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me farther out of order, so that when I wrote to you, CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN places that gave occasion to that censure, that, by

explaining myself better, I may avoid being mis I had not slept an hour a night for a fortnight toSIR ISAAC NEWTON AND MR. LOCKE. taken by others, or unawares doing the least pre gether, and for five days together not a wink. I

judice to truth or virtue. I am sure you are so remember I wrote to you, but what I said of your

much a friend to them both, that, were you none to book I remember not. If you please to send me Newton and Locke were equally eminent me, I could expect this from you. But I cannot a transcript of that passage, I will give you an ac.

count of it if I can.-I am your must humble ser. in their respective departments of science. doubt but you would do a great deal more than this for my sake, who, after all, have all the concern of vant,

“Is. NEWTON." They may properly be termed the fathers of

a friend for you, wish you extremely well, and am, Cambridge, Oct. 5, 1693." our physical and mental philosophy. Their without compliment, &c.”

It would be well for the happiness of reputation has survived to the present day,

The draft of this letter is indorsed "J. L. society if the spirit of these estimable men and is founded on too permanent a basis to to I. Newton;" and the following is the generally prevailed. To acknowledge a fault be materially affected by any of the changes reply of the latter:

is to evidence a virtuous and noble mind, to which human opinion is incident. Their

* Sir: The last winter, by sleeping too often hy my fire, I got an ill habit of sleeping; and a dis

to promote the harmony of social life, and to private characters were as pure as their phi-temper, which this summer has been epidemical, put | perpetuate our own best joys. losophy is profound. Living at the same period, and addressing themselves to men of the same country, they were free from the littleness of envy, and rejoiced in each other's

On one occasion, however, Newton, to use his own familiar but expressive language, entertained hard thoughts of Locke. Displeased with some of the opinions expressed in the Essay on the Human Understanding, he affirmed that they struck at the root of all morality, and that he regarded their author as a Hobbist. His upright and benevolent mind soon repented of these rash statements, when he addressed the following remarkable letter to Locke:



“Sir: Being of opinion that you endeavoured to embroil me with women, and by other means, I was so much affected with it, as that when one told me you were sickly and would not live, I answered,

TREATMENT OF SLAVES WHILE HOLEING IN THE SUGAR PLANTATIONS. twere better if you were dead. I desire you to forgive me this uncharitableness ; for I am now satis- When employed in the labour of the field, in the line, whether male or female, old or pardon for my having hard thoughts of you for it

, as for

example, in holeing a cane-piece, i.e. young, strong or feeble, work as nearly as and for representing that you struck at the root of in turning up the ground into parallel trenches possible in equal time, and with equal effect. morality, in a principle you laid in your book of for the reception of the cane-plants, the slaves The tardy stroke must be quickened, and the that i took you for a Hobbist. I beg your pardon of both sexes, from twenty perhaps to four- languid invigorated, and the whole line made also for saying or thinking that there was a design score in number, are drawn out in a line, to dress, in the military phrase, as it adto sell me an office, or to embroil me.--I am your like troops on parade, each with a hoe in his vances: No breathing time, no resting on most humble and unfortunate servant,

“ Is. NEWTON."

or her hand; and close to them in the rear is the hoe, no pause of langour, to be repaid At the Bull, in Shoreditch, London,

stationed a driver, or drivers, in number duly by brisker exertion on return to work, can Sept. 16th, 1693."

proportioned to that of the gang. Each of be allowed to individuals. All must work or To this letter Locke returned the follow the drivers, who are always the most vigor- pause together.-Stephen's Crisis. ing answer, so nobly distinguished by philo- ous and active negroes on the estate, has in sophical magnanimity and Christian charity: his hand, or coiled round his neck, from which by extending the handle it can be dis, is in operation at the Gas Office in Old square,

MEAT ROASTED BY COAL GAS.- A patent apparatus Oates, Oct. 5th, 1693. engaged in a moment, a long thick and belonging to the Birmingham and Tipton Gas : I entirely and sincerely your friend, "and thought you strongly plaited whip, called a cart-whip; Company, for the purpose of applying gas to culinary

and other uses in manufactories, instead of coal ore. so much mine, that I could not have believed what the report of which is as loud, and the lash

This novel desideratum in science will supply us you tell me of yourself, bad I had it from anybody as severe, as those of the whips in common with combustion in the most convenient form, as the else. And, though I cannot but be mightily troubled that you should have had so many wrong and unjust

use with our waggoners; and which he has required temperature may be regulated by thermothoughts of me, yet next to the return of good authority to apply at the instant when his limited to the duration of time the process is in offices, such as from a sincere good will I have ever eye perceives an occasion, without any pre- action.—(Nottingham Review.) done you, I receive your acknowledment of the con. trary as the kindest thing you have ever done me, vious warning. Thus disposed, their work

