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Prof, can this theory of bounded rationality be used to enhance to enhance the Analytical hierarchy process in selection the suitable bidder or tender who can deliver Eskom project without delaying or causing cost-escation of the project budget cost.
I would know if i can use the artificial intelligent to enhance Analytical Hierarchy Process to select the most preferriable supplier or tender based on the cognitive or human gudgement (expertise of Price, cost, quality and technical) which bidder will most likely deliver Eskom project without delaying the project.
I am looking at attributes such as cost, price, competency, quality and technical capabilities of the suppliers or bidder and generate selection based on the pair-wise comparison of the alternatives based on those attributes. so can artificial intelligent enhance this method of AHP to give optimal solution in selection of bidder or tender.
if i would like to do a rearch into (USE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENT TO ENHANCE AHP for vendor selection in public sector)
From: Shandukani Vhulondo
student no: 920413511
Cell no: 0814523209

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