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contents are familiar as well as precious, find it sometimes difficult to put their hand at once upon the portions especially adapted to the circumstances of the moment. Much more then is this difficult for those who need, and would willingly avail themselves of its help, but who, from their want of familiarity with its contents, are unable thus to use it with facility. To such, this work seems to supply a valuable help. It is hoped that the selections here made may also tend to open up the rich mines, and unfold some of the spiritual treasures of the Prayer Book ; and if there are any who have hitherto thought it a book suited only for Public Worship, may they now be led to regard it as a suitable companion for all seasons, and a valuable help for enabling them to express the wants and feelings of their hearts at all times. That God's blessing may rest upon this little effort to assist the humble and devout worshipper in his approaches to the Throne of Grace, is the sincere prayer of the



THESE selections from the Book of Common Prayer may seem to many people very unnecessary. Doubtless, there are numbers to whom the Prayer Book has ever been a familiar and beloved friend, and, as such, they turn to it in seasons of trouble or necessity. But there are others who are left first to learn its true value by the sick bed, or in the hour of sorrow. Then the long familiar, but unappreciated prayers come home to their hearts with new meaning, and they would gladly give utterance to their own thoughts and feelings in its comprehensive language. And then they may regret their imperfect acquaintance with this treasury of prayer, and fail to find what would supply their need in the time of trouble. For the aid and convenience of such persons, or the young and inexperienced called suddenly by God's Providence to minister to the necessities of their suffering fellow creatures, these selections have been made. Nothing is attempted beyond bringing together in a convenient form, the Prayers, Psalms, and Lessons which are suitable to the several subjects.

F. C. K. W.

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