ANSWER TO THE CHALLENGE OF A Duellist.-I since it gives me hopes I have not lost a friend I so begins, and continues without interruption have two objections to this matter; the one is, lest i much valued. After what your letter expresses, 1 for a certain number of hours, during which

should hurt you, and the other is, lest you should shall not need to say anything to justify myself to at the peril of the drivers an adequate por- put a bullet through any part of your body. I could

hurt me. I do not see any good it would do me, to you. I shall always think your own reflection on my carriage, both to you and all mankind will suf- tion of land must be holed.

make no use of you when dead, for any culinary ficiently do that. Instead of that, give me leave to As the trenches are generally rectilinear, purpose, as I could a rabbit, or a turkey: I am no assure you that I am more ready to forgive you and the whole line of holers advances

Cannibal, to feed on the flesh of man. Why, then, than you can be to desire it; and I do it so freely

shoot a human creature, of which I could make no and fully, that I wish for nothing more than the together, it is necessary that every hole or use? A buffalo would be better meat, for though opportunity to convince you that I truly love and section of the trench should be finished in your filesh might be delicate and tender, yet it wants esteem you, and that I have the same good will for equal time with the rest ; and if any one or

that firmness and consistency which takes and reyou as if nothing of this had happened. To con

tains salt. You might make a good barbecue, it is frm this to you more fully. I shall be glad to meet more negroes were allowed to throw the hoe true, being of the nature of a racoon, or an opos. you anywhere, and the rather, because the conclu; vith less rapidity or energy than their com

sum: but people are not in the habit of barbecuing sion of your letter makes me apprehend it would panions in other parts of the line, it is obvious

any thing human now. As to your hide, it is not

worth taking off, being little better than that of an tnink it fit or not, I leave wholly to you. I shall that the work of the latter must be sus old colt. As to myself, I don't like much to stand always be ready to serve you to my utmost, in any pended, or else such part of the trench as is

in the way of anything harmful. I am under appreway you shall like, and shall only need your com

hensions you might hit me: that being the case, I mands or permission to do it. passed over by the former will be more im

think it most advisable to stay at a distance. If you “My book is going to press for a second edition ; perfectly formed than the rest. It is, there want to try your pistols, take some object, a tree, nd, though I can answer for the design with which fore, the business of the drivers not only to

or a barn door, about my dimensions. If you hit

that, send me word, and I shall acknowledge, that, ine notice of what you have said of it, I should take urge forward the whole gang with suti

if I had been in the same place, you might also bave it as a favour if you would point out to me the cient speed, but sedulously to watch that all hit me. (American Paper.)

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In a state of nature no race of animals is

“ Fiat justitia ruat coelum," unhappy; they are all adapted to the mode The following anecdote shews that Napo

TO THF EDITOR OF THE TOURIST. of life which God has ordained them to lead ; leon possessed a heart, amenable to humane

Sir : You will oblige a Constant Reader, by inand their chief enjoyment consists in pursu- feelings :

forming your friends that Lectures on Colonial ing their natural habits, whatever these may

“There was a gentleness and even sofiness in Slavery will be delivered by the Rev. T. Price, at be. The woodpecker, while boring a tree, his character. He was affected when he rodeover Friday evening next, the 24th and 26th. To com

Devonshire-square, London, on Wednesday and and clinging to it for hours by its scandent the fields of battle, which his ambition had strew mence at seven o'clock precisely. Yours, feet, is just as happy as the eagle is when ed with the dying and the dead, and seemed not perched upon the mountain cliff, or pourcing only desirous to relieve the victims-issuing for


that purpose directions which too often could on its quarry from the clouds. could lead the life of the other, but each is the influence of that more acute and imagina- good humour :-once bought a horse from a

A HORSE WITH ONE Fault.-Sergeant Bond renot be obeyed—but shewed himself subject to lated the following anecdote of himself with great happy in the state which has been assigned tive species of sympathy, which is termed sen- horse-dealer, warranted sound in all his points. na to it; and this is observable throughout all sibility. The following circumstance indicates thought I had got a treasure, but still wished to find nature. A rat, which burrows in a ditch, a deep sense of feeling. As he passed over a is as happy as it could desire, so long as it field of battle in Italy, with some of his generals, paid for him, said to the seller, :Now, my friend, can find garbage sufficient to feed on; and a he saw a houseless dog lying on the body of his you have got your money, and 1 the horse, so that heron, immoveably fixed watching for the slain master. The creature came towards them, tell me fairly of any fault which he has. Why; approach of small ishes and frogs

