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Hello Max -
I have good reason to update you on your facts in one area of your works - Page 261 - you refer to 'Fred Langford' as being 'the man' of the Golden City Dixies and intimates that the
show was his.
He was merely the manager and in fact my father owned the concern, the late Doug Doull - an attorney at the firm Livingston, Doull, Winterton & Essery (in those days) of Durban, had taken Fred under his wing when he was a youngster as he was headed on a path to nowhere and gave him purpose and a chance at improving his lot - which had some major up's and downs I might add!
However I was indeed one of the luckiest youngsters around back in those days as I had 'full' access to the music world whenever the show was in Durban and I knew then that my being able to meet these musicians from various walks of life in that apartheid era was in fact what made me privileged.
I was also exposed to the night club scene back then and met many people of the day whom the government had shunned including Ronnie Madonsela!
Lest not we forget Mahlathini! My heart races when I hear his music being played on radio and when I tell the listener whose radio it is playing on who's music it is they are always astounded that I know!
The S.A.P. of the day did not favor my Dad in any way and you can imagine just by this that I had an upbringing that was correct in every way. How thankful I am to this day for having had a Dad who absolutely loved music and passed this on to me as did he his unswerving knowledge of peoples rights no matter who they were or from whence they came - "September '77 - Peter Gabriel - Biko" - My Dad died in 1980.
What a great piece you have created here.
The best to you.
Peter Doull

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