upon its shorter diameter as an axis, so as to make a complete rotation in 23! 56m 4s; which are so regulated by refined knowledge tion exhibits very many years of gross injustice, of

globe. In all these actions, except those the legal rights of a free exchanger. T'he transiand that without the slightest variation, in all and skill as to produce a maximum of effect bitter suffering, of absurd and ineffectual violations seasons of the year, and in all ages of the with a given effort (not one in ten thousand of the natural rights of man; and of struggles beous observations, ancient and modern, affirms probably), there is a positive loss of mechanical tween the capitalist and the labourer, for exclusive that this is decidedly and unquestionably the and re-action are equal and opposite, the could not see that the interest of all classes of

What becomes of IT? Since action advantages, perpetuated by ignorant lawgivers, who most uniform motion which the universe presents to observation : for, although the planet

amount of these losses of power is expended producers is one and the same. ary rotations probably present the same positive upon the earth, the necessary fulcrum of all properly devote a little space to the description

of uniformity, it is not accompanied with equally of losses of power, incessantly occurring, must in the last chapter. We shall see, that while such

be directed towards the centre of the earth of property, and freedom of industry, are not held Now, to the same time of rotation, there are two widely different fornis, each of which is which is infinitely improbable; or they must equally consistent with stability. Thus, if the so occur, as every moment just to counter the labourer—there can be little production and earth were a lomogeneous body, the ratio of balance and annihilate each other, which is less accumulation. Wherever positive slavery ex

ists--wherever the labourers are utterly deprived the polar to the equatorial axis might be either stantly tend to change the velocity and dura- of their property in their labour, and are comthat of 1 to 680, or that of 229 to 130; the tion of the earth's rotation, and thus to produce pelled to dispose of it, without retaining any part latter of these is the one which actually exists; the evils which we have shown would result of the character of voluntary exchangers, there are its adoption is a proof of design, by which from such a change. It is, indeed, quite im- found idleness, ignorance, and unskilfulness ; ia, avoided, which, however, cannot now be de- possible to estimate the accumulation of mis- dustry is enfeebled the oppressor and the oppressed

are both poor there is no national accumulation. tailed, without deviating from the immediate chief that would thus accrue, in one month, The existence of slavery amongst the nations of

from ignorance in the application of human, antiquity, was a great impediment to their progress purpose of this article. The earth is constituted partly of solid, reference to the facts may serve to excite a tions, was divided into a caste of nobles called ci

animal, and mechanical agency; but a bare in the arts of life. The community, in such napartly of liquid matter, known under the gene- train of devotional meditation upon the ral distinctions of land and water. If the

and a caste of labourers called slaves. The goodness and mercy” that are constantly en- Romans were rich, in the common sense of the solid matter had been formed into a precise gaged in a wide field of providential operation word, because they plundered other nations ; but sphere, and then the water created, that water, which is thus laid open, and which is not the they could not produce largely, when the indivias soon as the earth received its rotation, less real for being shut to the ken of our dual spirit to industry was wanting. The industry would, by reason of the centrifugal force, have disposed itself about the equatorial regions, so

senses, since it is open to the enraptured view of the freemen was rapine : the slaves were the of intellect and science.

producers. No man will work willingly, when he as to cover them entirely with water. To pre

is to be utterly deprived of the power of disposing vent this, a protuberance has been given to the

at his own will of the fruits of his labour ; no man equatorial regions; and the forms, shapes,


will work skilfully when the same scanty pitlance depths, contour, &c., of the land and water The tombs and monuments of China exhi- is doled out to each and all, whatever be the difl'espectively, have been so mutually adjusted, bit a variety of architecture, except those of the ference in their talents and knowledge. Wherever not only there, but in every habitable part of common people, which are nothing more than the freedom of industry is thus violated, property the earth, as to promote, most exquisitely, the small cones of earth, on the summits of which labourers, instead of breeding menial blaves, it well-being of the inhabitants; so long as the they frequently plant dwarf trees. These

