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Rules and

the sum of five dollars; the secretary of state shall exhibit an account of, and


to the treasurer at the end of each quarter, the moneys collected under this act, and the same shall be reserved, set apart, and

appropriated as a state library fund. Each inember of

Sec. 2. The comptroller, in settling the accounts of members of the the legislature to pay $5,00.

legislature, of the present and all subsequent sessions, shall reserve from the pay of each member, the sum of five dollars, the amount thereof he shall certify to the treasurer, whereupon the treasurer shall

transfer the same to the state library fund. Directors of state Sec. 3. The governor, treasurer, comptroller, president of the senlibrary and their

ate, and speaker of the assembly, shall constitute a board of directors for the state library. They shall have power to draw from the trea.

sury at any time, all moneys therein belonging to the state library Disposition of fund, and to expend the same in the purchase of suitable furniture, library fund.

books, maps and charts for the state library, purchasing first such books on the science of government, on philosophy, and on history, as they shall think best suited to the wants of the legislature.

Sec. 4. The directors of the state library shall, from time to time, regulations of state library, establish all needful rules for the government; safe keeping, and judi

cious use of the furniture, books, maps and charts thereof, but they shall not permit any person other than themselves, and the members of the legislature to remove from the library, any book, map or chart

thereto belonging Contributions to Sec. 5. All books, maps and charts, received from the general be placed in the library. government, received in exchange from other states, or received from

foreign nations, or donated to the state, by any person or corporation, shall be placed in the state library, and shall be carefully preserved

by the librarian. Librarian and Sec. 6. The secretary of state shall be librarian, and shall be rehis duties

sponsible for the safe keeping of all the property of the state library. He shall cause all the books, maps and charts thereof to be impressed with the proper stamp or seal, after the same shall have been procured by the directors aforesaid, whereby they shall be known as the property of the state library. He shall, at all times, keep, in a con

venient place in the library, a catalogue of the books of the same for Annual report. convenient reference. He shall annually, on the first Monday of

January, report to the governor the true condition of the library, and recommend such additions thereto, and improvements therein, as

he may think best, for the interest of the same. Appended to his reList of port shall be a list of all officers appointed by the governor in the past appointments. Delinquents. year, who have not paid to him the sum provided for by the first sec

tion of this act.


AN ACT supplemental to an Act entitled An Act providing a Fund for the use of a State Library,passed May first, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two. (1)—[Passed May 11, 1853.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. All fees of whatever character, collected in the office of All fees collected the secretary of state, shall constitute portion of the library fund, state constituted

a portion of the and be paid over into the treasury, under the same rules and con- library fund. ditions as now exist in reference to fees upon commissioners under the act to which this is supplemental. Sec. 2. The fees chargeable on each commission shall hereafter be Fees on

commissions. five dollars, to be collected by the secretary of state previous to the To be paid

previous to issuance of the commission.

issuance thereof.


AN ACT concerning the Salaries of Officers and Pay of the Members

of the Legislature. (2)—[Passed May 11, 1852.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows :


SECTION 1. There shall be paid in the manner provided by law, to Salaries of state the several officers and persons mentioned in this section, the following amount of salaries per annum.

To the governor, ten thousand Governor. dollars.

To the secretary of state, three thousand and five hundred Secretary of dollars. To the treasurer of state, four thousand and five hundred Treasurer of dollars. To the comptroller of state, four thousand and five hundred Comptroller. dollars.

To the attorney general, two thousand dollars. To the sur- Attorney general. veyor general, two thousand dollars. To the superintendent of public general,

Super. of public instruction, four thousand and five hundred dollars. To each of the instruction, judges of the supreme court, eight thousand dollars. To the superin- supreme court tendent of public buildings, four thousand dollars. To each of the buildings. district judges of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and District judges. eleventh judicial districts, six thousand dollars. The judge of the


(1) See preceding chapter.
(2) For time of payment, see next chapter.