, has, there then returned to the dead body, moaned over it sir," says he, you have dealt with me like a gentle can be little doubt, as much pleasure as any Whether it were the feeling of the moment,

man, and, as you ask me to be frank with you,

must tell you that the horse has one fault.' I pricked lover of the angle can enjoy while wearing continued Napoleon, “the scene, the hour, or

up my ears. What is it, my friend?' 'Why, sir,' out the summer day in marking his light the circumstance itself, I was never so affected says he, it is that he will not go into the yard of the float, and waiting, in mute expectation, the by any thing which I have seen upon a field of that's all, I am not likely to put him to the trial, as wished-for bite. We generally, I believe, battle. That man, I thought, has perhaps had I have nothing to do with, or to lead me to Uxbridge.' connect rapidity or slowness of motion with a house, friends, comrades, and here he lies de- it, however, so happened, that I had occasion to go

How myste

to Uxbridge, and I determined to try if my borse the ideas we form of an animal's happiness. If, serted by every one but his dog.

retained his dislike to the yard of the Crown Inn. I rious are the impressions to which we are subaccordingly rode up the street until I came opposite like the tortoise, it move with slowand measured steps, we pityordespise, as the mood may ordering battles, which must decide the fate of the Sergeant, seated myself firmly in my stirrups; be, its melancholy, sluggish condition; and the

a campaign ; and could look with a dry eye on at the same time exhibiting the attitude in which poor persecuted toad has, probably, incurred the execution of manœuvres which must be at

the feat was to be performed. Expecting a plunge as much of the odium so unjustly attached to tended with much loss, and here I was moved from my horse, I struck my spurs into his sides, and

pushed him forward into the yard; but what was it, by its inactivity, as by the supposed -nay, painfully affected, by the cries and grief my surprise to find him enter the yard as quietly as loathsomeness of its appearance.

On the of a dog. It is certain that at that moment, I a cow that had just gone in before him. But I was other hand, enjoyment seems always to be should have been more accessible to a suppliant not long left in doubt of what appeared to be the the concomitant of celerity of motion. A enemy, and could better understand the conduct cause of this change in his antipathies, by the land

lord's coming up to him, and tapping him on the of Achilles, in restoring the body of Hector to fly, dancing in the air, seems more happy the tears of Priam.”—(Sir Walter Scult's Life of you again ; I thought I had lost you!

shoulder, “Ha, Jack !' says he, 'I am glad to sie

• What do than the spider lurking in his den; and the Napoleon.)

you mean, Mr. Landlord ?' 'Sir,' says he, this lark, singing at “heaven's gate,” to possess a

horse was stolen from me about six months ago, and more joyous existence than the snail, which

I have never seen him since.' 'I did not much relish almost imperceptibly upon a leaf, or creeps

A venerable American Judge relates the following this piece of information,' said the Sergeant, ‘but I the mole, which passes the hours of bright- the battle at York Town, I had the curiosity to at dealer, to prevent me from going to a place where

revolutionary anecdote :-" The morning following could not help laughing at the conceit of the horseness and sunshine in his dark caverns under- tend the dressing of the wounded ; and among others, his theft would be discovered; I wished I had whose limbs were so much injured as to require am

attended to his caution, as the sale was not regular, ground. But these and all other animals are

and I was left to make the best terms I could with happy, each in its own way; and the habits putation was a musician, who had received a mus:


As was usual in such cases, the landlord.” What they were he kept to himself. of one, constituted as the creatures are, could

preparations were made to lash him down to the (Fraser's Magazine.) form no source of felicity to another, but the table, to prevent the possibility of his moving. very reverse. Though activity may stimu- be at ?? – My lad, I'm going to take off your leg; T

THE PREACHER.-Vol. 4, price 7s. 6d.

cloth boards, is now ready, and contains SERMONS by late the appearance of superior enjoyment, and it is necessary you should be lashed down." "i

the Bishop of Calcutta (7); H. Blunt; T. Dale; H. Melvill;

H. Mc Neill; B. Noel; T. J. Judkin ; T. Mortimer; Dr. we may conceive, that where it is excessive, shall consent to no such thing, you may pluck my

Thorp; S. Robins, &c. &c. &c. the animal in which it is so demonstrated is there a fiddle in the tent? if so, bring it to me.

