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§ 2. Registration by owners of auto- $ 13. No other license required-00 ordi. mobiles-registration defined.

Dance regulating


use or

speed of motor vehicles (except § 3. Numbers to be displayed upon

by park commissioners) or re motor vehicles.

quiring numbers, effective. $ 4. Lamps and numbers thereon.

$14. Chauffeurs' registration and record

-fee. 8 5. Registration of manufacturers and

$ 15. Chauffeurs' badge. dealers.

$ 16. Use of motor vehicles without own$ Fictitious numbers.

er's consent and offer or accept

ance of bonus on purchase of Registration by subsequent pur

supplies or parts prohibited. chaser.

§ 17. Meeting horses--giving name and 8. Non-resident not required to regis

address in case of accident, etc. ter under certain conditions.

$ 18. No effect or right to damages. § 9. Brakes, horns, etc.


Penalties. $ 10. Speed.

Public highways and local author

ities defined $ 11. Racing on public highway.

$ 21.

Acts repealed. (SENATE BILL No. 5. FILED MAY 28, 1907.) An Act defining motor vehicles and providing for the registration of

the same and uniform rules regulating the use and speed thereof, and repealing an Act entitled, An Act to regulate the speed of automobiles and other horseless conveyances upon the public streets, roads and highways of the State of Illinois," approved May 13, 1903, in force July 1, 1903, and to repeal all other Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent herewith.

SECTION I. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: SHORT TITLE MOTOR VEHICLE DEFINED.) That the short title of this Act shall be “Motor Vehicle Law.” Whenever the term motor vehicle is used in this Act, it shall be construed to include automobiles, locomobiles, and all other vehicles propelled otherwise than by muscular power, except motor bicycles, traction engines and road rollers, the cars of electric and steam railways and other motor vehicles running only upon rails or tracks, but nothing in this Act shall be construed to apply to, or affect, bicycles or tricycles or such other vehicles as are propelled exclusively by muscular pedal power.

$ 2. REGISTRATION BY OWNERS OF AUTOMOBILES-REGISTRATION SEAL.] Every owner of a motor vehicle which shall be driven in this State shall, except as otherwise provided in this Act, within ten days after he becomes the owner of such vehicle, file in the office of the Secretary of State a declaration of his name and address, with a brief description of the vehicle to be registered, including the name of the maker, factory number, style of vehicle and motor power, on a blank to be prepared and furnished by such Secretary of State for that purpose, and shall pay to the said Secretary of State a registration fee of two dollars for each motor vehicle owned by the person making such declaration. The Secretary of State shall forthwith, on such registration and without further fee, issue and deliver to the owner of such motor vehicle a seal of aluminum or other suitable metal which shall be circular in form and not to exceed two inches in diameter, having stamped thereon the words, “Registered Motor Vehicle No. ...., Ill. Motor Vehicle Law," with the registration number inserted therein, which seal shall thereafter at all times be affixed to the motor vehicle to which such number has been assigned, and shall cause the name of such owner with his address and number of his certificate and a description of such motor vehicle or motor vehicles to be entered in alphabetical order of the owner's name in a book to be kept for such purpose in the office of said Secretary of State: Provided, that this section shall not apply to manufacturers of, or dealers in, motor vehicles in this State, except as to vehicles kept by such manufacturers or dealers for private use or for public hire. The Secretary of State shall once a year, and oftener if he deems necessary, print and mail to the clerks of all counties in the State, lists of registration made in accordance herewith, together with the numbers of the motor vehicles and the names and addresses if the owners thereof.

§ 3. NUMBERS TO BE DISPLAYED UPON MOTOR VEHICLES.] The owner of each motor vehicle shall have a number corresponding with the number of the registration seal issued by the Secretary of State, as hereinbefore provided, conspicuously displayed upon the front and back of every such motor vehicle owned by him, whenever the same shall be driven or used upon the public streets, roads, turnpikes, parks, parkways, drives or other public highways in this State, such numbers to be separate Arabic numerals not less than four inches in height and each stroke to be of a width not less than one-half of an inch, and also, as part of such number, the letters ILL. ; such numbers and letters shall be black on white ground, and such letters to be not less than one inch in height and, excepting the numbers upon the lamps, as required by section four of this Act, said owner shall not be required to place any other marks of identity upon his said motor vehicle.

