The Publications of the Surtees Society, Volume 2; Volume 19

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Surtees Society, 1847 - Bible
Report of Society appended to many volumes.

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Page 154 - Clamavi ad te, Domine, dixi : Tu es spes mea: portio mea in terra viventium.
Page 11 - Mined es he wele in thoght pat dust ere we and worth noght. 15. Man his daies ere als hai, Als blome of felde sal he welyen awa. 16. For gaste thurgh-fare in him it sal, And noght undre-stand he sal with-al ; And knawe na-mare sal he His stede, whare pat it sal be.
Page 72 - Su ge-herdes mec -j ge-porden Confitebor tibi Domine quoniam exaudisti me et factus Su earS me in haelu es mihi in salutem on-dettaS dryht' Saette god Saette in peoruld 29.
Page 136 - Ms forS' in peoruld 14. Et eduxit Israhel per medium ejus quoniam in saeculum mild-heortnis his misericordia ejus •j a-spengde pharaon -j peorud his in Saem readan sae 15. Et excussit Pharaonem et exercitum ejus in Mari Rubro for-Son in peoruld mild-heortnis his quoniam in saeculum misericordia ejus se alaedde folc his Sorh peosten for-Son in 16. Qui transduxit populum suum per desertum quoniam in peoruld mild-heortnis his saeculum misericordia ejus se ut-alaedde peter of stane clifes for-Son in...
Page 164 - Oculi omnium in Te sperant, Domine, Et Tu das escam illis in tempore. The word for ' prayer ' here is the same as that rendered ' intercessions
Page 166 - Laverd rightwise in alle lhis waies isse, And 2 hali in alle werkes hisse. 18. Negh Laverd to alle him kalland esse, Til alle him kalland in sothnesse. 19. Wille of dredand him sal he do, And here far 3 bi-seking, and sauf make fo. 20.
Page 81 - And bi lagh ransake I sal ; And yheme wele, bi night and dai, In al mi hert, whils live I mai. 35. In > stihe of fi bodes lede fou me, For fat I wald in 2 to be.
Page 62 - Sa ge-treopa$ in 8. Similes illis fiant qui faciunt ea et omnes qui confidunt in hus ge-hyhte in dryhtne fultum heara -j 9. Domus Israhel speravit in Domino adjutor eorum et ge-scildende heara is protector eorum est hus ge-hyhte in dryht' fultum heara -j 10. Domus Aaron speravit in Domino adjutor eorum et ge-scildend heara is protector eorum est Sa on-dredaS dryht...
Page 196 - Quorum adipem sacrificiorum colebatis et edebatis vinum on-segdnisse heara libationis eorum 4 a-risen nu ge-fultumen eopic • sien eop ge-scildend Exsurgant nunc adjuvent vos et fiant vobis protectores ge-siaS ge-siaS for-Son ic eam god - nis oSer butan Videte videte quoniam ego sum Deus et non est alius praeter /— me...
Page 96 - Domine secundum eloquium tuum, et vivam, et ne confundas me ab expectatione mea. S. Sal pai ilkon reherce thrise, With gloria patri put perto, 2225 And sicut erat sine also.

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