PART 28, price is must suffer much from fatigue. This would A violin was furnished, and after tuning it, he said, Vol. 1, 2, and 3, canvas boards, 76 60 each

ttt Country Booksellers are requested to observe that no be another mistake, in so far as relates to Now, Doctor, begin,' and he continued to play

until the operation,
which took about forty minutes, by some of the London. Booksellers

Volume or Part of The PreACHER is out of print, as reported animals in a state of nature. The works of God was completed, without missing a note, or moving

T, Griffiths, Wellington-street, Strand, are all perfect in their kind; but if an ani- a muscle."

of whom may be had,

How To KEEP HOUSE ON £150. PER ANNUM, and The mal were formed to lead a life of almost per Heat.-We know nothing of the nature or cause New BOOK OF ECONOMY, one shilling each.

of heat; some suppose that it is a peculiar fluid, petual motion, and that motion were accom

which has been termed "caloric," and certainly panied or followed by fatigue, the work there are many phenomena in favour of the exist


S. would be imperfect : take the swallow as an

Words by Composed by 8. d, example; it is constantly on the wing except nomena mentioned, to be a vibratory motion of the The Weather Glass......

W. F. Collard...d. Clifton... 1 6 'Tis a sweet thing to?

......ditto ............ditto....... 16 at night. From the early morning

to the particles of matter, and that the sensible heat or
temperature would increase with the velocity of the

The Nightingale ..................ditto ............ditto...... 1 6 vibrations, and that increase of capacity for heat downgoing of the sun, it is for ever dashing

would be produced by the motion being performed through the air with the rapidity of an arrow,

The dear delights of Duty......ditto .........ditto...... 1 6 in greater space. Upon another hypothesis, tempe

Then of goodness, 0] but neither morning nor evening does it ever

never delay the hour,

............. ditto...... 16 rature is referred to the quantity of caloric present,

The Wand'ring Minstrel......ditto ............ditto...... 16 show one symptom of weariness; it has a

and the loss of temperature, which happens when O the Eye that's bright.........ditto ............ditto...... 1 6

bodies change their state, viz., in liquifaction, The pure Heart's cheerwing which never tires; and at night it be

:} depends upon the chemical combination of calorić

......ditto ............ditto...... 1 6 takes itself to repose, not worn out by the with the solid, and in the case of conversion into the

Awake, O Sleeper ...............ditto ...........ditto...... 16

The Sensitive Plant ............ditto ............ditto....... 1 6 fatigues of the day, but prepared for sleep gaseous state with the liquid. Of the nature or

My pretty Anne, good night ...ditto ............ditto...... 16 cause of heat, however, we know nothing.--(Brande's after what is to it a wholesome exercise. Lectures.)

Published by Collard and Collard (late Clementi and Co.),

26, Cheapside. Gibbon compares the diffusion of letters to the

Samuel Cox, the counsel, walking by the sea-side, breaking up of a golden image, which ceasing to as if absorbed in deep contemplation, was questioned Printed and Published by J. CRISP, at No. 13, exist as a work of art, circulates in the more useful about what he was in using on. He replied, “I was Wellington-street, Strand, where all Advertiseshape of coin, extending wealth and industry among wondering that such an almost infinite and un ments and Communications for the Editor are all classes. wieldly element should produce a SPRAT."

to be addressed.


while away

The Swan .......

..ditto ............ditto....... I


ful smile.......

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Here their delicious task the fervent bees, admire most, the wonderful adaptation of to more than 140 degrees, it will go out in a short In swarming millions, tend ; around, ath wart,

these insects to the circumstances in which Through the soft air, the busy nations fly,

We must, therefore, admit, as Huber ob

serves, that the bees possess the astonishing faculty Cling to the bud, and with inserted tube

they are placed, or the unity, industry, of attracting the external air, and at the same time, Suck its pure essence, its etherial soul; And oft with bolder wing they soaring dare

loyalty, and domestic and political sagacity of expelling that which has become corrupted by The purple heath, or where the wild thyme grows, which distinguish their little commonwealths.

their respiration.

“ What would you say, should I tell you that the And yellow load them with the luscious spoil. It would be utterly impossible within such bees, upon this occasion, have recourse to the same

THOMSON. There appears to be an almost instinctive either of the structure or habits of bees; and limits as ours, to give any regular detail instrument wbich ladies use to cool themselves

when an apartment is overheated ? Yet it is strictly tendency in the human mind to attach itself we will therefore content ourselves with unite each pair of wings into one plane, slightly con:

the case. By means of their marginal hooks, they to any class of being with whom any of its extracting from the writings of the most

cave, thus acting upon the air, by a surface nearly attributes are shared; and that in proportion ingenious and laborious entomologists some

as large as possible, and forming for them a pair of to the importance of the faculties held in anecdotes respecting them. The following an arch of 90 degrees.