could not have happened that the thieves who were period of rotation remains what it at first was. simple graves are occasionally visited by the constantly hovering round the suburbs of the city, There could be but one time of rotation that family, who are particularly careful to trim like vultures looking out for carrion, should have would thus allow the waters just to fill certain and keep them in neat order. The coffins of been so numerous, that, during the insurrection cavities, and yet not to overflow the hills; that this country are made of very thick boards, of Catiline, they formed a large accession to his is, that would compel the general surface of the plentifully pitched within, and varnished with army. But Rome had to encounter a worse evil liquid parts to harmonize with that of the solid out; which makes them durable, and prevents than that of the swarms of highwaymen, who were parts: and to produce that time of rotation them from emitting putrid exhalations: this ready to pluoder whatever had been produced. about a given axis, a giren force must act at a process being atsolutely necessary, where the Production itself was so feeble, when carried on given point, and in a given direction. What coffins of the lower class often lie scattered by the labour of slaves, that Columella, a writer but intelligence and design, operating for a among the tombs, totally uncovered with on rural affairs, says, the crops continued so grabenevolent purpose, could cause the union of earth. The rich spare no expense in having dually to fall off, that there was a general opinion these three independent circumstances ? coffins of the most precious wood, which are

that the earth was growing old and losing its But farther, a more rapid rotation would frequently provided several years before the power of productiveness. Wherever slavery excause more of the waters to flow towards the death of the persons intended to occupy them. duction and national weakness. Poland, the most equatorial regions, and thus, if carried beyond A deceased parent is oftentimes preserved in prolific corn-country in Europe, is unquestionably a certain liinit, to inundate the whole land the house by an affectionate family for months, the poorest country; and at this moment it lies there, and leave others dry; while a slower ro- and even years; yet, either from their know- prostrate at the feet of an invader, when, if its tation would cause the waters to recede from ledge of embalming; or from the practice of people were animated by the spirit which always the equatorial regions, and leave them dry, at securing the joints of the coffin with bitumen, enables freemen successfully to defend their prothe same time inundating the land in the tem- no contagious effluvia proceeds from it. perty, the armies of Russia would be swept at perate and other regions. So that the uni- The duty of the widow or children is not

once from the soil. Poland has been partitioned, formity of rotation is essential to the well- finished here; even after the corpse is depo

over and over again, by governments that knew being of the inhabitants of the earth; and yet sited in the sepulchre of its ancestors, the dis- her weakness ; and she has been said to have

That is not correct. there is a constant tendency to destroy that uni- consolate relatives (clad in coarse canvas) still Her crime' was, and is, the slavery of her laformity, which is as constantly prevented by the reside with the body, and continue their la- bourers. There is no powerful class between the 'benevolent operation of divine energy,

mentation for some months. Epitaphs, extol-noble and the serf, or slave; and whilst this state To understand the reason of this, let the fol- ling the virtues of the deceased, are inscribed of things endures, Poland can never be indelowing facts be considered. In consequence on tablets of marble at the entrance of the pendent, because she can never be industrious, of the rotatory motion, night and day are al. 1 vaults. Alexander's China.

and therefore never wealthy."


I was still alive. They then consulted whether This is the interesting narrative dictated by

to spare my life or not, seeing that they had Mr. Dickson, ten days after his miraculous es Narrative of an Attack on Messrs. Dickson and not found the money of the English heretics. cape from the hands of these ferocious bri

Neville, by Robbers, at Puebla, in Mexico, as He inquired of the women where it was gands. It appears from a letter by his amiable taken by Dr. Jenkins, from Mr. Dickson's placeil, to which the latter answered they did and accomplished sister, that, after the banditti Dictation.

not know. I thought it high time to inform had left him desperately wounded, as above

them where mine was to be found, upon the described, he was carefully conveyed to the Our party, consisting of three coaches, left condition of their sparing my life; and they, house of his friend, Don Juan Palazza Trueva, Puebla for Vera Cruz, on Saturday morning, having obtained the money, and the strangers a Spaniard, where every attention kindness the 15th Nov. 1828. The two first coaches appearing close in sight, mounted their horses could dictate was shown him, and the best having better mules, soon left us behind, and and rode off. We remained upon the spot two medical assistance procured. An express was we remained separate for the rest of the day. hours, waiting the arrival of the Alcaldo of immediately dispatched to Mr. Robertson, an At about half-past three o'clock in the after- Acajete, who took an inventory of all the papers eminent British inerchant

at Mexico, and le noon, as we entered a small barranca, between and articles found upon the person of Mr. Ne- lost no time in sending Dr. Jenkins, an EnAcajete and Amosoque, six or seven leagues ville. I do not know in what manner the bodies glish surgeon, with instructions not to leave from Puebla, Mr. Neville and myself had the