District attorneys.

visors or court of sessions to


vate secretary.

governor and


fourth judicial district shall receive a salary of seven thousand and five hundred dollars. To each of the district judges in the first and second judicial districts, three thousand dollars. To the district judge of the third judicial district, four thousand dollars. To each of the district attorneys in this state, there shall be paid such salary, payable

in all cases out of the funds of the county treasury, as may be allowBoard of super-ed by the court of sessions, or by the board of supervisors in those

counties in which such board has replaced the court of sessions : Proregulate salary.

vided, such salary may be changed by such court, or board of superClerk to state visors, from year to year, as may

be deemed advisable. To a clerk for the secretary of state, comptroller and treasurer, two thousand and Governor's pri- five hundred dollars each, and governor's private secretary, eighteen

hundred dollars. Salary of lieut. Sec. 2. The lieutenant governor and speaker of the house of asspeaker of the sembly shall receive sixteen dollars per day during the session of the Mileage. legislature, and the same mileage that is allowed members of the

legislature. Pay of members SEC. 3. Members of the legislature shall receive twelve dollars of the legislature.

per diem during the session, and eight dollars for every twenty Mileage. miles travel by the nearest mail route from their residence to the

place of holding the session of the legislature, and in returning there

from. Clerks of legis

Sec. 4. The secretary of the senate, and clerk of the assembly, lature to report absentees.

at the close of each session, shall certify to the comptroller of state, the number of days each member has been absent from the

seat of government, without leave, during the session, which numDeductions. ber of days shall be deducted from the per diem allowance of such

members. Former acts Sec. 5. The act entitled “An act concerning the salaries of offirepealed.

cers,” passed March fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty, and also the “Act defining the compensation of clerks employed by the secretary, comptroller and treasurer of state," passed April fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty, and also “An act concerning the salaries of officers and pay of members of the legislature," passed May first, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, be and are hereby repealed.

Sec. 6. This act shall take effect from and after its passage : Prosuperintendents of public instruc- vided, the superintendent of public instruction, and superintendent of tion and public buildings. public buildings shall receive the salary herein provided for, from the

beginning of their term of office.

Salaries of


AN ACT prescribing the Time of Payment of the Salaries of the

Officers of State.- [Passed April 1, 1852.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The comptroller of state is hereby required to audit, Salaries of state

officers payable and the treasurer of state to pay, monthly, the annual salaries of monthly. the governor, and the several officers of state, and their clerks, the proportionate amount which shall be due and payable on the last day of each month, in every year.

Sec. 2. The supreme and district judges of this state shall be included in and receive the benefits of the provisions of this act. (1)

Sec. 3. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.

Commencement of the act.


AN ACT to authorize the Treasurer of State to make Special

Deposits. (2)—[Passed May 4, 1852.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows :

Section 1. Whenever the state treasurer may from any cause Special deposits whatever deem it necessary and proper for the security and safe keeping of the public funds, he shall have power and is hereby authorized to make special deposits thereof with such banking house or houses in the city of San Francisco as he may deem secure: Provided, however, that no authority is hereby conferred on the treasurer to make any payment whatever for the keeping of the funds so deposited; and, Provided nothing herein shall be so construed as to affect or impair the tenor or obligation of the treasurer on his official bond.

(1) Amendment inserted from Stat. 1852, page 49.
(2) For state treasurer, see ante, p. 75.


AN ACT to create a Board of Supervisors for the Counties of this

State, and to define their Duties and Powers. (1)—[Passed May 3,


The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows : Counties not SECTION 1. There shall be, in each county in this state, except the required to elect.

counties of San Joaquin, Butte, Trinity, Santa Barbara, Nevada, Yuba, Solano, Mariposa, Sutter, Placer, Shasta, Siskiyou, Klamath, and Sierra, a board of supervisors to consist of five members except in the county of Napa, where the board shall consist of three members, to be elected as hereinafter prescribed : Provided, that no justice of the peace, clerk, sheriff, or other county officer, shall be eligible to

the office of supervisor. Time of election. Sec. 2. Said supervisors, who shall be qualified electors of their

respective counties, shall be elected at the next general election, and at the general election of every subsequent year, by the qualified voters of their respective counties, and shall hold office for the term of one year from the period of their election, or until their successors shall be qualified : Provided, that in the counties of Sonoma, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Sacramento, El Dorado, Santa Cruz, and Tuolumne, a board of supervisors shall be elected on the second Monday of June next, who shall continue in office until their successors are qualified.

Sec. 3. The board of supervisors shall meet at the county seat of their respective counties on the first Monday of the ensuing month after their election, and the first Monday of each third month thereafter; and also on the second Monday after each general election, and oftener, if in their judgment the affairs of the county require it; and their proceedings shall be public.

Sec. 4. They shall elect one of their number as chairman of the board. The clerk of said board shall keep a full and complete record of all the proceedings transacted by them while sitting or otherwise ; and all their proceedings shall be entered in the journals, and the vote of each member shall be recorded on every question where there is a division.

Board required to meet.

Election of chairman and duty of clerk.

(1) This act is repealed so far as it relates to the counties of Colusi, Calaveras, Sacramento, and El Dorado. See three succeeding chapters.

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