LAMPS AND NUMBERS THEREON.] Every motor vehicle shall carry, during the period from sunset to one hour before sunrise, at least two lighted lamps showing white lights visible at least two hundred feet in the direction toward which each motor vehicle is proceeding, and shall also exhibit at least one red light visible in the reverse direction, attached to the rear of such motor vehicle. Upon each of the glass fronts of the two aforesaid lamps, showing white lights, shall be displayed in such manner as to be plainly visible, when such lamps are lighted, the number of the certificate issued as aforesaid by the Secretary of State, and in addition thereto the letters ILL., such figures to be in separate Arabic numerals not less than one inch in height.

§ 5. REGISTRATION OF MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS.] Each manufacturer of, and dealer in, motor vehicles, doing business in this State, shall register one vehicle of each class manufactured or dealt in by him, and if a number corresponding to the number of the registration seal issued to such manufacturer or dealer is displayed upon every vehicle of the class for which it was issued as provided in this section, while such vehicle is being operated by such manufacturer or dealer, or his agent, or representative, on the public highway, it shall be deemed a sufficient compliance with sections two, three and four of this Act, until such vehicle shall be sold or let for hire, provided that electrically driven motor vehicles shall constitute a class, those propelled by steam power a class, and those propelled by gasoline explosive type engines a class, and that nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to a motor vehicle employed by a manufacturer or dealer for his private use or for hire. No motor vehicle shall be used or operated upon the public highways of this State after this Act shall take effect unless the owner shall have complied in all respects with sections two, three, four and five of this Act.

$ 6. FICTITIOUS NUMBER.) No motor vehicle shall be used or operated upon the public highways of this State after this Act shall take effect which shall display thereon a number belonging to any other vehicle or fictitious registration number: Provided, however, that this section shall not be construed to prohibit any other number being displayed for any lawful purpose upon a motor vehicle in addition to the number of registration seal issued by the Secretary of State as aforesaid.

§ 7. REGISTRATION BY SUBSEQUENT PURCHASERS.] The vendor and purchaser of every motor vehicle which has been previously registered by any person other than a manufacturer or dealer shall, within ten days after such sale, join in a statement and send the same by mail to the Secretary of State, together with a filing fee of fifty cents, and thereupon said registration shall cease to apply to the motor vehicle so sold, and the purchaser of such motor vehicle shall register the same as in case of an original registration and another and different number than the original registration number shall be assigned to said motor vehicle by the Secretary of State, and the person to whom said original registration number was first issued shall have the right to register any other motor vehicle owned by him as herein provided and have said original registration number assigned thereto at any time within one year thereafter. Said statement shall notify said Secretary of State of the sale and of the name and address of the purchaser and the change of ownership shall be entered by the Secretary of State upon his records.

$ 8. NON-RESIDENT Not REQUIRED TO REGISTER UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS.] The provisions of sections two, three, four, five and six of this Act shall not apply to any motor vehicle owned by non-residents of this State, provided the owner thereof has complied with any law requiring the registration of motor vehicles, or the names of the owners thereof, in force in the city, state, territory or federal district of his residence, provided the registration number showing the initial or abbreviation of the name of such city, state, territory or federal district shall be displayed on such vehicle, substantially as in section three of this Act provided : And, provided, that nothing in this section contained shall be so construed as to exempt non-resident owners and drivers of automobiles from complying with the first part of section four of this Act requiring the carrying of lighted lamps as in said section provided.

8 9. BRAKES, HORNS, ETC.) Every motor vehicle while in use on a public highway shall be provided with good and sufficient brakes and also with a suitable bell, horn or other signal device. No part of the machinery of any motor vehicle shall be left running while such vehicle is left standing without an attendant on any public highway in this State.

§ 10. SPEED.] The following rates of speed may be maintained, but shall not be exceeded upon any public highway in this State by any one driving a motor vehicle, or a motor bicycle.

(a) A speed of one (1) mile in ten minutes when turning a corner of intersecting streets or cross roads, and a speed of one mile in four (4) minutes where any street, road or highway passes through the residence portions of any incorporated town, city or village.