were conveyed to Acajete. I have since heard Mr. Dickson till he was out of danger. Dr. front seats in the coach; the back seats were

that Mr. Neville's body was interred near the Jenkins found that the Mexican surgeons had occupied by Don Juan Rodreguez and his fa- village, and that a cross is, or is about to be, treated their patient properly, but nevertheless mily, consisting of his sister, a nurse, and three placed, to mark the spot. As the articles of he remained with him, and took down from his children. Overcome by the sultriness of the Mr. Neville, Don Juan Rodreguez, and my lips the preceding narrative. Mr. Dickson afternoon, I had fallen asleep in my corner of own, were mixed and packed in different boxes, owes his preservation to the providential interthe coach, when loud shouts from the front Don Emanuel Espinoza, belonging to one of vention of his Bible, which, being in his pocket, suddenly awoke me, and immediately five or the other coaches, took charge of the whole intercepted the dagger of the assassin, and presix figures on horseback, and masked, appeared until their arrival at Vera Cruz, where I re-vented it reaching his heart. Indeed, nothing round the coach, two of whom, at Mr. Neville's quested he would separate each, and deliver was talked of throughout the country, but the side, demanded, with loud threats, our surren- Ir. Neville's to the house of Messrs. Tayleur miracle of the heretical prayer-book, as the der. My pistols were lying on the cushion; and Co., as the most proper persons, having Bible is called; and the people say that Mr. and, taking aim at one of the figures, I shot heard Mr. Neville mention that firm in some Dickson is safe from all similar attempts in him dead on the spot. In an instant his com- business he had to do there. The reason future ; which, we trust, will prove true in a panion was at the front, and shared a similar of their not being left with me was, that the different sense from that of those ignorant and fate from my other pistol.. A pause of about family of Don Juan Rodreguez insisted on superstitious creatures. Few lives have been one minute succeeded, which I suppose arose their being taken along with them, on account so wonderfully preserved.--London Morning from surprise at the sudden repulse. Another of the mixing of the articles.

Journal. loud shout was however raised, and about

Jerico, 25th Nor. 1828. twenty or thirty horsemen, similarly masked, in a few moments surrounded the carriage. Three successive volleys were then fired into it; after which, when the smoke cleared away, I found that Mr. Neville had been shot through the head, and Don Juan Rodreguez through the heart. I cannot myself say whether Mr. Neville fired his pistols or not: he might have done so during the volleys that were fired by the second and larger party of robhers; and the sister of Don Juan Rodreguez has since informed me that he actually did so, and killeil or wounded one or two of them. When the robbers had ceased firing, they demanded delivery of our arms. I had scarcely complied with this demand, when I received a shot in my side, and fell. The brigands then drove the carriage, with shut curtains, for about the space of an hour; but, whether it was in the right road, or in any by-path, I was unable to determine. All this time I was bleeding profusely, though endeavouring, as much as possible, to stop the orifices of my wounds, by pressing my clothes against them. At lengti we arrived at a plain, where the robbers caused

HERTFORD CASTLE. the carriage to be stopped, and dragged out our bodies, threw them on the ground, and proceeded forth with to ransack our equipage of the ancient castle of Hertford. It was prisoner by the Black Prince, at the

The above is a very picturesque view , John, King of France, who was taken Nothing appeared to attract their attention, except money or jewellery. Having obtained built according to the most approved tes- battle of Poictiers, and David, King of all that could be found, they commenced timony about the year 905. It was given Scots, were both confined here at the same searching our persons for ounces. All my en- by William the Conqueror into the cus- time; the former for five years and the deavours failed in concealing I was still alive. tody of one of his barons, and frequently latter for nine. “ What is very odd," One man, in particular, asked the nurse who it changed its masters under his successors. says he,“ in the history of these royal was that fired, and I was pointed out as the It has occasionally been a royal residence. captives is, that, about seven years after, comrades

, this fellow dragged me from beneath Henry the Sixth spent a part of his time they both came hither again and met here the dead bodies, and I had scarcely time to here, and granted it to his queen, who the King of Cyprus, whose errand was to cover my chest with shoulder and hand, when from time to time held her courts here. solicit assistance in the holy war. These I received a number of successive stabs directed Charles the First gave the castle with va- two had been here in disgrace, and metowards the heart. At this moment, however, rious privileges to William Cecil, second thinks it should seem a mortification to the cry of people, who appeared at a short dis- Earl of Salisbury, and it has remained them to be seen again ; and yet it is retance, caused the banditti to mount their horses the property of that family ever since. ported that the King of France came to and gallop off; but they left two of their number behind, for what purpose I know not.