most ample fans, which in their vibrations describe

These vibrations are so common, and to the degree of development amusing instance of their sagacity in the rapid as to render the wings almost invisible. When in which they are observed. It is not, there- ventilation of the hive is given by Messrs. they are engaged in ventila time, the bees

, by means fore, surprising, that the bee should always Kirby and Spence, in their Introduction to possible to the place they stand on. The first pair have been an object of curiosity and interest. Entomology.

of legs is stretched out before the second, extended Perhaps there is no animal in its vicinity in

to the right and left; whilst the third, placed very the scale of being, which exhibits so many of must not omit to mention one of the greatest im

“In treating of the various employments of bees, I near each other, are perpendicular to the abdomen,

so as to give to that part considerable elevation. the better features of the human character, portance to them—the ventilation of their abode. The time that they devote to this function, is with so few of its defects; and hence it has confined a space, the high temperature to which its

longer or shorter according to circumstances : some in all ages been adopted by moralists and atmosphere is l'aised, and the small aperture at

have been observed to continue their vibrations for

nearly half an hour without resting ; suspending the poets, as one of the most appropriate em which the air principally enters, you will readily action for not more than instant, as it should seein, blems they could select to point the pro-spiration, and be convinced that there must be some

conceive how soon it must be rendered unfit for re to take breath. When one retires, another occupies verbs and fables of the one, or to embellish

its place; so that in a hive well peopled there is means of constantly renewing it. If you think that never any interruption of the humming sound occathe descriptions of the other. Indeed, the the ventilation takes place, as in our apartments, by sioned by this action." whole circle of animated nature affords but natural means, resulting from the rarefaction of the

The following circumstance, proving the few more decisive evidences of the wisdom tablishment of an interior and exterior current-a mathematical correctness and beauty with and benevolence of the Creator, than may simple experiment will satisfy you that this cannot which the cells of the honey-comb are coube observed in the economy of the bee-hive. be. Take a vessel of the size of a bee-hive, with a An observer will scarcely know which to

similar or even somewhat larger aperture, introduce structed, if it does not evince the intelleca lighted taper, and if the temperature be raised

tual and philosophising character of these

ture of wax.


animals, exhibits at least an instinct as ! THE SLAVE TRADE AND THE | British Parliament had declared such imporpowerful and accurate as any to be found in


tation to be felonious ! the whole range of animated nature.

When the Commissioners of inquiry had “ Reaumer suspected that, as the bottom of the A. VALUABLE article on this subject has made their Report to his Majesty's Governcells had a uniform inclination, this particular di- lately appeared in the Christian Advocate, ment, and Mr. Buxton was admitted to have rection was the one which caused the least expendi- the substance of which we shall transcribe established his complaint, it would have been

He therefore asked Kønig, an able into our columns. We are sorry that our preposterous to revive the Parliamentary analyst, to solve the following question :--Among all the hexagonal tubes with pyramidal bases, com space prevents our giving the whole paper committee. Sir George Murray, with that posed of three similar and equal rhombs, to deter- to our readers.

noble frankness that marks his character, mine that which can be constructed with the least possible quantity of matter? Kænig, not at all

The case of the Mauritius must not be at once acquiesced in Mr. Buxton's position, aware of the object which Reaumur had in view lightly passed over. It is one of those dark that all these Slaves were entitled to freedom, when he proposed this problem, worked it out, and episodes in the Colonial tragedy that have or, rather, that they were de jure free, and found,--that if three rhombs or lozenges were so inclined to each other, that the great angles mea

been curiously kept back from the eye of the that their freedom must be asserted for sured 109 • 26', and the little angles 70 - 34', this public, but which speak volumes upon the them. construction would require the least quantity of question of Slavery, The ostensible reason. But here arose great difficulty. Large as matter. Maraldi measured the angles formed at the of hostility to Mr. Jeremie was, his publica. the proportion of new slaves was understood bottom of a cell, and found that the great angles tion of certain Essays on Colonial Slavery; to be, it was almost impossible to distinguish

', !-mert between the solution and the actual measure but the real motive lies much deeper; and, them from those Slaves who had been legally ment is, it must be acknowledged, sufficiently surprising. It is impossible to look at a cell without

to explain it, we must recur a little to facts, imported into the island under the French fancying that some profound geometrician had not which, as we have already observed, but a Government before 1810. Sir George Murray its execution. The bees appear, says Reaumur, that portion seems to have forgotten. only furnished the general plan, but also assisted in scanty portion of the public ever knew, and felt the difficulty, but expressed himself to have had a problem to solve, which would puz..

with the same honesty as to the proper zle many a mathematician. 'A quantity of matter

