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In submitting the First Volume of these Reports to the judgment of the Profession, the Authors feel it incumbent on them to state, that they had made arrangements with their Publishers for reporting the Cases determined by the New Court, prior to the announcement by Mr. Montagu and Mr. Bligh of their intention of entering on a similar undertaking. This apology they owe to the Profession, for burthening it with cotemporary Reports in Bankruptcy.

Some few cases may be found in the early part of this Volume apparently of minor importance; yet it is deemed advisable to introduce them, as exhibiting the practice of this Court in the infancy of its jurisdiction.

The Authors have also thought it would not be unacceptable to the Practitioners, to give, in the Appendix to this Volume, a Collection of the various Forms of Proceedings, which have been adapted to the different provisions of the new Statute, and have been sanctioned for general use by the Court of Review, together with the General Orders and Statutes relating to Bankruptcy.

In conclusion, the Authors beg to acknowledge the valuable assistance they have derived from the kindness of the Judges, and to return their thanks, not less to the Bar in general, than to their Learned and Honourable Competitors, for their liberality in facilitating this publication.

December, 1832

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