An ancient historian of the antiquities of show himself in the state of a king. He These fellows searched our bodies a second Hertford, relates rather a singular coin- fell sick and died in England." time, but discovered nothing at all, except that I cidence in connexion with this place.

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SHAKSPEARE. The interest excited by men of genius his early education at a free-school, sup- Hamlet, and other passages of his works, seldom confines itself to their writings. posed to be that founded at Stratford. he has shown how intimately he was acThe curiosity no less than the social cha- Here, however, he enjoyed but few ad- quainted with the theory of his art. racter of the human mind inspires a wish vantages, being removed from it when There are various opinions as to which to know something of the history and ha- very young, and placed, as it is thought, was the first play he wrote, or when he bits, and even of the person and features, in the office of some country attorney. first began to write; but there is reason to of those writers from whose productions At the age of eighteen he married believe that he commenced writing in we have derived much instruction or Anne Hathaway, the daughter of a yeo- 1592; it has been found that Romeo amusement; and any legendary scraps man in the neighbourhood of Stratford. and Juliet, and Richard II. and III. and anecdotes respecting them are conse- Nothing is known of the occupation he were printed in 1597, when he was thirtycrated and cherished with an almost su- followed at this time; but we have rea- three years of age. His plays were not perstitious veneration. No man perhaps son to believe that his affairs were not in only very popular, but much approved by ever existed who has excited among pos- a very flourishing condition, from the fact persons of the higher order, as he is known terity more of the feeling referred to than of his connexion with a gang of deer- to have been in high favour with Queen Shakspeare ; and there are but few of stealers, with whom he was detected in Elizabeth, and also with the Earl of Southwhose private history so little is known. robbing the park of Sir Thomas Lucy, of ampton, to whom he dedicated two of his Indeed, the only notice we have of his Charlecot, near Stratford. This gentle-poems. How long he acted is not known, person is from Ăubrey, who says, “ He man prosecuted him so rigorously, that but he continued to write till the year was a handsome well-shaped man, very he was obliged to leave his family and 1614. He retired some years before his good company, and of a very ready and business, and betake himself to London death to a house in Stratford, where he pleasant and smooth wit."

for concealment, where he arrived in the spent his time in ease and retirement, and Under these disadvantages we must year 1586, at the age of twenty-two. in the enjoyment of the society of his tax the faith of our readers to believe Here he first became connected with friends. Considerable property appears to that the above is an accurate likeness of the theatre, where his poverty obliged him have been amassed by him during his drahis person, and present them with the to accept the office of call-boy, or promp- matic career : indeed it is stated to have principal facts of his history that are ter's attendant.

amounted to £300 per annum, a sum equal well-authenticated in the following brief It has been asserted, that his first em- to about £1000 at this time. He died on memoir.

ployment was to hold the horses of those his birth-day, Tuesday, April 23, 1616, William, the son of John Shakspeare, persons who had no servants, at the door when he had completed his fifty-second was born at Stratford-upon-Avon, on the of the theatre; but there are many reasons year, and was buried on the north side of 23d of April, 1564. His father was a for doubting the authenticity of this state- the chancel, in the great church at Stratconsiderable dealer in wool, and appears ment. Whatever might have been his ford, where a monument has been erected to have been at one time a man of some first employment at the theatre, he ap- to his memory. His family consisted of property and influence, having held an pears very soon to have given proofs of two daughters, and a son named Hamnet, honourable situation in the corporation of his splendid talents. His first distinction who died in 1596, in the twelfth year of Stratford, though, in his latter years, he was probably acquired as an actor, in his age. Susannah, his eldest daughter, was much reduced in circumstances. which his best character is supposed to married Dr. John Hall, a physician, and His mother was the daughter and heiress have been the ghost in Hamlet. He does Judith, his youngest daughter, married a of Robert Arden, of Wellingcote, in the not, however, appear to have acquired Mr. Thomas Linney. In the year 1741, a county of Warwick. William was the much celebrity in this department; though monument was erected to his memory, in eldest of their ten children. He received in the instructions given to the players in Westminster Abbey, by order of the Earl of Burlington, Dr. Mead, Mr. Pope, and the dawn of his existence, stealing, at intervals,