The Mauritius was captured in 1810; means of surmounting it : “ The Slavebeing given, it is required to form out of it cells and, from that period to 1823, was prin- owners had themselves created the confusion, which shall be equal and similar, and of a deter. cipally under the government of Sir Robert to receive the fruits of their criminality. the quantity of matter employed, while they shall Farquhar

. Generals Hall, Dalrymple, and They must take the consequences--all the occupy the least possible space.' By making the form Darling, were successively appointed ; and slaves in the Mauritius shall be free, whether of thecell hexagonal, the bee has fullyanswered all the each held the government for a few months. legally or illegally imported, rather than the least possible space, while its construction consumes During this long period of nearly thirteen free men shall remain in bondage. If the the least possible quantity of material.”

years, the Slave-trade was carried on at the owner can identify his slave, as one legally We have mentioned harmony as one of Mauritius to an unexampled extent. Gen. acquired, let him retain his property ; but the distinguishing features of this interest- Hall exerted himself most strenuously to the onus probandi shall lie upon him. ing society. This, however, is occasionally suppress it, and thereby made himself in the Such was the just determination of Sir interrupted; and then the fiercest contests highest degree odious to the inhabitants. George Murray; and Mr. Buxton and his

The following account of a « set. Farquhar, on the other hand, was idolized friends were satisfied with it. But, alas! to” will doubtless be read with interest by by them; and for what reason, we do not for the unfortunate Slaves, Sir George " the fancy,” if we should happen to number pretend to say.

quitted office ere he could redeem his proany of that fraternity among our readers. The horrible extent to which the trade had mise: an anti-slavery Administration has On those fine spring days, in which the sun is

been carried on, was almost wholly unknown succeeded, and, though with Lord Goderich beautiful and warm, duels may often be seen to take in this country, even to the Government, at the head of the Colonial department, a place between two inhabitants of the same hive. In until General Hall succeeded Farquhar, in man not a whit less honest or less able than and the combatants may be seen coming out of the November, 1817; but the public generally Sir George, the Mauritius Slaves remain in gates eager for blows. Sometimes a bee peaceably received no information on the subject till bondage still. At the commencement of settled on the outside of the hive, or walking about, a much more recent period. About the year the present year, Mr. Jeremie was sent to is rudely jostled by another, and then the attack 1825, Mr. Byam, who had filled a high the Mauritius, invested with

large powers for advantageous position. They turn, pirouette, throttle situation in the Mauritius police, arrived in the emancipation of these unfortunate men; each other; and such is their bitter earnestness, that this country, and put the Anti-Slavery party but upon a different and far less equitable Reaumur has been enabled to come near enough to observe them with a lens without causing a separa

in possession of the real facts of the case. principle. The onus probandi was shifted tion. After rolling about in the dust, the victor, Mr.Buxton moved for a committee of inquiry, from the owner to the slave: the latter was vatching the time when its enemy uncovers his body, which was appointed, and, in the commence to prove his freedom, instead of the former by elongating it, in the attempt to sting, thrusts its weapon between the scales, and the next instanı its

ment of 1826, this committee commenced establishing his title. Certain facilities, it antagonist stretches out its quivering wings, and ex. its duties, The political changes of that is true, were given to the admission of evipires. A bee cannot be killed so suddenly, except period combined with other circumstances dence on the part of the Slave; but we, who by crushing, as by the sting of another bee. Sometimes the sironger insect produces the death of the

to terminate abruptly the labours of this have vowed to speak the truth on this quesvanquished by squeezing its chest. After this feat committee, before many witnesses had been tion, hesitate not to declare, that this was a has been done, the victorious bee constantly remains, examined; but the inquiry went on out of gross dereliction of those principles which front legs, and rubbing the two posterior ones toge- doors, and a mass of important evidence was ought to have distinguished our anti-slavery ther.. Sometimes the enemy is killed in the hive; obtained. It also happened that certain Government, and an act of cruel injustice to city, and leaves it. These combats are strictly duels; Mauritius at the latter end of 1827, or the then the victor always carries the corpse out of the Commissioners of inquiry arrived at the the Slave himself. not more than two being concerned in them; and

We go further : let not our readers be this is even the case when armies of bees meet in beginning of 1828 ; and they fully corrobo- startled at the boldness of the assertion,

rated, by their Report of the 12th of March, when we add that, on this occasion, bis We can only afford room for one more

1828, all the information that had been pre- Majesty's Government have sanctioned the anecdote-an instance in which their military viously given.

enjoyment of the fruits of felony-of that prowess was more advantageously employed, And what was this information? To guard very felony which the Lord Chancellor had