(b) A speed of one mile in six minutes where such street or highway passes through closely built up business portions of any town, city or village.

(c) Elsewhere and except as otherwise provided in sub-sections (a) and (b) of this section, a speed of one mile in three minutes: Provided, however, that nothing in this section contained shall permit any person to drive a motor vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable, having regard to the traffic and use of highways, or so as to endanger the life or limb or injure the property of any person. § 11. RACING

Racing ON PUBLIC HIGHWAY.] Any person driving a motor vehicle or a motor bicycle upon a public highway in this State in a race, shall, upon conviction, be fined in a sum not exceeding $200.00.

§ 12. Whenever it shall appear that any horse ridden or driven by any person upon any of said streets, roads or highways is about to become frightened by the approach of any such motor vehicle it shall be the duty of the person driving or conducting such motor vehicle to cause the same to come to a full stop until such horse or horses shall have passed.


a motor vehicle who shall have obtained a certificate from the Secretary of State as hereinbefore provided shall be required to obtain any other license or permit to use or operate the same, nor shall such owner be required to display upon his motor vehicle any other number than the number of the registration seal issued by the Secretary of State, or excluded or prohibited from, or limited in the free use of his said motor vehicle or vehicles, nor limited as to speed upon any public street, avenue, road, turnpike, driveway, parkway, or any other public place, at any time when the same is or may hereafter be opened to the use of persons having or using other vehicles, nor be required to comply with other provisions or conditions as to the use of said motor vehicles except as in this Act provided : Provided, however, that nothing in this section contained shall be construed to apply to, or include, any speedway created, provided for, or maintained by the local authorities of any city, village, town or other municipal corporation within the State: And, provided, further, that the local authorities having jurisdiction over the public parks and boulevards connecting or pertaining to the same shall not by the terms of this Act be prohibited from adopting and enforcing such reasonable ordinances, rules or regulations concerning the speed at which motor vehicles may be operated within or upon any such parks, parkways or boulevards, provided the rate of speed of motor vehicles fixed by such ordinances, rules or regulations shall not be lower than the rate fixed for other vehicles and provided such authorities shall, by signs conspicuously placed, indicate the rate of speed permitted by such ordinances, rules or regulations: And, provided, further, that motor vehicles may be excluded from any cemetery or grounds used for the burial of the dead, by the authorities having jurisdiction over the same. Except as in this section provided, no city, town or village, or other municipality, shall have power to make any ordinance, by-laws or resolution limiting or restricting the use or speed of motor vehicles, and no ordinance, bylaw or resolution heretofore or hereafter made by any city, village or town, or other municipal corporation within the State, by whatever name known or designated, in respect to or limiting the use or speed of motor vehicles shall have any force, effect or validity and they are hereby declared to be of no validity or effect: Provided, that nothing in this Act contained shall be construed as affecting the power of municipal corporations to make and enforce ordinances, rules and regulations affecting motor vehicles which are used within their limits for public hire.

§ 14. CHAUFFEUR'S REGISTRATION AND RECORD—FEE.] Every person hereafter desiring to operate a motor vehicle as chauffeur, which is hereby defined to mean any person operating a motor vehicle as mechanic or employé or for hire, shall file in the office of the Secretary of State, on a blank to be supplied by such secretary, a statement which shall include his name and address and the trade name and motor power of the motor vehicle or vehicles he is competent to operate, and shall pay a registration fee of one dollar, and thereupon the Secretary of State shall file such statement in his office, register such chauffeur in a book or index to be kept for that purpose and assign to him a number.

$ 15. CHAUFFEUR'S BADGE.] The Secretary of State shall forthwith, upon such registration and without other fee, issue and deliver to such chauffeur a badge of aluminum or other suitable metal which shall be oval in form and the greater diameter of which shall not be more than two inches, which said badge shall have stamped thereon the words, “Registered Chauffeur No. .... Illinois Motor Vehicle Law," with the registration number inserted therein, and which badge shall thereafter be worn by such chauffeur and pinned upon his clothing in a conspicuous place at all times while he is operating a motor vehicle upon the public highways; and no chauffeur who shall not have com

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