ICHNEUMON FLY. Mr. Martyn. The performers of each of the from the laborious and incessant occupations It must have occurred to the least attentive London theatres gave a benefit to defray of the stocking-frame, a glimpse only at his observers of the very common cabbage-caterpillar the expenses of it, and the Dean and tory and the productions of other men, bruke, (Pontia Brassica), that when it ceases to feed, and Chapter of Westminster received nothing the author of the “ Destinies of Man.", at once, from the trammels of his condition, as leaves its native cabbage to creep up walls and

palings, it is often transformed into a group of for the ground.

The limits of the Tourist will not allow us little balls of silk, of a fine texture, and a beauto enlarge, or it were gratifying to dilate on tiful canary yellow colour; from each of which the many beauties of the poem. The following there issues, in process of time, a small fourstanza, speaking of the sea, combines power

winged fly ( Microgaster glomeratus, SPINOLA), of REVIEW OF LITERATURE. and originality of thought, with sublimity and

a black colour, except the legs, which are yellow. grace of diction, evidencing also Mr. Mill By breeding these fies in a state of confinement,

and introducing them to some cabbage-caterpillars, house's versatility. The last two lines are ex

their proceedings in depositing their eggs may be Mr. Millhouse's Poem, THE DESTINIES OF tremely effective.

observed. We have more than once seen one of MAN.

these little flies select a caterpillar, and perch

"Thou art not of the things that feel decay! We hail the appearance of this poem with We look upon thee in our youthful morn,

upon its back, holding her ovipositor ready brandfeelings of no ordinary kind. In the politics When the glad hours flee joyfully away,

ished to plunge between the rings which she

seems to prefer. When she has thus begun laying of the world, extraordinary events often occur;

And buoyant smiles our careless brows adorn.

her eggs, she does not readily take alarm; but, as the passions of men, their fruitful source, are

Again we mark thee, when old age forlorn easily roused ; and amidst the conflict of hos

Dears deep-trench'd wrinkles and the frost of Réamur justly remarks, will permit an observer to

approach her with a magnifying glass of a very

time, tile interests, circumstances and traits of an

When life hath shed its fruit, but kept the

short focus. Having deposited one egg, she withastonishing character present themselves to


draws her ovipositor, and again plunges it, with view. It is not so, however, in the world of

another egg, into a different part of the body of

And thou art rolling on thy course sublime, philosophy and imagination. The great re- Unshrinking in thy strength, unbounding in thy eggs. It is not a little remarkable that the poor

the caterpillar, till she has laid in all about thirty sults of the former are but occasionally marked

prime!” out, and the real sublime of poetic genius is a

caterpillar, whose body is thus pierced with so rare visitant of earth. It would seem to re- Another quotation will evidence Mr. Mill-many wounds, seems to bear it very patiently,

and does not turn upon the fly, as he would be quire the conjoined strength and fertility of house's information and his poetical facility.

certain to do upon another caterpillar, should it several planets, frequently to produce such

The overflowing Nile is rolling still ;

venture to pinch him, a circumstance by no means men as Locke and Newton, while the poetic

The crocodile is there, but not adored ;

unusual. Sometimes, indeed, he gives a slight sublimity of Milton has placed hiin single and

There other tribes obey a tyrant's will,

jerk, but the fly does not appear to be at all inalone in the world of genius. Shakspeare and

Tho' gone the wealth with which that land was

commoded by ihe intimation that her presence is Byron are perhaps equally great; but we shall stored.

disagreeable. search in vain, through the many centuries of Sunk is the nurse of science, for the sword The eggs, it may be remarked, are thrust sufour literary existence, for any other names of Has chased her arts and sciences away :

ficiently deep to prevent their being thrown off equal grandeur with these.

