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26. The establishment of a new Recommended in the system of practice, by which the Second Report of the unnecessary expense of proving Common Law Comthe execution and delivery, or

missioners, p. 17. sending, of written documents, in cases where there is no fair reason for disputing these matters, may be avoided. - Ibid. and Reg. Hil. T. 1834.

27. The diminution of the expense of trials, and the prevention of delay, by authorizing the trial in case of debt or demand not exceeding £20, to take place before the Sheriff, instead of a Judge at Nisi Prius.-Ibid.

28. The relief of defendants, Recommended in the

Second Report

the (willing to do justice,) from vex

Common Law Comatious liability to the costs of a

missioners, p. 52. trial, by enabling them in all personal actions, (subject to some few exceptions,) to pay money into Court in satisfaction of the claim.-Ibid.

29. The prevention of expense, delay, or failure of justice at the

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32. A provision, enabling the Recommended in the jury, on the trial of a cause, to Fourth Report of the allow interest on debts, if they Common Law Comthink fit, in certain cases where it missioners, p. 33, 34, could not before be allowed, and making the rule as to the allowance of interest generally more certain ; and another provision,


enabling the jury in certain cases to give damages in the nature of interest.-Ibid.

Recommended in the 33. The supply of various de- Second Report of the fects in the law of costs.-Ibid. Common Law Com

missioners, p. 25, 61, 65.

34. The supply of certain de- Recommended in the fects in the law of arbitration. - same Report, p. 27. Ibid.

35. The abolition of certain holidays in the Courts of Common Law.-Ibid.

36. An extensive reform of the Recommended in the whole course of proceeding upon

Third Report of the

Common Law Comwrits of error, tending greatly to

missioners, p. 31, 36. promote simplicity and dispatch in the practice, and to save unnecessary expense.—Reg. Hil. T. 1834.

37. Various provisions of the Recommended in the like tendency, as to the practice same Report, p. 27,

28. on demurrer.-Ibid.

38. Various provisions of the Recommended in the like tendency, in the practice as Second Report of the to entries on record, and conti- same Commissioners, -Ibid.

p. 31, 32.


39. A variety of other miscel- Recommended in the laneous provisions, relative to same Report, p. 32, practice and pleading, calculated 33, 34. Third Re to prevent expense and delay, and port of same Com

missioners, 41, 42, to simplify the course of proceed- 43, 44, 50, &c. &c. ing. Ibid. and Reg. Hil. T. 1832.


11 Geo. IV. and 1 WILL. IV. Cap. 70.


Administration of Justice Act.

Page Attornies General of Chester and Wales

21 Bail, justification at chambers

8 Bail, render in discharge of

13 Charitable uses, trustees to, in Chester and Wales

19 Chester and Wales subjected to jurisdiction of Courts at Westminster .

9-13 Compensation to Welsh judges and officers

14-18 Ejectments, time of serving Ejectment, speedy execution

24 Error, Courts of, regulations as to

6 Exchequer, admission of attornies into

7 Fines and Recoveries in Wales and Chester

18, 19 Judges, puisné, to sit in rotation .

1 Judges sitting apart, jurisdiction of

2, 3, 4 Judges, their salaries, &c. .

3 Judgment, pronouncing, at sittings, &c.

7 Quarter Sessions, times of holding

21 Repeal of 3 Geo. 4, c. 102 .

4 Rules, General, how to be made

8 Sheriffs accounts in Chester and Wales

20 Sittings, limitation of time for .

5 Terms, alteration of . .

4 Wales and Chester subjected to jurisdiction of Courts at Westminster .


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