“Lesser tells us, that in 1525, during the confusion against misconception, we will premise that, himself created, as a member of the lower occasioned by a time of war, a mob of peasants, as as far as we are aware, the supposed amount House ; for, to compensate the poor slave for sembling in Hoherstein, attempted to pillage the of slave importations into the Mauritius has thus shifting upon him the burthen of proof, house of the minister of Elende, who having in vain employed all his eloquence to dissuade them from

never been officially stated; but, from data the celebrated Order in Council of last Notheir design, ordered his domestics to fetch his bee officially given, we advisedly declare it to be vember declared it to be sufficient, to sustain rives, and throw them into the middle of the enfuriated multitude. The effect answered his expecta.

our conviction that, out of a population of a presumption in favour of slavery, that 20 tions: they were immediately put to fight, and

64,709 slaves in the year 1823, not less than years' undisputed possession of the slave happy were those who escaped unstung." 50,000 had been illegally imported, since the should be established. Thus, inasmuch as



Mr. Jeremie's functions would not commence while his singular comments, upon the


FILIAL AFFECTION. till July, 1832, all the possessors of slaves vidence of God, on some casual discussions illegally imported prior to the same month in in the last Session, have made it very appa- DURING the French Revolution, Made1812, would, under the Order in Council, rent what his religious principles are not ! moiselle Sombruil had been eight days with have their felonious title to theni converted Most heartily do we wish his Lordship suc- her father in prison, when the unhappy masinto a legal one.

We shall be truly glad cess ; but he must not hang back: he must sacres of September commenced. After to find that we are in error bere: we shall come to the point on this as on all other many prisoners had been murdered, and the rejoice to learn, either that our construction matters : and so he will, we doubt not. He sight of blood, continually flowing, seemed of the Order in Council is erroneous, or that spoke plainly at Exeter hall, the other day; only to increase the rage of the assassins, Mr. Jeremie's instructions are essentially his words are 20t forgotten. The Dissenters while the wretched inmates of the prison different from that which we believe. At received, with no common satisfaction, the endeavoured to hide themselves from the present, however, so stand the facts, accord- assurances of his deep sympathy in the death that hovered over them, Mademoiing to the best information which we have wrongs of their persecuted brethren; and selle Sombruil rushed into the presence of been able to obtain.

they will prove that satisfaction, on this oc- the murderers who had seized her father.However, even in the exercise of these qua- casion, if we mistake not. In fact, it is a “ Barbarians !” she cried, “ hold your hands, lified powers,

Mr. Jeremie has been success- question, as we have often said, of deep he is my father !". She threw herself at their fully defied : he returns to England, the religious interest. This is the true ground on feet. În one moment she seized the hand bearer, in his own person, of contempt and which to rest it ; and if religion, real religion which was lifted against her father, and in insult from the colony. We hope that he true, evangelical religion, has yet a place which the next, she offered her own person to the will go

back to the Mauritius to chastise its she can call her own, within the shores of sword, so placing herself that the parent inhabitants as they deserve. We trust that England, it is to be found in the chapels of could not be struck but through the body of Sir William Nicolay is, at this moment, the Independents, the Baptists, and the his child. So much courage and filial affecreceiving specific instructions for removing Methodists. Let them-we implore them, tion in so young a girl, for a moment diverted every colonial functionary from his office, and on this occasion to remember, that it is the the attention of the assassins. She perceived vindicating the rights of the oppressed. command of the Almighty to let the op- that they hesitated ; and seized on the fa

Can it be doubted that these Slaves are pressed go free;"—"not by might, not by. vourable opportunity. While she entreated entitled to freedom? This is not mixed up power-but by my name, saith the Lord of for her father's life, one of the monsters prowith the grand question of Abolition. It Hosts."

posed the following condition :- Drink,” stands quite alone : its merits are peculiar.

said he, “a glass of blood, and save your Even the most staunch colonial advocate,


father.” She shuddered, and retreated some however wedded to the system by bigoted

paces : but filial affection gained the ascenprejudice or inveterate habit, can have nothing to say in favour of the Mauritius. The Few men have been more remarkable than Gene- dancy, and she yielded to the horrible condi

ral Putnam for the acts of successful rashness to tion." Innocent or guilty,” said one of those voice of all England has declared slave-which a bold and intrepid spirit frequently prompted who performed the office of judge, “it is trading to be felony. Never was there

him. Act of the Legislature that carried popular head of fifteen hundred men, his only method of in the blood of the old man, since they must

When he was pursued by General Tryon at the unworthy of the people to bathe their hands feeling more strongly with it. Lord

escape was precipitating his horse down the steep first destroy this virtuous girl.” A cry of Brougham received his mural crown in his declivity of the rock called Horseneck; and as none