Yet, in despite of each succeeding horde

when the caterpillar casts its skin; and, being in We may, therefore, be allowed to exult in That bore destruction in its fierce array,

due time hatched, the grubs feed in concert on the the poeiry of the “ Destinies of Man.” The Wrecks of gigantic skill still wrestle with decay.” living body of the caterpillar

. The most wonder

ful circumstance, indeed, of the whole phenomemuses have again asserted their empire; and

non, is the instinct with which the grubs are evi. spite of poverty and the loom, the Nottingham

dently guided to avoid devouring any vital part, so Millhouse has captivated all lovers of verse by

that they may not kill the caterpillar, as in that the truth and reality of his inspiration.

case it would be useless to them for food. When It has been truly said, that the classics may


full grown, they even cat their way through the aid, but cannot form, a genuine English style.

skin of the caterpillar without killing it; though Our author has proved, that “the heavenly These buildings are a striking feature on it generally dies in a few days, without moving gift of poesy” waits not for learning; but that, the face of the country. The Chinese name far from the place where the grubs bave spun surrounded by creations of its own, it goes for them is Ta ; but Europeans have impro- their group of silken cocoons in which to pass the forth to give them form and substance, inde- perly denominated them Pagodas, a term nised winter.- İnsect Transformations. pendently of the derived helps which weaker in some oriental countries for a temple of reand uninspireil spirits so manifestly need. It | ligious worship. It seems the Ta of China is cannot, however, be denied, that Millhouse, not intended for sacred purposes, but erected In 1715, I dined with the Duke of Ormonde although truly a poet, is well acquainted with occasionally by viceroys or rich mandarines, at Richmond. We were fourteen at table. There man, and has penetrated into the recesses of or with the idea of transmitting a name to pos- ham, Sir Redmond Everard, and Atterbury, Bithe world's history. He has read the page of either for the gratification of personal vanity, was my Lord Marr, my Lord Jersey, my Lord that inner temple, whenee emanate the gifts terity; or, perhaps, built by the magistracy, shop of Rochester. The rest of the company I and the imaginings of mind and spirit. It is merely as ohjects to enrich the landscape.

do not exactly remember. During the dinner peculiarly delightful amidst the teeming pro- They are generally built of brick, and some

there was a jocular dispute (1 forget how it was ductions of “pseudo-poets” to touch even the times cased with porcelain, and chiefly consist introduced) concerning short prayers. Sir Wilhem of the garment enveloping real gemus. of nine, though some have only five or seven, liam Wyndham told us, that the shortest prayer But our thanks are doubly won by Mr. Mill- stories, each having a gallery, which may be be had ever heard was the prayer of a common house: lie las not only pernitted us to enter entered from the windows, and a projecting soldier, just before the battle of Blenheim,--"O the vestibule, he has at once, couscious of his roof, covered with tiles of a rich yellow colour, God, if there be a God, sure my soul, if I have a endowments, laid open thc noblest apartments highly glazed, which receive from the sun a

soul!This was followed by a general laugh. I of liis mind, and with perfect safety he may splendour equal to burnished gold. At each immediately reflected that such a treatment of the court the presence and the scrutiny of the angle of the roof a light bell is suspended, subject was too ludicrous, at least very improper, most highly-gifted guests. He has not pre- which is rung by the force of the wind, and where a learned and religious prelate was one of sented us, timidly and doubtfully, with a few produces a jingling not altogether unpleasant. making a different reflection. Atterbury seeming isolated stanzas, asserting his claim to poetic These buildings are for the most part oc

to join in the conversation, and applying himself talent; but he has thrown upon the world, as a tagonal, though some few are hexagonal, and to Sir William Wyndham, said, first attempt, the “Destinies of Man.” 'The ele- round. They diminish gradually in circum- Sir William, is indeed very short ; but I remember vation of the theme, itself denotes poetic as- ference from the foundation to the summit, another as short, but a much better, offered up piration and daring; but, handled as it is by and have a staircase within, by which they as- likewise by a poor soldier in the same circumMr. Millhouse, it secures for him at once, and cend to the upper story. In height they are stances, O God, if in the day of battle, I forget for ever, the highest poetic fame. Milton, in generally from 100 to 150 feet, and are situ- thee, do thou not forget me!" This, as Atterbury the zenith of his greatness, his mind richly ated indiscriminately on eminences or plains, pronounced it with his usual grace and dignity, fraught with varied learning and attainment, or oftener in cities.

Those of a more ancient was a very gentle and polite reproof, and was and his spirit mellowed and disciplined by date are in a mutilated state, and the roofs immediately felt by the whole company: and the trial

, immortalized lis name and his age by covered with grey tiles, overgrown with moss, his age, suddenly turned the discourse to another his Paradise Lost. Millhouse, on the contrary, while others bare a cornice only, instead of a subject.-Dr. William King, Anecdotes of His Own totally uneducated, the child of poverty from projecting roof.- Alexander's China.



