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“We have a joyful subject to-day, Edward," said Mrs. Basil to her husband, as they drove to M-- Court;

the last few weeks I have felt sad, very sad ; and the melan

! choly so visible upon our friend's countenance whilst dwelling upon our Lord's sufferings, has infected me; he is one who knows the exceeding sinfulness of sin.”

“ Hence the value of his instructions,” replied Mr. Basil; “he teaches from the heart, from his own experience of the deceitfulness of that heart, and which, considering his youth, is remarkable; he therefore speaks to the heart; and the Spirit from on high, who has evidently been his teacher, accompanies the doctrines he delivers with his own precious blessing, and causes all to feel it is good to be with him. The delight depicted upon the honest countenance of that worthy old Hyford is beautiful; he appears so completely to understand and appropriate all to himself. Just watch him to-day, for I know he will be in ecstasies.”

“You knew him years ago ?” observed Mrs. Basil.

“ Yes, almost as long as I remember any one. Oh, what a cross, surly old fellow he always was; even when a young man, he was so rough and so blunt that nobody liked him! I never heard,” added Mr. Basil,“ how it was so remarkable a change took place in his sentiments, but I know Mr. C- was instrumental in it, and the consequent affection of the warm-hearted old man borders very much upon idolatry; for I believe he thinks Mr. C's equal is not to be found.”

“ Well,” said Mrs. Basil, “I will excuse him, for we owe much to those who watch for our souls, and consult not their own ease, that we may be taught the things that alone can give us peace. What an advantage it is Mr. C— giving those weekly lectures on the Old Testament to the villagers! I never saw anything surpass the interest they excite.”

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