“ Pardon !" was heard. The daughter, reYorkshire election, for having branded it of his pursuers dared to imitate his example, he escaped.

vived by this signal of safety, threw herself with the opprobious term. The West

But an act of still more daring intrepidity was his into her father's trembling arms, which Indians themselves—ay, even the West venturing to clear in a boat, the tremendous waterIndians-blush at the suspicion of being when Putnam fought against the French and their being overcome by such powerful affection,

falls of Hudson's river. This was in the year 1756, scarcely had power to press her to his bosom, slave-traders, and resent the imputation as allies, the Indians. He was accidentally with a bont and so providential a deliverance. Even the an insult ! as if to hold a slave were an in- / and five men, on the eastern side of the river, conferior crime !

tigious to these falls. His men, who were on the most outrageous assassins were unable to

opposite side, informed him by signal, that a consi- restrain their tears : and the father and And it is to his Majesty's Government, derable body of savages were advancing to surround in the first instance, and ultimately to the him, and there was not a moment to Lose Three daughter were triumphantly conducted to a British people, that these appeals must be modes of conduct were at his option—to remain, place of comfort and safety.

fight, and be sacrificed; to attempt to pass to the made. Let, then, the friends of the Negro other side exposed to the full shot of the enemy; or act for themselves ; and, abjuring political to sail down the waterfalls, with almost a certainty of DEAN SWIFT.-Dean Swift was a great enemy to influence on this subject once and for ever, tives. Putnam did not hesitate, and jumped into tructive ustentation in the middling classes, which

being overwhelmed. These were the only alterna- cxtravagance in dress, and particularly to that desthrow themselves upon the country. We the boat at the fortunate instant, for one of his com- led them to make an appearance above their condido most cordially rejoice to see how much panions, who was at a little distance, was a victim tion in life. Of his mode of reproving this folly in this has been already done : we have already charged their muskets at the boat before he could lowing instance has been recorded. to the Indians. His enemies soon arrived, and dis- those persons for whom he had an esteem, theiɔl.

When George enumerated many places where the elections get out of their reach. No sooner had he escaped Faulkner, the printer, returned from London, where have assumed a decided Anti-Slavery cha- this danger through the rapidity of the current, but he had been soliciting subscriptions for his edition racter. It is with pleasure we can add others death presented itself under a more terrific form of the Dean's works, he went to pay his respects to to our list : at Hythe, this is the turning the water; large masses of timber that nearly closed other fopperies. Swift received him with the same point between Frazer and Majoribanks; the passage ; absorbing gulfs, and rapid descents, for ceremony as if he had been a stranger. Frazer will pledge himself, and Majoribanks the distance of a quarter of a mile, left him no hope sir," said he, what are your commands with me?"

of escape but by a miracle. Putnam however placed" thought it was my duty, sir," replied George, will not. It is not difficult to see who will himself at the helm, and directed it with the utmost to wait upon you immediately on my arrival from go to the wall; and this, again, is likely to tranquillity. His companions saw him with admira. London." Pray, sir, who are you?” “George

Faulkner, the printer, sir.” “You George Faulkner, become the gist of the controversy, on a tion, terror, and astonishment, avoid with the utmost

address the rocks and threatening gulfs, which they the printer! why, you are the most impudent barefar more important arena. Middlesex will every instant expected to devour him. He disap- faced scoundrel of an imposter I ever met with! be contested upon this ground. Lord Henley, peared, rose again, and directing his course across George Faulkner is a plain, sober citizen, and would

never trick himself out in lace and other fopperies. in every respect a most desirable man, has the only passage which he could possibly make, he

at length gained the even surface of the river that Get you gone, you rascal, or I wiil immediately send avowed himself a candidate, and carries with flowed at the bottom of this dreadful cascade. The you to the House of Correction.” Away went him the good wishes of a vast body of the Indians were no less surprised. This miracle asto- George as fast as he could, and having changed his electors who, perhaps, would prefer the rished them almost as much as the sight of the first dress, returned to the Deanery, where he was resupposed principles of Mr. Hume, but that They considered Putnam as invulnerablc; and they George," says the Dean, "I am glad to see you rehis gross inconsistency, upon this very ques- thought that they should offend the Great Spirit, if turned safe from London. Why, here has been an tion, has made it a matter of curious inquiry they attempted

the life of a man that was so visibly impudent fellow with me just now, dressed in a laced what his political principles really are; dotes.) under his immediate protection.-(Percy Anec- waistcoat, and he would fain pass himself off for

you, but I soon sent him away with a flea in his ear."

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