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Your prayer,



the woe,



DR. ADAM CLARKE ON THE POPU- LINES TO THE MEMORY OF A from Yorkshire : in fact, a little town of Babel LOUSNESS OF ANCIENT CITIES, &c.


group in dress, appearance, and language. I

placed all the people at the end of the rope, The following extract from Dr. Clarke's

and ordered them to pull till the Cayman apAppendix to Fleury's Manners of the Ancient Still her tones of endearment breathe sweet on my peared on the surface of the water; while I Israelites, will show the futility of the objection preferred against revelation on account Still fancy will picture her melting blue eye;

knelt on one knee, about four yards from the of the populousness which it attributes to And, oh! every smile to my heart was so dear,

water's edge, with the mast of the canoe in Judea:

I could not believe my loved Mary would die.

my hand, determined to thrust it down his

throat in case he gave me an opportunity. Tlie “ The free citizens of Sybaris, able to bear Oh, my Mary! thou dear little angel of light ; people pulled, and out he came; by the time arms, and actually drawn out in battle, were On earth thou wert all that an angel could be ;

he came within two yards of me, I saw he was 300,000; they encountered at Siagara with The last thoughts of my bosom thou art every in a state of fear and perturbation : I instantly 100,000 of Crotona, a neighbouring Greek

night; city, and were defeated.--Diod. Sicul. lib. xi. The sigh of the morning is prompted by thee.

dropped the mast, sprung up, and jumped on

his back, turning half round as I vaulted, so Strabo confirms this account, lib. vi.

When the still lapse of time shall have softened that I gained my seat with my face towards “ The citizens of Agrigentum, when it was

his head. I immediately seized his fore legs, destroyed by the Carthaginians, amounted, That rends the fond heart of a mother for thee, and by main force twisted them on his back; according to Diodorus Siculus (lib. xiii.), to From my lips the warm praise of thy beauties thus they served me for a bridle. He now 20,000, besides 200,000 strangers; but neither

shall fiow;

recovered from his surprise, and began to the slaves, nor women and children, are in- For, oh! they will ne'er be forgotten by me. cluded in this account. On the whole, this when the father, whom Mary so sweetly re

plunge furiously, and lashed the sand with

his long and powerful tail. The people dragged city must have contained nearly 2,000,000 of


us about forty yards on the sand; it was the inhabitants.

Can hear her dear name without wounding his first and last time I was ever on a Cayman's “Polybius says (lib. ii.), that when the


back. Should it be asked how I managed to Romans were threatened with an invasion I may tell him how often I tenderly trembled, keep my seat, I would answer, I hunted some from the Gauls, between the first and second For the fate of the beautiful flower I pressed. years with Lord Darlington's fox-hounds. Punic war, on a muster of their own forces, For, oh! thou wert clapsed to the heart that now

After repeated attempts to regain his liberty, and those of their allies, they were found to

mourns thee,

the Cayman gave in, and became tranquil amount to 700,000 men able to bear arms.

With all the affection a mother had known; through exhaustion. I cut his throat, and The country that supplied this number was

How often these arms have endearingly borne thee, commenced his dissection. The back of the not one-third of Italy; viz., the Pope's domi- While soft round my neck thou didst circle thine Cayman is almost impenetrable to a musketnions, Tuscany, and a part of the kingdom of


ball, but his sides are easily pierced with an Naples. But Diodorus Siculus (lib. i.) makes the same enumeration annount to nearly Thou wert the bright sunshine that chased away tirely made for snatch and swallow; there are

He has no grinders, his teeth are en1,000,000. " Julius Cæsar, according to Appian (Cela And thine was the laughter of innocent gladness existence bears more decided marks in his


thirty-two in each jaw. Perhaps no animal in tica), encountered 4,000,000 of Gauls, killed

An angel in beauty--in softness a dove. countenance of cruelty and malice than the one million, and took another million priAnd do I then weep that my Mary possesses

Cayman. He is the scourge and terror of all

the large rivers in South America, near the “ Athenæus says (lib. vi., c. 20), that, by the Transcendently more than to angels are given ? Line. One Sunday evening, some years ago, enumeration of Demetrius Phalereus, there Oh! could I but soothe the wild throb that op

as I was walking with the Governor of Anguswere in Athens 21,000 citizens, 13,000

presses strangers, and 400,000 slaves.

My heart, I'd not wish to recal her from heaven! tura, on the bank of the Oroonoque, “Stop here The same author says, that Corinth had

Tabernacle Square.

a minute or two," said he to me, “while I reS. K.

count a sad accident. One fine evening last once 460,000 slaves; and Egina 470,000.

year, as the people of Angustura were saun“ The Spartans, says Plutarch (in Vit. BATTLE WITH A CROCODILE.

tering up and down here in the Alameda, I Lycurg.), were 9000 in the town, 30,000 in Every now and then a huge fish would

was within twenty yards of this place, when I the country; the male slaves must have been plunge and strike in the water; the Cayman saw a large Cayman rush out of the river, 78,000—the whole, more than 3,120,000. was now upon the stir, the noise they made seize a man, and carry him down, before any “In the time of Diodorus Siculus, there was a singular and awful sound; it was like a

one had power to assist him. The screams of lived in Alexandria 300,000 free people; and suppressed sigh bursting forth all of a sudden, the poor fellow were terrible as the Cayman this number does not seem to comprehend and so loud that you might hear it above a

was running off with him. He plunged into either the slaves (who must have been double | mile off; first one emitted this horrible noise, the river with his prey; we instantly lost sight the number of grown persons), or the women and then another answered him. The Indian of him, and we never saw or heard of him and children. Lib. xvii.

made an instrument to take the Cayman; it more." I was a day and a half in dissecting “ Appian says, (Colt. pars. 1), that there was very simple. There were four pieces of our Cayman, but succeeded in my object of were 400 nations in Gaul; and Diodorus Si- tough, hard wood, a foot long, and about as preserving his skin in a perfect state, and culus says (lib. v.), that the largest of these thick as my little finger, and barbed at both thought myself fortunate in procuring an adnations consisted of 200,000 men, besides ends; they were tied round the end of a rope dition to my collection, so rare is his skin.women and children, and the least of 50,000. near one of their ends, the other ends pro- Waterton's Travels in Demerara. Calculating, therefore, at a mediuin, we must jecting a small distance from the


which admit of nearly 200,000,000 of people in that was thirty yards long and was fastened to a country; the population of which does not tree, and the instrument was well baited, and now amount to 30,000,000. The latter his- suspended about a foot over the water. It

The Earl of Northampton, then lord privy torian tells us, that the army of Ninus was is evident that if the Cayman swallowed this, seal, was asked by King James I., openly at the composed of 1,700,000 foot, and 200,000 the more he pulled, the more the baits would with 'discourse, “ My lord, have you not a desire horse (lib, ii.). There were exact bills of mor- stick into his stomach. He then took the tality kept at Rome; but no ancient author has empty shell of a land tortoise, and gave it

to see Rome?" My lord privy seal answered,

Yes, indeed, Sir." The king said, “And giren us tlie number of burials, except Sueto- some heavy blows with an axe.

I asked him why ?” My lord answered, “Because, if it nius, who tells us, that in one season 30,000 why he did that; he said it was to let the please your majesty, it was the seat of the greatest names were carried to the temple of Libitina Cayman hear that something was going on. In monarchy, and the seminary of the bravest men (the goddess of death), but it appears that a fact, the Indian meant it as the Cayman's in the world, whilst it was heathen ; and then, plague raged at that time. Suet. in Vit. Ne-dinner-bell. In the morning, the Indian stole secondly, because afterwards it was the see of so ronis.

off silently to look at the bait. On arriving at many holy bishops in the primitive church, most “Diodorus Siculus (lib. ii.), says, that Di- the place, he set up a tremendous shout. We

of them martyrs.

The king said, “ And for onysius the elder had a standing army of all jumped out of our hammocks and ran to nothing else ?” My lord answered, “Yes, if it 100,000 foot and 10,000 horse, and a fleet of him. We found a Cayman ten feet and a half please your majesty, for two things more; the 400 galleys. long fast to the end of the rope. I then mus

one, to see him who they say hath so “If the preceding statements he correct, tered all hands; there were four South Ame- his own sins upon his knees before a chaplain or

power to forgive other men their sins, to confess what desolations must have taken place in the rican savages, two negroes from Africa, a priest ; and, the other, to hear Antichrisi say his earth in the course of the last 2000 years!" Crede from Trinidad, and myself, a white man, I creed."



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